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THE LANDLORD_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, of _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _and TENANTS

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, hereby agree to lease the premises,

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, subject to the following terms:

Term. The lease term shall be from _ _ _ _ _ 12:00 noon to ______ 12:00 noon.

Rent. Tenant shall pay to Landlord month rent in the amount of_ _ _ _ _ due on the first day of each month at the Landlord's
address above of other address designated by Landlord. Landlord is not required to give an notice to Tenant in order for rent to
become due. Rent must be paid in full and no sums may be subtracted from it. If Tenant fails to pay rent by the fifth day of the month
a late fee of will be imposed. Said late fee is deemed added rent and recoverable as such.

Added Rent. Tenant may be required to pay to Landlord other charges under the terms of this lease and any addenda. These other
charges are to be deemed "added rent." The added rent is payable as rent, together with the next monthly rental payment. If Tenant
fails to pay added rent on time, then the Landlord shall have the same rights against Tenants as if Tenant failed to pay rent.

Joint and Several Liability. All of the parties signing this agreement are jointly and severally liable for the rent and any other
charges under this lease. If one tenant fails to comply with any of the lease provisions, the remaining tenants are responsible for the
full amount of any charges under this lease.

Security Deposit. The Tenant must deposit with the Landlord the sum of _ _ _ _ _ _ as security for the full and faithful
compliance of the terms of this lease. Landlord will return the security to Tenant at the end of the lase within thirty days after Tenant
has vacated the premises and returned all keys. If Tenant does not fully comply with the terms of this lease, Landlord may apply the
security toward sums owed by Tenants, including damages. Tenant may not use the security as payment of rent or added rent.

Notice to Vacate. This lease shall end on hereafter referred to as vacating date. Tenant must notify the landlord on or
before the end of the prior month that they will be vacating on the above date. Failure to timely notify the landlord that the tenant will
vacate the property shall make this lease a month-to-month lease and the tenant shall be liable for an additional 30days rent. Beginning
30days prior to the vacating date, either party may give the other party 30days notice in writing in order to end the lease.

Failure to Give Possession. Landlord shall not be liable to Tenant for the failure to give possession of the premises on the beginning
date of this lease term. If Landlord is unable to give possession to Tenant, rent is due and payable when possession is available to
Tenant. In such case that the Landlord fails to give possession of the premises at the beginning date of this lease, the ending date of the
lease term shall remain as stated above, and shall not be extended.

Utilities. Tenant must pay for the following utilities and services (Tenant initials all that apply):

___Heat Cooking Gas _ _ _Telephone

___Hot Water ___Electric _ _ _Cablerrv/Internet

___ Other: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

If at any time Landlord pays any utility bills indicated above as Tenant's responsibility, then such sums Landlord pays shall be
deemed added rent. If Tenant is not held responsible for all utility bills, then washing machines, air conditioners, space heaters, and
clothes dryers are prohibited.

Use. The premises must be used as a place of residence and for no other purpose. Only a party signing this lease and other persons
listed in the rental application as tenants may use the premises.
Upkeep of Premises. Tenant shall keep and maintain the premises in a clean and sanitary condition at all times, and upon the
termination of the tenancy shall surrender the premises to Landlord in as good condition as when received, ordinary wear and damage
by the elements expected.

As Is. Tenant has inspected the premises and states that they are in good order and repair and agrees to take the premises "as is".

Repairs, Alterations. Tenant shall notify Landlord immediately of all needed repairs. Tenant shall be responsible for damages
caused by Tenant's negligence and that of Tenant's family or guests. The cost of the repair of such damages shall be deemed added
rent and shall be recoverable against the Tenant as such. Tenant shall not paint, paper or otherwise redecorate of make alterations to
the premises without the prior written consents of the Landlord. All alterations, additions or improvements made to the premises with
the consent of Landlord shall become the property of Landlord and shall remain upon and be surrendered with the premises.

