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NoetixViews® for
Oracle® E-Business Suite

NoetixViews enables fast, easy and secure custom report develop- Simplify Report Creation for End Users
ment for users of the Oracle E-Business Suite. Custom report
During the installation process, NoetixViews builds a help file that
development is an absolute necessity for achieving true success
is unique to the customer’s Oracle E-Business Suite configuration.
with Oracle, and yet it is technically challenging. Thousands of
The help file guides end users and IT professionals through query
Oracle users have overcome this challenge with Noetix. Noetix
and report development. It has fully searchable descriptions of
automatically discovers the site-specific setups within Oracle,
views and columns, it lists the site-specific values from lookup
deciphers the maze of data relationships, and joins the proper
tables, and includes hints on how to use the views to answer com-
tables together to create a set of database views. The result
mon business questions. Additional information such as join-to
is a transformation of database complexity into recognizable
columns and the identification of indexed columns provide IT
business views of the data that can easily be used by non-techni-
professionals with valuable insight to expedite report develop-
cal employees to create custom operational and ad hoc business
ment and optimize query performance. A cost-saving resource,
intelligence reports.
the help file empowers end users to rapidly develop their own ad

Customer-Specific Business Views—Automatically hoc queries and reports without taxing IT resources.

NoetixViews uses Noetix MetaBuilder™ technology to Decreased Staffing Expense

generate database views that are automatically tailored to each
NoetixViews minimizes the need for in-depth knowledge of the
customer’s specific Oracle E-Business Suite configuration. This
Oracle E-Business Suite data structure by providing fully docu-
technology detects:
mented views that solve specific business problems.
► Installed Oracle E-Business Suite modules
Without NoetixViews
► Multi-org
configuration, including Business Groups, Sets of PO_LINE_TYPES
Books, Operating Units, and Inventory Organizations MTL_UNITS_OF_MEASURE
► Over 20 distinct key flexfield structures, including the account- PO_VENDORS

ing, item category, system items, payroll cost allocation, and MTL_ITEMS_CATEGORIES
territory key flexfields PO_HEADERS

► Descriptive and context sensitive descriptive flexfields

With NoetixViews
► HR Special and Extra Information types
► Lookup tables

► Language translations NoetixViews masks the complexity of underlying application data structures

This configuration information results in customer-specific col-

Upgrade Protection
umns added to the views, plus security roles that assure the data
Reports developed directly against the Oracle E-Business Suite
is accessed in a secure manner.
database tables risk expensive rework when the applications are
upgraded. Noetix protects reports from these database changes NoetixViews for Oracle Process Manufacturing—Product
by automatically remapping the new or changed tables to the Development, Process Planning, Process Execution,
views to reflect these changes. This feature eliminates the need OPM Financials, and OPM Inventory
for expensive report maintenance and simplifies the report migra-
Includes 45 views covering formulas, routings, batch details, buck-
tion process.
eted material activity, inventory transactions, item cost, item cost
Open Architecture rollup, lot genealogy, and quality.

Built to open standards, NoetixViews is fully compatible with NoetixViews for Oracle Projects—Project Billing, and
popular query and reporting tools, including Noetix WebQuery,® Project Costing
Microsoft® Excel, Oracle® Discoverer, BusinessObjects®, Cognos,® and
Includes 50 views that cover all aspects of both external and
many more. NoetixViews gives end users the flexibility to work
internal project cost allocation such as projects, resources, tasks,
with familiar tools, providing uninterrupted reporting ability,
expenditures, revenues, and budgets.
without additional training.
NoetixViews for Oracle HR—Human Resources (including Basic
Supports Oracle E-Business Suite Security Model
Benefits), Payroll, and Advanced Benefits
NoetixViews works with both the Oracle GL and HRMS security
models to provide secure protection of highly sensitive data, even Includes 180 views with extensive coverage of default Extra Infor-

in Web-based distributed environments. Roles and security pro- mation Types (EIT) and significant performance enhancements for

file installation options provide record-level security capabilities. the standard payroll reports through use of a payroll summariza-
tion data mart.
Oracle E-Business Suite Coverage
NoetixViews for Oracle Grants—Grants Accounting and
NoetixViews for Oracle Financials—General Ledger, Payables,
Grants Proposal
Receivables, and Assets
Includes more than 30 views covering proposals, multi-funded
Includes more than 180 views covering areas such as balances,
projects, awards management, funds control, costing, and billing.
budgets, encumbrances, journal entries, invoices, payments, ven-
dors, customers, cash receipts, receivable balances, asset assign- NoetixViews Extensions—Application Object Library, and Finan-
ments, depreciation detail, and unbooked assets. cials Interface Tables

NoetixViews for Oracle Order Management These views are designed to reveal how an Oracle Applications

Includes about 40 views covering areas such as orders, pick slips, instance is configured (AOL), and monitor transactions to/from

backlog, drop shipments, and returns. external systems through interface tables (IFIN).

NoetixViews for Oracle Purchasing For More Information

Includes 60 views covering purchase orders, on-hold invoices, re- Discover how to dramatically increase the return on your report-

ceipts, approved suppliers, and integration with Payables invoices. ing investment and enhance your ability to quickly answer critical
business questions: call us toll-free at 866-4NOETIX or visit our
NoetixViews for Oracle Discrete Manufacturing—MRP, Bill of
Web site at
Materials, Work in Process, Costing and Inventory

Includes more than 120 distinct views plus one view for each item ©2003 Noetix Corporation. All rights reserved. Noetix, NoetixViews and the Noetix
logo are registered trademarks of Noetix Corporation. All other product and company
category for Discrete Manufacturing covering forecasts, sched- names mentioned herein are used for identification purposes only and may be trade-
marks of their respective owners. 10/07
ules, sourcing rules, bills, routings, resources, jobs, categories,
items, onhand quantities, inventory demand, comparisons, and
cost details.

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