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A garden
of well-being
Hungary A garden of well‐being 3

A garden of well‐being

Thermal Bath / Medicinal Spa

World Heritage Site

Medicinal Cave
Healing Place

Castle Hotel

The Romans were the first to fall in love with Patients are spoilt for choice not only in Need any more convincing to spend a
Hungary, but certainly not the last... terms of the wide range of wellness spas and relaxing holiday in one of the sunniest
There are many stereotypes about Hungary: resorts equipped according to the highest and most hospitable countries in the
goulash and an impenetrable language, medical standards, but also when it comes to world? Sit back and leaf through this
to name but a few... accommodation – there is something for all tastes brochure to learn more about the
and budgets. From wellness centres, medicinal centuries of bathing culture that awaits
But leave them at home – if you know where spas and five-star castle hotels to family-run bed you wherever you go in Hungary.
to look, Hungary is a secret garden of healing and breakfasts and holiday homes; satisfaction Or visit the land of healing
and wellness. The ancient Romans were no is guaranteed. Whether you chose one of the springs online at:
strangers to this fact. It is said that wherever the famous cities, such as Budapest, Eger, Esztergom,
Romans went, they built, and where they built, Szeged or Visegrád, the opulent vineyards of
they bathed. When the legions of Emperor Tiberius Transdanubia, or the holiday capital of Lake
incorporated the province of Pannonia along the Balaton, there is something for everyone.
shores of the Danube into the Empire in the year For years, Hungary has been recognised as
10 B.C., they discovered, to their joy, an abundance Europe‘s fountain of youth, and perhaps the jewel
of hot springs gushing out healing water. in the country‘s sparkling crown is Hévíz, at the
They knew of salus per aquam (“healing by western tip of Balaton, a thermal lake of almost
water”) and made maximum use of this natural five hectares adorned with water lilies.
treasure. More than two millennia have passed, but But there are high-quality spas and services for
the thermal water is showing no sign of running good health and good looks alike in
dry. All over the country, it bubbles and rushes almost every corner of Hungary.
beneath the Earth’s crust, so it’s no wonder the And it’s not just Hungarian dentists
tireless search for black gold – oil – ends time that offer world-class treatment
and again due to the discovery of new thermal at incredible prices. Cosmetic
springs. The Creator has been good to the surgeons, eye specialists and
Navigate Hungary

Magyars, and the “white gold“ is a treasure used experts in internal medicine
by increasing numbers of health-conscious people – cardiologists, in particular –
around the globe. Of course, today‘s uses of charge low fees that would
the therapeutic water bear little resemblance to be unthinkable in other
those of the Roman Empire. Thermal water is now European countries,
recommended for a wide variety of conditions, and they all operate to
from the scourge of the modern age, stress, to the highest possible
joint pain and gynaecological or skin complaints. standards.
Whatever the ailment, Hungary‘s healing garden
has just the cure.
Historical landmarks
built on water


French novelist Jules Romains ranked Budapest The Gellért Baths, built in the striking MY

among the most beautiful river cityscapes in Secessionist style, is a much more visible
Europe. What he failed to mention is that the pearl landmark at the foot of the hill of the same name. CY

of the Danube is also the world‘s most beautiful Opened in 1918, it comprises of 13 pools, CMY

spa resort. The Hungarian capital is home to fed from the depths of the hillside.
millions of people as well as dozens of therapeutic The world‘s first wave pool was completed K

baths. No fewer than 123 thermal springs release here in 1927 and is still in operation today.
over 30,000 cubic metres of mineral-rich water to The thermal water contains a rich cocktail of
the surface, filling the pools and tubs of spas and minerals, including calcium, magnesium, hydrogen
bathing temples, both ancient and state-of-the-art. carbonate and sodium, ingredients known for
Take for instance the Rudas Baths, crowned powerful medicinal properties that can ease and
with a giant oriental dome built in the days of the even cure back complaints, bronchitis and joint
Ottoman Empire. The 16th-century bathhouse pain. The complex was fully renovated in 2008,
is popular not only with sufferers of locomotive bringing new shine to its trademark blue tiles and
disorders, but also with tourists craving a relaxing ensuring an unforgettable bathing experience.
end to a sightseeing tour and even party-goers These three baths are just the best-known
in search of music, cold drinks and something examples of Budapest‘s unbroken love of bathing
different on a Saturday night. By contrast, through the ages – and why it’s often said that a
the hot water of the elegant neo-Baroque Hungarian both has his local pub and his local
Széchenyi Baths behind Heroes‘ Square on the baths. And what is enjoyed by people is also
Pest side, offers scenic open-air bathing even in popular with animals. The Budapest Zoo is the
the winter months. Many people come here just to only place in the world where hippopotamuses
gossip and unwind, but elderly men, with just their breed in captivity. Experts claim this is down to the
shoulders out of the water as they play chess at aphrodisiac effects of the Széchenyi pool water,
the water‘s edge, are also a familiar sight. in which the animals spend their contented days.
It just goes to show that baths are temples For those seeking the ultimate relaxing city break,
for the mind as well as the body. the public park on Margaret Island represents
the green lungs of Budapest.
The Ramada Resort Budapest is a four-star superior confer-
ence and wellness hotel, it has 309 rooms; a conference centre
with a capacity of almost 1000; a spa, wellness and fitness unit
and an entertainment centre.

In the Oriental Spa, Wellness and Fitness Centre, the circular

relaxation bath delimited by glass walls, the shrine-like dusky
mandala bath area and the Sauna World form an isle of peace.
The Beauty Farm of the Wellness Centre offers beauty programmes
and special massages

The Aquaworld Budapest water empire is Central Europe’s

biggest indoor water theme park: 11 slides, 17 pools, surf pool
which is extraordinary even in Europe and further amusement
elements will make the complex unique among the touristic at-
tractions of Hungary.

Extreme sports fans may try the scuba-diving and the outdoor
adventure park besides surfing.
Sporty guests may choose their favourite form of physical exercise
form: volleyball, tennis, in case of bad weather squash court and
fitness room

Northern part of Budapest, just off the Pest abutment of Megyeri
Bridge alon the new M0 ring.


Ramada Resort – Aquaworld Budapest

C|A H-1044 Budapest, Íves út 16. | T|P +36 1 2313 600 | F +36 1 2313 619 | E |

The world of experiences...

from flip-flops to luxury shoes...

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Hungary Hungary’s superlatives 8 9

Cinetrip, SPArty
in the Rudas Baths Hungary‘s superlatives:
a cool mix of bathing culture
and the party scene A Thermal lake, salt cliffs
The historical ambiance of the Rudas Baths is regularly
pepped up by DJs, acrobatic and laser shows
and plenty of dancing.
and cave baths
An unmissable party location for those looking for something
out of the ordinary, the first Cinetrip event at the baths
was staged in 1998 as a celebration of silent film with musical
accompaniment. Since 2007, the Cinetrip SPArty has
been known as one of the craziest party nights in the world.

Many an international DJ has made his – or her – Hungarian début

here and breathed new life into the local music scene.
Four bathing temples supply a variety of styles, including disco
classics from the 70s and 80s, backed by wild LED installations,
bootlegs and other surprises as bathers bask in the warm water
right through until four in the morning.

Electronic music permeates from the pools to the

entrance hall and even the changing rooms of
this ancient Turkish bath.

Dress code: bathing costume, flip-flops and a towel.

Sunglasses not required, diving goggles recommended!

The thermal lake of Hévíz is without exaggeration backdrop to unparalleled relaxation.

the world‘s most beautiful bath tub. Furthermore, it The resort of Hévíz – derived from the Hungarian
is literally overflowing with healing water. The lake, word for “hot water” – is likened to Eldorado
extending across an area of almost five hectares by wellness tourists, many of whom return year
at the south-western corner of Lake Balaton, after year. It‘s little wonder the ancient ancestors
is brimming with warm, alkaline and slightly of the Magyars are said to have settled in the
radioactive water rich in potassium salts, sulphur neighbourhood of this miraculous spring.
and hydrogen carbonate. The spring‘s powerful
curative properties include relief for rheumatism, Today, their descendants can benefit from bathing
treatment for gynaecological complaints and complexes equipped for every nuance of modern
stimulation of metabolism. But Hévíz is not just health care. From therapeutic massage, packs
for those with aches and pains, perfectly healthy using mud from the bottom of the lake, electro- and
people also come here to unwind and enjoy the hydrotherapy, water aerobics and physiotherapy,
beauty of this unique spa. See for yourself by hiring personable and highly qualified staff are on hand to
a rubber ring and drifting dreamlike between the pamper guests from head to toe.
water lilies, floating on the water’s idyllic surface. And don‘t worry about the language barrier, the vast
In summer, the lake reaches temperatures of 35°C, majority of specialists and doctors speak excellent
but the water never falls below 25°C, not even in English and are able to respond to all your needs.
the icy cold of winter. The temperature and water The stated aim of every treatment is to heal all
quality are maintained throughout the year, thanks ailments or at least ease the pain in the weeks and
to a gushing thermal spring that refills the lake months following the patient‘s return home.
every 48 hours. The lake‘s signature bathhouses, And the claim that “the water of Hévíz can heal
built entirely of wood and with picturesque red anything – even a broken heart”
roofs, provide an eye-catching is no empty cliché.

