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Company Profile

Page 2. Address, Location and Function.
Page 4. Financial, Legal and Commercial.
Page 5. Facilities.
Page 7. Design Capability.
Page 8. Quality Assurance and Controls.
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Page 8. Sales Representation.

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Address, Location and Function
1.1 Name and Address: Pipe Supports Asia Limited Pipe Supports Asia Ltd. (PUF
(H/O) Plant)
26/5 Moo 9, Bangna-Trad 92 Moo 21, Soi Tee-Din Thai,
Km. 18 Bangplee-Yai, Bangplee,
Bangchalong, Bangplee Samutprakarn
Samutprakarn Thailand
Thailand 10540
1.2 Telephone +66 (0) 2 312 7685 +66 (0) 2 346 5123-6
1.3 Fax Number: +66 (0) 2 312 7710 +66 (0) 2 346 5125

1.4 E-mail address:

1.5 Web site address:

1.6 Factory Address: 26/5 Moo 9, Bangna-Trad 92 Moo 21, Soi Tee-Din Thai,
Km. 18 Bangplee-Yai, Bangplee,
Bangchalong, Bangplee Samutprakarn
Samutprakarn Thailand
Thailand 10540
1.7 Location: Approximately 18.2 Kilometres from the Bangna-Sukhumvit
intersection, 700m from Bangna-Trad road, about 8km. from
the Suvannabahumi Airport

1.8 Access to Factory: Access to factory is via concrete driveway suitable for full-
sized container truck.
5 m x 4.5 m. main doors into factory

1.9 Principal Function of Company:

The manufacture and supply of pipe support equipment for all types of pipe work
installations in the industrial, commercial, power generation, petrochemical and
cryogenic sectors, and commercial representation of Pipe Supports Limited’s
products in Thailand.

It is also the manufacturing centre of polyurethane cold support for the whole Pipe
Supports Group

1.10 Product Listing:

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• PSDesigner – Software for Designing Pipe hanger Assemblies.
• PSLCAD - Computerised Support Design / Drawing System
• Constant Effort Supports
• Variable Effort Supports
• Carbon and Alloy Steel Pipe Clamps and Attachments
• Beam Clips and Attachments
• Rodding and Fittings
• Low Friction Slide Bearings
• Polyurethane Foam Cold Supports
• Comlin Isolation Products
• Hydraulic Snubbers and Dampers
• Spring Sway Braces
• Stiff Clamps
• Rigid Struts
• Pipework Surveillance Equipment
• Load Measuring Equipment
• Structural Steelwork

1.11 National and International Standards commonly used:

BSEN13480 - Metallic and Industrial Piping

ASME - Boiler and Pressure Vessel code section III subsection NF

- Nuclear Power Plant Components

ANSI-B31.1 - Power Piping

ANSI-B31.3 - Petroleum Refinery Piping

MSS-SP58 - Pipe Hangers and Supports

MSS-SP69 - Pipe Hangers and Supports

MSS-SP89 - Pipe Hangers and Supports

1.12 Brief History:

Pipe Supports Asia Limited was established in 1996 as a subsidiary of Pipe

Supports Limited, itself a subsidiary of Hill & Smith Holdings Plc (UK), initially to
oversee the manufacturing agreement between Pipe Supports Ltd. and the Sino Thai
group of companies which began in 1995, and to market Pipe Supports Ltd products
in Thailand.

Due to ever increasing demand and to maintain the highest standards of

quality and delivery, Pipe Supports Asia Limited established its own manufacturing
facility in 1997 and is entirely responsible for the manufacture and quality control of
all supports and associated products.

1998 saw the addition of a CAD drawing office to Pipe Supports Asia. All
draughtsmen are extensively trained at Pipe Supports Limited in the U.K. prior to
working in Thailand. As there is an increasing number of important projects being
handled locally in the region, this unique facility serves to support the contract and
engineering managers of these projects and ensure important deadlines are

In October 1999 Pipe Supports Group Ltd. took 100% interest in the company
buying out the other Shareholders and Pipe Supports Asia became a major part of

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the newly formed Pipe Supports Group Ltd. The company re-organised, expanded
capacity and began manufacturing a wider range of products including spring

In September 2002, PSA bought an 8,000sq.m plot of land in a prime site near
the new international airport. The manufacture started on site in the 2,000sq.m
factory in November 2004.