Sublet. Tenant may not sublet all of part of the premises. Tenant may not assign this lease or permit any other person to use the
premises without obtaining written permission from the Landlord.

Fire, Damage. Tenant must give Landlord immediate notice in the vent of fire or other damage to the premises. In such event
Landlord has the right to either repair the damage within a reasonable time or cancel this lease. Landlord may cancel the lease by
giving Tenant three days written notice. The lease tem shall end at the expiration of the third day and the rent shall be payable to the
date of damage. In such case that fire or other damage renders the premises uninhabitable and Landlord chooses to repair said
damages, Tenant shall not be responsible for the payment of rent from the date of the incident until the premises are rendered

Liability. Landlord is not liable for los, expense or damage to any personal property unless it is due to Landlord's negligence.
Tenants are responsible for all acts of Tenant's family, employees, guest and invitees. Tenant must pay to Landlord damage suffered
and money spent by Landlord relation to any claim arising from any act or neglect of Tenant. Such damages and costs shall be deemed
added rent and may be recoverable as such.

Renter's Insurance. Landlord does not carry insurance coverage for Tenant's personal property. Tenant may, at Tenant's option,
independently procure a renter's insurance policy for the protection of Tenant's personal property.

Notices. Any bill, statement, or notice must be in writing and must be delivered or mailed to Landlord at the address where rent is
payable. Said notices shall be considered delivered on the day mailed or if not mailed, delivered on the day left at the proper address.
Landlord must send Tenant written notice if Landlord changes the address for notices.

Right of Entry. Landlord may at reasonable times and upon reasonable notice, enter the premises for the purpose of inspection, and
whenever necessary to make repairs or alterations to the premises. Landlord may enter the premises without prior notice to perform
emergency repairs. Tenant hereby grants permission to Landlord to show the premises to prospective buyers, mortgagees, tenants, or
workmen at reasonable hours of the day. Tenant may not add or replace locks without Landlord's written consent. In such case where
Tenant adds or replaces locks, Tenant must provide Landlord with keys to all locks.

Landlord Unable to Perform. If, due to labor trouble, government order, lack of supply, Tenant's act, or any other cause not within
the Landlord's reasonable control, Landlord is relayed or unable to (a) carry out any of Landlord's promises or agreements, (b) supply
any service offered under the terms of this lease, (c) make any required repairs or alterations in the premises, or (d) supply any
equipment or appliances, this lease shall not terminate and Tenant's obligations shall remain in effect.

Receipt. If Tenant delivers cash to Landlord in payment of rent, added rent, or portion thereof, Landlord shall provide Tenant with a
written receipt containing the date of receipt, the amount received, the address of the premises, the period or obligation for which the
payment is intended and the signature of the Landlord.

Waiver of Jury, Counterclaim, Setoff. Landlord and Tenant waive trial by jury in any dispute that should arise between such parties
regarding the performance or enforcement of the terms of this lease, with the exception of personal injury or property damage claims.
If Landlord begins a proceeding to regain possession of the premises, Tenant wai ves the right to make counterclaim or set off.

Compliance. Tenant must at Tenant's cost, promptly comply with all laws, orders, rules and directions of all governmental
authorities, property owners associations, insurance carriers, the Board of Fire Underwriters, or similar entities.
Default. If Tenant shall fail to pay rent when due, or performs any term of this lease, after not less than three days written notice of
such default, Landlord, at Landlord's options, may terminate this lase and rights of Tenant hereunder, unless Tenant, within said tie,
shall cure such default. IF Tenant abandons or vacates the premises while in default of the payment of rent, Landlord may consider
any property left on the premises to be abandoned and may disposed of the same in any manner allowed by law.