Hévíz Tourism Marketing Association
H‐8380 Hévíz, Rákóczi u. 2.
Tel.: +36‐83/540‐131, Fax: +36‐83/540‐132,
Hungary Hungary’s superlatives 10 11

NaturMed Prestige Ház Apartment 

Hotel Carbona superior
The hotel is a perfect choice for those who are
A wide range of relax- and active programmes
Information: looking for an exclusive place for recreation near
Information: make you fit, as tennis courts with cinder floor, H‐8380 Hévíz, Kodály Zoltán u. 26. Lake Balaton. Hévíz, the gem of the West-Balaton
H‐8380 Hévíz, Attila u. 1. fitness room, organised bike tours, conditioning Tel.: +36 83 540 122 area, has unique attractions such as wellness
Tel.: +36 83 501 500 exercises, aqua - fitness, oriental relaxation Fax: +36 83 540 123 services, therapies based on hundreds of years
Fax: +36 83 340 468 excercises and treatments (such as Tai Chi, of tradition and experience, many significant Thai-, Shiatsu- and Yumeiho massage). sights, wonderful hiking routes, cultural GPS: 46.7966582, 17.1886499 programmes and events. Our high-class services,
GPS: N 46.79195o E 17.18824o The cosy restaurant of the hotel welcomes its luxurious suites, our wellness area, professional
guests with Hungarian and international culinary Hévíz B4 staff provide pleasant relaxation for individual
Hévíz B4 specialities, dishes of the reform cuisine, plentiful travellers and for groups as well.
buffet breakfast, live music in the Platan Café The Apartment Prestige Ház is situated in a
& Juice Bar. tranquil environment 400 metres away from
The NaturMed Hotel Carbona****superior, downtown and 800 metres away from the
as the Best Wellness Hotel of the year 2009 in Our offer – Cuddle days to feel good: Thermal Lake.
Hungary (Bussiness Traveller Hungary Corporate 3 nights with halfboard (buffet), 1 aromatic
Award) with 261 rooms and suites is located in
the centre of Hévíz, about 500 metres from the
massage, 1 hydroxeur bath, using of bathes,
fitness room, bathrobe.
Spa & Wellness
largest natural spa-lake of Europe – Lake Hévíz. Hotel Fit 
Here you can find everything you would found 300 metres from the unique Medicinal Lake
possibly require for a pleasant, enjoyable Information: of Hévíz, in a central, but quiet district.
relaxation: impressive-sized swimming-pool H‐8380 Hévíz, Kossuth Lajos u. 76. The spa and wellness hotel in familiar
(25m x 12,5m), sauna-island, open-air activity- Tel.: +36 83 340 484 atmosphere offers 51 rooms with balcony,
pool, thermal bath, vital-wellness treatments. Fax: +36 83 340 527 sparelax pool with medicinal water, whirlpool,
The hotel offers complex and effective treatments infrasauna, Finnish sauna, aromacabine,
for locomotor diseases and a full scale of steambath, adventure shower, fitness-room,
wellness programs based on various natural GPS: N 46°46’51.31” E 17°11’20.14” saltcabine and relax garden. You can get
curative methods (various types of massages, altenative massages and wellness-treatments
baths and packs), fasting cure and thalasso Hévíz B4 beside the traditional cure of Hévíz agains
therapie both for young and old people. locomotor diseases at our therapy department.
The at the beginning of the year 2008 completely We pamper you in our restaurant and drink-bar
renewed Spa & Wellness Hotel Fit**** can be during your stay at our spahotel.

Palace Hotel Hévíz  Spa & Medical Hotel Aquamarin 

Information: magnificent, curative water. It is situated Information: telephone, minibar and balcony.
in the pedestrian street of the town, just within The therapeutical services are based on the
H‐8380 Hévíz, Rákóczi u. 1‐3. 200 meters from the Thermal Lake. Our hotel H‐8380 Hévíz, Honvéd u. 14. 42 °C own medicinal spring: medical control,
Tel.: +36 83 542 140 offers 165 individually furnished, spacious Tel.: +36 83 545 960 diverse types of massage, electrotherapy,
Fax: +36 83 542 141 rooms and apartments mostly with balcony. Fax: +36 83 343 136 hydrotherapy, medicinal gymnastics, mudpack, All hotel residents have full access to the fluoride-sulphur pack, weight bath, 2 indoor and following hotel facilities on a complimentary 1 outdoor basins.
basis: wellness pool, Jacuzzi, Finnish and aroma
Hévíz B4 saunas, steam room, fitness room, sunbathing Hévíz B4 Gastronomy:
terrace, WiFi, internet corner. Indulge with a wide breakfast buffet, menu card, salad buffet.
Palace Hotel Hévíz: offering the most spacious range of traditional and alternative massages, The Hotel Aquamarin is one of the eldest
guest rooms in the Western Lake Balaton Region. medical and beauty treatments. Also features: medicinal hotel in Hévíz, 800 m far from the Other services:
With its distinguished look Palace Hotel emerges restaurant offering contemporary international Thermal Lake Hévíz. The hotel has two annexes. drinkbar-cafe, hairdresser, safe, manicure,
from the picturesque surroundings of the and traditional local cuisine, cosy cafe and hotel In the renovated part of the hotel (***B building) pedicure, solarium, infrasauna, parking in the
Hévíz Thermal Lake which is renowned for its garage. all rooms has bath, separate WC, CATV, hotelpark.
Pampering and relaxation
in Danubius Hotels
in Spa Hévíz!
In a green-forested valley, only 6 km from Lake Balaton, is the
world’s largest natural, thermal water expanse – LAKE HÉVÍZ.
Within 300 metres of this unique geographical phenomenon
you can find two exclusive health spas. Danubius Health Spa
Resort Hévíz and Aqua, specialized in traditional therapeutic
services, pampering well being and beauty treatments as well
as various relaxing and fitness programmes, are using natural
resources as a basis of healing therapies.

Tradition, experience and expertise

in Danubius Health Spa Resort Hévíz superior
• 2000 m2 spa, wellness and water world
• 200 m2 hydro-pool with underwater music and light effects
• indoor swimming pool, indoor thermal baths, whirlpool
• sauna oasis, steam bath, hot-air bath
• Finnish log sauna with sauna show on Friday and Sunday
• Emporium Beauty and Wellness Salon, cosmetic treatments with the famous products
of the French firm Clarins
• 20 different massages, aroma baths
• Danubius Premier Fitness Club


• 4 nights stay with half board
• 1 whirlpool with wine, 1 massage with grape seed oil (20’)
from EUR 288 / person / programme
Phone: (+36 83) 889 403 • Fax: (+36 83) 889 402 •

Total spa relaxation in the first all inclusive

spa and wellness hotel in Hévíz,
in Danubius Health Spa Resort Aqua
Aqua all inclusive means more value for your money and a wide range
of services for your health

• 200 m2 hydro pool with in- and outdoor basins

• thermal pool, swimming pool and Kneipp tread-basin in the garden
• sauna, sunning terrace
• cosmetics with Babor, Kaviczky products, different types of massages
• entertainments for adults and children
• fitness room, numerous recreation opportunities

• 4 nights stay with all inclusive board
• 1 relax massage (20`), 1 Ayurveda massage (50’), 1 Exotic aromatic bath
from EUR 330 / person / programme
Phone: (+36 83) 889 401 • Fax: (+36 83) 889 402 •
For more information or a special offer, please turn to the reservation.
Hungary Immerse yourself 14 15

Immerse yourself
in yet more fantastic
thermal baths

Through the coniferous forest hills A trip further north-east through the dark and Goethe‘s Sorcerer‘s Apprentice would have In addition to classical treatments,
near Egerszalók, a terrace of snow-white calcium unspoilt forest of the Bükk Hills emerges yet another been grateful for Hungary‘s endless supply all medicinal baths, spa hotels and therapy
crystals is visible from a distance on the approach noteworthy sight, the celebrated cave baths of of water – and his master would have never centres also provide wellness packages and
from Budapest, to the south-east. Miskolc-Tapolca. This network of grotto pools is dreamed of blocking a single one of the valuable alternative medicine services. To complete the
In 2007, a spectacular modern wellness and connected by narrow corridors like a chain of pearls, springs bubbling up from the earth. People from range of services available, highly qualified
therapy complex was constructed around the salt each filled with soothing water and enclosed by a all over the world come here to enjoy full-body dentists, eye specialists and cosmetic
cliff, welcoming guests interested rock ceiling. Nowhere in the world has water of such rehabilitation, including therapeutic massage surgeons provide their services at astonishingly
not only in the rich array of treatments available, ideal bathing temperature been found in karst caves, with balneotherapy, mud packs, hydrotherapy, competitive rates. Patients will find everything
but also in the unusual ambiance while the colourfully illuminated rock formations weight baths and therapeutic exercise. they need under one roof, allowing them to
of this unique natural phenomenon. hidden in nooks and crannies give the bath a surreal comfortably make their way from one treatment
aura. As if created by the hand of a wizard, this is a The therapy pool, where bathers are advised to to another, wearing nothing more than a
real wonder of the world. stay no longer than 20 minutes, is filled each day bathrobe. And besides the spa town of Budapest
with medicinal water, coming straight from the and the lake of youth at Hévíz, let us introduce
source. There are also pools where the spring seven more thermal baths, all among the biggest
Information: Information: water is mixed with thermal water as well as tubs and most beautiful in Hungary.
Salt Hill Thermal Spa Cave‐Bath Miskolc‐Tapolca containing filtered thermal water to allow longer A stay in one of these world-famous resorts
H‐3394 Egerszalók, Forrás út 4. H‐3519 Miskolc‐Tapolca, Pazár sétány periods of relaxation. Don‘t be surprised, then, offers something for every generation: while the
Tel.: +36 36 688 500 Tel.: +36 46 560 030 that your nose senses a thermal bath before children have a whale of a time on the water
Fax: +36 36 688 550 Fax: +36 46 370 998 your eyes. Also, the green or brown hue of the slides, their parents and grandparents can sit water in the medicinal pools should not put back and enjoy the rejuvenating medicinal water anyone off, as this is a hallmark of the water‘s or allow themselves to be pampered by a team
powerful, curative ingredients. of on-site wellness experts.
Egerszalók F2 Miskolc‐Tapolca F1
Hungary Immerse yourself 16 17

Sárvár (B3)
Halfway between Vienna and Lake Balaton, on the both of which flow into the therapeutic pools directly
banks of the River Rába, this historic town boasts from the springs and are recommended for treating Information:
a wonderful botanical garden and the medieval chronic and degenerative joint and spine conditions,
Nádasdy Castle. These sights are complemented broken bones and post-operative complaints. Spa and
by a first-class bathing and rehabilitation complex, Rehabilitation treatments have proved highly Wellness Centre Sárvár
complete with wellness, adventure and open- successful. One of the springs originates 2,000 metres H‐9600 Sárvár,
air pools. The resort also offers a broad range underground, supplying unusually soft, warm Vadkert út 1.
of alternative therapies such as Qigong, crystal water with a very high salt content. The famous Tel.: +36 95 523 600
meditation and acoustic massage that can work Sárvár thermal crystal medicinal salt is produced Fax: +36 95 326 504
wonders with migraine sufferers. The beauty salon by a process of evaporation and used to cure
offers everything the heart could desire – from gynaecological complaints, rheumatism, muscular
chocolate packs to “flower magic” massage. The disorders and breathing conditions. An on-site
health park, equipped with a sauna bathed in riding school, almost every kind of water sport and
natural light and a modern gym, is also hugely a Formula 1 track within 20 kilometres all provide
popular, and the little ones will love the kindergarten ample opportunities for exercise and entertainment
with its paddling pool and fun-filled children‘s events. after your treatment. Sopron, Kőszeg, Lake Balaton
Bükfürdõ (B3) Sárvár is blessed with two types of medicinal water, and Vienna are also only a short drive away.

