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Aagon Consulting D-59494 Soest "Hall 3, Stand G08"

abacus edv-lösungen D-19243 Wittenburg "Hall 5, Stand B16"

abaNET D-79761 Waldshut-Tiengen "Hall 3, Stand G20"
ABAS Automotive D-58507 Lüdenscheid "Hall 5, Stand C18"
ABAS Informationssysteme D-73066 Uhingen "Hall 5, Stand C18"
ABAS Projektierung D-76228 Karlsruhe "Hall 5, Stand C18"
ABAS Projektierung D-51105 Köln "Hall 5, Stand C18"
ABAS Projektierung D-32423 Minden "Hall 5, Stand C18"
ABAS Software D-76135 Karlsruhe "Hall 5, Stand C18"
abas system D-10407 Berlin "Hall 5, Stand C18"
ABAS Systemhaus D-21465 Reinbek "Hall 5, Stand C18"
Abayoo Business Network D-16356 Werneuchen "Hall 5, Stand A18"
ABBYY Europe D-80687 München "Hall 3, Stand J31"
Abletech I-25018 Montichiari "Hall 3, Stand C25"
Accusoft Pegasus "USA- Tampa, FL 33603" "Hall 3, Stand H02"
Across Systems D-76307 Karlsbad "Hall 6, Stand H24"
ACTIWARE D-35719 Angelburg "Hall 3, Stand F30"
ADDISON Software und Service D-71638 Ludwigsburg "Hall 5, Stand F16"
Advanced Solutions D-71034 Böblingen "Hall 4, Stand D04"
advice IT Consulting D-33818 Leopoldshöhe "Hall 3, Stand E30"
ADVISION D-10117 Berlin "Hall 5, Stand F38"
AFI - P.M. Belz D-70597 Stuttgart "Hall 3, Stand D34"
Afinion CH-5322 Koblenz "Hall 6, Stand F17"
AIDA D-75391 Gechingen "Hall 5, Stand F15"
aixvox D-52062 Aachen "Hall 6, Stand A16"
AKI D-97080 Würzburg "Hall 3, Stand D25"
Akzentum D-56579 Rengsdorf "Hall 3, Stand D34"
ALCO Computer D-22149 Hamburg "Hall 5, Stand A49"
Alegri International Group D-81673 München "Hall 4, Stand A26" (Europe) GB- London W1H 5QL "Hall 2, Stand C44"
All for One Midmarket D-59439 Holzwickede "Hall 5, Stand A18"
All for One Midmarket D-70794 Filderstadt "Hall 5, Stand B18"
Allium CZ-623 00 Brno "Hall 6, Stand A34"
alltrotec Softwaresystemhaus D-01139 Dresden "Hall 5, Stand C18"
ALOS D-50859 Köln "Hall 3, Stand E20"
ALOS D-50859 Köln "Hall 3, Stand G20"
Alpha Business Solutions D-67657 Kaiserslautern "Hall 5, Stand C36"
ALPHA COM Deutschland D-22335 Hamburg "Hall 3, Stand G20"
amando software D-88131 Lindau "Hall 4, Stand A26"
ams.Solution D-41564 Kaarst "Hall 5, Stand F01"
ANTON Ingenieurbüro für Ind. software D-37079 Göttingen "Hall 5, Stand G44"
Anywhere.24 D-82178 Puchheim "Hall 5, Stand B16"
Apinso D-68239 Mannheim "Hall 2, Stand A10"
applied international informatics D-85748 Garching "Hall 5, Stand A
applord D-52066 Aachen "Hall 3, Stand D34"
Artec Computer D-61184 Karben "Hall 2, Stand A38"
arvato systems Technologies D-33311 Gütersloh "Hall 4, Stand A26"
arvato systems Technologies D-33334 Gütersloh "Hall 5, Stand A18"
ascor D-76227 Karlsruhe "Hall 5, Stand A49/2"
Association for Digital Document Standar D-14057 Berlin "Hall 3, Stand D
Attensity Europe D-33607 Bielefeld "Hall 4, Stand A58"
Aurich Consulting CH-5405 Baden-Dättwil "Hall 6, Stand A16"
Avantgarde Business Solutions D-41468 Neuss "Hall 4, Stand A26"
Avaya D-60326 Frankfurt "Hall 2, Stand A10"
Avision Europe D-47809 Krefeld "Hall 3, Stand H34"
aXon D-33100 Paderborn "Hall 4, Stand A26"
AZS System D-22087 Hamburg "Hall 6, Stand F16"
Babtec Informationssysteme D-42285 Wuppertal "Hall 5, Stand A09"
BALTECH D-85399 Hallbergmoos "Hall 6, Stand F14"
BancTec D-63225 Langen "Hall 3, Stand D33"
basycs D-76703 Kraichtal "Hall 2, Stand A10"
Bautzen IT.Group D-02625 Bautzen "Hall 5, Stand A18"
BCC Unternehmensberatung D-65760 Eschborn "Hall 2, Stand F20"
BCIS IT-Systeme D-34134 Kassel "Hall 3, Stand F30"
BCT NL-6430 CL Amstenrade "Hall 3, Stand E30"
BDE-Engineering D-37688 Beverungen "Hall 6, Stand E15"
BDV Branchen-Datenverarbeitung D-59439 Holzwickede "Hall 3, Stand D34"
beas D-75177 Pforzheim "Hall 5, Stand A18"
BEDAV D-04288 Leipzig "Hall 4, Stand A26"
BEL NET D-38112 Braunschweig "Hall 6, Stand A36"
