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Standard-compliant compo-
nents of a photovoltaic system
BETA Low-Voltage Circuit Protection
Function no. 002
The exploitation of renewable energy sources is becoming increasingly im-
portant because of limited fossil fuel reserves. Apart from wind power plants,
the main interest is focused on photovoltaic systems. Both the ecological and
economic aspects of this are of great importance. This significance is also
reflected in the fact that the construction and operation of photovoltaic sys-
tems is now standardized in DIN VDE 0100-712. Compliance with this stan-
dard guarantees reliable construction and operation of PV systems.

Financial incentives are also making the installation and operation of solar
systems increasingly interesting for private households as well as for indus-
trial plants.

Photovoltaic 1 Disconnection device


2 Surge ~ Power inverter

arrester DC


Surge arrester AC

kWh kWh
Consumption meter Infeed meter



• Standard-compliant components
• Comprehensive and coordinated product portfolio
• Simple planning and operation
• Quality products from a single source

Answers for infrastructure.

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1 5TE2 disconnecting device 2 5SD7 surge arrester DC 3 5SY miniature circuit breaker

Secure installation of photovoltaic systems

Here we give you tips on constructing a complete
photovoltaic system with standard-compliant,
high-quality products from Siemens..

■■ Electrical power from light energy An overcurrent protective device for the in the event of a fault is particularly
Standard DIN VDE 0100-712 stipulates the automatic disconnection of load circuits important. It must be ensured that, if a
following minimum requirements for the must be available on the AC voltage side. fault occurs, there is no voltage applied
construction of a PV system: Disconnect- in the house and that the solar modules
ing devices are to be provided on both Siemens offers a comprehensive and are isolated from the system at the infeed
sides of the inverter. The disconnecting coordinated range of products to meet point. The solar generator must also be
device on the DC side must have load these minimum requirements. prevented from continuing to feed in
switching capability. If the design of the power in the event of network or system
PV system does not offer at least simple The central aspect for the operation of a faults. Additional points to be taken into
isolation between the alternating and di- PV system with power feeding into the account are protection against lightning,
rect current side, a type B residual current local supply system is network security. overvoltage and faults.
protective device must be used on the AC Reliable disconnection of the PV system
voltage side.
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4 5SM3 SIQUENCE RCCB type B 5 5SD7 surge arrester AC 6 5SP3 main miniature circuit breaker

■■ Our recommendation for an (type 2) is placed downstream of the Depending on the power inverter used,
optimum design is as follows: power inverter to protect the inverter a SIQUENCE residual current protective
The disconnecting device required in against surge voltages transmitted device type B is either required or advis-
accordance with DIN VDE should be in- through the supply network. The con- able. After the power meter, equipment
stalled as near as possible to the solar figuration can vary depending on the approved by the responsible power supply
generator. equipment of the inverter. company is used.

A surge arrester (type 2) should be pro- For the rest of the infeed system, we Siemens supplies not only all compo-
vided upstream of the inverter on the DC provide a miniature circuit breaker nentsneeded for reliable operation of a
voltage side to protect against surge volt- which acts as a disconnecting device solar power system, but moreover also
ages due to lightning strikes or switching and simultaneously protects the line a coordinated product portfolio for the
operations. Another surge arrester on the AC side. electrical installation.

What you need:

Product Order No.

1 Disconnectingdevice: DC isolator up to 5TE2 515-1
DC 1000 V/63 A

2 Surge arrester type 2, DC 1000 V 5SD7 483-1

3 MCB 5SY4, 5SY6

4 SIQUENCE RCCB type B, universal current sensitive 5SM3 .2.-4

2P Irn = 30–300 mA; In = 16–63 A

5 Surge arrester type 2, AC 5SD7 461-1

6 Main miniature circuit breaker 5SP3 735-1

You can find further information about our products in the catalog BETA Low-Voltage Circuit Protection (ET B1).
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