At the foot of the Alps, and some 100 kilometres A total of 11 open-air pools of varying temperatures
Information: from Vienna, the therapy area of this thermal bath and an Olympic-size swimming pool are open
has recently been renovated from the ground up. from May to October and a further 11 covered and
Medicinal Spa of Bük The alkaline water rises from a depth of four semi-covered pools are available to guests
H‐9740 Bükfürdõ, 1,283 metres beneath the surface at a temperature all year round. The adjoining therapy centre with
Thermál krt. 2. of 58°C, and because of its high iron, calcium, a 13-hectare park area is staffed by specialists in
Tel.: +36 94 558 080 magnesium, iodine and flourine content, rheumatology and internal medicine and awaits
Fax: +36 94 358 023 it is ideal for bathing and drinking treatments. patients and guests throughout the year. The water has been effective in treating the following conditions: calcification, osteoarthritis, Outside the spa, there is an 18-hole golf course
bone atrophy, Bechterew‘s disease, chronic not far away as well as the medieval town centre
inflammation of the joints and soft-tissue, of Sopron some 80 kilometres away, an attractive
rheumatism, chronic and urological inflammations, destination for a day-trip. The city is remembered
and digestive disorders. Rehabilitation following fondly as the place where the Iron Curtain was
orthopaedic- and neurosurgery as well as general opened to allow the first tide of East Germans
relief from the stress of modern life are also freedom in 1989. Spirit Hotel Thermal Spa 
• offers a truly unique experience with a fully
Information: equipped and generous destination spa: 10.000 m2
Hunguest Hotel Répce Gold  H‐9600 Sárvár, Vadkert krt. 5. SPA area – 22 pools and a large therapy, beauty
Tel.: +36 95 889 500 and medical-spa centre
• Mediterranean-style rooms, Fax: +36 95 889 515 • 273 uniquely designed rooms and suites
Information: family rooms, spacious apartments and • most of the medical services are based on the
H‐9740 Bükfürdô, Európa u. 3. VIP suites with Jacuzzi world famous mineral hot spring water of Sárvár
Tel.: +36 94 558 558 • Wellness Island – swimming pool, Jacuzzi, GPS: N 47° 17,646 E 16° 56,598 • full relaxation is guaranteed by the luxurious
Fax: +36 94 358 460 bubble bath, Finnish sauna, infra sauna, steam Hamam (Turkish bath) or Rasul, ayurvedic cabin, ice waterfall Sárvár B3 treatments or the Royal treatment with fresh • Sport programmes – nordic-walking, aqua BioAloeVera Gel
GPS: 47.38339 16.78713 fitness, gymnastics, bicycle tours, fitness room The perfect balance between earth, water, • enjoy fitness activities such as tennis, Nordic walking,
• Massages, hairdresser, beauty salon, air, fire and spirit – that’s what Spirit Hotel in cycling, horse-riding or yoga, aqua-fitness, stretching
Bükfürdô B3 manicure, pedicure Hungary stands for. Feel the touch of nature with a touch of luxury!
• The restaurant has Hungarian, international
cuisine as well as specialities of the house
The Hunguest Hotel Répce Gold**** lies in • Medical Spa of Bük is easy to reach through an Zalakaros (B4)
Bükfürdő. indoor corridor which was built between the
hotel and the Spa This resort at the western tip of Lake Balaton is water temperature (32°C to 38°C) accelerates
among the most frequented medicinal baths in absorption, ensuring that even patients suffering
Hungary. The heavenly surroundings turn any visit extreme pain will find relief. In addition to a variety
Hunguest Hotel Répce  into an unforgettable experience. Like in the case of multifunctional therapy pools, thrill-seekers will
of many other spas, the story of the Zalakaros find an adventure bath with slides and whirlpools.
conditions of the guests recovery, therapy and leisure complex started with the search The imaginatively designed “experience bath” is
Information: relaxation and recreation. for fossil fuels. Instead of oil, however, researchers comprised of 12 attractions to ensure fun for all
H‐9740 Bükfürdô, Termál krt. 41. • The hotel lies in a quiet and paceful found a spring containing almost every imaginable the family, while nearby modern wellness and
Tel.: +36 94 358 058 setting surrounded by shady trees source of healing and wellness, such as sodium rehabilitation hotels pamper guests with excellent
Fax: +36 94 358 460 • Wellness Island – swimming pool, Jacuzzi, chloride and bicarbonate, sulphur, meta-boric acid cuisine and an impressive array of services. bubble bath, sauna, steam cabin and much more. The medicinal water is ideal for Local sights include a buffalo reserve, the • Sport programmes – nordic-walking, aqua the treatment of skin, metabolic and respiratory Benedictine abbey of Zalavár and the town of
GPS: 47.38350 16.78728 fitness, gymnastics, bicycle tours illnesses due to its high iodine, bromine, flourine Keszthely with its impressive castle built by the
• Massages, hairdresser, beauty salon, and sulphur concentration. Guests can dip in and Festetics dynasty. More active holidaymakers
Bükfürdô B3 manicure, pedicure out of the various modern pools in the indoor and can enjoy a long, relaxing cycle tour along the
• The restaurant has Hungarian, international open-air areas, each with different temperatures picturesque shore of Lake Balaton, or take to
cuisine as well as specialities of the house and varying mineral contents. As the active the water for a little sailing, swimming or even
The Hunguest Hotel Répce*** lies in Bükfürdő. • Medical Spa of Bük is easy to reach through an elements of the water must be absorbed through windsurfing. The crowning glory of the day is wine
Its world famous thermal water, the subalpine indoor corridor which was built between the skin over time, the medicinal tubs incorporate tasting in the evening at one of the idyllic vineyards
climate, the scenic spots along are all essential the hotel and the Spa comfortable seats and stone recliners. The high and restaurants in the surrounding area.
Hungary Immerse yourself 18 19

AquaTherm Hotel plus Dráva Hotel Thermal Resort 

Information: The following services make comfort for the guests:
Information: next to the thermal spa of Harkány.
parking place, elevator, air-conditioned restaurant All our rooms have a private bathroom, air
H‐8749 Zalakaros, and café, free WiFi connections in dayrooms, H‐7815 Harkány, Bartók Béla u. 1. conditioning, television, mini bar, safe and telephone.
Üdülô sor 6. medical services, special massages and treatments Tel.: +36 72 580 980 A selection of our rooms can offer a balcony, too.
Tel.: +36 93 541 910 (aroma, honey, relax, ayurvedic etc.), manicure, Fax: +36 72 580 981 Internet access is available throughout the hotel.
Fax: +36 93 541 911 pedicure, playground for children and sun-chairs, We ensure total recreation with our newly designed
info@hotel‐ closed parking place. We serve buffet breakfast wellness center which includes: experience bath
www.hotel‐ and half board. GPS: 45.8542° North 18.23969° East (swimming pool, Jacuzzi, experience tower, whirlpool
Other services: tickets to the spa complex, bike, bed), sauna, infra sauna, salt-room, steam chamber,
Zalakaros B4 organizing programs and outdoor programs, safe Harkány C5 fitness room, medical massage, sunbathing terrace,
and bathrobe. drink bar, park, playground, Kneipp walkway. In the
You can find our hotel 300 metres from the new Our new Wellness-Oasis provides facilities for The Dráva Hotel Thermal Resort is situated in the garden tennis courts, volleyball fields are available.
entrance of the spa complex. The stylish furnished relaxing by the massage pool, sauna, infra sauna, Europe-famous spa resort Harkány, in the south of In the medical department our guest can have
rooms (air-condition is possible) include bathroom steam bath with salt- and aromatherapy and Hungary, 25 km from Pécs. The hotel is located right medical water baths and enjoy all kind of massages.
with shower, telephone, mini fridge and TV. adventure shower.

Hajdúszoboszló (G2)
Gránit Spa, Adventure and Beach Bath A popular destination for rheumatism sufferers, trace elements, including titanium, copper and lead;
Tourinform Office this resort of superlatives, is situated in the ingredients employed in 40 different treatments with
north-east of the Great Plains (Puszta), about proven results. And it goes without saying that the
family every day of the year. In summer more 200 kilometres from Budapest. The town on the many departments in the complex meet the latest
Information: than 5000 m2 water surface awaits our guests, of edge of the Hortobágy National Park is blessed with medical standards. Recent research has shown
H‐8749 Zalakaros, Thermál u. 4. which 1500 m2 is indoors, which is available for approximately 2,000 hours of sunshine per year that the likelihood of a successful cure for a wide
H‐8749 Zalakaros, Gyógyfürdô tér 10. use also in winter. and is also home to Hungary‘s largest bathing and range of diseases is considerably higher here than
Tel.: +36 93 340 420; +36 93 340 421 rehabilitation complex, employing no fewer than it had been previously thought. These conditions
Fax: +36 93 340 318; +36 93 340 421 The spa water of Zalakaros is one of the most eight rheumatologists. A total of 30 giant pools of include spinal disorders, osteoporosis and artery
info@furdo‐; significant ones in Europe due to its unique healing brown water are scattered over 30 hectares calcification. The weight bath treatment developed composition and the quantity of the water supply. of land. The effectiveness of the water in treating in Hungary has proved particularly beneficial.
www.bad‐; Our guests can take advantage of a wide variety rheumatism lies in its high iodine and bromine An aquapark has also been created around the of treatments under medical supervision. content. The concentration of salt in the water spring, a bathing oasis with 11 freshwater pools,
Besides the services provided by the spa, here is five times more than that found in seawater. including a naturist island, wave, bubble and
Zalakaros B4 pleasant restaurants are at our guests’ disposal. This is complemented by oestrogen and a range of children‘s pools.

