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Danny L.

Fox (Dan)
137 Royal Oak Rd.
Florence, AL 35633
(256) 349-9720

Experience in the last 35 years includes nuclear, manufacturing, fossil and comm
ercial on new construction, modifications and maintenance projects. Background e
xperience with Welding codes and procedures such as ASME and AWS. Worked on Nuc
lear Plant Seismic and Code upgrades. Built Mechanical Schedules, Bill of Materi
als, Tooling, and Special Application Mock ups for outage and other projects. P
ositions held include Area Manager, Superintendent, Mechanical Field Engineer, C
raft Supervisor, and Business Owner. Extensive knowledge of welding procedures a
nd requirements. Computer skills include Microsoft Word, and Excel, Email, Maxim
o Trained.
San Onofre Nuclear Plant
09/10 to 12/10
Mechanical Superintendent
Duties include New Steam Generator Weld Preps and inspections, Old Steam Generat
or removal and prep for lifting. Removal and Replacement of Generator Snubbers,
Keyway Supports, Instrument lines, Sliding Base, Skirt Bolting, Shimming, among
others. Worked with engineering to make modifications to support reinstallation.
Performed Safety walk downs of work areas on a daily basis. Supervision of Subc
ontractor welding and prep activities.

Watts Bar Nuclear Plant

06/10 to 08/10
Mechanical Field Engineer
Performed I & C System Sense Line walk downs for completeness and adherence to d
esign and quality and welding specifications. Created Isometric Sketches of exis
ting configuration and conditions to be used in design and field Completion Acti
Watts Bar Nuclear Plant
03/10 to 05/10
Mechanical Superintendent
Responsible to the General Superintendent for safety, schedule and production fo
r the Turbine Building Construction Completion Project activities. Supervised cr
aft activities for the Turbine Building Completion activities, including, Seal O
il Modifications, Main Steam Reheater Replacement, and Oil Demister modification
s. Coordinated Engineering changes, performed production and safety walk downs o
n a daily basis.
Louisiana Enrichment Services (LES) 09/08 to 02/10
Area Manager
Responsible to the Building Manager for safety, schedule and budget while instal
ling piping systems and components at the Uranium Enrichment Facility for Louisi
ana Energy Services (LES). Coordinated craft activities, reviewed contract docum
ents, implemented contract modifications to ensure system and building completen
ess. Communicated status of area to Building Manager. Coordinated with Engineeri
ng in implementing Engineering Changes and Acceptance Tests during construction.
Performed Design Constructability Reviews and suggested design changes. Partici
pated in design development of modifications to the plant to support start up da
tes. Reviewed contractor work areas for safety compliance, progress and adherenc
e to procedures. Shifted focus of activities to meet changing LES expectations.
Performed daily walk downs of the site. Updated schedules, directed construction
activities for Electrical, HVAC, and Piping. Oversight of Mechanical and Piping
installations and testing. Provided oversight and schedule maintenance for Proc
ess Piping installations.

Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant 08/07 to 09/08

Mechanical Superintendent
Responsible for all mechanical scheduling, planning, and craft supervision durin
g the Steam Generator Replacement outages. Built schedules, performed design rev
iews, designed craft testing apparatus' and made up BOMs for instrument tubing,
blow down piping and support replacement activities. Supervised pre-outage fabri
cation of components and craft weld and tube bend testing. Performed shift walkd
owns for safety, progress and procedural compliance. Updated outage schedule, co
ordinated changes with Engineering and maintained outage packages. Worked as a f
ield engineer writing work packages and play books for the second outage.

Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Plant 06/05 to 04/07

Mechanical Craft Lead Foreman
Served as First-Line Supervisor and General Craft Supervisor on both Nuclear and
Non-Nuclear projects. Supervised multiple crews. Responsible for installation,
modification and maintenance of mechanical systems and components. Inspected we
lds against nuclear standards during modification of nuclear plants. Coordinated
with Operations and System Engineering to ensure mechanical systems were ready
to start up. Had clearances written and held them to accomplish assigned work ac
tivities. Assisted Operations in preparing Systems for Startup.

C&D Plumbing, LLC 1996 to 06/05

Performed residential/commercial plumbing and gas installations and maintenance
activities. Familiar with commercial construction practices and standards. Coord
inated with other Contractors to schedule activities to maximize production. Obt
ained permits from Local Municipalities and conducted inspections when installat
ion and testing was complete.
Various Sites 1974 to 1995
Various Positions
General Mechanical Craft Supervisor, Area Manager, Mechanical Superintendent, Me
chanical Field Engineer.

Steamfitter Apprentice Program, Pipefitter Local 760, 1974-1978