In September 2005, PSA opened a new branch and moved into a 4,500sq.m
facility now manufacturing high-density polyurethane foam (HD PUF) products.

In August 2006, a further 1,800sq.m new facility was opened to cope with
expanded PUF Cold Support sales.

In September 2007, the original 2,000sq.m spring hanger shop was expanded
to 3,000sq.m.

Pipe Supports Asia Limited follows the manufacturing procedures established

over many years by Pipe Supports Limited who also supply all necessary technical
and quality advice.

Financial, Legal and Commercial

2.1 VAT Number: 3011766934

2.2 Registered Office: 26/5 Moo 9, Soi Rattanaraj,

Bangna – Trad km. 18.2,
Samutprakarn, 10540

2.3 Registered Number: 0105539106210

2.4 Date of Incorporation: 23rd September 1996

2.5 Company Bankers: Kasikorn Bank PLC.

Bangplee Branch
99/10 Moo. 1,
Bangna – Trad Km. 12 Road,
Rachathewa, Bangplee
Samutprakarn, 10540

2.6 Net Assets of Company: Bt. 565,620,000

2.7 Annual PSL Group Approx. Bt. 553,383,000

2.8 Annual Group Turnover: Approx. £430,000,000.00

2.9 Amount of Product Liability: £1,000,000 and 20 Million £ covered By Group


2.10 Parent Company Name and Pipe Supports Group Limited

Address: Unit 22, West Stone, Berry Hill Industrial Estate,
United Kingdom

2.11 Parent Company Function: Technical / Financial / Managerial Services

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3.1 Total Site Area: PSA Head PUF Foam PSA3 PSA4
Approx. 5,625 Approx. 1,760 Approx. 855
Approx. 8,000 m2 m2 m2
Covered Workshop: PSA Head PUF Foam PSA3 PSA4
Approx. 5,425 Approx. 1,695 Approx. 675
Approx. 3,000 m2 m2 m2
Office Area: PSA Head PUF Foam PSA3 PSA4
Approx. 200 Approx. 65 Approx. 180
Approx. 220 m2 m2 m2
3.2 Employees: A copy of our Organisation Chart is attached.

Pipe Supports Group CEO Mr. Richard G.Jones

Managing Director Mr. Mark Anthony Hyrons
Enineering Director Mr. Martin Lewis
Director Mr. Derek William Muir
Director Mr. David Phillip Chapman
Director Mr. Vutthichai Poonsubmanee
Engineering, Internal Sales Mr. Surasit Tanthawanichpisal
& Estimate Manager
PSA Production Manager Mr. Wichai Sangphanta
PUF Production Manager Mr. Pornthep Rungsa-ard
Financial Controller Ms. Patcharee Wangnaithum
QA Manager Mr. Udom Wawwaew
PSA Contracts Manager Mr. Dean Howard
PUF Contracts Manager Ms. Warissara Roungkaew
Sales Director (Thailand) Mr. Sathaporn Visuthumporn
Procurement Ms. Tassanee Homsong


Acccount: 3 -
HR & Administration: 2 1
Purchasing: 3 -

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Production: 4 2
Design Engineering / 6 -
Breakdown / Drawing 9 2
Sales & Estimating: 6 2
QA & QC: 4 2
Contracts Engineer: 7 2
Safety Officer: 1 1
Total Number of Staff: 45 12
Total Number of Shop
107 99
Floor Operatives:

TOTAL 152 111

3.3 Plant: Plant:

(Pipe Supports Facility) (PUF Foam Facility)
3,675 sq.m., 3mt/sq.m. floor loading 5,425 sq.m. floor loading capacity:
3.3.1 Material Preparation 3.3.1 Material Preparation

1 Profiler Machine, Jaimac – Three 1 Hydraulic Guillotine Shears, YSD-

Head China, up to 6 mm.
1 Profiler Machine, Jaimac Arm type – 1 Profiler Machine, Jaimac – Two Head
Two Head
2 Band Saw 1 Band Saw Machine, Cosen-Sweden,
up to 16 mm.
1 Powered Hacksaw
1 Circular Steel Section Saw
3.3.2 Ancillary/Machining Dept 3.3.2 Foam Casting/Machining Dept