There are abundant accommodation offers, as

Today Zalakaros is one of the most dynamically well, there are almost 7000 commercial places of
developing spa resorts in Hungary, next to
highway M7, in the neighbourhood
accommodation, 3-4 star hotels, holiday houses,
guesthouses, camping, and private types of
Hunguest Hotel Aqua‐Sol 
of Lake Balaton. accommodation to choose from.

It emanates a tranquil atmosphere with its Check our annual calendar of events with Information:
cleanliness and neat parks. The region’s colourful cultural, entertainment and gastronomic
H‐4200 Hajdúszoboszló,
favourable climate, green belt, fresh air and programmes!
Gábor Áron u. 7‐9.
serene environment greatly promote relaxation
Tel.: +36 52 273 310
and healing. In the little settlement hidden in
Fax: +36 52 273 340
picturesque environment excursions, active
recreation and sports can make your holiday
even more manifold.
GPS: 47.45539 21.40222
The more than 40-year old spa, adventure and
beach bath ensures calm relaxation, recreation Hajdúszoboszló G2
and an exciting bath experience for the whole

The development of town Hajdúszoboszló was Number of rooms: 142, of which presidential
Harkány Spa stimulated by the wonderful medicinal water
found 80 years ago by the searching activity of
suites: 2, suites: 6, special rooms for physically
disabled persons: 6, double rooms: 128.
geologist dr. Ferenc Pávai Vajna. During the past
Information: documents on the health-improving seven decades our spa became world famous. All rooms are air-conditioned, have telephone,
medicinal water of Harkány since 1823. With the significant developments of the last mini bar, satellite television, safe and Internet
H‐7815 Harkány, Kossuth L. u. 7.
The excellent natural environment, years, we have been making serious efforts access. There are 6 special rooms with parquet
Tel./Spa: +36 72 480 251
the health-providing quality of the water and to raise our facilities on European niveau, we for guests suffering from allergy. The bathrooms
Fax/Spa: +36 72 480 435
the superb surroundings made Harkány a can even give the sick people their joy for life have bath-tub. Most of the rooms have loggia,
Tel./Tourinform: +36 72 479 624
well-known spa. The spa was instituted by the back, furthermore: we can provide unforgettable terrace or French balcony.,
Batthyány family which was developed rapidly in relaxation for more and more families in our spa
that age. Harkány as a „family bathing place“ is and entertaining water centre.
waiting for all guests, all the year round.
The spa, wellness bath and open-air bath of We hope that providing quality services on
Harkány C5 Harkány is operated by the Harkányi Gyógyfürdő Zrt. European standards we will be able to receive
A 1.350.000 square meters park, any nation‘s visitors, and serve as good example
Harkány is a nice town of South-Hungary. covered resting places, 3 medicinal and in the society of Hungary‘s legendary spas.
The spa and open-air bath of Harkány has 5 swimming water pools and a great water
around 180 year-old history. We have written slide are waiting for the visitors.
Hungary Specialist treatments only available in Hungary 20 21

Barátság Spa‐
and Wellness Hotel plus
Specialist treatments only
and beauty treatments; The secret of the
renewing youth – Health-promoting programs;
available in Hungary
H‐4200 Hajdúszoboszló,
The vital strength of the medicinal water –
Medical and bath services; World of flavour –
1. Weight bath or 2. The famous Hévíz
Mátyás király sétány 19.
Tel.: +36 52 558 571
International, Hungarian and reform food underwater traction mud pack
Fax: +36 52 558 575
Treatment for illnesses of organ of locomotion, therapy The thermal water of Hévíz is mixed with peat,
of rheumatologic, dermatological and Underwater treatment is currently only offered found in thick layers at the bottom of the lake,
gynaecological problems! in Hungarian spas, making it a genuine to produce the spa‘s famous mud packs.
Hajdúszoboszló G2 “Hungaricum”. The idea is simple: the patient is The medicinal water contains high concentrations
5 nights in a double room/person from185.-EUR held by the neck and/or underarms, while weights of all the important chemicals – 80% inorganic
Health – Personalised for You, in Spa- and 7 nights in a double room/person from 238.-EUR of 2 to 20 kilograms are attached to specific parts and 20% organic – the body needs, thereby
Wellness Hotel Barátság! Content: accommodation with half board of the body to stretch the spine and reduce or multiplying the effectiveness of the mud.
Calm relaxation – Comfortable rooms, service, inside and outside pools, use of the eliminate pain. The weight bath introduced by The healing mud is a completely natural
appartements; Perfect recreation – Wellness- sauna, bathrobe, animation programs Dr. Károly Moll in Héviz is among the best known treatment used to ease or even cure a wide
and most effective methods of treatment for spinal variety of locomotive disorders, as well as certain
damage. Dr. Moll (1889 to 1982) first published his gynaecological and skin conditions.
Debrecen (H2) sensational findings in 1953 and the weight bath The mud can have a marked effect on the body,
has been successfully employed in the treatment so it is important for the patient to be in relatively
Through the centuries, Debrecen has grown with a thermal and adventure bath supplied by of degenerative spinal conditions. The purpose good physical condition before the effected body
Information: from a small market town into the second largest several springs and offering every possible means of this method is to stretch the spine by means parts can be “packed”. Most patients emerge
Aquaticum Debrecen city in Hungary with an internationally renowned of relaxation. The Aquaticum Thermal Hotel of the buoyancy of the thermal water and to from this treatment rejuvenated and with
H‐4032 Debrecen, university. In the 16th century, Debrecen became offers everything today‘s spa guest could wish restore the discs to their original position. a renewed lust for life.
Nagyerdei park 1. the centre of the Hungarian reformation of the for, including open-air and covered swimming
Tel.: +36 52 214 111 Protestant church and the most impressive and therapy pools of various temperatures, and
Fax: +36 52 346 883 example of Calvinist architecture is the Great an exotic bathing and wellness park shaded by Church, recently renovated in bright yellow on palm trees. The water is rich in minerals and is the city‘s main square. Debrecen is also blessed particularly effective against respiratory illnesses.

Gyula (G4)
Close to the Romanian border, this spa town is
Information: dominated by its medieval red-brick castle and
Gyula Castle Spa charming old town. The history of the Gyula
H‐5700 Gyula, castle spa dates back only as far as 1959, but
Várkert u. 2. an aquatic paradise has blossomed from the
Tel.: +36 66 561 350 humble beginnings. Wave pools, jet tubs and
Fax: +36 66 561 060 a selection of medicinal baths help ensure all visitors leave feeling invigorated and rejuvenated. The medicinal water is particularly recommended
for people suffering from respiratory illnesses,
degenerative conditions and inflammation of
the joints, as well as neuropathy and a variety 3. Physiotherapy
of complex internal complaints. After their Physiotherapy plays an unusually important role in treatment primarily to strengthen weak muscle
treatment, patients can take advantage of the Hungarian rehabilitation and other treatments. The groups and ease restrictions on movement.
relaxing surroundings of the large grounds of the goal is to treat damaged joints and improve spinal For successful physiotherapy, patients should
Almásy Castle, built some 200 years ago. function through a range of movement in order to plan for a longer period of treatment. It is
The castle is named after the family of László strengthen skeletal muscles and adopt a correct important to add that physiotherapists are
Almásy, immortalised by the novel and posture. Physiotherapy is performed either in the highly respected in Hungary – it takes four years
subsequent film “The English Patient”, thermal water or on dry land as prescribed by the of intensive study to acquire the necessary
in which he was played by Ralph Fiennes. doctor. It can be applied as a single or combined qualifications.
Hungary Culture and relaxation in one 22 23

Healthy mind and body

in the historical ambiance of Eger (F2)
The Baroque town in northern Hungary found Oriental décor, as well as a Turkish coffee house.
a new lease of life in the 18th century. Today, Relaxation and enjoyment is completed by the
the city is marked out by its classicist cathedral, nearby beach and spa where the spring water
a former Turkish minaret that now operates as rushes over a bed of lightly coloured pebbles.
a church, and the castle towering over the old The park also features a new, state-of-the-art
town. A rare and impressive relic of Turkish rheumatism clinic.
occupation, the 35-metre-tall minaret remains
an important feature of the Eger skyline even
today. The town is most famous for Bull‘s Blood, Information:
its trademark ruby red wine, and its original
Turkish bathhouse. Every day, young and old Eger Termal Ltd.
lurk in the mysterious darkness of the baths, H‐3300 Eger, Frank Tivadar u. 5.
taking advantage of the health-giving waters Tel.: +36 36 511 816
in this highlight of Hungarian bathing culture. Fax: +36 36 511 815
The entire building retains the traditions of
Ottoman architecture and contains a meditation
room, complete with atmospheric lighting and

Hunguest Hotel Flóra 

Information: As a result of a large investment, a new curative

and wellness centre is established in the hotel.
H‐3300 Eger, Fürdô u. 5.
The guests are able to use the extended curative
Tel.: +36 36 513 300
treatments in a renewed, modern and quality
Fax: +36 36 320 815
environment. The indoor, covered experience pool,
children’s pool and Jacuzzi with the 4 saunas of
the hotel provide all the members of the family
GPS: 47.89812 North 20.38335 East
with an excellent opportunity for bathing.
Eger F2
Our guests can have further aquatic experiences
Hunguest Hotel Flóra is situated nearby the at the neighbouring thermal-water city strand,
historical city centre of Eger, just next to the which they can access from the foyer of the hotel,
thermal pool and Turkish Bath. with direct entry, free of charge all the year round.

