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Darrell B.

Hunter CELL PHONE: (225) 806-5560

15580 George O'Neal Rd #332 E-MAIL:
Baton Rouge, LA 70817
A dynamic, team spirited and performance driven engineering professional with an
extraordinary blend of leadership, business, and manufacturing industry knowled
ge. Recognized for keen ability to improve component designs, increase efficienc
y, and decrease the need for re-engineering. Posses, the ability to communicate
and motivate team members to enhance strategic goal and bottom line objectives.
Creative problem solving and troubleshooting skills complemented by meticulous a
nd creative detail to drawing and specifications
Efficiency Improvement Creative Problem Solving Database Management
Product Improvement Multi-Project Coordination OSHA & ISO Safety Standards

Jacobs Technology/NASA/Southern University, New Orleans, LA
October 2009 - Present
* Successfully developed, organized & implemented a system to bring NASA's (Mich
oud Facility) signage and safety issues up to OSHA and ANSI standards.
* As part of a team, successfully developed a chemical handling & storage system
for the NASA Facility.
* Assisted with an energy and water conservation audit in accordance with DOE au
dit guidelines. The audit included but was not limited to evaluations of HVAC te
mperature control system sequence of operation, boiler efficiency analysis, chil
ler efficiency analysis, lighting system recommendation, steam distribution syst
ems, primary and tertiary chilled water pumping systems, domestic hot water syst
ems, etc.
* Helped develop electronic overlay drawings of HVAC and lighting systems to dep
ict floor plan areas served in the facilities. The HVAC plans included the desig
n CFM, number of zones, cooling and heating coil capacities.
* Developed architectural drawings of an executive building on NASA's site, to s
olve HVAC problems, caused by lack of air handlers per zone and the wall configu

DPW (Department of Public Works), Baton Rouge, LA June 2009

- August 2009
* Organized and generated CAD illustrations of the city's sewage system.
* Organized common data into a centralized location for easy access.
* Developed concepts on how employees can maximize their time and productivity.
Special Projects, Baton Rouge, LA
January 2009 - July 2009
* Researched microwave metal casting processes.
* Researched and documented various casting processes to determine time and ener
gy efficiency.
* Conducted an experiment to test the quality of the material after the casting
processes were completed and the energy used in the melting phase of the process
, to determine which process was the most efficient.

Senior Design, Baton Rouge LA - Huntsville, Alabama
August 2008 - April 2009
* Developed Moon Buggy concepts for the annual NASA Great Moon Buggy Race compet
ition. Our team placed 16th out of 44 schools primarily due to budget and time c
onstraints placed upon us. It was an attempt to give us a real world scenario w
ith a budget approximately 50% - 80% below the other competing universities.
* Organized various team activities ranging from teamwork meetings, centered aro
und cohesiveness and productivity, to test sessions, where we tested the Moon Bu
ggy on a variety of roads.
* Led design team in the building process.
* Responsible for evaluating each team member's abilities and delegating respons
ibilities according to each member's strength.
Heat Transfer Project, Baton Rouge, LA
August 2008 - December 2008
* Developed a self- heating apparatus with the ability to heat various cylindric
al objects.
* Organized the team duties. To maximize the productivity of the team, and elimi
nate countless hours of inappropriate activities.
Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Project, Baton Rouge, LA
August 2008 - December 2008
* Designed HVAC systems for residential and commercial use.
* Used Elite software to determine duct sizing, wire sizing, mixed air and state
point psychometrics, fan curve and cost analysis, U-Factor calculations, refrig
eration line sizing, general pipe sizing and hot/chilled water pipe analysis.
Fluid Mechanics Project, Baton Rouge, LA
August 2007 - November 2007
* Coordinated a team of designers in the development of a Buoyancy Measuring Mec
hanism. The objective was to create a device where the Buoyancy concept can be s
een and measured.
* Developed various ways the Buoyancy theory could be tested.
Bachelor's of Science in Mechanical Engineering (2009)
Southern University A&M College; Baton Rouge, Louisiana
* Microsoft Word * Microsoft Excel * Microsoft PowerPoint
* Mat Lab * Auto-Cad * Microsoft Visio 2007
* Uni-Graphics NX 5