BFL Leasing D-65760 Eschborn "Hall 3, Stand A20, (4A)"
binner IMS D-30519 Hannover "Hall 5, Stand A09"
Bison Schweiz CH-6210 Sursee "Hall 5, Stand D16"
Bitkom Research D-10117 Berlin "Hall 4, Stand A12"
bitlogic Internet und Services D-38102 Braunschweig "Hall 6, Stand A36"
bizz consult D-51429 Bergisch Gladbach "Hall 5, Stand B16"
B&L OCR SYSTEME D-65760 Eschborn "Hall 3, Stand A28"
BMAG Brummer Multimedia D-41469 Neuss "Hall 5, Stand B16"
BMD Systemhaus A-4400 Steyr "Hall 5, Stand G47"
BOARD Deutschland D-61348 Bad Homburg "Hall 6, Stand A16"
Bosch D-71701 Schwieberdingen "Hall 5, Stand G02"
"Bott, Dr." D-07426 Oberhain "Hall 2, Stand A20"
bpi solutions D-33659 Bielefeld "Hall 3, Stand D34"
bpi solutions D-33659 Bielefeld "Hall 3, Stand J18"
Braintribe IT Technologies A-1070 Vienna "Hall 4, Stand D11"
brainworks computer technologie D-80335 München "Hall 2, Stand A20"
Brocade Communications D-81829 München "Hall 2, Stand A10"
BTC Business Technolog D-26121 Oldenburg "Hall 5, Stand B36"
Builders Software Solutions JOR-11196 Amman "Hall 6, Stand D46"
BULPROS CONSULTING BG-1766 Sofia "Hall 6, Stand H46"
Business Systemhaus D-95447 Bayreuth "Hall 4, Stand A26"
busitec D-48157 Münster "Hall 3, Stand F30"
bytemine D-26129 Oldenburg "Hall 6, Stand A36"
CA Deutschland D-64297 Darmstadt "Hall 4, Stand A58"
Camunda Services D-10961 Berlin "Hall 6, Stand K02, (13)"
CANCOM Deutschland D-89343 Jettingen-Scheppach "Hall 2, Stand A10"
Canon Deutschland D-47807 Krefeld "Hall 3, Stand A20, (3)"
Canon Deutschland D-47807 Krefeld "Hall 3, Stand G16"
c.a.r.u.s. Information Technology D-30169 Hannover "Hall 2, Stand A
CAS Software D-76131 Karlsruhe "Hall 6, Stand C13, (C14)"
Ceyoniq Technology D-33613 Bielefeld "Hall 3, Stand E30"
CFT Consulting D-86399 Bobingen "Hall 3, Stand H18"
CHIPSIZE Computer D-30655 Hannover "Hall 3, Stand F30"
CHIPSIZE Computer D-30655 Hannover "Hall 5, Stand B16"
CIBER D-69115 Heidelberg "Hall 5, Stand A18"
CI-Gate Development & Consulting D-27570 Bremerhaven "Hall 6, Stand F
CITRIX SYSTEMS D-85399 Hallbergmoos "Hall 2, Stand A10"
CITRIX SYSTEMS D-85399 Hallbergmoos "Hall 4, Stand A26"
Citytech Software IND- Calcutta 700025 "Hall 6, Stand F06"
CM Comercio E Servicos P-3800 Aveiro "Hall 5, Stand D49"
cobra computer's brainware D-78467 Konstanz "Hall 6, Stand B14"
COBUS ConCept D-33378 Rheda-Wiedenbrück "Hall 5, Stand G34"
Codespring RO-400375 Cluj Napoca "Hall 5, Stand B48"
COI D-91074 Herzogenaurach "Hall 3, Stand D34"
ComArch PL-31-864 Krakow "Hall 5, Stand A16"
COMBIONIC D-77830 Bühlertal "Hall 4, Stand A26"
Competence Center Output Management D-53123 Bonn "Hall 3, Stand D25"
Computacenter D-58239 Schwerte "Hall 2, Stand A10"
ComputerKomplett D-78628 Rottweil "Hall 5, Stand A16"
Comsolutions MAL-57100 Kuala Lumpur "Hall 5, Stand E50"
conats D-66849 Landstuhl "Hall 3, Stand J32"
CONPLUS Mittelstandslösungen D-41068 Mönchengladbach "Hall 5, Stand A18"
CONTENiT D-46395 Bocholt "Hall 3, Stand H20"
CONTENiT D-46395 Bocholt "Hall 4, Stand A26"
CONTINUE Software D-52070 Aachen "Hall 5, Stand C50/1"
coresystems CH-5210 Windisch "Hall 2, Stand A20"
coresystems CH-5210 Windisch "Hall 4, Stand A58"
coresystems CH-5210 Windisch "Hall 5, Stand A18"
cormeta D-76275 Ettlingen "Hall 5, Stand C17"
CP CORPORATE PLANNING D-22767 Hamburg "Hall 6, Stand B16"
Crayon D-82041 Oberhaching "Hall 4, Stand A26"
CRMADDON Factory D-86488 Breitenthal "Hall 6, Stand B06"
crossgate D-81541 München "Hall 5, Stand G10"
CRS - Datentechnik D-44867 Bochum "Hall 5, Stand B16"
CSK Software D-19061 Schwerin "Hall 6, Stand G15"
CTO Balzuweit D-70567 Stuttgart "Hall 3, Stand H18"
Cubeware D-83026 Rosenheim "Hall 6, Stand B22"
Curitiba Offshore Center BR-81250-025 Curitiba PR "Hall 3, Stand E
CVS Ingenieurgesellschaft D-28199 Bremen "Hall 5, Stand C16"
C3IT Software Solutions IND- Pune 411001 "Hall 6, Stand D21"
d. velop digital solutions D-24114 Kiel "Hall 3, Stand H20"
Dakoda D-33098 Paderborn "Hall 5, Stand D16"
Data One D-66115 Saarbrücken "Hall 4, Stand A26"
Data One D-66115 Saarbrücken "Hall 5, Stand A18"
datango D-10119 Berlin "Hall 5, Stand B43"
DATAPOOL D-13053 Berlin "Hall 3, Stand E30"
DATEV D-90329 Nürnberg "Hall 2, Stand A40"
DATSEC - Data Security D-07743 Jena "Hall 2, Stand A20"
daviko D-13507 Berlin "Hall 2, Stand F20"
Dell D-60549 Frankfurt "Hall 2, Stand B30"
DELTAplus Datensysteme D-29313 Hambühren "Hall 6, Stand A36"
Demand Software Solutions D-76829 Landau "Hall 6, Stand A16"
Department of Commerce VRC-210008 Nanjing "Hall 3, Stand J33"
Deutsche Notes User Group D-07745 Jena "Hall 2, Stand F20"
Deutschsprachige SAP Anwendergruppe D-69190 Walldorf "Hall 4, Stand D
Devoteam Danet D-64331 Weiterstadt "Hall 6, Stand B06"
Dialogic Deutschland D-71272 Renningen "Hall 4, Stand A26"
Diamant Software D-33649 Bielefeld "Hall 5, Stand C16"
Dicta Team D-49492 Westerkappeln "Hall 2, Stand A20"
DIGITAL-ZEIT D-89160 Dornstadt "Hall 6, Stand E06"
Dimmel-Software D-02625 Bautzen "Hall 5, Stand E02"
Dixeno D-33106 Paderborn "Hall 5, Stand D18"
DM Dokumenten Management D-82178 Puchheim "Hall 3, Stand D34"
DMS Area D-53123 Bonn "Hall 3, Stand D34"
document technology D-50859 Köln "Hall 3, Stand E20"
DocuWare D-82110 Germering "Hall 3, Stand G20"
Dolphio Consulting H-H-1095 Budapest "Hall 5, Stand A49/1"
DUALIS IT Solution D-01219 Dresden "Hall 5, Stand G34"
DV Beratung Baumgart + Partner D-50769 Köln "Hall 5, Stand A16"
d.velop D-48712 Gescher "Hall 3, Stand H20"
d.velop Portal Systems D-20354 Hamburg "Hall 3, Stand H20"
d.velop process solutions D-49080 Osnabrück "Hall 3, Stand H20"
DZUG e.V. Deutschsprachige Zope D-06112 Halle "Hall 2, Stand F44"
EASY SOFTWARE D-45468 Mülheim "Hall 3, Stand H18"
Ebner Stolz Mönning Bachem D-70174 Stuttgart "Hall 5, Stand A18"
ECM Consulting D-22453 Hamburg "Hall 3, Stand H20"
ECM Forum D-53123 Bonn "Hall 3, Stand D19"
ECM-Services NL-8243 PK Lelystad "Hall 3, Stand G30"
ecotel communication D-40549 Düsseldorf "Hall 5, Stand B24"
eDoc solutions D-53919 Weilerswist "Hall 3, Stand H20"
EDV Studio ALINA D-32547 Bad Oeynhausen "Hall 6, Stand E06"
EDV-Beratung Rainer Krebs D-31171 Nordstemmen "Hall 3, Stand F30"
Efficy B-1200 Sint-Lambrechts Woluwe "Hall 6, Stand B46"
eGov Consulting and Development D-10587 Berlin "Hall 4, Stand A26"
eKiosk D-01099 Dresden "Hall 2, Stand D24"
Elektronik + TEMPEST D-28816 Stuhr "Hall 6, Stand A36"
ELO Digital Office D-70191 Stuttgart "Hall 2, Stand A20"
ELO Digital Office D-70191 Stuttgart "Hall 3, Stand F30"
enterprise application world D-68167 Mannheim "Hall 6, Stand A16"
ETL-Personal-Kompetenzcenter D-10117 Berlin "Hall 5, Stand F38"
eurodata D-66119 Saarbrücken "Hall 5, Stand F38"
European SugarCRM Alliance NL-7609 RG Almelo "Hall 6, Stand C06"
European Tax & Law D-10117 Berlin "Hall 5, Stand F38"
eXant Software Polska PL-61-663 Poznan "Hall 5, Stand B04"
F / L / S Fuzzy D-44227 Dortmund "Hall 5, Stand E16"
Factory Solutions D-41836 Hückelhoven "Hall 6, Stand K02, (1)"
FASTEC D-33100 Paderborn "Hall 5, Stand G34"
FCS Fair Computer Systems D-90482 Nürnberg "Hall 3, Stand H05"
Ferrari electronic D-14513 Teltow "Hall 4, Stand A26"
F+G Informationssysteme D-58553 Halver "Hall 5, Stand E47"
FIS Informationssysteme D-97506 Grafenrheinfeld "Hall 5, Stand A18"
FLS D-24226 Heikendorf "Hall 4, Stand B10"
Forsis D-88214 Ravensburg "Hall 6, Stand D16"
Francotyp-Postalia Holding D-16547 Birkenwerder "Hall 3, Stand D08"
Freudenberg IT D-72336 Balingen "Hall 6, Stand E06"
Frings Informatic Systems D-40721 Hilden "Hall 5, Stand B24"
FRITZ & MACZIOL Software und Computer D-89081 Ulm "Hall 2, Stand A10"
Fujitsu Technology Solutions D-80807 München "Hall 2, Stand B38"
GAD D-48163 Münster "Hall 2, Stand A10"
Gama System SI-1000 Ljubljana "Hall 3, Stand J30"
GeBE Elektronik und Feinwerktechnik D-82110 Germering "Hall 2, Stand A
GeCOSoft D-89231 Neu-Ulm "Hall 6, Stand E06"
gedeon IT-Projekte D-56220 Urmitz/Rhein "Hall 6, Stand A16"
GEDYS IntraWare D-36100 Petersberg "Hall 2, Stand F21"
Genius Bytes D-44801 Bochum "Hall 3, Stand D25"
Genius4U D-20354 Hamburg "Hall 6, Stand B06"
Genus Group GB- Nuneaton CV11 6RY "Hall 3, Stand G30"
GEOCON BG-1111 Sofia "Hall 6, Stand H46"
GfK GeoMarketing D-76646 Bruchsal "Hall 4, Stand A02"
gfnmediber D-14059 Berlin "Hall 4, Stand A26"
gid Gesellschaft für innovative Datenv. D-22850 Norderstedt "Hall 6, Stand C
13, (C14)"
GIS Gesellschaft für InformationsSysteme D-30539 Hannover "Hall 2, Stand A
Global Information Distribution D-50670 Köln "Hall 3, Stand D20"
Globolog D-44801 Bochum "Hall 3, Stand H18"
GLOBOS Logistik- und Informationssysteme D-30659 Hannover "Hall 7,
Stand D11"
Goldstein Softwaresysteme D-10409 Berlin "Hall 5, Stand F15"
gotomaxx Software D-76846 Hauenstein "Hall 5, Stand D18"
Green Hat D-60327 Frankfurt "Hall 4, Stand D11"
GreenPower Net D-31319 Sehnde "Hall 6, Stand A36"
GROUP Business Software D-60308 Frankfurt "Hall 2, Stand A10"
GROUP Business Software D-60308 Frankfurt "Hall 2, Stand B20"
Grün Software D-52070 Aachen "Hall 5, Stand G48"
GSD Software D-96342 Stockheim-Neukenroth "Hall 5, Stand F35"
GUS Group D-50968 Köln "Hall 5, Stand D38"
HABEL D-78604 Rietheim-Weilheim "Hall 3, Stand K35"
HANSALOG D-49577 Ankum "Hall 6, Stand A36"
Haufe-Lexware D-79111 Freiburg "Hall 4, Stand A26"
Haufe-Lexware D-79111 Freiburg "Hall 5, Stand F26"
H&D International Group D-38518 Gifhorn "Hall 4, Stand A26"
heinekingmedia D-31628 Landesbergen "Hall 6, Stand A36"
"Held, Hans" D-70563 Stuttgart "Hall 3, Stand C20"
Hengtong Group VRC-200336 Shanghai "Hall 3, Stand J33"
HENRICHSEN D-85737 Ismaning "Hall 3, Stand H18"
hmd-software D-82346 Andechs "Hall 5, Stand F38"
hmsky-consulting D-82346 Andechs "Hall 5, Stand F38"
Hoda Systems Co. IR-19388-8-73 Tehran "Hall 3, Stand G30"
HR4YOU Solutions D-26629 Großefehn "Hall 6, Stand A36"
HS - Hamburger Software D-22297 Hamburg "Hall 5, Stand E28"
HSF spol CZ-356 11 Sokolov "Hall 6, Stand A34"
humanIT Software D-53119 Bonn "Hall 4, Stand A26"
Hybrinix MAL-11900 Bayan Lepas "Hall 5, Stand E50"
hybris D-80636 München "Hall 5, Stand A18"
IBIS Prof. Thome D-97082 Würzburg "Hall 5, Stand A18"
IBIX Informationssysteme D-70567 Stuttgart "Hall 6, Stand E06"
IBM D-71139 Ehningen "Hall 4, Stand D04"
IBM Deutschland D-71139 Ehningen "Hall 2, Stand A10"
ibo Software D-35435 Wettenberg "Hall 5, Stand E36"
IBS D-56203 Höhr-Grenzhausen "Hall 5, Stand E16"
IBSolution D-74076 Heilbronn "Hall 4, Stand D04"
IBYKUS Informationstechnologie D-99099 Erfurt "Hall 3, Stand F16"
id-netsolutions D-23863 Kayhude "Hall 3, Stand F30"
IDpendant D-85716 Unterschleißheim "Hall 6, Stand E06"
Image Access D-42281 Wuppertal "Hall 3, Stand E20"
inactio D-47441 Moers "Hall 3, Stand H34"
INFO D-22303 Hamburg "Hall 5, Stand A18"
INFOFLEX Kommunikationssysteme D-67227 Frankenthal "Hall 3, Stand H18"
Info-Frame H-1139 Budapest "Hall 3, Stand G08/1"
Infoman D-70563 Stuttgart "Hall 4, Stand A26"
InfomatiX H-1139 Budapest "Hall 5, Stand C02"
Informatio CH-2577 Finsterhennen "Hall 2, Stand A23"
infoWAN Datenkommunikation D-85716 Unterschleißheim "Hall 4, Stand A26"
initions D-22081 Hamburg "Hall 4, Stand A26"
Innovabee Group D-71334 Waiblingen "Hall 5, Stand A18"
InoTec Organisationssysteme D-61200 Wölfersheim "Hall 3, Stand G30"
inside Unternehmensberatung D-26129 Oldenburg "Hall 4, Stand D04"
Insiders Technologies D-67657 Kaiserslautern "Hall 3, Stand D34"
Insignio D-34131 Kassel "Hall 6, Stand B06"
INTEC International D-72379 Hechingen "Hall 5, Stand A37"