Heaven on Earth:
A meeting place of bathing and wine culture
Tokaj and Villány, Hungary‘s two most famous wine and massage to ward off free radicals and
regions, are now offering a range of “vinotherapy” significantly delay the ageing process of the skin.
treatments. The new Vinotherapy wellness centres The therapy is rounded off with a glass of exquisite
offer first-class anti-ageing courses in a friendly Tokaj wine or a full-bodied red from Villány.
and relaxed atmosphere. Many years of research No longer do you have to suffer in the name of
have shown that grapes and extracts from their beauty; as they say in Tokaj and Villány
seeds are exceptionally suited to medically-based “Embrace youth, become more beautiful day
cosmetic treatments. The face packs used are rich by day and enjoy heaven on earth with each drop.“
in polyphenol, the anti-oxidant properties of which To your health!
work in conjunction with other facial treatments

Culture and relaxation in one

Many of Hungary‘s towns not only have their own medicinal spas but they are
also packed with cultural attractions. From the irresistible romance of the rolling
hills overlooking the Danube Bend to the sun‐bathed Great Plains and the
“Hungarian Alps” in the north east, each spa resort has its cultural significance.
Hungary Culture and relaxation in one 24 25

Exploring the towns and cities of the Danube Mosonmagyaróvár (B2)

It was Saint Stephen, the first king of Hungary,
Esztergom (D2) who founded Moson, on the banks of the
winding Mosoni Danube. After the Castle of
As Hungary‘s first royal seat, Esztergom was the complex offers underwater massage and hydro- Moson was destroyed, Óvár, a pretty little town
converted into a lavish residence by Prince Géza. and electrotherapy. The attached beauty salon, fully founded by Béla IV, took Moson’s previous role in
Among the most prominent guests of the city equipped with the latest treatment technologies and the area. Later, the two towns merged to become
was German Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa, who products, is also worth a visit. To witness the Danube Mosonmagyaróvár. Óvár’s castle – in its 16th-17th
came to pay his respects to King Béla III in the Bend in all its glory, explore the network of marked century form – is a sight to see. Moreover, the
12th century. The picturesque “watertown” within footpaths of various levels of difficulty that rise into local thermal bath makes this art and relic packed
the castle walls and palace of the archbishop are the hills, particularly those extending into the Duna- jolly town an irresistible place to visit.
well worth a visit, and St. Thomas‘s Hill provides Ipoly National Park.
beautiful views of the Danube. However, Esztergom
has much more to offer. The island of Primás on
the Danube is home to Aquasziget, a milestone
of modern architecture inside and out. The “Aqua
Island” adventure centre, with its chutes, paddling
pools and play areas, offers fun for the whole
family and the health centre with its broad range
Thermal Hotel  Mosonmagyaróvár
of medical facilities is also second to none. In
Services: electrotherapy, mud pack from Hévíz,
addition to specialising in respiratory problems, Information: tangentor, medical massage, hydrogalvan,
H‐9200 Mosonmagyaróvár, healing gymnastics, hairdresser, cosmetics,
The attractive complex, Kolbai K. u. 10. manicure, pedicure, plastic surgery, dentist,
Gyõr (C2) constructed from wood Information: Tel.: +36 96 206 871 house doctor.
and glass, is situated on a Fax: +36 96 206 872 Spa facilities with 7 pools inside and outside,
Although Győr is a genuine industrial peninsula and even boasts an Rába Quelle info@thermal‐ ideal for swimming and cure; offering joy for
powerhouse, it maintains the charm of its 800-metre water-skiing course. H‐9025 Gyôr, www.thermal‐ all age all year round. Great place for active
thousand-year history as a former religious Visitors with aches and pains can take Fürdô tér 1. GPS: 47. 8745 / 17. 2782 tourism: water sports, bike tours and horse-riders
centre. The castle on the banks of the Rába their pick from a wide variety of treatments Tel.: +36 96 514 900 or for taking a little break, offering „Health and
provides a wonderful view of the historic making use of the high concentration of Mosonmagyaróvár B2 experience at one place”.
buildings of the old town; while perched carbon dioxide and sulphur dissolved in the Health package: 7 nights with HB, welcome
on St. Martin‘s Hill, just 20 kilometres to the water, including drinking cures, inhalation, The hotel with 47 air-conditioned rooms is drink, 1 traditional Hungarian buffet dinner,
south, stands the legendary Benedictine mud packs and therapeutic massage. There located downtown, right next to the Thermal Spa 1 medical consultation, 10 treatments, eyes- and
Abbey of Pannonhalma, which was listed is also plenty to keep the younger generation which is one of the five most effective medical teeth control, 7 tickets to the thermal bath, use of
as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO occupied: the completely chlorine-free water spas in Europe. wellness-room (infra sauna, Jacuzzi) and parking.
in 1996. Here too, relaxation and contains 40 adventure elements, including a
rehabilitation are the order of the 38-metre water chute and a lazy river. Finally,
day at Győr‘s modern open-air romantics will love the peace and quiet of Szentendre E2
and thermal baths. the dimly lit cubbyholes.
Anyone who has spent some time there would
tell you how exciting and still cozy Szentendre
is – a lively town, built on the bank of the Danube.
Lipót (C2) They’d also tell you how yummy the ice cream
was that they had on the Main Square, how they
For centuries, locals – making their living Furthermore, when thermal springs were admired the ceramic figures by Margit Kovács or
as fishermen with the numberless forks and discovered, the agricultural heart of the region, how they walked up to the Catholic church and
tributaries of the Danube around – have lived in Lipót – boasting a fantastic Thermal Aqua Park – then on towards the Serbian Orthodox Bishop
harmony with the mysterious marshlands jam- became a favorite holiday destination. Church and the Orthodox Museum, while stuffing
packed with small emeralds of tussocks and the lip-smacking lángos into their faces, and how
games of the floodplain forests. they got enchanted by one of the concerts of
a Szentendre Summer, how they learnt heaps
Even today, the diverse flora and fauna of the about Hungarian folk art when visiting Skanzen
region still draw many nature-loving souls and … the list could go on and on, as Szentendre is a
fishing fans to this land. never-to-get-empty bag full of goodies.

Hotel Orchidea  Lipót 8 WATER WONDERS

Swimming Pool and Leisure Centre
Information: which is surrounded by the river Danube.
In addition to a wide range of wellness services Wellness – leisure pool, saunas and massage
H‐9233 Lipót, Rákóczi u. 42‐44.
such as indoor and outdoor thermal pools,
Information: rooms, aroma and ice cabin
Tel.: +36 96 674 042
Fax: +36 96 674 042
sauna, solarium, infrared sauna, fitness room, H‐2000 Szentendre, Kálvária út 26. Restaurant – trendy menu including diet dishes,
massage, beauty salon, hairdressers, pedicure, Tel.: +36 26 300 200 children’s special and great delicacies
manicure, body treatments, and preventive Fax: +36 26 300 201 Bowling, Catering Service
GPS: N 47.85989, E 17.46457
therapies, we offer a variety of recreation info@v‐ Conference and event rooms, terrace
programs to our guests such as bike rental, www.v‐ Fitness – Cardio and Body Building
Lipót C2 coach rides in the untouched Szigetköz, and GPS: N 47.669866 E 19.060045 equipment, personal trainers
motor boat rides through the wonderful branches V-MED Medical Centre – “If you care about your
of the river Danube. Szentendre E2 health, we help to protect it”
HOTEL ORCHIDEA IN LIPÓT is located Beauty Centre – You are refreshed
between Győr and Mosonmagyaróvár, 15 km Our first class restaurant offers an unforgettable Pools – swimming courses, sport events, and rejuvenated in a heaven of tranquillity
from highway M1 and 140 km from Budapest. gastronomic experience. A café, a confectionery aqua fitness, baby swimming Child-centred solutions – birthday or name
The hotel is situated in the Szigetköz region, and a drink bar also await you with specialities. day parties
Hungary Culture and relaxation in one 26 27

Visegrád (D2) Szeged (F5) Information:

This lively university city is much more than the celebrated Hungarian architect who spent many Anna Medicinal Spa,
Visegrád is another gem on the Danube Bend with a colourful history. The Romans were among the first to recognise its strategic position Hungarian capital of paprika and salami. Szeged‘s years studying Ottoman baths for inspiration. The
and set up a military camp on top of the hill. Visegrád later rose to become a royal seat, enjoying its golden age under the popular art-loving Thermal Bath and
trademark fish soup, generously filled with catches end result is a Renaissance bathhouse with striking Adventure Bath
monarch King Matthias Corvinus in the 15th century. The town is also a popular tourist destination thanks to its geographical location, and it from the River Tisza, is also renowned all over the steam rooms, making use of the healing power of
(almost) goes without saying that beneath the Earth’s surface, medicinal waters bubble. The elixir, emerging at a temperature of 39°C, contains world. The city‘s landmark cathedral, town hall, the water rushing to the surface from a depth of 944 H‐6720 Szeged,
hydrogen carbonate, magnesium and a number of alkaloids, all of which reduce inflammation and have a proven track record in the treatment of impressive synagogue and Reök Palace are all metres. Besides its hydrogen carbonates, the high Tisza Lajos krt. 24.
rheumatism. The Lepence thermal baths have recently been fully renovated thanks to a superb hotel project in cooperation with a health centre, fine examples of the Secession architecture of the concentration of iron contained in the alkaline spring Tel.: +36 62 487 711
employing the latest medical technologies. What‘s more, the building overlooks the Danube Bend and offers breathtaking views of the river and late 19th and early 20th centuries. Here, visitors will makes it particularly valuable. The Anna Spa was Fax: +36 62 426 659
the surrounding landscape. also find a medicinal spring of the highest quality. recently fully restored in the spirit of the turn of the
The Anna Thermal Baths were built in 1896 by a century and fitted with the latest medical equipment.

