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Byungsam Sam Moon

7252 Benares Street (951) 275-1979

Downey, CA 90241
Proactive and reliable professional with engineering experience in architectural
, geotechnical, structural, construction, transportation systems, civil, environ
mental and sales engineering. Projects included renovations, new construction an
d restorations of government and private sector buildings and schools. Provided
project management and conducted building inspections of construction site devel
opments, building code regulations compliance, demolition and remodel procedures
, fire protection equipment, alarms and smoke control systems, boilers, HVAC, el
ectrical and plumbing systems. Efficiently handle multiple priorities in fast pa
ced environments with organizational and multi-tasking skills. Build relationshi
ps by effectively interacting as a communicative, flexible team member. Commitme
nt to team success and continuous improvement. Bi-lingual English/Korean.
Architectural Design/Drawings
Building Codes
Civil Drafting
Construction Documents
Construction Management
Contract Change Orders
Engineering Reports
Engineering Principles
Field Work Coordination
Interior Design
Land Development
Permit Obtaining
Plumbing Systems
Project Coordination
Project Estimating
Remodeling & Renovation
Structural Features
Uniform Building Code
Wiring Diagrams
ARC & ART INTERIOR, INC. ~ General Contractor: Construction Los Angeles, CA
Project Coordinator 2010 â Present
Ensure commercial tenant improvement and residential renovation jobs are progres
sing in accordance with project schedules and are in compliance with plans and s
pecifications through competent project management. Prepare project procedures a
nd coordinate materials between subcontractors and vendors.
PHILMONT MANAGEMENT, INC. ~ General Contractor: Building TI/Construction Los Ang
eles, CA
Project Coordinator 2008 â 2009
Project management for commercial building tenant improvements, bid/coordinated
subcontractors, vendors and field work. Estimated total projects and remodeled e
ntire floors, ensured plans and specifications complied with codes, scheduled an
d completed projects on time, including change orders.
EASTEND, INC. ~ Garment Manufacturer/Distributor Long Beach, CA
Warehouse Manager 2006 â 2008
Oversaw quality control, shipping/receiving logistics and supervised warehouse p
PACIFIC STEAM EQUIPMENT, INC. ~ Plumbing/Heating Equipment Santa Fe Springs, CA
Sales Engineer 2005 â 2006
Assisted with new product development, expansion of production line, trouble sho
oting and field work management with knowledge of wiring and plumbing systems, g
as and electric boilers and other steam generating products.
OCEAN HOUSE BUILDERS ~ General Contractor: Public Military Works Honolulu, HI
Project Engineer Assistant 2000 â 2001
Project management, procurement of material for completion of projects in a time
ly manner, coordination of field work, preparation and submittal of items for go
vernment approval, review of plans and specifications, coordination of work betw
een subcontractors, suppliers, government personnel and users.
Engineering In Training (EIT) issued by the Board for Professional Engineers and
Land Surveyors, State of California, Certificate No. EIT 128030.
American Society of Civil Engineer (ASCE) ~ Member since 2000
Byungsam Moon (951) 275-1979 Resume: Page 2
Proficient with AutoCAD; Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Project, MicroStatio
n; SAP; HEC-RAS Hydrologic software; Internet
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, December, 2000
University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu HI
CE211, Basic principles of Surveying, understanding measurement Theories (both D
istances and Angles) as well as error propagation and adjustment theories, under
standing the basic mathematical formulas in solving geometric figures, mapping t
echniques, use of different surveying equipment, and process of a survey project
CE 123, AutoCAD (version 2000), Introduction of basic drawing skills including t
he theory of projection, multi-view representations, sectional views, details, d
imensioning, and the creation of production drawings.
CE320, Fluid Mechanics Fundamentals, Compressible and incompressible fluid prope
rties; fluid statics; kinematics, energy and momentum considerations in steady f
lows; application of steady flow concepts to various fluid processes.
CE421, Engineering Hydraulics, Hydraulics of flow, in closed conduits, with pipe
problems and pump hydraulics and hyperturbilent, and in open channel, steady un
iform flow, Energy equation, Momentum equation, gradually varied flow, and also
Hydraulics of Groundwater Flow.
CE 350 Geotechnical Engineering, Introduction to geotechnical engineering; soil
characterization, index properties, seepage and flow in soil, stresses in soils,
compressibility, consideration, shear strength,
CE471, Geotechnical Engineering, Soil mechanic, deals with the properties, class
ification, and stress-strain behavior (compressibility and strength) of material
s and the movement of water through soils. Geotechnical design, involves the app
lication of the theory of soil mechanic to problems involving foundations, slope
s and retaining structures.
CE431, Water and Wastewater Engineering, Hydrologic fundamentals of water demand
and supply; water and wastewater distribution; collection system; quality chara
cterization; analytical methods for water quality management.
CE370, Mechanics of Materials, Elastic stress-strain relation and behavior of me
mbers under flexural. torsional, and axial loading.
CE375 Construction Materials, Introduction to the composition and behavior of va
rious construction materials. Effects of heat treatment on the behavior of steel
, effect of mixture proportions on the behavior of concrete and asphalt, the beh
avior of wood, and other materials commonly used in construction.
CE474, Construction Estimating & Bid, The theory of estimating, its underling es
timating principles, and to explain the basic estimating process and procedures;
classification of costs, analysis of plans and specifications for estimating.
CE 381 Structure Analysis, Analysis of statically determinate plane and space tr
usses and frames: deflections; introduction to matrix methods; computer applicat
CE 485 Reinforced Concrete Design, Behavior and design of reinforced concrete be
ams, one-way slabs and columns, design and hands-on manufacturing and testing of
reinforced concrete members.