Integrata D-70567 Stuttgart "Hall 4, Stand A26"
intellior D-70567 Stuttgart "Hall 5, Stand B49"
intex Informations-Systeme D-91207 Lauf "Hall 5, Stand E16"
IntraFind Software D-82152 Planegg "Hall 3, Stand D34"
inubit D-10785 Berlin "Hall 5, Stand A38"
IPML Institut für Produktionssteuerung D-09117 Chemnitz "Hall 5, Stand E
iQuest D-60329 Frankfurt "Hall 5, Stand B48"
I.R.I.S. D-52078 Aachen "Hall 3, Stand G30"
I.R.I.S. D-52078 Aachen "Hall 3, Stand H18"
ISGUS D-78054 Villingen-Schwenningen "Hall 6, Stand E14"
isi Medien D-81735 München "Hall 6, Stand A16"
ISIS Information System A-2344 Maria Enzersdorf "Hall 3, Stand D25"
isM D-39179 Barleben "Hall 5, Stand G28"
isonet CH-8048 Zürich "Hall 3, Stand G04"
i.syde Informationstechnik D-31609 Balge "Hall 6, Stand A36"
IT Schaller D-85092 Kösching "Hall 2, Stand F44"
ITcollection D-75428 Illingen "Hall 5, Stand B24"
itdesign D-72072 Tübingen "Hall 6, Stand C13, (C14)"
itelligence D-33605 Bielefeld "Hall 4, Stand C04"
itelligence D-33605 Bielefeld "Hall 5, Stand B24"
iTernity D-79111 Freiburg "Hall 3, Stand D34"
ITML D-75179 Pforzheim "Hall 5, Stand B30"
ITSoft ET-11000 Cairo "Hall 3, Stand J04"
IWiS IT-CONSULT D-10629 Berlin "Hall 6, Stand C13, (C14)"
ixto D-10117 Berlin "Hall 4, Stand A26"
i2S F-33608 Pessac Cedex "Hall 3, Stand D30"
Janich & Klass Computertechnik D-42281 Wuppertal "Hall 3, Stand J30"
JBoss D-12489 Berlin "Hall 2, Stand B50"
Join-in Tech VRC-200335 Shanghai "Hall 3, Stand J33"
Kaba D-63303 Dreieich "Hall 4, Stand D04"
Kaba D-63303 Dreieich "Hall 5, Stand A18"
kampus D-21509 Glinde "Hall 5, Stand C17"
kb-EDV D-32547 Bad Oeynhausen "Hall 5, Stand F15"
K+H Software D-82110 Germering "Hall 5, Stand D38"
KI D-33607 Bielefeld "Hall 5, Stand A16"
Kirtas Technologies NL-1322 CG Almere "Hall 3, Stand G04/1"
Kisters D-52068 Aachen "Hall 3, Stand H06"
Kodak D-70327 Stuttgart "Hall 3, Stand E30"
Kodak D-70327 Stuttgart "Hall 3, Stand G16"
Köditz Datensysteme D-30659 Hannover "Hall 5, Stand B16"
Kofax Deutschland D-79106 Freiburg "Hall 3, Stand G16"
Konica Minolta Business Solutions D-30855 Langenhagen "Hall 3, Stand J
Kriesten D-01445 Radebeul "Hall 3, Stand F30"
kühn & weyh Software D-79110 Freiburg "Hall 3, Stand D25"
KUMAvision D-88677 Markdorf "Hall 4, Stand A26"
Kuttig Computeranwendungen D-53840 Troisdorf "Hall 3, Stand H20"
Kuttig Computeranwendungen D-53840 Troisdorf "Hall 6, Stand A16"
LACOS Computerservice D-07937 Zeulenroda "Hall 5, Stand E28"
Lanos Computer D-33758 Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock "Hall 2, Stand A39"
Lebit Software & Consult D-10245 Berlin "Hall 4, Stand A26"
"Levi, Ray & Shoup" D-85399 Hallbergmoos "Hall 3, Stand D25"
Linear Software D-10969 Berlin "Hall 5, Stand G32"
LINTRASolutions D-39104 Magdeburg "Hall 4, Stand A26"
Livescribe "USA- Oakland, CA 94621" "Hall 2, Stand A20"
LogiSoft-S D-74072 Heilbronn "Hall 5, Stand B02"
Lünendonk D-87600 Kaufbeuren "Hall 6, Stand A16"
LuraTech Europe D-14057 Berlin "Hall 3, Stand D34"
macrosInnovation D-80335 München "Hall 3, Stand D34"
MADA Marx Datentechnik D-78052 Villingen-Schwenningen "Hall 6, Stand E06"
"Maison, Dr. & Partner" D-80639 München "Hall 2, Stand A20"
Malaysian Software Testing Board MAL-47100 Bandar Puchong Jaya "Hall 5,
Stand E50"
MARINGO Computers D-50933 Köln "Hall 5, Stand A18"
Maven Effect Research AUS-3102 Melbourne "Hall 5, Stand G46"
MD Hardware + Service D-26723 Emden "Hall 6, Stand A36"
MECALUX E-08940 Cornella de Llobregat "Hall 5, Stand C48"
medialine enterprise IT solutions D-65203 Wiesbaden "Hall 3, Stand F
MEKO-S D-28359 Bremen "Hall 6, Stand F22"
MEM Microelectronika BG-1750 Sofia "Hall 6, Stand H46"
MenalTech JOR-11184 Amman "Hall 6, Stand D46"
Mentana-Claimsoft D-31162 Bad Salzdetfurth "Hall 3, Stand D08"
Mention Software D-10115 Berlin "Open-air site (FG), Stand J11"
