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Teamcenter Visualization README

Proprietary and Restricted Rights Notices
Release Contents
Release Information
Issues Resolved in this Release
Issues Resolved in Prior Releases
Patch Installation Instructions
Global Technical Access Center (GTAC)

Proprietary and Restricted Rights Notices
Copyright 2011.
Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.
All Rights Reserved.
This Readme contains late-breaking information regarding the Teamcenter Visualiz
ation TcVis_8310 Patch.
Release Contents
Information file: TcVis_8310_README.txt
Windows: TcVis_8310_win32.exe
UNIX: TcVis_8310_sun.tar.gz

Release Information
Release Date: March 11, 2011
Title: Teamcenter Visualization TcVis_8310 Patch
Version: (8310.20110304)
This patch provides critical bug fixes for the TeamCenter Visualization 8.3.
This patch may only be applied to the Teamcenter Visualization 8.3 install that
was released with TeamCenter 8.3. This patch is design for use in the standalon
visualizaton application.
It is incompatible with any prior releases of TeamCenter Visualization.

Issues Resolved in this Release
This release includes the fixes for the following PRs in the Teamcenter Visualiz
ation TcVis_8310 Patch.
PR Summary
1781257 3D mouse not longer available for PLM Vis after start VisMockup
1796462 Callouts and Symb-Text Properties: Bound. Shape ?Circle? ? W+H inste
ad of Diam?
1792476 Tc Structure Mgr displaying some parts out of position. LCV is corr
1801625 no outline created with german UI and "Bearbeiten von Teilekontur ak
1807636 Transformation units incorrect for model in second window
1812601 Menue "Konzept" is split in two different menues Concept Behaviors
1814070 TcVis section slider disappears
1817869 open specific hpgl file in TcVis -> characters do not appear correct
1819308 Save Sessios As (Package) creates a new plmxml, when saving the 2nd
1819328 Session Package unexpected behaviour - Double jt are saved
1824244 "setRelativeMatrix" (double) seems to use single precision matrices
for position
1826368 Runtime Error -> Closing a 32bit PLM_VIS Toolkit session the error m
1829960 Navigator window do not refresh when navigate with 3D Space mouse
2155091 VisView.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close
2159613 Liberal font cannot be displayed in TcVis
2155717 3D Markup Auto Create Anchored Text not working for defined attribut
2161607 Stamp with Korean character does not supported in PDF conversion
3048887 VIS-VSA export/update corrupts assembly information
6376311 Unable to save Visio file in TcC from TcVis if file size is more tha
n 65MB
6385001 DPV-TcVIS-Rawdata not sorted by date in date range query
6428735 VisJack: Invalid activation of "Allow Step" checkbox while using Sea
ted Posture
6428743 VisJack: Limbs only reach is exact even if set to position only
6428914 VisJack: Standing result has consistent ~2in miss in reach
6428927 VisJack: Low left /right high, allow step, standing, jumps back, fol
ds in half
6429317 VisJack: Left arm moves out of human range to meet left hand target
6432792 Is the 3d Part Manipulator toolbar available for the embedded viewer
6432843 TcVis VA: Relative Spec Error
6435121 Unable to set front and rear clipping plane values
6441350 3D spaceball not functional in EmbeddedViewer if NX or standalone Tc
Vis launched
6441840 Why is there still an option "Query Quality Database?
6441841 Pulldown Menu Different
6441856 Nominal Value Shown outside of Chart View
6457163 Unable to save Visio file in TcC from TcVis if file size is more tha
n 65MB
6464581 Visual Report (.vpx) files do not work properly across different reg
6468431 DPV-TCVIS-Analysis - Can't sort analysis window by tracecode
6470244 DPV-TCVIS-TC-Not able to save .vtp files to teamcenter
6471598 TcVis loading extra header data in matrix clearance
6472378 Saving Session File to TC after previous save & image capture
6472721 3D markups created in Vis8.3.0.3 do not appear when viewed in TcVis2
6472953 DPV-TCVIS-Teamcenter- Cluster Groups not saved to newstuff folder
6473029 DPV-TCVIS-Teamcenter-VSD's cannot be selected to attach to VTPs
6473246 2D CGM datasets open in new TcVis window instead of prompting user
6474071 DPV-SSRS-GRS-The SSRS related log files only write to C: system driv
6476759 DPV: TcVis caching issue
6479394 DPV-TcVis-Teamcenter - Editing cluster from TcVis results in loss of
6480160 Tc embedded viewer toolbars left behind graphics issue
6481535 SSRS Report Manager URL for VTP location is incorrect
6481536 GRS Dashboard is displaying an incorrect VTP file pathname
6483049 no clean migration to TcSS for tcvis clients with SSOProfilesMap
6487522 tc2007 server authored session file require manual file locate prefs
in 8.3

