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An innovative and solutions driven professional with experience in management, t
raining, system administration, and business analysis seeks entry level position
in the Information Technology field; preferably web design, while pursuing a Ma
sters degree in Software Engineering from Regis University in Denver, Colorado.
Recognized throughout career for strong expertise in the design and delivery of
effective training programs combined with excellent business analysis and solid
technical skills used to streamline operations and drive business performance.
Highly articulate and effective communicator with excellent team building and i
nterpersonal skills working effectively with individuals at all levels.
Key areas of strength include:
* Strategic Planning & Vision
* Training & Curriculum Design
* Imaging & Workflow System Implementation
* Technical Skills
* Project Management Methodology
* Productivity & Performance Improvement
* Information Mapping
* HR Policies & Procedures

STAY-AT-HOME-MOM 1997-2010
*Raised two children who are now in school full-time.
IDEX MUTUAL FUNDS, Largo, FL 1994-1997
Training Manager/DST Liaison
Played a key role in the implementation of DST's Automated Work Distributor (AWD
), an imaging and workflow system. Provided expertise in business analysis, part
nered with DST support staff and internal departments to develop and implement w
orkflows and set up system, beta testing and deploying the production platform.
*Managed the training and development of all existing and new employees on the u
se of all DST systems. Designed and introduced training curriculum, facilitated
training workshops, developed and updated manuals and job aids using Informatio
n Mapping, as well as researched, identified and implemented on-line manuals and
computer based training modules.
*Created and implemented a Lotus Notes database to track system problems.
*Participated in a telecommuting pilot.
Technical Applications Utilized:
Gained extensive knowledge in the integration, administrative, functionality and
technical aspects of DST systems and applications including:
*TA2000: Mutual Fund mainframe system.
*Automated Work Distributor (AWD): Imaging and workflow system.
*Intelligent Work Station (IWS): A graphical interface used for processing mutu
al fund transactions.
*Customer Service Workstation (CSW): A graphical interface used by Customer Serv
ice Representatives to facilitate shareholder inquiries and transactions by tele
Advanced rapidly through progressively responsible positions for demonstrating s
trong leadership, developing high-impact training solutions, and consistently cr
eating processes that improved customer service year after year.
Account Services Manager (1993-1994)
Managed a team of 12 Account Services Representatives including designed and imp
lemented the overall strategy and direction of the team, developed process and p
rocedures, assigned team responsibility, and oversaw tasks and timelines.
*Individually improved team's efficiency by 35% and quality improved by 25%.
*Managed all human resource functions including interviewing and recruiting tale
nt, evaluating employee performance and writing employee performance appraisals,
providing feedback and coaching, coordinating training and development plans, a
nd conducting and documenting disciplinary discussions and terminations.
Account Services Manager (1993-1994)
*Coordinated projects and engaged as member of multiple tasks force committees t
o complete department and company goals and support corporate strategies.
*Reduced initial Account Services training from two months to one week as a key
member of a task force by using Easel (a graphical user interface) to develop an
d introduce a specialized application.
*Saved company significant time and money by developing a high-level application
process as key member of a task force which enabled 80% of shareholder telephon
e transactions to process automatically.
*Improved relationship between Operational Training and Account Services departm
ents by developing strong cross-departmental relationships as liaison and conduc
ting bi-weekly forum meetings.

Operational Training Instructor (1992-1993)

Challenged to assist in orchestrating the design, development, and delivery of a
ll training methods (including computer-based training and computer-based refere
*Passed NASD examination for Series 63 and Series 6 licenses.
*Trained over 150 new hires using unique and innovative teaching methods to piqu
e trainees' interest and promote learning resulting in a 99% passing of all requ
ired assessments.
*Designed the curriculum, created and updated manuals, training, and job aids, a
nd administered assessments.
*Provided significant feedback to trainees through written evaluations and phone
calls. Developed implementation strategies to support managers with following-
through on existing training.
*Conducted course evaluations to measure and improve existing training methods a
nd materials.
*Assisted in redesigning training curriculum, training aids and manuals prior to
implementation of company's imaging system.
*Performed extensive research on training and development benchmarks and best pr
Account Services Representative (1991-1992)
*Demonstrated versatility by successfully handling varied and diverse functions
in processing shareholder transactions including establishing new accounts, purc
hasing shares, redeeming and exchanging shares, and establishing shareholder ser
*Cultivated relationships with clients and provided speedy and accurate processi
ng to ensure efforts were directed towards meeting client objectives. Communicat
e with shareholders by telephone and writing to keep shareholders fully informed
of processing status.

REGIS UNIVERSITY, Pursuing Masters in Software Engineering, Denver, CO
UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI, Bachelor of Arts in Health and Physical Education, Kansa
s City, MO

* Series 6 & Series 6

* Achieving Objectives Without Lecturing -Training Workshop
* Creative Training Techniques
* Adult Learning- Training Workshop
* The Quality Advantage
* Helping Others Succeed
* Information Mapping
* Interaction Management
* Presentation Skills
* Quality Management Skills 1 & 2
* Interviewing Skills for Managers
* Fundamentals of the Java Programming Language - Sun 2009
* Website Development Professional - Netcom 2010
Microsoft Word Resume Available on Request