Thermal Hotel Visegrád superior

Hunguest Hotel Forrás 
One of the natural resources of Visegrád is the
Information: spring water of 39°C spurting from the depth of
Information: The spa (Napfényfürdő Aquapolis Szeged)
H‐2025 Visegrád, 1300 m in the quality of mineral water. in the vicinity of the hotel will also be renovated
Lepence‐völgy hrsz. 1213. In addition to the high iron, calcium, magnesium H‐6726 Szeged, within the framework of a HUF 6 billion
Tel.: +36 26 801 900 and hydrogen-carbonate content of the thermal Szent‐Györgyi Albert u. 16‐24. investment project due to which a new wellness,
Fax: +36 26 801 918 water widely known about its contractive and Tel.: +36 62 566 466 adventure and spa facility providing a water antiphlogistic effect, it also contains trace Fax: +36 62 566 468 surface of 4400 m2 for a total of 3000 people elements and alkaloids of low salt content will offer the opportunity of curing
GPS: N47,76509 E18,95359 essential for the human organism. (daytime hospital), relaxing (”quiet wellness”),
GPS: 46.25159 20.16039 regenerating (massage rooms, saunas)
Visegrád D2 One of the specialities of the hotel is the Duna entertaining (adventure pools) and resting
Restaurant. On its terrace the guests may have Szeged F5 actively (the longest water slide in Europe
their meal enjoying the view of the wonderful operating all the year round) to its guests
One of the most beautifully located hotels Danube Bend. The guests can choose from the Due to renovation works the Hunguest Hotel in each age group. Planned opening:
with lovely, peaceful and friendly environment regularly revised menu as well as from the rich Forrás**** will have a totally new external and December 2009.
in the Danube bend is Thermal Hotel offer of the buffet meals. internal image and await its old and new guests
Visegrád****superior, situated in the close with four-star rooms and services.
vicinity of the Park Forest of Pilis, only 40 km far For further information and for special offers
from the city centre of Budapest. please visit the following website:
The city of music, culture and wine
The hotel’s mission is to provide in a Renaissance
environment, in Visegrád both physical and Sopron (B2)
mental experience, in other words a Renaissance
This small city at the western tip of Hungary attracts red wines either. The city made the headlines
of Experiences for families with little children,
hoards of tourists from neighbouring Austria to its around the world on August 19, 1989 when the
lovers of wellness and bathing, businessmen
medieval old town. Lovers of the great outdoors first chink in the Iron Curtain appeared here,
participating in conferences or engaged couples
also come here to explore the lush, rolling allowing thousands of holidaymakers from the
who are getting prepared for their special day.
countryside in the slipstream of the Alps former GDR across the border to experience
with its forests of enormous horse chestnut freedom. Famous names, such as composers
The hotel awaits its dear guests with 164 rooms
and pine trees criss-crossed with hiking Joseph Haydn and Franz Liszt, also have
and 10 apartments.
and cycling paths. Even on the hottest close ties to the region. Haydn, the “Father
summer days, a cool breeze descends of the Symphony”, was employed as
from the mountains, making Sopron Kapellmeister for many years at the
and its surroundings the perfect palace of the Eszterházy dynasty,
place to recharge your batteries. just 20 kilometres from Sopron.
A wide range of cultural events and The Fertő-Hanság National Park on
Riding through the Puszta sporting activities are sure to get your Lake Fertő (Neusiedl) is also on the
pulse racing, while wine connoisseurs doorstep, while Vienna is just 60
Kecskemét (E3) will not be disappointed by the local kilometres away.
The home town of the famous Hungarian
composer Zoltán Kodály is best known today Information:
for its orchards, particularly its juicy apricots
ripened by the southern sun. Kecskemét is
Thermal and
also characterised by its attractive Secessionist
Adventure Bath Kecskemét
architecture from the early 20th century. H‐6000 Kecskemét,
The finest example is the town hall and its Olimpia u. 1/a
glockenspiel that still chimes on the hour. The Tel.: +36 76 481 724
region around Kecskemét enjoys more sunshine Fax: +36 76 418 910
than the rest of Hungary, making it an ideal
holiday destination. A thermal spring was found
in 1987 and its water is used to treat disorders
of the locomotive organs and gynaecological
conditions, as well as broken bones and sports
injuries. The swimming complex is open all
year round and contains pools of various
temperatures, including three thermal baths.
There is also an adventure park featuring
paddling pools, waterslides, a waterfall and tub
baths for kids aged 9 to 90.
Hungary An endless source of healing 28 29

Castle hotels An endless source of healing

The legacy of the Hungarian aristocracy is We have barely dipped our feet into the water, as Hungary offers, without any
manifested in over 700 castles and stately exaggeration, an inexhaustible selection of healing springs of all shapes and sizes.
homes, many of which have now been
converted into luxury hotels. It‘s no
And not all of them involve lazing about in warm water...
wonder that there is nothing quite
like spending a couple of days The curative caves of Tapolca (C3)
unwinding in the old-fashioned way.
Hungary is famous for its nostalgic This town of caves is situated in the west of the two hours a day in the medicinal underworld of
flair and each of these noble Balaton National Park, to the north of the lake the Tapolca caves. Entirely free of dust, pollen
buildings oozes history and charm. of the same name. Under the small town, lies a and fungal spores, the air here reduces allergies,
Many residences have been hidden karst cave network of winding corridors eases muscle cramps and restricts inflammation.
painstakingly restored and given with a micro-climate known for its healing powers. In addition, the rough cave walls, scree and
a new lease of life and most castle The temperature remains constant at between hairline cracks beneath the surface act as a filter
hotels are surrounded by lush 14°C to 16°C, while the high humidity from 65% system and the higher concentration of carbon
grounds and offer first-class services, to 100% prevents any dust build-up, making dioxide in the air stimulates breathing regulators
fit for a king or queen. These often include the caves ideal for the treatment of respiratory in the brain and chemoreceptors in the arteries
individually tailored wellness and fitness illnesses, such as asthma and bronchitis, as well to improve oxygen supply to the lungs.
programmes, thermal baths, massage, as allergies, neurodermatitis and inflammation of Courses of treatment at the Tapolca caves are
meditation and stress-relief courses, the sinuses. As part of a course of treatment of at suitable for outpatients.
as well as sport and leisure facilities, least two or three weeks, patients generally spend
turning your stay into an all-round
holiday experience. Naturally, equestrian
activities also play a key role, particularly
in those residences that still maintain their
Mátraderecske (F2)
own stables. But despite all this luxury and This sensational carbon dioxide dry bath is The “mofetta”, today a term
variety, prices remain surprisingly affordable. located on the northern slopes of the Mátra Hills, for a source of volcanic gas with
about 30 kilometres from Eger. The village is home a high concentration of carbon dioxide at
to Hungary‘s only mofetta, a bath that makes relatively low temperatures, has been known
use of gas rising from 1,000 metres beneath the for its curative properties for centuries. Greek
earth‘s crust. This phenomenon is the result of and Roman scholars, such as Celsus and Pliny
post-volcanic activity and produces air with a the Elder, were already treating patients in
carbon-dioxide concentration of 93% to 95%. bathing amphitheatres. The celebrated doctor
The treatment is overseen by highly qualified Paracelsus also understood the healing power
specialists as part of a course of 15 sessions. of concentrated CO2 and introduced it to his
Puchner Castle Hotel  therapies in the late 15th century.

Information: wellness and sport facilities and accommodation

with various atmospheres. The castle is located
The St. Georg
H‐7346 Bikal, Rákóczi u. 22. in the Southern Transdanubia, 50 km-s from Energy Park in Lenti (A4)
Tel.: +36 72 459 546, +36 72 459 547 Pécs, in Bikal. The hotel is surrounded by a 6
Fax: +36 72 459 549 hectares landscaped area with protoriginal trees. The beauty of this patch of earth in the south- Our services: exclusive restaurant and wine-tre- western corner of Hungary alone is reason enough sor, French and Moroccan style Spa house, sport to spend a few days here, but there is much
GPS: 6.3318/18.2852 centre, conference centre, grill-terrace, open-air more to the town of Lenti. The St. George Energy
pool. A castle in Europe, Europe in a castle… Park boasts not one but two natural treasures:
Bikal C4 Our wellness package contains: accommo- 40,000-year-old medicinal springs and a meeting
dation with half board for 2 or more nights, fruit point of the earth‘s energy lines. Natural healers
Welcome in Puchner Castle Hotel… bowl in room, wellness services in the Spa house, claim that the star-shaped hub of healing energy
… which is more, than a castle. After the conti- use of infrared cabin and solarium, Beauty Salon lines is a key site on the world‘s energy network. As
nuous developments of 12 years we are waiting treatments, unlimited use of fitness room, free they believe all illness is caused by a deficiency of
our guests with wide-ranging of gastronomy, bathrobe and bath towel, free parking. energy, the natural radiation found at the St. George
Energy Park is claimed to have a positive effect on
the entire body, supporting basic functions and
stimulating the natural healing process to restore
balance between body and soul. Even a one- or
two-hour stroll through the park can have a positive
effect, but the true benefits can be felt when
combined with the local spring water, boasting a
high concentration of sodium hydrogen carbonate.
Hop between the five outdoor pools and bask in
the three covered pools of different temperatures,
and to complete the package, a sauna, steam bath
and beauty farm will ensure you leave full of energy.