merkarion D-44149 Dortmund "Hall 6, Stand G16"
MESONIC Software D-27383 Scheeßel "Hall 5, Stand F18"
MessageLabs D-85609 Aschheim "Hall 2, Stand D21"
META-LEVEL Software D-66130 Saarbrücken "Hall 5, Stand D02"
Microdata D-20537 Hamburg "Hall 3, Stand E30"
Microform D-71332 Waiblingen "Hall 3, Stand J30"
Microsoft Deutschland D-85716 Unterschleißheim "Hall 2, Stand A20"
Microsoft Deutschland D-85716 Unterschleißheim "Hall 4, Stand A26"
Microsoft Deutschland D-85716 Unterschleißheim "Hall 4, Stand D04"
MINX Software und Service D-01099 Dresden "Hall 5, Stand E02"
M&M:Trading! Apple Premium Reseller D-22085 Hamburg "Hall 2, Stand A20"
MobileBits D-22767 Hamburg "Hall 4, Stand A26"
MODUS Consult D-33334 Gütersloh "Hall 3, Stand F30"
MODUS Consult D-33334 Gütersloh "Hall 4, Stand A26"
MosaIQ Software&Services RO-400609 Cluj Napoca "Hall 5, Stand B48"
Moscow State University (MGUPI) RUS-107996 Moscow "Hall 6, Stand D02"
movento D-68161 Mannheim "Hall 6, Stand C13, (C14)"
M+P Gruppe D-38114 Braunschweig "Hall 4, Stand A26"
MS-Consult EDV-Management D-64686 Lautertal "Hall 5, Stand B16"
mse D-88212 Ravensburg "Hall 4, Stand A26"
msg systems D-12347 Berlin "Hall 4, Stand A26"
M-SOFT Organisationsberatung D-49201 Dissen "Hall 6, Stand A35"
MT D-40882 Ratingen "Hall 2, Stand A10"
Musala Soft BG-1057 Sofia "Hall 6, Stand H46"
MyABCM CH-6302 Zug "Hall 6, Stand A16"
n³ data analysis - software development D-08606 Oelsnitz "Hall 5, Stand E
Nanjing Anxun Technology VRC-210009 Nanjing "Hall 3, Stand J33"
NEMETSCHEK OOD BG-1202 Sofia "Hall 6, Stand H46"
NetApp Deutschland D-85630 Grasbrunn "Hall 2, Stand B38"
Netezza D-80638 München "Hall 2, Stand A10"
NETRONIC Software D-52076 Aachen "Hall 5, Stand G22"
NetSoft Vertriebs D-33602 Bielefeld "Hall 5, Stand F15"
Network Concept D-35423 Lich "Hall 6, Stand C13, (C14)"
NEUSTA Business Intelligence D-28203 Bremen "Hall 6, Stand A36"
Nexory D-07545 Gera "Hall 3, Stand F30"
Niemeyer Consult D-38642 Goslar "Hall 5, Stand B16"
Nissen & Velten Software D-78333 Stockach "Hall 5, Stand C38"
"Noor Soft, Computer Research Center" IR-371853857 Qom "Hall 6, Stand F
Nork Information Analytical Center ARM-0069 Yerevan "Hall 6, Stand B
novem business application D-20097 Hamburg "Hall 2, Stand A10"
NOWIS D-26125 Oldenburg "Hall 3, Stand J18"
NOWIS D-26125 Oldenburg "Hall 5, Stand B24"
Numara Software D-70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen "Hall 3, Stand G07"
NUMENUS D-56070 Koblenz "Hall 4, Stand A26"
Océ-Deutschland D-45481 Mülheim "Hall 3, Stand A20, (3)"
OctoCon D-72474 Winterlingen "Hall 4, Stand A26"
One Click Solutions D-89428 Syrgenstein "Hall 3, Stand J20"
OpenERP B-1367 Grand-Rosière "Hall 5, Stand C04"
OPTIMAL SYSTEMS D-10709 Berlin "Hall 3, Stand J18"
OR Soft Jänicke D-06217 Merseburg "Hall 5, Stand B37"
ORAYLIS D-40468 Düsseldorf "Hall 4, Stand A26"
ORDAT D-35394 Gießen "Hall 4, Stand A26"
ORDIGES B-1200 Brussels "Hall 6, Stand B46"
ORGA D-76227 Karlsruhe "Hall 5, Stand A18"
OrgAnice Software D-12165 Berlin "Hall 2, Stand B50"
ORGAPLAN D-37154 Northeim "Hall 6, Stand A36"
ORISA Software D-07743 Jena "Hall 6, Stand D15"
OS X Business Park D-81929 München "Hall 2, Stand A20"
OSC Business Solutions D-20457 Hamburg "Hall 5, Stand A18"
OSC Smart Integration D-20457 Hamburg "Hall 5, Stand A18"
OS/P Solution D-30539 Hannover "Hall 5, Stand A16"
OSXpert D-56170 Bendorf "Hall 2, Stand A20"
"Ott, Wolfram & Partner" D-71282 Hemmingen "Hall 5, Stand C17"
oxaion D-76275 Ettlingen "Hall 5, Stand C28"
OXSEED D-33611 Bielefeld "Hall 3, Stand E30"
Panasonic Deutschland D-22525 Hamburg "Hall 3, Stand G16"
Parallels D-81829 München "Hall 2, Stand A20"
PARAT D-42897 Remscheid "Hall 2, Stand A20"
PAVONE D-33100 Paderborn "Hall 2, Stand F20"
pcm D-58089 Hagen "Hall 3, Stand F30"
PCS Systemtechnik D-81539 München "Hall 6, Stand E06"
