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Resourceful, results-generating analytics advocate who

translates complex business problems into viable technology

solutions. Proactive supervisor adept at combining project
managementwith strategic planning to guide teams
focused on management science, marketing, and business
intelligence applications.
Technical expert with predictive modeling and optimization
engagements across diverse corporate and government settings.
Demonstrates how operations research quantitative methods
facilitate better decision making and performance maximization.
* SAS Programming
* Text Analytics
* Conference Organizer
* Synthesize Vast Data
* E- discovery
* Customer Interaction
* Social Media Analysis
* Pattern Recognition
* Operations Research
Fraud Detection
* Supply Chain Intelligence
* Simulation & Visualization
* Software Publications
* Econometrics
Data Mining
* Trade Shows
* Resource Allocation
* Public Speaking
* Balanced Scorecard

SAS INSTITUTE, Business analytics software and services
Analytics Technology Strategist, San Antonio, TX
Product Marketing Manager, San Antonio, TX
2002 - 2007


1982 - 2002
Civilian Workforce Analyst, Randolph Air Force Base, TX
Chief Analysis Branch, AF Personnel Center, San Antonio, TX
Associate Professor, University of Washington, Seattle
Personnel Policy Analyst, Pentagon, Washington, D.C.
System Engineer, AF Weapons Laboratory, Alb, New Mexico
M.S., Management Science/Operations Research,
University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland
B. S., Math, University of Washington,
Seattle, Washington

* Launched marketing campaign to release Optimization
software across 119 countries to expand SAS customer base.
* Set the vision for global sales teams and stakeholders
by promoting the latest enhancements allowing a 3.3% growth
in sales for the $2.5 Billion company.
* Pioneered social media channels via blogs, E-training, and
discussion forums within the institute as well as to the general
public to drive greater awareness of the value of analytics
while enhancing the visibility of corporate marketing collateral.
* Reaching across a 45,000 customer base, delivered webinars,
conducted win-loss interviews, collected pragmatic feedback,
and demonstrated software enhancements.
* Nominated customer implementations for awards. Sought and
secured customers to share their success stories at key technology
* Drove performance up across the board so that analytic related
products and service rose 20%.
* As an industry expert, wrote and spoke on emerging technology,
data analysis systems, text mining, visualization, and optimization
related topics. Frequently quoted in the press and media.
* Sought after presenter for international thought leadership
events and professional society meetings.
* Coordinated inputs for the assessment by external independent
technology research firms including Gartner, IDC, and Forrester.
* Landed top rankings for pragmatic corporate redesign and
impressive growth strategy. Performed market research assessments
across software vendors.
* Coached employees and trained diverse customers how to set up,
transform data, conduct analysis, and sell findings to management.
* Influenced implementation of several optimal decision support
systems. Conducted needs assessments, and delivered solution design,
vendor-selection assistance, and solution prototyping.
* Recognized trends, captured, identified, integrated and explored
relationships in a massive employee data system, retail warehouse
inventory, and sales projections from web input customer comments.
* Applied statistical methods of an integrated suite of software
to convert a legacy reporting system to an enterprise-wide
information delivery system that gave senior leaders immediate
access to real-time data.
* Built discrete event simulation model with object-oriented
programming to model complex assignment force dynamics of 71,000
managers and 289,000 employees in a graphical visual interface.
* Coded a multi-criteria decision support model to accommodate
conflicting goals (promotion budgets) while meeting specified
constraints (manpower numbers), impacting Pentagon policies
on military force structure.

Linear and Nonlinear Programming, Knowledge Base Systems,
Applied Probability, Stochastic Processes, Neural Networks,
Goal Programming, Simulation, Game Theory, Genetic Algorithms
Base SAS, SAS Macros, SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Microsoft Add-In,
SAS/ETS LINDO, FrontPage, HTML, SQL, Fortran, Pascal, ProModel,
SIMSCRIPT, GAMS, Mathematica, C, SAS Enterprise Miner, SAS/STAT,
JMP, SAS/OR and SAS industry solutions.
* 15 Years of leadership roles with Institute of Operations Research
and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) including Chapter President,
Section Officer, subdivision director, speakers committee,
and career coach
* Council of Practicing Management Scientists (CPMS) Edelman judge
* Institute of Industrial Engineers: Sustainability Conference
Section Officer, OR board member
* Air Force Communications Electronics Association
Geo Intelligence Signals Conference presenter
* Association of Computing Machinery:KDD conference organizer
* Technology Advocates of San Antonio (TASA)
* South Central SAS Users Group, Pacific Northwest SAS,
Best Contributed Paper at international SUGI
* National Institute of Justice Symposium on Operations
Research and the Criminal Justice System
* San Antonio Software Processes Improvement Network
* Military Operations Research Society (MORS)
* UW Faculty Senate member (1993 - 1996)
"XXXX, the only software vendor executive with a foot
in both the OR and BI worlds,..." - S. Grimes, InfoWeek
"An avowed data mining junkie, it's her job to make the
often arcane technology and practices of data mining
intelligible, in business terms, to folks who want
more than anything else to see results."
- The Data Warehousing Institute

US GOVERNMENT Top secret security clearance in process