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Frank E. Warrington Jr.

2101 W Broadway, STE 103 B140

Columbia, Mo. 65203
Phone: (805) 320-0631
** I am able to relocate nationwide on short notice **
Goal: Manage multiple projects while working with various departments and compan
ies to achieve critical objectives while building solid working relationships.

22 years of telecommunication experience, sales and public speaking abilities, s
elf-confidence to excel in diverse environments, and ability to influence a wide
range of audiences.
Well developed active listening skills, able to take direction, apply company bu
siness practices, and work independently to achieve company goals. Possess manag
ement skills needed to provide direction and develop others to increase team pro
Telecom and Military Experience 1988 - 2009
United States Navy Master Chief - Information Systems Technician E-9/ITCM
* Managed departments and commands from 50-600 personnel with some of the most d
iverse backgrounds imaginable. Expert with keeping team cohesiveness to accompl
ish command and mission objectives.
* As the Operations Command Master Chief for the U.S. Navy's largest communicati
on station in the world with 250+ military and civilian personnel on the most co
mplex communication circuitry in existence. Organized personnel to maintain syst
ems and control outages while training subject matter experts to minimize lost c
onnectivity. Managed training, evaluations, manning, watch rotations, and resolv
ed a myriad of unique human resource issues on a daily basis.
* Exceptional administrative, organizational, time management abilities. Comput
er proficient with most programs and quickly learns specialized programs as need
ed. Possesses superior writing, grammar and typing abilities.
* Builds outstanding rapport with inter-company departments and outside agencies
to achieve objectives. Able to motivate and inspire employees to obtain maximum
success for the company while increasing their own professional growth and deve
* Experienced with training, curriculum development, podium instruction with and
pratical application.
Battle tested manager with 5 Middle East deployments. Able to work in a fast-pa
ced, time-critical environment to meet goals, deadlines, and achieve objectives.
Unique ability to work in stressful situations and make sound decisions.
Sales and Marketing Experience 2007 - 2009
Marketing and Business Operations Manager - Big Top Banners, Inc.
* Increased sales revenue 100% through aggressive marketing, cold calling, acqui
ring e-commerce partnerships, and developing new business relationships.
* Conducted national trade shows, networked with international distributors, man
ufactures, and various licensing agents resulting partnership agreements for pro
fessional sports and national retail outlets.
* Spear headed licensing of all new products in the collegiate markets.
* Determination and resilient entrepreneur spirit provided the means to create a
new product, acquire patent and trademark ownership, and developed strategic ma
rketing plans to launch for consumer purchases with little capitol and zero inve
Independent Sales and Account Manager February - November 2010
Verizon Wireless Cellular Sales
* Responsible for locating new cliental, achieve monthly sales goals, and work o
n 100% commission pay scale.
* Conduct follow up calls on previous customers, retrieve referrals and new lead
s, set up appointments to meet future accounts, for both business to business an
d residential clients. Conducts sales and demonstration of products and services
as well as writing contracts while meeting all critical deadlines of paperwork,
payments, and associated documents needed for processing.
* Manage complex proprietary computer programs for Verizon Wireless and Cellular
Sales of Knoxville, Inc.
* Top sales rep on numerous occasions within regional markets. Received accolade
s for top grossing revenue for one day performance across all markets nationwide
Other Pertinent Information
* Retired from U.S. Navy 30 November 2009.
* Maintains Top Secret security clearance eligibility.
* Available for international travel on short notice and relocate globally as ne
* References available upon request.