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6717 West Stonegate Drive * Zionsville, IN 46077 * H - (317) 769-3800 * C - (317) 213-3679
Highly accomplished professional with broad experiences in using technology to e
xceed customer expectations and accelerate business objectives. Results-oriente
d, decisive leader with proven success in project delivery, process improvement,
and problem solving. Proven track record of driving greater consistency, stand
ardization, and efficiencies of business processes and technology platforms.

* Project Management
* Business Analysis
* Software Test Management
* Resource Management

* Strategic Planning
* Process Improvement
* Execution & Delivery
* Leadership

WellPoint, Indianapolis April 2009 - Jan 2011
Managed a team of 16 IT Quality Control Analysts and 4 Contractors to ensure tim
ely and seamless implementation of the change portfolio. Worked closely with Bus
iness Analyst & IT Directors to develop and implement strategic and tactical sol
utions to increase the quality of our product delivery to our end users.
Partnered with the Business Analysts, IT, and Operations Staff to create test pl
ans and test cases that trace back to and cover the written business requirement
s. Completed the appropriate level of testing as agreed to for each software cha
nge by the scheduled due date, ensured team was efficient in the day to day test
execution, and implemented software changes to production without the need for
subsequent defect correction.
* Formed a new Software Testing Unit to gain efficiencies in project delivery en
abling the corporate and business segments service level goals. Unit provided te
sting support for over 50 applications (client server & mainframe). Having dedi
cated Testing staff increased project on time delivery by 50%.
* Analyzed current state of Testing, responsible for hiring IT Quality Control a
nalysts, developing long- term strategic unit goals, creating & implementing tra
nsition plans to transfer testing duties from the existing Business Analyst staf
f. Documented a support model clearly defining Business Analyst & IT Quality Con
trol roles & responsibilities. Reduced need for Business Analyst Staff by 50%.
* Developed a repeatable Test Process including standards for creating SDLC arti
facts such as Test Plans, Test Strategies, Test Cases & Scripts for manual testi
ng. Documented Test plans and Test Cases were consistently produced for the firs
t time meeting compliance standards. Created reusable test assets that allowed
for 25% reuse in the first 6 months, reduced test asset creation time by 40% for
monthly releases, and reduced the number of defects introduced to production by
70% in the first year.
* Created & successfully implemented a Resource Capacity Planning model to suppo
rt systems integration and user acceptance testing for the prioritized work effo
rts. Increased number of system changes requests that could be delivered by 50%
and reduced the 3-year backlog of prioritized work for the Operations areas. Sav
ings gained from implemented changes estimated at over four million in 2010.
* Identified current & future state of the Testing Environments in order to ensu
re repeatable Testing and to enable future Test Automation efforts. Proposed and
received approval for a Test Lab to be used in Regression Testing. Leveraged Co
rporate Tools Experts to enhance the Tool usage by the Team to ensure align with
corporate processes and assure reusability of the Test Assets.
* Created a process to formally log test defects & developed a base set of Test
Metrics to be produced for projects and monthly release work. Quality Metric ach
ieved after the first year was 96.8%
UnitedHealthcare's Golden Rule Insurance Company, Indianapolis
1992-July 2008
Enabled the corporate initiatives and business segments financial and service le
vel goals by developing and implementing an improvement portfolio that supported
corporate prioritization. Worked closely with senior level executives to develo
p and implement strategic and tactical solutions to business problems. Aligned
IT resources (Business Systems Analysts, Application Developers, and Testing Ana
lysts) to prioritized projects. Directed a team of 19 Business Systems & Testing
Analysts to ensure timely and seamless implementation of the change portfolio.
Unit provided support for 12 business segments.
* Created & successfully implemented new IT Project Demand process for the Compa
ny. Restructured roles for staff to allow them to focus on the customers they su
pported. Defined IT workflow including a RACI chart. Built the infrastructure to
support the new process including a self-service SharePoint site.
* Introduced a system change prioritization process for Strategic, Compliance, D
iscretionary, and Ops Maintenance projects and gave visibility to all projects a
cross the organization. New process enabled our unit to put over 300 projects i
nto production in 2007 including 4 product launches delivered on time & under bu
* Successfully implemented 4 phases of a new Business Process Management (BPM) w
orkflow tool that automated a paper process for our New Business & Underwriting
areas. This capital project reduced the Operating costs by 20%.
* Developed an onshore/offshore Business System Analyst model to achieve optimum
efficiency and resource usage for the Business Process Management (BPM) Project
* Improved the quality of testing by creating a new Quality Assurance Testing Un
it and strategy to reduce defects and increase the overall quality of project de
* Incorporated Six Sigma methodologies into our business requirements & Quality
Assurance testing strategy to root out and eliminate the causes of defects.
Formed new Business Systems Analyst Unit. This Unit was the liaison between Insu
rance Administration Operating areas and IT. Continued to introduce process impr
ovements with IT to increase the overall project delivery for the business. Coor
dinated several integration projects during UnitedHealthcare's acquisition of Go
lden Rule Insurance Company.
* Converted 210,000 existing pharmacy customers from Caremark to Medco. Worked w
ith AVP's of Compliance and Health Services to successfully transition to a new
pharmacy vendor by developing a conversion plan, communication strategy, and cre
ating an integrated health/pharmacy ID card. Initial transmission of eligibility
was successful with an error rate of less than 1% and no impact to call volumes
* Exante Bank conversion project team. Matrix team converted 65,000 Health Savin
gs Accounts with over $151 million dollars in fund balances from The Northern Tr
ust Bank to UnitedHealthcare's Exante Bank. The conversion was successful with
deconversion issues of less than 1%.
* Successfully coordinated the testing & implementation of a new Network Informa
tion Control System (NICS) for provider network discounts. The new system over
saved 2 million in the first year.
* Multi Company project team. Positioned Company to be able to process business
for multiple companies on the core operating system. Team worked to identify sys
tem changes to support multi brand printing on company output including correspo
ndence, policy pages, and ID cards. Changes were then programmed, tested, and im
Coordinated product development efforts for the individual and group health port
folios. Developed and implemented strategic marketing plans. Coordinated product
development process with Sales, Health Services, Insurance Operations, and Poli
cy Compliance.
* Coordinated product launches & mailing of new marketing materials to the Sale
s force.
* Tested & launched new Broker Information System (BIS) that allowed online acce
ss to application status and sales information.
* Accepted newly created position in Business Analyst Unit to continue to align
IT support for the product launch process.
Responsible for project management of four divisions including Group and Individ
ual New Business, Policyholder Service, Client Services, and Savings Account Man
agement. Duties included staff management, budgetary oversight, training, and sy
stems/Analyst coordination.
* Developed S.O.P for new MSA Product and trained 150 administrative personnel f
rom management to clerical level.
* Chosen to serve as liaison with The Northern Trust Company, Chicago, Illinois
to coordinate fund management of Medical Savings Accounts.
* Served as project lead on company Letterhead/Logo image development project th
at involved all Autoletters, stationery, policy bindings, ID cards, and policy p
rint changes.
Reviewed small group reform legislation to ascertain the impact of the enacted l
egislation on current operating procedures. Prepared cost & benefit comparisons
of current to prior health coverage which was used by the
Company in lobbying efforts to pass MSA tax incentives.
B.S. - Political Science
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC