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SUMMARY Dependable accurate Operations Manager/Office Manager with over 20 years

of experience in the brokerage business, health care industry and non-profit en

vironment. Also has experience as a Full Charge Bookkeeper, Payroll Specialist,
Account Receivable and Accounts Payable Manager. Demonstrated accomplishments i
n daily reconciliation of accounts and computer management. Thrives in an envir
onment, which requires loyalty, stability and creative problem solving.

Full Charge Bookkeeper
Taking care of wire transfers for loans and grants. Handle inter
est payable and receivable on loans. Pay monthly CWT. Handle employee time off
log. Process all A/P from coding invoices to printing and mailing checks. Proc
ess all A/R billing and receipt of funds. Also make overdue A/R calls. Handle
Bi-Monthly payroll with service. Handle incoming grant monies for allocation.
Write up recurring monthly journals for GL Closing. Handle all bank reconciliat
ions. Also work with customer credit card orders faxed and online. Have handled
the monthly financials and all Accounting Manager functions while Accounting Ma
nager was on leave.


Accounts Payable Manager
Coordinating vendor inquires. Responsible for cleaning up a thirteen months bac
klog of invoices, manual checks, and filing. Adjusted to correct all account ba
lances with vendors. Set up priority vendors for payment. Negotiated lower cos
ts to the company on contracts with vendors.
Temporary Payroll Coordinator
Filled in for an employee on maternity leave from a major center city firm. Han
dled salary balancing for USA and Canada. Entered direct deposit information. C
orrected benefit deductions for Human Resources. Reconciled total benefit deduc
tions for each Bi-weekly payroll.
Payroll Specialist
Coordinating 31 facilities in Illinois in a Bi-Weekly payroll for SLP Division.
This consisted of correcting errors and balancing hours before processing in th
e Cyborg system. Also processing and writing manual checks for hours missed by
facility. I handled the most facilities (2000 employees) with the least amount
of processing time. I also did some online training of payroll persons at the f
acilities by having them learn to utilize the email system.
Accounts Payable Coordinator
Handling vendor inquiries for thirteen facilities in Texas using Windows 95, Vis
ta Care,
AccuPac and email. Matching invoices to transmissions from accounts payable per
son at
the facility checking for approval and purchase orders. Making deletions and co
rrections to the transmissions. Entering all the utility bills plus handling re
nts, insurances and van rentals for all 49 facilities. Issuing vendor numbers (
to the facilities) and entering the new vendor into the system. Marking vendors
for selected check run. Issuing manual check for emergencies. Matching checks
to invoices. Coordinating merge of transmissions with MIS department.

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Accounts Payable and Payroll backup

Took care of accounts payable for five companies on MAS90 plus one other company
MEDNET. This entailed handling vendor inquiries; the input of all invoices (aft
er they were approved by the department head, the CEO or both) also garnishments
, utilities, expense reports and petty cash for all facilities. Reconciled pett
y cash for main business office. Marking vendors for payment. The printing of
checks and writing up of manual checks. Matching of purchase orders with invoic
es. Keeping of the open and paid files for all six companies. The two differen
t payrolls were on KRONOS and MAS90. I also took care of all (insurance and pat
ient checks) accounts receivable being sent to the lock box. I was also in char
ge of the census by financial classification.


Operations and Assistant Systems Manager
Responsible for accounts payable, daily bank reconciliation and liaison to Paris
back office regarding trading issues. Ordered all supplies and handled proposa
ls for telephone
equipment, copiers, fax machines, and computers. Trained personnel in use of pr
oprietary software. Maintained computer systems. Generated account reports thr
ough Options Clearing and Intermarket Clearing Corporations to reconcile trades
and currency amounts. Liquidated and invested working capital as needed. Used
DOS, word perfect, Lotus 123r3, msword and excel. Took care of all Human Resour
ce aspects for) new employees. Controlled, invested and liquidated $5-10 millio
n daily. This maximized earning potential of our working capital. Developed an
d implemented an improved daily closing procedures which saved approximately 140
man-hours per month. Performed integral roles, which supported trading, comput
er software/hardware and over $300 million daily volume.
1985-1990 Bailey, Martin & Appel, Inc.
Operations Manager
Responsible for the wire operations, setting up daily operating procedures, cust
omer complaints, manual and computer systems. Trained all personnel on ADP/Tele
communications equipment. Supervised, also involved in the hiring and firing, t
hree employees. Coordinated all activities for three offices and was liaison wi
th our clearing firm Ernst & Co. Managed received monies and securities to insu
re proper disposition from the three trading offices on a daily basis. Develope
d and directed all back office systems and procedures, which supported 20 sales
representatives. Coordinated several computer systems and client operations, wh
ich saved time and improved customer satisfaction with our services.
Supervisor Interface and Buy-In Departments
Responsible for the balancing of security and money positions with three other m
ajor clearing firms. Bought in long over due securities. Supervised four emplo
Cashier, New Accounts Coordinator
Responsible for the daily maintenance and operations of Institutional accounts.
Reorganized the set up branch procedures for new accounts. Researched any cust
omer complaints. Trained other personnel, including other branches on the east
coast, in company operation procedures.

Computer Engineering Technology Certification, CHI Institute, Southampton, PA