Lenti Thermal Spa
and St. Georg Energy Park
H‐8960 Lenti, Táncsics u. 2/a.
Tel.: +36 92 351 320
Fax: +36 92 351 770,
Hungary Out and about in the great outdoors 30 31

They say to rest is to rust, There are plenty of opportunities to develop your
and that is exactly what sporting prowess during your stay in Hungary. Medical Wellness is a synthesis of effective medically based wellness Medical Wellness is a
Explore the famous Great Plains on horseback, treatments and wellness tourism services. The core of every course lies combination of medically
happens to many people who fail swim in the health-giving currents of a thermal in effective diagnosis and salutogenesis, matched to the promotion endorsed spa treatments for
to get sufficient exercise. bath, follow jogging and cycle paths around of an active and positive state of mind and a respectful attitude the sustained improvement of
Lake Balaton or play some of the excellent golf to the body on the part of the patient. subjective health and quality
Regular sporting activity courses around the country. Spa and wellness of life. This is achieved through
has never been more important hotels, as well as public thermal baths, all offer responsible prevention and
than in today’s fast‐paced and daily aerobics, aquafit, aquajogging, stretching healthy living with a motivation
and autogenic training and yoga, free of charge. to adopt a health-conscious
stressful world. Thai Chi and Nordic walking are also popular. way of life as a further important
And anyone who wants to stay Even today, Hungary is considered a nation of element of any programme.
outstanding horsemen and women and the
healthy and enjoy life culture of the Magyars dates back thousands Hungarian hotels were among
to the full well into old age of years. Each region of the country has its own the first to be awarded the
should find the sport traditions and equestrian demonstrations – often German Medical Wellness
with teams of horses – are common. It‘s no Certificate for their excellent
that brings them the most surprise, then, that Hungary has been among the preventative and healthy
pleasure. An hour of cycling, world‘s top destinations for equestrian tourism living courses and
and the unbridled freedom of miles of gently medical staff were
swimming, jogging, rolling countryside is enough to set the pulse of also found to be highly
Nordic walking, tennis, any rider racing. More recently, Hungary has also motivated and skilled.
golf or riding in the developed into a paradise for golfers with new
courses added every year. A rich selection of
fresh air every day can do attractively located six-, nine- and 18-hole courses
wonders for the body offers both serious players and beginners the
opportunity to sharpen their skills against a lush
and free the mind. green backdrop. Hungary‘s 18-hole courses are
currently found within 50 kilometres of Budapest
and in the west of the country.
Hungary Healthy cuisine ‐ You are what you eat 32 33

Healthy cuisine
– You are what
you eat

The health of the body and soul has always played Grey cattle is nourished exclusively from the grasses
an important role in the history of mankind. of the Puszta plains to provide lean and exceptionally
As the Romans used to say: “Mens sana in corpore sano“ healthy cuts of meat. The Mangalica is known as a healthy Everything you need to know about fasting cures
– “a healthy mind in a healthy body.” And according to the and uniquely tasty variety of pig with its tender, vitamin-rich
Even ancient doctors and philosophers
German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, good health and unadulterated meat. Many types of freshwater fish
Fasting is one of the oldest and most successful treatments knew of the healing power of fasting.
was not everything – but there was nothing without good from Hungary‘s rivers and lakes, such as the brown trout,
known to man, improving not only general well-being, but also Today, high-quality fasting packages are
health. What is the use of baths and wellness treatments rainbow trout and perch, are also permanent
productivity both at work and in our private lives. Regular fasting available at several Hungarian wellness
if they are not supported by a light diet rich in vitamins. fixtures on any menu.
can also ease or cure severe illnesses, including heart and hotels. “He who wishes to stay healthy
Here too, Hungary is ahead of the game. Let‘s begin with
circulatory conditions, diabetes, allergies and rheumatic pain. and young must respect the body,
paprika, the Hungarian word for both the spice and the Whether you choose pork, beef or fish, there is always
breathe fresh air and heal
vegetable it is derived from: the pepper. The country‘s most a delicious local wine to go with your dish. The grapes from
his ills with fasting rather
famous ingredient is available in a selection of varieties Hungary‘s 21 wine regions turn any dinner into a feast and
than medication“,
from the mild, fruity “tomato” pepper to the hot and both vineyards and spas are to be found throughout the
wrote the Greek healer
spicy cherry pepper, the fiery red peppers and the tangy country, making a wine tasting session at a local winery
Hippocrates (460-370
capsicum peppers that are ground into the familiar spice. an essential part of any holiday. Red varieties include
B.C) on the purifying
These vegetables are packed with vitamin C and carotene Merlot, Portugieser and Blaufränkisch, while popular
and revitalising power of
and provide the basis for a host of delicious dishes that Hungarian whites are Pinot Gris (Szürkebarát) and the
fasting. The purpose
are filling without being fattening. elegant Kéknyelű. And let us not forget the most famous
of healthy fasting is
Although pörkölt, a juicy Hungarian beef and vegetable of Hungarian wines, Tokaj, considered by its fans to be
to maintain health
stew, is often mistakenly known around the world as the both an indispensable medicine and a delicious aperitif.
by regulating the
soup “goulash”, it is celebrated nonetheless. Louis XIV, France‘s sun king, memorably referred to the
entire metabolism
Even the gourmet novelist Alexandre Dumas was gushing sweet elixir as “the king of wines, the wine of kings” and
and bodily functions,
in his praise of this dish, spiced up with fiery paprika and composer Richard Strauss too immortalised Tokaj in his
particularly digestion.
succulent tomatoes. famous opera “The Rose Cavalier”. And what would a
It is known that a close link exists
The fruit and vegetables grown in the sun-kissed south of feast fit for a king be without a nightcap? This is when
between digestion and the general well-
the country are served up with every dish. Restaurants, Unicum, another typical Hungarian speciality, comes into
being of the body and mind. Regular
health and wellness hotels also make play. While most digestives simply ease indigestion after
healthy fasting purifies and cleans
sure their guests receive their daily a hearty meal, this herb liqueur has been considered
the digestive tract while minimising
dose of vitamins and healthy meat. a cure-all since the 18th century. In addition to treating
vegetative imbalances.
The latter is often provided by the stomach aches and other pains, it is said that
indigenous Hungarian grey cattle, Unicum can even cure a broken heart.
a gift from nature like the “Racka” sheep and Whether you believe that or not, a shot of Unicum
Mangalica pig. is a fitting end to any meal. Bottoms up!
Hungary Medical tourism ‐ A modern fountain of youth 34 35

Two birds Medical tourism

with one stone: A modern fountain of youth
A camping holiday at the Dentistry – a Hungarian speciality

thermal baths
Elisabeth, the Empress of Austria and Queen of Do you require new crowns, bridges or implants?
Hungary, affectionately remembered as Sisi, Is your jawbone too weak to accept
was considered one of the most beautiful women further treatment, leaving you requiring bone
of her age. Sadly, her portraits all show her with reconstruction?
a mouth clamped shut and refusing to smile. Or do you simply need to have your teeth
Today we know why: Sisi had bad teeth! bleached to restore your whiter-than-white
Fortunately, dentistry has made great leaps smile? No problem, highly qualified Hungarian
since then. A good dentist can quickly give specialists using the best possible materials
the patient healthy teeth and a beautiful can solve all your dental issues at
smile. So far, so good, but how do prices between 40% and 70% less
we find a dentist who we can turn than you can expect to pay at home.
to with confidence? There are too And there is no need to worry about
many reports of dangerous materials the language barrier either, our
being used and of operations that have dentists and their staff speak excellent
gone disastrously wrong. But things are English. Any after-care you might need
different in Hungary, a country whose is also taken care of, dentists all over
dentists have an excellent reputation Europe operate in close collaboration
not only in Europe but around the world. with their Hungarian colleagues. The
For over 50 years, dentistry has been capital, Budapest is blessed with a large
taught as its own subject at Hungarian compliment of highly experienced dentists
universities and many dentists from and orthodontists. “How I would have
around the world who have completed liked to have treated Sisi and given her a
their studies in Hungary admit that their wonderful smile to match her beautiful
Magyar colleagues are exceptionally face,” a newly qualified dentist recently
innovative and gifted. Dental practices remarked. All that Sisi could not afford
with multilingual staff, well-versed in despite all the riches in the royal court,
the intricacies of international medical can be yours for a relative pittance.
insurance, can be found in Budapest The enchanting town of Sopron is
You’re planning a healthy The largest thermal baths and spas, and all the spa resorts covered in this traditionally known as the “City of
such as Bükfürdő, Sárvár, Hévíz, Zalakaros,
holiday with all the extras, Harkány and Hajdúszoboszló, as well as several
booklet. Whether they are located in Dentists”. The choice is enormous,
a private building, a luxury hotel or a dental practices literally line the streets.
but don’t want to give up on the smaller resorts, offer comfortable and clean specialist clinic, all these practices are Even more so now that the European Court
enjoyment of camping. camping areas either on their grounds or very equipped with up-to-the-minute technology and of Justice has passed two laws (C120/95 and
close by. Camping is becoming increasingly meet the highest standards of hygiene. C-158/96) allowing EU citizens to be treated in
No problem, it’s all popular as a means of taking longer holidays, The range of services available is also any member state.
possible in Hungary. not least because of the inexpensive, and unparalleled. Make an appointment now!
sometimes even free, camping fees.
Wherever you park Many guests checking in to convalesce
your camper van, from now rent long-term parking spaces for their
Budapest and along camper vans. Some four-star thermal
campsites offer spaces of up to 100 square
the Danube to the shores metres complete with a 16-amp power supply,
of Lake Balaton, you’re sure to running water and free wireless
Internet access. Modern sanitation blocks
find an attractive campsite even house washing machines and dryers.
not far from a thermal spring. But be warned, early booking is
In addition, many medicinal necessary as places
fill up fast.
and thermal baths offer their
own facilities for campers.
Look great into old age
– Hungary‘s cosmetic surgeons make it all possible
Mirror, mirror on the wall… Once you have been complete mess should come as a surprise to no
operated by a Hungarian surgeon, there will be one“, laments an experienced Budapest surgeon
no doubt who the fairest in the land is. In recent who is often called upon to correct the mistakes of
years, Hungary his international
has built a colleagues.
reputation in the “The things I
field of cosmetic have seen defy
surgery that description“,
is second to he adds. The
none. This is quality of
largely due to cosmetic surgery
the introduction – at half the price
of strict laws of the international
demanding specialist competition – is
qualifications that clearly visible. From
can require up to facelifts and breast
13 years of study. augmentation or
Following six years of reduction to liposuction
medical school, would- and rhinoplasty – cosmetic
be plastic surgeons surgery is available from top
must be trained in a clinic to toe. Occasionally even
for a further three to five sprightly 80-year-olds come in
years (depending on their area of specialisation). for a nip here or a tuck there because a life without
Only then can they apply for accreditation in the wrinkles is simply that little bit more pleasant, the
specialist field of plastic surgery, a qualification charming Budapest surgeon says with a smile.
that requires a further year or even two of study. Like most of his colleagues, he speaks excellent
Very different to some countries where just about English. So if you are planning cosmetic surgery
anyone is given a scalpel – from nasal, eye and in Hungary, contact the International Society of
ear specialists to gynaecologists and general Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons for more information on
practitioners. “That the end result is often a the surgeon you have chosen.