1 150 Ton Vertical Press 4 High Pressure Foaming Machines,

1 350 Ton Horizontal Press 2 Foam Cutting Machines, Hyma-UK
1 50 Ton Vertical Press 2 Plate Bending Roll Machine, Farmar-
Italy, up to 17 mm.
1 80 Ton Steelworker, Kingsland Haco 2 Plate Bending Roll Machine, up to 3
2 Thread Cutting Machine, up to 2 ½” 1 Brake Press
1 Thread Cutting Machine, up to 4” dia.
1 Small gas-fired Furnace
1 Large gas-fired Furnace
3.3.3 Fabrication/Spring Support 3.3.3 Fabrication Dept
[Fabrication area 1,000sq.m (open),
200sq.m. covered]
3 Radial Drills 1 Welding Machine, 300 Amp
1 Capacities
1 Pedestal Drill
1 Magnetic Drill
2 Welding set, AC
1 Welding set, MIG,
2 Spring Compression and Test Rig

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1Test Rig, hydraulic 50 tons(for
1 Engraving machine (for spring
3.3.4 Comlin & Slide Bearing Dept 3.3.4 Foam Testing Dept

1 Multilayer Press, Tong an, 1 50 KN Hounds field Compressive

2.5x1.3 m. platen (for bonding Testing Machine
2 Thermal Conductivity Testing
1 Core Density Scales
3.3.5 Finishing/Assembly 3.3.5 Finishing/Assembly

1Open Face Paint Spray Booth 2 Open Face Water Backed Spray
facility with overhead conveyor Booths c/w Non Metallic Blast Booth
1 Shot Blast Facility 1 Shot Blast Facility Container
3.3.6 General Plant: 3.3.6 General Plant:

6 Overhead Crane, 3mt 3 Three-Ton Pallet Truck

1 Overhead Crane, 2mt 2 2-Ton Forklift
1 2.5 – Ton Forklift 1 2.5-Ton Forklift
1 3 – Ton Forklift 1 Overhead Crane 3mt.
1 Two – Ton Portable Winch
2 Three – Ton Pallet Truck
1 2.5 – ton load cell pallet truck

Design Capability
4. Number of Qualified Personnel:
UK: India:
Chartered Engineers: 1 Degree Qualified: 1
Degree Qualified: 2 Technician Qualified: 8
HNC/HND Qualified: 3

Degree Qualified: 1
Technician Qualified: 6

4. Scope of Design Capability:

 Pipe Support Design, Structural Analysis, Piping Analysis - To all National and
International Codes and Standards.
 Conceptual Design, New Products, Special Applications of Supports
 Static and Dynamic Analysis of Pipe Systems in accordance with most National and
International Standards.

4. Surveys:
Surveys of existing piping and pipe support systems, any necessary analysis work and
recommendations for life extension of such systems.

4. Design Tools:
 PSDesigner Software for Designing Support Systems
 PSLCAD Software for Designing Support Systems
 Autocad Drawing Software
 Caesar II Pipe Stress Analysis Software (via third party)
 PSA 5 Pipe Stress Analysis Software (via third party)
 Autopipe Pipe Stress Analysis Software (via third party)
 Support Modeler 3D Modeling Software (via third party)

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PSL pipe hanger data is now included in the following piping analysis packages:
Software Company Telephone No.
PDMS AVEVA Ltd. 44-(0)1246-572300
AutoPipe Engineering Design Automation 1-510-848-7080
Caesar II COADE Inc. 1-713-890-4566
P10 Logesterion BV 31-(0)10-217-0700
Triflex AAA Technology Inc. 1-713-849-3366
SupportModeler Pelican Forge Software Corp. 1-306-373-2453

We are currently seeking other opportunities to incorporate our product data in third
party piping analysis packages.

Quality Assurance and Controls

5. Formal Quality Assurance Systems in operation complying with BS EN ISO 9001:2008
5. Approvals:
5.2.1 BS EN ISO 9001:2008
Latest Date of Issue: 09/04/2010
Date of Expiry: 23/04/13
Certificate Number: UK 9000078
Certifying Body: Bureau Veritas Certification UK Ltd

5.2.2 Additional Audits

Mitsubishi heavy Industries., September 2010
Toshiba: November 2007
5. Company Calibration System:
In accordance with internal procedures.

5. Welder Approval:
Minimum of ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel code section IX.
Third party endorsed.

Sales Representation

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Please visit our website: for full information.

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