PC-studio D-42697 Solingen "Hall 5, Stand A18"
PC-Ware Information Technologies D-D-04329 Leipzig "Hall 4, Stand A
"Perftech," SI-4260 Bled "Hall 5, Stand B02/1"
PFU Imaging Solutions D-80807 München "Hall 2, Stand A20"
PFU Imaging Solutions D-80807 München "Hall 3, Stand G16"
Pitney Bowes Deutschland D-64646 Heppenheim "Hall 3, Stand D16"
Pitney Bowes Software Europe D-81671 München "Hall 6, Stand A16"
PKN Datenkommunikation D-10247 Berlin "Hall 3, Stand F30"
PLANAT D-73760 Ostfildern "Hall 5, Stand G18"
PLAN:D D-90489 Nürnberg "Hall 3, Stand H18"
Plustek Technology D-22926 Ahrensburg "Hall 3, Stand F29"
PM Computer Services D-65520 Bad Camberg "Hall 2, Stand D21"
Pollak Software D-76227 Karlsruhe "Hall 6, Stand C13, (C14)"
Polynorm Software CH-8152 Glattbrugg/ZH "Hall 5, Stand A16"
proALPHA Software D-67685 Weilerbach "Hall 5, Stand E18"
PRODINF Software RO-110014 Pitesti "Hall 5, Stand B50"
PROFI Engineering Systems D-64293 Darmstadt "Hall 2, Stand A10"
Prointegra BG-9009 Varna "Hall 5, Stand B50/1"
ProjectWizards D-49324 Melle "Hall 2, Stand A20"
Projektron D-10117 Berlin "Hall 3, Stand A03"
Projektron D-10117 Berlin "Hall 3, Stand A03/2"
Promt D-20537 Hamburg "Hall 3, Stand E01"
ProServ D-61184 Karben "Hall 3, Stand E20"
protected-networks D-10555 Berlin "Hall 4, Stand A26"
PSIPENTA Software Systems D-10178 Berlin "Hall 5, Stand E16"
Qidenus Technologies A-1210 Vienna "Hall 3, Stand K30"
Qurius Deutschland D-22607 Hamburg "Hall 4, Stand A26"
RA-MICRO Software D-14532 Kleinmachnow "Hall 5, Stand D48"
Real Soft Advanced Applications JOR-11953 Amman "Hall 6, Stand D46"
relog-lohn D-30938 Burgwedel "Hall 6, Stand A36"
Research in Motion Deutschland D-65760 Eschborn "Hall 2, Stand A10"
RNC Consulting D-69126 Heidelberg "Hall 5, Stand B24"
ROCON D-27356 Rotenburg "Hall 5, Stand B16"
Rödl Dynamics D-48155 Münster "Hall 4, Stand A26"
RomSoft RO-700456 Lasi "Hall 5, Stand B48"
Ropardo RO-550129 Sibiu "Hall 5, Stand B48"
RR Systemhaus Reich D-10179 Berlin "Hall 5, Stand D01"
SaaS Distribution D-81929 München "Hall 4, Stand A26"
Sage bäurer D-78052 Villingen-Schwenningen "Hall 5, Stand B16"
Sage HR Solutions D-04229 Leipzig "Hall 5, Stand B16"
Sage Software D-60439 Frankfurt "Hall 5, Stand B16"
Sage Software D-41179 Mönchengladbach "Hall 5, Stand B16"
SAP D-69190 Walldorf "Hall 4, Stand D04"
SAP D-69190 Walldorf "Hall 5, Stand A18"
SAPERION D-10623 Berlin "Hall 3, Stand D34"
Satz-Rechen-Zentrum Hartmann+Heenemann D-12103 Berlin "Hall 3, Stand G30"
SBS Datensysteme D-03044 Cottbus "Hall 5, Stand D18"
SBS Software D-75015 Bretten "Hall 5, Stand F15"
SCA BR-04534-012 Sao Paulo SP "Hall 3, Stand E07"
SCE Software & Services D-81825 München "Hall 3, Stand G30"
SCHIFFL + Partner D-22761 Hamburg "Hall 2, Stand D34"
Schindler Technik D-12249 Berlin "Hall 2, Stand A10"
Schleupen D-76275 Ettlingen "Hall 2, Stand A30"
Schleupen D-31515 Wunstorf "Hall 3, Stand H18"
scholz.msconsulting D-47802 Krefeld "Hall 3, Stand D34"
Schott Systeme D-82205 Gilching "Hall 5, Stand D03"
SEAL Systems D-91341 Röttenbach "Hall 3, Stand D25"
SECTOR NORD D-26655 Westerstede "Hall 6, Stand K02, (11)"
sellmore D-01067 Dresden "Hall 6, Stand A16"
Semtation D-14471 Potsdam "Hall 4, Stand B02"
sepago D-51105 Köln "Hall 4, Stand A26"
SerVonic D-82140 Olching "Hall 4, Stand A26"
Shriv ComMedia Solutions IND- Delhi 110096 "Hall 6, Stand D21"
SIC Software Industrie Consult D-44137 Dortmund "Hall 4, Stand D11"
Siemens IT Solutions and Services D-81739 München "Hall 4, Stand A58"
SIEVERS-SNC Computer & Software D-49078 Osnabrück "Hall 4, Stand A26"
Signal Computer D-30167 Hannover "Hall 6, Stand G14"
Signavio D-10623 Berlin "Hall 6, Stand K02, (10)"
Simba Computer Systeme D-73760 Ostfildern "Hall 5, Stand B38"
Singhammer IT Consulting D-81379 München "Hall 4, Stand A26"