British Hungarian Medical Service

Dental Implant Surgery & Cosmetic Dental Experts
H-1162 Budapest
T: +00 36 1 402 1195
F: +00 36 1 402 1196

Since British Hungarian Medical Service began trading in 2006 we've helped thousands of From tooth whitening to implantation,
everything a dentistry can offer you!
than they would normally have paid in the UK.
We are a friendly, caring company whose main objective is to make your dental experience
one to remember, for all the right reasons! As a client of BHMS, you are not 'just a client' but
'our special client!' We aim is to leave you smiling for years!

BHMS's CHOICE: OPERA GARDEN HOTEL & APARTMENTS A life without pain Full scope of dental care, three locations in Budapest:
– Orthopaedic surgery VitalCenter Margaret Island VitalCenter Fiesta VitalCenter MOM
Everyone reaches a time in their life when they want to dive into
a fountain of youth and emerge good as new and free from all Hotel Thermal Margitsziget, Hotel Fiesta H-1123 Budapest,
pain. Although complete rejuvenation of the body is not possible, H -1138 Budapest H-1061 Budapest, Király u. 20. Alkotás u. 53., MOM Park
patients with back, hip and knee pain, as well as respiratory and
other conditions, can be treated with a variety of new surgical Phone: (+36 1) 340 4518 Phone: (+36 1) 328 0547 Phone: (+36 1) 202 3830
techniques. Hungarian doctors are among the leading providers of
orthopaedic surgery, attracting patients from all over Europe and Fax: (+36 1) 412 0196 Fax: (+36 1) 328 0548 Fax: (+36 1) 487 5520
beyond for more than 15 years. Patients with acute knee problems
brought on by osteoarthritis can expect the best possible treatment
for this debilitating condition that destroys the cartilage and causes
unbearable pain. To put it in simple terms, the patient needs a
brand new knee – an implant, which is achieved thanks to a process
known as arthroplastic surgery.” He has 15 orthopaedic surgeons
· Private apartment hotel with hotel services, opening in November 2009. working in his clinic, which treats members of Hungary‘s handball,
Special BHMS price
Prepared for special requests for guests under medical surgery
football and judo national teams. A further plus is the comfortable
hotel accommodation available nearby in a peaceful, aristocratic
building complete with a castle garden and idyllic lake view. Make an promises a lot,
appointment, throw your crutches away and return to an active life.
but delivers Dental Network even more.
Association of Leading Hungarian Dental Clinics
What we offer is the well proven, high quality work of dental experts, who
Tips and advice for How to get there
Standing at the centre of Europe,
Hungary is well served by transport links
all obliged to fulfill the high professional standards of the European
your stay in Hungary
from abroad. The main international
airports are Budapest Ferihegy
Union’s regulations in order to create a successful dental health care system.
(, FlyBalaton Airport
( near Lake Balaton and
In 2009, the Association of Leading Hungarian Dental Clinics was established in Buda- Airport Debrecen in the East.
Hungary has more medicinal spas than anywhere in General contraindications:
pest. The Association consists the five largest dental office of Budapest, namely: Bátorfi Europe, so it is worth combining your holiday with • Acute illness and infection
Dentistry, Implantcenter Dentistry & Oral Surgery, Kreatív Dental, MadentaCity, VitalEurope. a relaxing bathing cure. But before you decide to • Acute thrombosis and severe cramps Budapest is linked to 15 European
take the plunge, here is some more interesting • Addictive disorders capital cities by train, directly or with
information on medicinal and thermal springs: • Active psychosis changes. It has three main railway
The members of the Association are committed to maintain Hungary’s leading role on the
A medicinal spa uses water rich in minerals stations from which you can take
field of dental tourism in Europe by creating and sustaining ethical and professional stan- Express and InterCity trains to all the
that medical tests clearly show has health
dards. The main focus of the Association is to act as an independent quality assurance benefits. Thermal water is any naturally Warning – Bathing main tourist regions (
agent for international patients, establish and protect the quality standards on the Hunga- occurring spring that emerge at a times and In addition, there are numerous bus

BUDAPEST, rian dental care and to promote their services on an international level. Principal activities
of the Association includes: fraud prevention, quality assurance, international promotion of
temperature exceeding 30°C.
And what is balneotherapy? recommended
routes around the country operated
by the Hungarian company Volánbusz;
these can be picked up from three main
Balneotherapy is the treatment of
treatment periods
THE DENTAL dental services and to create national and international representation of the Hungarian
dental industry. The dentists who formed Association offer a wide spectrum of dental and
a medical condition with water from
a medicinal spring – particularly
It is extremely important to keep to the
bus stations in the capital.
You can reach Budapest by boat
( from Vienna
water with high concentrations
oral care services, covering every aspect of the dental profession. Major areas of expertise: bathing times given, which should be
of dissolved minerals and and Bratislava during the summer;
Aesthetic dentistry, complete oral restoration and dental implantation. Our dentists employ increased gradually from 15 minutes you can also take ferries for day
sediment. Balneotherapy is
a special, patient friendly treatment policy based on mutual understanding and communi- to a maximum of 45 minutes at a time. trips to the Danube Bend.
combined with physiotherapy,
OF EUROPE cation not hindered by the anxiety of the patient towards the new environment and the
coming operations. According of the regulations of the Association all members are
electrotherapy and therapeutic
A serious course of treatment should last at
least two weeks. Prevention is also an increasingly
important aspect of maintaining good health so
Major cities have effective and
inexpensive public transport network.
For information on how to get around in
This is complemented by related
obliged to use the most up-to-date dental materials, the best available technical equip- wellness packages should be tailored to particular Budapest see
treatments, including drinking cures and inhalation.
ment and the most advanced and most secure treatment methods during, before and after problem areas just like rehabilitative programmes are.
Save up to 70% the treatment process. All members of the association are qualified to ISO 9001 Quality
Preventative measures also provide good foundations Tourist Information
Management System. We employ a special guarantee system to protect our patients.
Water types for a healthy way of life, but taking the time to recharge Tourinform has offices in more than
of the cost on dental and indications:
the batteries and overcome stress is also a top priority.
And one more thing: Don‘t forget your bathing cap,
140 locations throughout Hungary with
staff on hand to provide information
treatments in Budapest! The motto of the Association: Medicinal water with high calcium and iodine
some baths won‘t let you into the water without it.
Make sure you bring your own towel with you
on accommodation, restaurants, local
sights and much more.
content is an effective cure for inflammation of the
Quality and reliable TTT – Team, Time, Technology. respiratory system. A high concentration of sulphur
because it is not included in the entrance fee. Visit for further details.
is ideally suited to the treatment of degenerative
and swift work from TEAM: We offer the full spectrum of dental and oral health care in the same joint conditions and skin complaints. Water rich in EU regulations Free call number from Austria, Germany,
Switzerland, France, Great Britain,
time the same place, all of our members are ready to address any and all dental dissolved carbon dioxide is beneficial to patients
on reimbursement Ireland and the US: +800 36 00 00 00
our dental experts. health care challenge thanks to the excellent cooperation of their experts.
with heart conditions and those with peripheral
circulatory problems. Salty water is recommended of medical costs
TIME: Fast and reliable treatment, aiming the highest quality standards. for women with gynaecological complaints and Contents:
TECHNOLOGY: We serve our patients with high quality materials, the most those with bladder infections and springs containing Following a decision by the European Court of Justice
up-to-date equipment. radon have a pain-killing effect. Medical research (case C-385/99, May 13, 2003) on medical treatment
‐ A garden of well‐being ... 3
results are published at in another European Union member state, patients
Hungarian medicinal spas specialise in the are entitled to receive outpatient treatment in any Historical landmarks ....... 4
treatment of the following conditions: member state. Under EU law, no prior authorisation Hungary’s superlatives .... 9
Patients from all over Europe are seeking dental treatment in Hungary. Most of our
– Chronic degenerative arthritis of the spine is required from the citizen‘s health insurer at home.
patients arrive from the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, the Scandinavian countries, the (spondylosis) However, patients receiving inpatient care – except Immerse yourself ............. 15
Switzerland and Italy. The main reason why dental tourists choose Budapest as a destination – Chronic degenerative arthritis of the joints in the event of an accident – must first contact Specialist treatments ....... 21
is the international reputation of dentists and oral surgery experts, the excellent price-value – Inactive stages of chronic inflammation of the spine their health insurer for approval. Patients will be
– Inactive stages of chronic inflammation of the joints reimbursed up to a maximum of the cost of the Culture
ratio and the quality, precise but swift work we offer. The patients have the opportunity to and relaxation in one ....... 22
– Post-operative care of bones and joints same treatment in their home country.
spend their free time during treatment intervals to try out a number of leisure activities – Post-traumatic treatment following injury Important: always take your documents and x-ray Castle hotels ..................... 28
which includes visiting Turkish baths, golfing, or even attending to an Opera. In the capital – Skin diseases (e.g. psoriasis and neurodermatitis) images with you to show the doctor at the resort.
– Gynaecological diseases An endless source
of Hungary, Budapest, an entire industry was established to serve the needs of interna- of healing ......................... 29
tional dental tourism. The individual dental clinics themselves offer a number of packages
Out and about
to their patients, and are in contact with a number of tourist offices; therefore the patients in the great outdoors ....... 30
might choose from a wide variety of leisure activities. Healthy cuisine ................ 32
A camping holiday
at the thermal baths ......... 34
Medical tourism ............... 35

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Please note that the categories given for accommodation are those assigned according to the system of certification and classification of commercial accommodation as defined by
Ministry of Economy and Transport Regulation 54/2003 of August 29, 2003. The regulation is published on the Hungarian National Tourist Office website (
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Beauty to be

Kossuth Lajos u. 135.
Szentháromság u. 5.
József nádor tér 11.
Andrássy út 16.
Bogdányi út 1.
Hornyik János krt. 4.
9730 KŐSZEG,
Fő tér 21.
7621 PÉCS,
Király u. 20.
9400 SOPRON,
Várkerület 98.
6720 SZEGED,
Oskola u. 17.