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Denver, CO 80237
(303) 803-7817
Supply Chain / Global Sourcing / Pricing Strategies / Procurement / Materials Ma
nagement / Production Planning / Supplier Relations / Vendor Management / Contra
ct Negotiations / Distribution
As a logistics and supply chain leader, I have a solid record of delivering cost
reductions and profitability improvements under rapidly changing market conditi
ons. My innovative tactics and success in complex negotiations have consistently
yielded favorable agreements while building strong strategic partnerships.
- Reducing product costs, contributing to bottom line improvements
-Negotiating win-win contracts by applying creative strategies
- Cost-effectively managing global supply chains
- Developing strategic plans that achieve corporate objectives
I am an effective team leader with demonstrated problem solving skills as well a
s tenacious follow through on commitments. I build lasting relationships with ve
ndors, suppliers and customers. My education includes an MBA from the University
of Western Ontario and a BBA from Saint Francis Xavier University.
Negotiated favorable contract, avoiding $50M+ in costs. Supplier proposed a pric
e increase for a major raw material, amounting to ~$75M over a multi-year period
. Led team at Orica to mitigate a majority of the increase, limiting feedstock c
ost increases to ~28% of vendoras initial proposal.
Turned around factory to profitability. Orica purchased factory out of bankruptc
y. Developed/implemented multi-faceted plan in conjunction with sales and supply
chain teams. Increased selling prices, optimized customer mix to reduce freight
costs, replaced system railcars with private ones and reduced feedstock costs.
Changed distribution pattern, enabling capture of new accounts. Demand declined
for output of new, low-cost production facility. Identified more distant markets
for expansion and optimized transport costs. Alternate distribution patterns an
d modes of transportation supported existing business as well as additional acco
Crafted win-win agreement through insightful industry analysis. Business volume
in another industry segment was declining for key supplier. Crafted and submitte
d proposal to purchase a quantity equal to its loss. Negotiated agreement, satis
fying supplieras factory loading requirements and benefiting Orica by ~$2M annua
Increased profitability by $4M with sophisticated supply agreement. A major cust
omer indicated it had unfulfilled demand for a product in one of its offshore ma
rkets but needed cost certainty in any supply proposal. Took a hedged raw materi
al position to match sales contract and engaged other services to provide materi
Director, Sourcing, Orica USA Inc., ($1B+ mining services company), 1998 to 2010
. Managed $250M budget and three direct reports. Identified and negotiated major
, multi-year procurement agreements for chemicals, purchasing hundreds of thousa
nds of tons valued in the millions.
ICI Explosives, ($1B+ mining services company), 1991 to 1998.
Manager, Sourcing, ICI Explosives USA Inc., 1995 to 1998. Key player in developi
ng ammonium nitrate business strategy and directing implementation at the tactic
al and operations levels. Purchased chemicals, equipment and services and coordi
nated distribution.
Business Development Manager, ICI Canada Inc., 1992 to 1994. Re-negotiated sever
al cornerstone supply agreements. Analyzed situations in which major capital exp
enditures were required to retain market share and enhance profitability. Formul
ated strategies to integrate two acquired businesses into existing organization.
Business Support Manager, ICI Explosives Group Head Office, 1991 to 1992. Instru
mental in developing global strategy for company with $1B+ in sales as well as f
ormulating strategy for North American business with annual sales of $120M.
Earlier: Commercial Services Manager, C-I-L Agricultural Chemicals, ($200M ferti
lizer company).