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Could your business benefit from

up to 40% reduction in wastage?
MODULO can provide...
•  24/7 availability of items
• S
 ubstantial operational
cost savings
• Optimised inventory levels
• Minimised production downtime

Designed and manufactured in

the UK, Modulo incorporates
industry leading and award
winning technology by Supply
Point Systems to provide a
higher capacity machine at a very
competitive cost. High capacity secure solutions


High quality, reliable, low cost Up to 120 secure locations in “Easy Scoop” design of The unique SPS software provides
10 inch resistive screen or the a single frame managing 1,440 compartments in a drawer ensure a complete audit trail on who,
standard 15 inch Capacitive screen components, system can be a smooth retrieval of contents. when, where and why about the
options available expanded to manage up to Made from strong ABS plastic and usage on any component within
14,400 components housed in a steel frame, Modulo is
the systems
a robust and reliable product

Simple solutions, technically advanced

Combined with our powerful SPS inventory management software the
MODULO provides a high capacity solution to meet the unpredictable
challenges of logistics and supply chain management

MODULO can be configured to provide different size The MODULO is fully compatible with all existing
drawers and compartments. Up to 10 MODULO frames/ SupplyPointTM machines running V3.1 or greater of
machines can be connected to provide 1,200 locations. the software.

Unique manual override facility SECURITY

In an ideal world a manual override would never be Access to the contents of items in the MODULO can be
needed, but if required Modulo, ensures 24/7 availability restricted by the use of: user name, password, biometric
with a unique front accessible manual override capability, identification, card readers or a combination of these
which is simple and easy to use and requires no tools. The options. The drawer locks are of a high strength and cannot
override can be selectively activated allowing access to be forced open in normal or aggressive use without the
the required items only. assistance of tools. The items held within the MODULO are
hidden from view and can be randomly distributed around
FUTURE-PROOF the machine, reducing the risk of the unauthorised removal
MODULO incorporates a USB interface and a DCS expansion of contents.
port for use with RFID and other similar ancillary equipment.
Drawer options Multiple drawers can be selected in one transaction
MODULO currently supports three different drawer sizes. minimising the time required to manage large volumes
Additional sizes may be available on request. of stock.


Rapid search and selection of items via the SupplyPointTM Two user interface are available, a low cost 10" resistive
software is further enhanced with a complete LED screen and the standard 15” capacitive screen provide
identification system which guides users directly to the competitive price levels to meet demanding budgets.
drawer containing their items.


Capacity A
• 120 locations (max) Drawer A B C
• 1440 compartments (max)
1x1 47.5mm 41.5mm 29mm
• (D x W x H)mm B 2x1 120mm 41.5mm 118mm
510 x 545 x 2000 3x2 194mm 96mm 181mm
• (D x W x H) inches
20.1 x 21.5 x 78.7
• Steel frame
• ABS plastic drawers
User Interface Drawer type No of compartments Drawers per POD
• 10 inch Resistive touchscreen
1 x 1 Type Drawer 12 24
• 15 inch Standard capacitive 2 x 1 Type Drawer * 12 or 6 12
touchscreen 3 x 2 Type Drawer* 12 or 6 4
• Grey or White Drawers * Please contact office for availability

• Frame available in different colours

For more information please contact:

Supply Point Systems Ltd tel: +44 (0)844 5761247

Units 3-4 Churchill Way, fax: +44 (0)844 5761248
Fleckney, Leicestershire e-mail: