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' f | ' i FLIGHT Music ond ee CARMEL Deticaely( J = 112) Fm {add9) Db {add9) Absus Ab Gm c By Fm (edd9) Db (ada9)_Absus a Gm c Ped. sim throughout Fm (aaa9) Ds (2409) Absus A Let me run thru a field in thenight, Iet_me it from theground ‘tl my Gm c Fm (add9) Db (ado) Let me sway like the shade of a tree, Jet me 8 Absus A Gm c Fa (ede9) switl like a cloud in a storm on the sea. Wish me on my” way. a te Ag Dbmaj7 — Domimaj?) —_Dom6, thru the dawn = ing. day. _ Fm (aaa) Gr (269) Gots (adda — _wan-na flow, wan-na rise, wan-na spill, wan-na grow ina grove on the <> —— fea Somewhat more forcefully ( J = 126) Em Fd €79(n05) _ {add Ab) De (2dd9) T don’t care if the tain runs late, ifthe en nn ord al I 89 checks don't clear, if the house blows 7 TH be off where the 1 a (adg9) ‘weeds run wild, where the seeds fall far from this earth - bound town. — Fm (98s) Aig Dimaj7 —= And PU start to soar. —— ele Et lie $50) Dhm(maj7)— Dem Fm (ada) or (adh) es catch a ship— that") sail____ mea stray, get et welt oo eet Oy ote (*)- Play both the writen note and the note an octave lower Gms (odds) C7 9{n05), (addAb) just have too - bey “til I'm fy Db (ado) Absus 1 a Gm? ca Fm Fimo Db (addo) Absus__y, A (ascending) —= Gmt cr Fm Fmd. Dy (add9) (yng) SY id ae o “Ay” sound flows directly from “Al sound and is pronounced “Ay” as in “way” ee | Absus &% Gm7 a ee aq Fm, (add9eea) Aso Domaj7 = Let me leave be- hind the clouds. in my. | , Or CF Elf aq Dom(maj7) Dems Fm (aaso) or {adh 9) mind. - ——wan-na wake without won-der-ing why, — pe eh re ante Fo sempo 2 7 Easter (J = 170) | Gates (addb) C7 9{n05) (eddAs) Fm Fmd aes recat I find - ing my = self in a burst for the fe es = 3 Fm Fm Db (odd9) Absus Gu for Fm (add9ae4) AD es eee rit poco’ poco 2 Slower ( J = 150) tm (aes) Dymaj7 Dbmgmaj7) Dam Let me tose all con ~ trol. wanna font ikea ert erfe ert efi, cf of decrese C7 9205) (adds) free as the sound. of the sea in a shell. - Tee ty. | Thoughtfully, poco rubato (d= 136) Fm (add9) Db (ada9) Absus T don’t know, but may-be I'm just a fool. I should keep to theground. 1 should $ Gaim c Fm (add9) Db (ada) stay where I'm at May-be ev -*ry -one has hun - ger like this, and the ey c Fm (add) Absus Ab Gaim _y hun - ger will pass. But I can’t think ike that. g ee Le Abo. _———— Banal? + tr? EflF prt et Dim(maj7) Dims, Fm add9) et et (addAb) a (0d9) Gms (2adab) have such a tiv-er im - side. ¢ Poresc afr & aE Broadly (J =124) Fm Emo De (ado) Absus Ab — let me run thra a field in the night, let me it fromthe ground “tl my Gm? ca Fm Fmd Db (2dg9) is in fight, Let me sway like the shade of a tree, _et_me PN ats ro 3 es ——~ 95 like a cloud in a storm on the | Wishme on my way, Ce ee Ag Domai? — Dem(mgj7) Dam thru thedawn == ing. day. — rf ecrese tor ore p ft -¢ iP er = = 6 Fm (209) wan-na flow, wan-na Suet t Db (2d9) Fn side of a hill, d D> (2ago) rise, wan-na spill, (eaao) wan-na shift like a . i Gms adda) drift from the path I've been “t wd ce CR9{n05)__¢addAb) trav -"ling up on, Ds (289) Abus Ab motto vit Fm z tempo (2d) Cl decrese (2de9) Tempo ( = 116) Fm (add9)