Issues resolved in prior patches included in this patch: PRs:
PR Summary
1781257 3D mouse not longer available for PLM Vis after start VisMockup
1805622 The Report Scope of the Single Rule Report will be not saved correct
1821873 Inconsistent behavior for Layer naming of 2D Markups in TcVis
6106924 Place callout on a model, then drag, the background doesn't repaint
6431420 ClearanceDB merge_*.sql files on Unix Fail to work b/c in Windows Sy
6431468 plmxmltojt.exe not working correctly for plmxmls created from cc_wri
6437867 DPV-TCVIS-Carpet Report lists wrong clusters with features names
6439762 File->Interoperate in TcVis should not list Teamcenter Visualization
6439763 (Win7)Desktop blackout for 2secs on TcVis launch or exit in Aero the
6440624 DC 3rd screen using quicklaunch icon brings authentication
6440625 GSPD(generation selection preview data" crashes on GM Standard parts
6440619 Interop to NX from TcVis very slow if a Vehicle structure loaded, bu
t few parts
6441350 3D spaceball not functional in EmbeddedViewer if NX or standalone Tc
Vis launched
6441355 Attempt to open Assignment for Motion created through path planning
hangs TcVis
6441844 3DCompare in TcVis gives incorrect result. EmbeddedViewer gives corr
ect result f
6442570 Generate Selection Preview Data Crash (Dup - 6440625
6443196 Tc VVI file no longer sends named reference for PLMXMLs to Vis title
6443349 open in Standalone vis (from 2tier) shows many home directories
6443904 Crash during outline capture
6447097 Exporting alt hierarchy changes document 1 when using Save Session A
6447843 Dynamic Highlighting_Several parts do not highlight using PART filte
6448301 Unable to launch dataset into TcVis from "Search Server" fun
6448515 TcVis wants to re-open newly saved layer (.vpl) upon saving
6457815 Unable to save Session in TcVis through Tc
6459675 save selected layers as" before "save session" causes error PRs:
PR Summary
1813366 Unable to create ULP when there is wireframe and solids
1814035 TcVis does not preserve layer filters in snapshots
1814053 TcVis part color triggers feature extraction dialog
1816488 Crash when trying to export monolithic JT
2152115 (ER)How to import assembly JT from teamcenter to Vis VSA
2157830 Variation Analysis-Equalized flex doesn't work for parabolic element
6415333 3D motion controller not registering movement on screen correctly
6418836 (ER) TcVis/TcSS, unable to config for multi-site, multi-sid
6425228 3D motion controller not registering movement on screen correctly
6427077 (ER)DPV: TcVis_2007.2.1.1_g01_patch_2 not zero'ed out when coordinat
6427294 externally saved session files from 2tier RAC are not reasonably sha
6428891 GRS Flow is not working for Migrated Templates[TC2007X migrated to T
6428984 GRS83 :- Reports are getting publish without VisQuality Data
6430113 DPV-TCVIS-Percent White Space calculated incorrectly
6430578 DPV Measurements - list of plants must be alphabetize
6431061 GRS->Not able to view the output of Scheduled report when run by use
6433316 'Search Servers' option not found when saving Dynamic Session in TcV
6436927 Derived Feature Nominals show N/A and Dev from Nom show Strange Numb
er100000.31 PRs:
PR Summary
1808695 JTOptimize : "unable to find license for this utility" if path name
is too long
6240713 CAE layer is not "read only" after applying snapshot that has a laye
6366880 Need an easy way to save Clearance images from VisMockup
6407804 "Unload Selected" in SM viewer brings "Inactive Structure Warning" d
6407812 (AIX)SM grays out after "View Selected" on large asm and File->Close
6409899 Failed to establish connection. Opening PLMXML/Session files with im
anfile stubs
6410922 After giving 'Fit All ' command the Rotation or move commands not wo
6411520 cannot open motion file in LCV
6412256 Single paged IDW file, version 2010 does not open
6412677 launching jt data from thin client to TcVis prompts for id/passwd
6413246 Six Ssigma Reduction value is wrong in VisQuality
6413803 GRS_83 64bit: Not able to create RDL file
6414107 crash on exit when standard views toolbar is displayed
6414313 Vismockup Hangs & Crashes while attaching markups with attributes
6414658 TIF file causing crash
6415586 'Actions -> Issue -> From Snapshots' not working
6415659 Unix Shell in ClearanceDB script
6416823 Autostart PC cluster does not clean up launch history
6422518 Clearance analysis with VOO data not returning correct results.
6427083 Failed to open document. Unable to send 3DSnapshot from SM to LV.

