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Morris Burrell

602 Hoke Smith Dr.

Dallas, TX. 75224
(214) 476-0833

Computer technician position utilizing training, certification, and experience i
n computer service and customer support.
* Build, maintain, and repair computer systems to improve speed, reliability, an
d efficiency of operation.
* Strive to always promote high quality, results-driven, prompt, and professiona
l customer service and support.
* Assist customers with hardware and software problems, troubleshooting and reso
lving a wide variety of performance problems.
* Hardware: Installed and serviced system boards, processors, memory chips, powe
r supplies, video and sound cards, hard drives, floppy drives, CD-ROM read-write
drives, DVD drives, Zip drives, tape drives, scanners, modems, cameras, and a v
ariety of printers.
* O/S: Windows 3.1/95/98/XP/Vista/Win 7 and Mac 10.6,
* Software: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, and PowerPoint).
* Work History

* 09/2010 to Present, Retail Deployment Tech, SmartSource/NCR. Dallas, TX. Kimbe

rly Boxich 630.607.7193 Salary: $44,000
Duties: Install and upgrade POS Equipment . ie. Cash Registers, Servers, Printer
s and Video Systems

* 04/2010 to 06/2010, Computer Technician, Norris Systems. Dallas, TX. Steve Pra
tt 214.622.6703 Salary: $32,000
Duties: Diagnosing and repairing of Laptop Computers and Printers

* 06/2005 to 11/2009, Field Service Technician, Getronics/Compucom. Dallas, TX.

Mark Newman 972.567.8421 Salary: $45,000
Duties: Responsible for performing on-site servicing and repair of major OEM lap
tops, desktops, POS, and printers. Provided technical support in activities asso
ciated with the identification, prioritization and resolution of reported proble
ms. Activities include recognition, research, isolation, resolution, and follow-
Performed general maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairs on major OEM laptops
, desktops, POS, and printers.
* 09/2002 to 10/2005, Computer Technician, GSS/CompUSA, Grapevine, TX. Terry 81
7.410.5500 Salary: $48,000
Duties: Diagnosing and repairing of Laptop Computer
Training of new Technician
Promoted to Lead Technician 06/2003
Over seeing of 36 Technician
Promoted to Lead Quality Control Technician on 06/2004
Duties included the over seeing of 5 Quality Assurance Technicians and 36 Comput
er Technicians
Developing and implement testing guidelines to maintain a high quality of repair
To track and keep data on return units

* 06/2001 to 09/2002, Machine operator, PlasTech Corp. Addison, TX. Freddie Rams
ey 972.490.1155 Salary: $26,000
Duties: Ran a plastic extrusion part to spec.

* 11/1999 to 01/2001, Computer Technician, Jabil Global Service, Memphis, Tn. D

ave Kane 901.291.3800 Salary: $35,000
Duties: In charge of troubleshooting, repairing and refurbishing of Fujitsu Lapt
op Computers. Also responsible for all shipping and receiving of Fujitsu product

* 03/1996 to 11/1999, Computer Technician, IBM/Selectron Inc, Memphis, Tn. Steve

Pattigrew 901.260.2400 Salary: $34,000
Duties: The trouble shooting and repairing of IBM THINKPAD Computers. The troubl
e shooting and repairing of problem units (repeat units). Also responsible for t
he training of new technicians.
* Education
08/1972 to 05/1975, Justin F Kimball High School, Dallas, Tx
* References
Judy Griswold, Compucom, 763.323.3050
Billy Mann, Compucom, 972.533.3759
Bryan Douglas, CompUSA, Service Manager 817.784.6030
Steve Brock, Compucom, 972.814.5223

* Computer Skills
CompTIA A+ Certified Service Professional
NCR, IBM, Lenovo, Fujitsu, HP, Dell, Toshiba, Lexmark and Xerox Ce