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Cell: 858-204-9030,
Fax: 866-292-0971, email:
Work History:
Since September of 1984 I have worked in IT with various insurance firms.
September 2009 - November 2010: Director of Information Technology
CBIP Management, Inc.
19 North Bridge Avenue
Redbank, NJ 07701 (732-933-9200)
April 2006 - September 2009: Director of Information Technology
Winter Group, Inc.
16885 W. Bernardo Drive, Suite 300
San Diego, CA 92127 (800) 211-2860
December 2002 - April 2006: Independent Computer Consultant
October 1995 - December 2002: Information Technology Director
InterAmericas Insurance Services
16855 W. Bernardo Drive, Suite 300
San Diego, CA 92127 (858) 673-6230
April 1989 - October 1995: Systems Specialist
Pacific Insurance / Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
3635 Ruffin Road, Suite 200
San Diego, CA 92123 (619) 541-1900
September 1984 - February 1989: Computer Operations Manager
Alan Ross Insurance Agency
14400 Detroit Avenue, Suite 1100
Lakewood, Ohio 44107
(216) 221-6677 or 1-800-262-1121
Programming - Delphi (Object Oriented Pascal) Versions 1-9, Crystal Reports 8.5,
HTML, VBA (Word/Excel/Outlook), Basic, DOS/Batch files, Limited PHP, Adobe Acro
bat, JavaScript, Macromedia/Adobe Flash, Monarch Reporting Tool
* Network/Server Setup/Management - Windows NT, Win2000, Win2003, Win2008 (Confi
gure and maintain small LANs, file servers, fax servers, terminal servers, dual
monitors, etc.)
* Website Design and Maintenance - In-house and for outside clients (as an indep
endent consultant)
* Employee Training - TAM, Microsoft Office products and other
* Data conversion - Extraction, importing, non-system generated reporting, etc.
* Relational Database - Construction and management
* User Support - Both hardware and software
* Software - Symantec AV for servers/desktops, DOS, Windows, Batch language, and
most major software packages including Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Visio and
* Graphics design - Design logos, images for newsletters, websites, etc. Streng
I am efficient, dependable, organized, punctual, self-motivated, solution-orient
ed, and I learn quickly. I enjoy my work, communicate well, and love challenges
. I am mostly self-taught (I originally studied computers through a master cour
se, equivalent to a two-year Associate Degree, which I completed in 1983.) Obje
* Help companies increase productivity enabling them to grow quickly, without sa
crificing stability or security.
* Put those companies in a position them to compete effectively in the insurance
marketplace. Accomplishments:
* With Alan Ross Insurance Agency in Ohio - Worked with Wang 2200 minicomputer r
unning Redshaw insurance software; Supported 20+ users.
* Programmed the system to issue policies and auto ID cards for multiple states
for a large personal auto program
* With Pacific Insurance /A.J. Gallagher, a $40M GA - Worked with Wang 2200 w/ R
edshaw Insurance software/TAM; Supported 90+ users
* Helped agency convert to TAM
* Developed specialized Mexican Auto policy issuance software
> Project was started in MS Basic. I moved it to Paradox for DOS (programmable d
atabase) to create minimum footprint on machines being used in Mexico and to all
ow for much quicker development
* The software was programmed to issue and print on multipart pin-feed paper, bo
th policies and endorsements (Program I designed restricted use to one computer.
* The software allowed for transmittal of data (policies sold/endorsements issue
d) from the Mexican agents to the San Diego office weekly, via special error-cor
recting modems (to compensate for old telephone equipment in Mexico)
> Concurrently, I developed an in-house program using Paradox for Windows specif
ically for the use of the small staff servicing those policies from the Mexican
* I transmitted that data monthly to the insurance company via magnetic tape
* In late 1995 I helped with the start-up of small GA (MAC - Mexican American Ca
nadian Insurance Agency)
* Created an agency management system for them using Delphi/Paradox
> It issued policies, generated invoices, did specialized reporting, tracked pay
ments, paid commissions, etc.
* That company merged with what became InterAmericas Insurance in 1996, a $47M G
I supported a staff of 25+ people there
* Installed and maintained TAM
* Brought in Citrix Server for a remote location with several employees
* Automated the Workers' Comp program for monthly delivery of payroll reporting
* For AIG:
> Programmed Microsoft Word to work with TAM to issue policies and endorsements
> Created programming for their Excel quote sheet to keep copies of the quotes i
ssued by the underwriters and transmitted them weekly via email for data extract
* When that GA went out of business (primarily due to loss of markets after 9-11
-2001) I was an independent computer consultant, working with several small comp
anies. During this time, I helped Winter Group to expand from three people to a
group of 10 people in several remote locations.
* In April of 2006 I was hired on full time by Winter Group, Inc., a $23M GA
While there I supported what became 14 local users and 8 remote users through th
ree terminal servers and one fax server that I installed and configured for them
* Created and maintained several websites, including the main WGI site which has
since been redesigned by my replacement. Converted most online documents to fil
l-able PDFs
* Designed Excel rating spreadsheet to quote AL, Cargo, PD and TI from four comp
anies including two with surplus lines taxes and fees which it calculated
> Programming on the sheet generated complete payment schedule
> Programming allowed copy to clipboard for pasting quote into email quote templ
The spreadsheet was originally designed to rate for multiple states; it now onl
y rates one.
> Designed a popup form for the CSRs to use which calculated the deposit, first
payment, and monthly payments by each type of coverage for easy installment bill
ing in TAM
* Programmed Excel rating sheet for Mexican Auto project (to issue unique certif
icate numbers, copy data into weekly bordereau for billing, and to save data for
issuing certificates and related documents to send to agents via protected, ima
ge-only PDF files)
> Designed specialized font for use with certificates (to thwart fraudulent copy
ing of policies in Mexico)
> Developed a program in Delphi to allow only one copy of original policy certif
icate to be printed in Mexico
> Used VBA programming in Word to issue the certificates and MCS90 documents
* Created special monthly billing bordereau for an AIG intermodal program that a
utomatically prorates endorsements and cancellations mid-month
* Used Word macros and VBA code to create policies and endorsements for a Garage
Keepers program, choosing from 60+ possible forms
* Automated the extraction of data from website into Excel spreadsh
eet to provide leads to retail agents
* Programmed Outlook to:
> BCC: special email address to keep copy of all outgoing emails
> Make interoffice company communication by department easier by providing a men
u of departments/groups/locations to select from
* Both for new emails and to forward emails within the company
* Easy to add/modify/delete departments/locations/whatever designation is needed
through one text file on the server
> Save emails to files on shared server space - auto-fill with client name and s
ubject; User selects: company/line of business/coverage type, etc. (For use by u
nderwriters so their CSRs can attach to matching clients in TAM.)
* Easy to add/modify/delete categories, companies, coverages through one text fi
le on the server
* Used Monarch reporting tool to generate many specialized reports that TAM didn
't provide
> Track new brokers doing business with company each month
> Special reports for surplus lines companies requiring taxes and fees
> Automatic generation of unique spreadsheet for each broker's expiration list f
rom one TAM report
> Numerous other specialized reports
* Designed company logo for website and office signs
While at CBIP Management:
> Created TAM Assistant to help customer service reps easily locate insureds in
TAM, keep vehicles and export data into TAM forms such as a multi-state policy c
ertificate and various endorsement forms and vehicle lists.
> Designed TAM Transfer program which took data from intermediate quote site and
allowed for point and click transfer of client information, policy information
and transaction information into TAM.
> Provided support offices in New Jersey, San Diego, Georgia, Indiana, Arizona,