Termination of Lease, Eviction. If Tenant fails to correct defaults within three days, Landlord may cancel the lease by giving Tenant
written three-day notice stating the date the lease term will end. On that date the lease term and Tenant's rights in this lease
automatically end, and Tenant must vacate the premises and return all keys to Landlord. Landlord may, in addition to other remedies,
enter the premises and remove Tenant and any personas or property, or use dispossess, eviction or other lawsuit method to take back
the premises. Tenant continues to be responsible for rent and added rent for the full lease term in addition to expenses, damages, and
losses. Landlord, at Landlord's option, may re-rent the premises for any term and for reduced rent. Tenant shall be responsible for the
cost of re-renting premises, including cost of repairs, decorations, advertising, broker's fees, and attorney's fees. Any rent received
from re-renting premises shall be applied to the reduction of the sum due from Tenant. Tenant waives all rights to return to the
premises after possession is given to Landlord by a court. If Landlord commences legal proceedings against Tenant to recover
possession of the premises, or sums dues to Landlord under this lease, Tenant is responsible for Landlord's costs, disbursements and
reasonable attorney's fees in connection with such proceedings. Such cots, disbursement and attorney's fees shall be deemed added
rent and recoverable as such under this lease.

Condemnation. If all of the premises are taken or condemned by a legal authority, the lease tem and Tenant's right shall end as of the
date the authority takes title to the premises. If any part of the premises is taken, Landlord may cancel this lease on notice to Tenant,
setting forth a cancellation date not less than 30 days from the date of the notice. In such case Tenant must deliver the premises to
Landlord on the cancellation date, together with all rent and added rent due as of that date. The entire award of any taking belongs to
Landlord. Tenant waives any interest to any part of the award, and shall make no claim for the value of the remaining part of the lease

lllegality. If any part of this lease is proven to be illegal, that part shall be stricken and the remaining terms of the lease shall continue
to be effective and binding on all parties.

No Waiver. Landlord's failure to enforce any provisions of this lease shall not prevent Landlord from enforcing such provisions or
any other provisions of this lease at a later time.

Successors. This lease is legally binding on all parties who lawfully succeed to the rights of the Tenant and Landlord.

Effective. This lease is effective when signed and dated by all parties

Snow Removal. Unless otherwise indicated in writing, the Tenant is responsible for the removal of ice and snow from the stairs and
sidewalk of the premises. If Landlord incurs any expenses in connection with Tenant's failure to remove ice and snow from said areas
then Landlord may seek said costs from Tenant. Said sums shall be deemed added rent and recoverable as such. If any property
damage or personal injury results from Tenant's failure to remove ice or snow, Tenant is wholly responsible for such damages.

Renewal. If Tenant chooses to renew this lease, written notice of such renewal must be provided to the Landlord least thirty days
prior to the expiration of this lease.

Signs. Tenant shall neither place, nor allow to be placed, any signs at or about the entrance or any other part of the premises, except in
such places as may be consented to by the Landlord in writing. Tenant grants permission to Landlord to remove such signs for the
purpose of making alterations, improvements or repairs to premises, providing that same to be removed and replaced at Landlord's
expense, upon completion of said alterations, improvements or repairs.

Parking. If parking is provided as a privilege of tenancy, Tenant agrees to park only in designated areas and in such manner as not to
hinder access to the premises. Improperly parked vehicles will be towed at the Tenant's expense and without notice to the Tenant.
Tenant agrees not to hold the Landlord liable for any damages or expenses resulting from towed vehicles. Parking privileges may be
revoked at any time by the Landlord. Revocation of parking privileges will not alter the terms of this lease.

Pets. Tenants may not have pets on the premises unless a Pet Agreement has been included as an addendum to this lease.

Law Governing. The Laws of the State and political subdivision in which the premises are located govern this lease.
Holdover. IN the event Tenant remains in possession after the lease term expires, the terms and provisions of this lease shall remain

Representations. Tenant has read and understands this lease. All representations and promises made by Landlord are stated in this
lease. No other representations than those contained in this lease and its addenda are enforceable against the Landlord. The lease may
only be modified by written agreement signed by all parties to this lease.

___Lead Disclosure Agreement Inspection Report

___Property Rules and Regulations ___Guarantee Family Dwelling

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