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Gregory Twyman

109 Avondale Lane a- Aberdeen, NJ 07747

Home: (732) 583-6108 a- Cell: (732) 512-8370 a-

Top Intelligence Analyst & Strategist

Current Top Secret Security Clearance a- Solid Military, Defense Contractor, a
nd Academic Backgrounds
Expertise in the geography, politics, and cultures of multi-ethnic Islamic state
s in the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Caucasus. Worked collaboratively wi
th intelligence communities of U.S. government agencies to provide critical data
regarding terrorist and insurgent activity, commercial and government risk, pri
me military targets, and events that potentially impact U.S. interests. Knowled
ge of Islamic cultures and political structures supported by two deployments to
the Middle East and hands-on intelligence analysis role with a major defense con
Areas of Expertise
a- Intelligence Gathering, Analysis & Dissemination a- Risk Assessments & Repo
a- Political, Cultural, Ethnic, Social, & Economic Analysis a- High-Level Gove
rnment Agency Interaction
a- Combat Support & Communications Support a- Academic Instruction (World Civi
Military Experience
Assistant Battle NCO of Deployed Joint Defense Operations Center a- June 2006
a" Present
Assigned to 50th Infantry Brigade Combat Team deployed to Baghdad, Iraq, in supp
ort of Operation Iraqi Freedom (June 2008 a" June 2009). Provided intelligence
support to the Battle Captain and Chief of Operations to aid in securing the Int
ernational Zone. Analyzed scenarios and situation reports to develop conclusion
s and provide data for strategic planning in identifying potential threats. Mai
ntained Incident Report Journal. Monitored and operated FM radio equipment and
theater-specific NIPR and SIPR intranet communications. Hold a current DoD-cert
ified Top Secret/SCI Security Clearance.
Advised S-2 (Intelligence) Section and Strategic Operations Center personnel on
cultural, ethnic, and religious issues that routinely arose in the Area of Opera
tions; developed intelligence summaries and classified reports that were viewed
throughout Iraq; identified alternate power centers.
Provided critical data to help secure border regions during the U.S. troop surge
; identified potential risks in strategic areas including the Iranian border; pl
ayed a key role in monitoring access to Iraq by analyzing and advising on strate
gic security issues.
Communications Specialist a- 1975 a" 1978
Deployed to Tehran, Iran with the U.S. Army Communications Command/ARMISH-MAAG.
Processed and handled classified message traffic for various military commands
and the Department of State. Departed from the country on the eve of the Irania
n Revolution.
Professional Experience
Adjunct Professor a" Department of History a- Sept. 2003 a" Present
Teach World Civilizations I & II with a focus on Western and non-Western culture
s. Enhance studentsa learning experiences by drawing upon extensive global know
ledge, military experience, and a deep-rooted, personal family history that date
s back to Colonial America. Demonstrate the relationship between earlier civili
zations and contemporary political, social, and cultural issues and views.
Gregory Twyman Page 2
Adjunct Professor a" Department of History & Anthropology a- Sept. 2001 a" Jun
e 2008
Taught Western Civilizations & World Perspectives I & II and Contemporary Middle
Eastern History. Provided students with an understanding of the relevant issue
s including: the history, cultures, and strategic geography of the Middle East i
n modern and contemporary eras; challenges of modernity; the transformation of t
he Ottoman Empire; the emergence of nationalism; and the origin and evolution of
the Arab-Israeli conflict. Provided a post-9/11 assessment of relations betwee
n Islam and the West.
Political Risk Analysis (Independent Contractor) a- Oct. 1999 a" Jan. 2003
Recruited by Managing Director to provide insight and analysis regarding the his
torical background and political climate, events, chronology, structure, and hie
rarchy of key, strategic areas in the Middle East, Central Asia, and newly indep
endent Soviet states. Composed detailed reports for commercial and government s
Provided in-depth intelligence and analysis to aid in risk management and strate
gic planning for oil companies, oil service companies, government contractors, a
nd government agencies including the Department of State, CIA, and DoD; signific
ant achievements and projects included:
Authored Country Profiles and Intelligence Forecasts that included up-to-date po
litical, social, and economic developments; provided subscribers with risk asses
sments regarding terrorism, insurgency, organized crime, governments in transiti
on, and other significant topics.
Anticipated and forecasted potential risks to government and commercial interest
Provided data to aid in contract negotiations between U.S. energy firms, P&C Ins
urance companies and Central Asian governments.
Served as a vital source of reliable data for the intelligence community regardi
ng terrorism stemming from Middle Eastern states following the attacks of 9/11;
identified power struggles, alternate power centers, and efforts to infiltrate k
ey, influential areas in multiple Middle Eastern and Caucasus states.
Identified major players associated with Al Qaeda, Taliban, and Hezbollah-affili
ated insurgencies.
Researched, compiled, and analyzed data from diverse reliable sources; identifie
d and validated relevant intelligence; provided reports to appropriate intellige
nce communities to protect U.S. interests.
Identified new areas of risk and safe havens for Al Qaeda members; developed a d
etailed understanding of landscapes in regions suspected of housing terrorist an
d insurgent groups.
Cultivated trustworthy sources and developed a network of contacts including dip
lomats and other high-level government representatives of various nations to aid
in intelligence gathering.
MONMOUTH UNIVERSITY, West Long Branch, NJ a- Master of Arts in Non-Western His
tory, 1998
Concentration in History of American Foreign Relations, Middle East, Central Asi
a, former Soviet Union
Thesis: Economic Sanctions: A comparative Study
RUTGERS UNIVERSITY, New Brunswick, NJ a- Bachelor of Arts in International Rel
ations, 1985
Concentration: Regional Studies; History and Politics of the Middle East
Global Risk Assessments: aProfiting from Country Risk through Active Political
Risk Assessment, 1999a
Recipient: Joint Service Achievement Medal in support of Operation Iraqi Freedo
m, June 2009
Invited Presenter: Association for the Study of Nationalities Annual Conference,
Columbia University, Apr. 2001; Topic: U.S. Policy in the Caspian Sea Region
Inducted: Phi Alpha Theta, Iota Omicron Chapter, International Honor Society for
Scholarship in History, 1996
Recipient: Phi Alpha Theta Research Award: aStruggles for Legitimacy: Iranas Is
lamic Revolutiona, 1997