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Mustafa Kececi

3280 Arborwoods Dr. Alpharetta, GA 30022 - (770) 401-4442 - mk112c4e8@westpost.n


Career Objective
A challenging leadership position in industrial control technology that utilizes
my background in developing applications of high quality.
International Services, Atlanta GA USA
Consultant Engineer (Automation-Control)-Contractor February 2004- Present
* Presently working as DCS-T3000 Commissioning Engineer for SEC at Tabuk,KSA.
* Worked as T3000 HW Engineer of BOP and ABB ST for LSP- Batesville, MS.
* Worked as T3000 Startup and Commissioning Engineer of GT501F for AEP- Shrevepo
rt, LA. Also performed CV testing, prestart simulation and start of GTs.
* Worked as T3000 Software developer of BOP part of NRG-Baytown, Texas.
* Worked as T3000 Startup and Commissioning Engineer of BOP part for PEC-Marib,
* Worked as T3000 Startup and Commissioning Engineer of GT-501and BOP for AES-Ur
uguauiana, Brazil.
* Worked as Siemens-T3000 software developer. Migration of Ilsan-Korea Power Pla
nt WDPF software to Siemens-T3000.

Siemens Westinghouse Power Corporation, Alpharetta GA USA

WDPF I&C Engineer February 2002- September 2004
* Worked as Westinghouse WDPF I&C Engineer. I was charged with I&C Field start-u
p and to implement Production Modification Application of Coal Fired Power Plant
s, Combined Cycle Gas/F.Oil Power Plants and Nuclear Power Plants.
* Worked as S7-Wincc Commissioning Engineer for Siemens at Aramco Refinery at Ri
yadh, Saudi Arabia.
ENKA-Bechtel Power, Izmir TURKEY
DCS Start-up Engineer October 2001 - January 2002
* Worked as responsible for Bailey Infi-90 DCS during the start-up. Westinghouse
WDPF I&C Engineer. I was charged with I&C Field start-up and to implement Produ
ction Modification Application.
Assan Aluminum Works, Istanbul TURKEY
Electronics, System and Automation Manager February 2000 - May 2
* Responsible for implementation, maintenance, rehabilitation and modification a
s a management and decision staff of all electronic systems such as PLC, Motor D
rive Systems and quality control devices.
* Managed the development application team of Foil Annealing Furnace which this
project was realized by using Allen Bradley PLC5.
* Involved in the Electronic Documentation Management System Application team of
5 people. This team did systems analyzing of this project and workflow logic.
* Algorithm that provides communication strategy between PLCs is in all over fac
tory and SCADA computers were realized by my supervision.
* Developed and modified some milling program blocks that are belong to Achenbac
h Cold Mill on OS/2 using IBM VisualAge.
Esenyurt Co-generation Plant (An affiliate of Edison Mission Energy/USA), Istanb
I&C and Engineering Supervisor December 1998 - February 2000
* Responsible for maintaining and developing all applications in Elsag Bailey In
fi90 DCS and GE-MarkV Turbine Control Computers.
* Undertook all engineering work such as optimizing heat balance of plant, empow
ering project of ACC (Air Cooled Condenser) motors, optimization of heat rate us
ing DDE and @Aglance application etc.
* Responsible for Systems Administration of Lotus Notes and CMMS (Computerized M
aintenance Management System).
Erdemir - Eregli Iron and Steel Works Inc., Eregli TURKEY
Instrument and Control Chief Engineer October 1992 - December 1998
* Started developing pilot applications for Automation of Maintenance Management
on VAX/VMS using VAX Fortran for Power House that was controlled by WDPF.
* Participated revamping project of 2nd. Coil Mill as start-up engineer. In this
project GE Control series (MM2000, SC2000, Genius I/O, etc.) were used.
* Developed a new application in PCH of WDPF for optimizing fuel consumption of
Batch Annealing Furnaces using WDPF tools, PCH tools, OS/2 tools and MS C++ v.6
as Master Thesis. In this project, statistical control and fuzzy logic algorithm
were used in PCH (level 2) section and to control the on-off valves in PID algo
rithm, PWM technique was applied in DCS (level 1) section. As result of this pro
ject, power consumption was decreased by 17%.
* Realized all items as H/W and S/W of Natural Gas and Air Mixing Station projec
t of the Reheat Furnace No: 3 using WDPF v5.7 DCS by Control Algorithms and MMI
Screens. This was realized for the first time in the world. The main target was
to decrease the calorific value of mixed gas to coke oven gas using air and natu
ral gas control valve by controlling the volume of them and oxygen quantity.
* Using two different sections PLC (ARP and CPL), acid usage optimization was re
alized according to speed of coil. With this project acid consumption was decrea
sed by 23%.
* In the Tinning Line upper and lower band control and tin plate labeling system
application was done by using data acquisition board and Visual C ++ (MFC) lang
Ministry of National Defense, Ankara TURKEY
Programmer/Analyst/IT Manager August 1990 - July 1991
* During my Service of Military Obligation, I supported computer activities of m
ilitary service.
* Managed the UNIX server (Honeywell-BULL) and client machines.
* Maintained the server and responsible for the back-ups.
* Prepared some useful macro in UNIX to transfer the data from different type ho
st computer to Service Server.
* Two sub-department's application software was realized by using ISQL, I4GL and

Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Istanbul TURKEY

Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara TURKEY
Master of Science in Electronics Engineering Sep.198
* Started to MSEE in METU at Control Department and continued MS education at IT
U. I got MSEE degree from ITU on 1995 and major is Control Engineering.
* Master Thesis subject is Optimization of Batch Annealing Furnaces by using WDP
F (Westinghouse DCS). Developed Fuzzy Logic and Statistical Control S/W in C++.
Main goal is optimization of the annealing time of the steel coils. With optimiz
ation project, fuel consumption is decreased 13%.
Hacettepe University (HU), Ankara TURKEY
Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Sep.1984 - June 1989
* 1 year prep English school and 4 year BSEE.
* 10-Year power plants and 8-year iron and steel industry automation and control
* 5 years experience on Siemens-T3000 systems.
* Westinghouse WDPF DCS: 8 years of total experience in especially version 5.6,
6.X, 7.X, 8.X (WEStation) of WDPF with strong knowledge on MMI, Control Algorith
m S/W commands. Ability in developing every kind of control applications includi
ng PC on Hiway applications in C++, operator screens, control database, VXI, HDR
and HSR. High interest in researching technical solutions and developing system
programs as needed.
* H/W design, Marshalling Panel design, P&ID design.
* Experience in different Operating Systems: Vax-VMS, Unix, OS/2, DOS, Win9X, Wi
* Experience in different Control Systems as DCS: Westinghouse WDPF, Elsag Baile
y INFI90, Yokogawa Centum-XL, and HONEYWELL TDC3000.
* Experience in different Control Systems as PLC: Westinghouse Numa-logic, Sieme
ns S5-S7 (Coros), Reliance Automax, Allen Bradley PLC5-SLC500, AEG-Modicon, GE-M
* Experience in S/W Language like MS C++v6.0, MFC and Visual Basic.
* Ability to lead a team or become a member of team - good communication skills
with team members and end users.
* Experience in Management Level: 3Years Chief Engineer, 3 Year Supervisor, 2 ye
ar Manager.
* 5 years experience on Commissioning and Start-up Engineering
* Background in Computer and Control Science and potential for new technologies

Training and Courses

* Siemens-T3000 User and Software Training, Alpharetta, GA/USA 2008
* Siemens-T3000 User and Software Training, Alpharetta, GA/USA 2006
* ISA Measurement and Control Fundamentals, Alpharetta, GA/USA 2002
* Rockwell Automation, Allen Bradley PLC5 Full Training, Istanbul/ Turkey 2001
* Achenbach Strip Flatness and Gauge Control System, Siegen/Germany 2000
* Instrumentation Fundamentals, Derby/UK 1999
* Bailey/Infi-90: Part1- PCU M101, San Francisco, CA/USA 1999
* Edison Mission I&C Conference, Los Angeles, CA/USA 1999
* Simatic-S7, Kdz.Eregli/Turkey 1998
* DEC-VAX-Unix System Administration, Istanbul/Turkey 1997
* LOGIN, Developing App. Using I-4GL, Istanbul/Turkey 1997
* LOGIN, Developing App. Using I-SQL, Istanbul/Turkey 1997
* LOGIN, Advanced Informix 4GL, Istanbul/Turkey 1997
* LOGIN, Relational Database Design, Istanbul/Turkey 1997
* Westinghouse/WDPF: Advance Control, Pittsburgh, PA/USA 1996
* Westinghouse/WDPF: Advance Graphics, Pittsburgh, PA/USA 1996
* Radiometrie/DMC: X-ray thickness Gauge, Gaithersburg, MD/USA 1995
* Erdemir, Management Skills, Kdz.Eregli/Turkey 1995
* Yokogawa/Centum XL: Fundamentals & Eng., Tokyo/Japan 1995
* Toshiba/Tosgage: G-Ray Thickness Gauge, Tokyo/Japan 1994
* ETA, Fundamental of Unix, Istanbul/Turkey 1994
* Simatic-S5, Istanbul/Turkey 1993
* Westinghouse/WDPF: Maintenance, Pittsburgh, PA/USA 1993
* VAX/VMS System Management, Istanbul/Turkey 1990