Patch Installation Instructions
This section contains instructions for installing the TcVis_8310 Patch,
these instructions apply to manually installing the patch.

To install the installation on Windows

TcVis_8310_win32.exe file. This is a self-installing executable. It wi
ll install
in the proper location automatically.
TcVis_8310_win64.exe file. This is a self-installing executable. It wi
ll install
in the proper location automatically.
To run the patch silently with no user interaction, run the .exe with a
"-ai" option
(think "Auto-Install").
E.g. TcVis_8310_win32.exe -ai

To install the patch on UNIX

Type the following to unzip the patch:
gunzip -c TcVis_8310_<platform>.tar.gz | tar xf -
Type the following to run the patch installation program:
Press the Enter key to display README information or press q to stop REA
display and continue patch installation.
Type the product install location for the product patch you are running.
For example
The installation program asks if you want to backup the files that will
be replaced.
Type Y or N.
The installation program asks if you want to proceed with the installati
Type Y or N.
The installation program extracts the patch files to your system.

What's New
Feature name:
Generate 2D images of clearance violations
You can now specify to automatically generate a 2D image of the element pairs
involved in clearance violations. Generated images are
saved to a directory on your machine.
To configure 2D image generation, do the following:
1. Choose Tools/Clearance.
2. Choose Clearance/Results/Preferences.
3. In the Clearance Results Preferences dialog box, select the Generate ima
ges during clearance analysis check box.
4. If you want to confirm image generation each time clearance analysis is
performed, select the Show warning dialog check box.
5. Click Browse to specify a directory for the generated images.
6. In the Width and Height boxes, type the dimensions to use for the genera
ted images. The default size is 512x512.
7. For Image Type, specify the image format. You can choose from the follow
ing formats:

Documentation Issues
In the Product Overview section of the 8.3 Release Notes, the Visual Reports fea
ture should be listed as an optional module supported at the
Professional and Mockup service levels.

Global Technical Access Center (GTAC)
To report any serious problems about Teamcenter Visualization TcVis_8301, please
contact the Global Technical Access Center.
USA and Canada: (800) 955-0000 or (714) 952-5444
Outside the United States and Canada: Contact your local support office.
You can also log and view any existing resolutions for incident reports on the W
eb at