SIS Evosoft EDV A-1190 Vienna "Hall 6, Stand E06"
Sklenar A-1120 Vienna "Hall 3, Stand D25"
SLA Software Logistik Artland D-49610 Quakenbrück "Hall 4, Stand D11"
SMA Electronic Document D-61200 Wölfersheim "Hall 3, Stand E15/1"
Smart Cube Information Technology JOR-11910 Amman "Hall 6, Stand D46"
Softdata D-28876 Oyten "Hall 6, Stand A36"
SoftEd Systems D-01067 Dresden "Hall 4, Stand A26"
SoftENGINE D-76846 Hauenstein "Hall 5, Stand D18"
Softi9 - Inovacao Informatica P-3800-166 Aveiro "Hall 5, Stand D49"
SoftProject D-76275 Ettlingen "Hall 5, Stand F02"
Soft-Trade D-39576 Stendal "Hall 3, Stand F30"
Software D-64297 Darmstadt "Hall 4, Stand D11"
Software-Service Rethemeier D-32049 Herford "Hall 5, Stand B16"
solvito D-20457 Hamburg "Hall 2, Stand B20"
sones D-04109 Leipzig "Hall 4, Stand A26"
Sophos D-55116 Mainz "Hall 2, Stand D21"
soprotec D-71101 Schönaich "Hall 6, Stand K02, (9)"
Speed4Trade D-92655 Grafenwöhr "Hall 5, Stand D18"
SSBnet D-07745 Jena "Hall 3, Stand J18"
STA Tecnologia em Relacionamentos BR-04548-050 São Paulo SP SP "Hall 3,
Stand E07"
STARFACE D-76133 Karlsruhe "Hall 2, Stand A20"
"Starke, Bernhard" D-34121 Kassel "Hall 5, Stand F15"
Staude Foto Chemie D-61200 Wölfersheim "Hall 3, Stand E15/1"
Steeb Anwendungssysteme D-74232 Abstatt "Hall 5, Stand A18"
SteinhilberSchwehr D-78628 Rottweil "Hall 5, Stand C18"
Step Ahead D-82110 Germering "Hall 5, Stand A15"
STEP SOFT BG-1574 Sofia "Hall 6, Stand H46"
StepOver D-70329 Stuttgart "Hall 3, Stand B25"
StoneData D-31535 Neustadt "Hall 5, Stand F15"
Strategy Compass D-40235 Düsseldorf "Hall 6, Stand K02, (15)"
SugarCRM Deutschland D-80538 München "Hall 6, Stand B06"
SVA System Vertrieb Alexander D-65205 Wiesbaden "Hall 2, Stand A10"
Sybase D-40549 Düsseldorf "Hall 4, Stand D04"
SYMTRAX F-30035 Nimes "Hall 3, Stand H04"
SYSTEC D-33607 Bielefeld "Hall 3, Stand H18"
Systec Sistem Teknolojileri TR-80690 Istanbul "Hall 3, Stand G30"
Systema - Gesellschaft für D-33604 Bielefeld "Hall 5, Stand B24"
Systemum D-38106 Braunschweig "Hall 6, Stand A36"
T Komp PL-85-565 Bydgoszcz "Hall 5, Stand C50"
TAIFUN Software D-30966 Hemmingen "Hall 6, Stand G14"
Tangram TeleOffice D-71083 Herrenberg "Hall 5, Stand F38"
T.CON D-94447 Plattling "Hall 5, Stand B30"
TDAzlan D-81379 München "Hall 2, Stand F20"
TDSG D-30900 Wedemark "Hall 6, Stand A36"
tempIT D-89340 Leipheim "Hall 5, Stand D18"
thetakom D-64319 Pfungstadt "Hall 2, Stand F20"
tisoware D-72760 Reutlingen "Hall 6, Stand E13"
Topic Maps Lab D-04103 Leipzig "Hall 5, Stand E02"
TOPIX Informationssysteme D-85521 Ottobrunn "Hall 2, Stand A20"
treorbis D-20457 Hamburg "Hall 5, Stand B30"
Tri D Corpus HR-10370 Dugo Selo "Hall 6, Stand D18"
TRIAS D-56068 Koblenz "Hall 5, Stand A18"
Trovarit D-52062 Aachen "Hall 5, Stand G16"
T-Soft@Mail F-77340 PONTAULT-COMBAULT "Hall 2, Stand F20"
T-Systems International D-60528 Frankfurt "Hall 4, Stand D26"
T-Systems Multimedia Solutions D-01129 Dresden "Hall 4, Stand A26"
tutum D-90762 Fürth "Hall 3, Stand G20"
ubitexx D-81541 München "Hall 4, Stand A26"
Ugra Research Institute RUS-628011 Khanty-Mansiysk "Hall 6, Stand D02"
UNIORG Services D-44269 Dortmund "Hall 2, Stand A20"
UNIORG Services D-44269 Dortmund "Hall 5, Stand A18"
UNIRENT EDV-Systemtechnik D-24576 Bad Bramstedt "Hall 5, Stand E28"
United Planet D-79098 Freiburg "Hall 2, Stand A20"
United Planet D-79098 Freiburg "Hall 4, Stand A26"
UNITY D-33142 Büren "Hall 4, Stand B02"
uptime ITechnologies A-1030 Vienna "Hall 6, Stand D05"
URANO Informationssysteme D-55543 Bad Kreuznach "Hall 4, Stand A26"
UTAX DocForms D-44287 Dortmund "Hall 3, Stand J18"
VD Media D-30880 Laatzen "Hall 6, Stand A36"
Verax Systems PL-61-512 Poznan "Hall 5, Stand B04"
Vertec CH-8003 Zürich "Hall 5, Stand G35"
Vis-à-pix D-14473 Potsdam "Hall 2, Stand A10"
Vision Objects F-44300 Nantes "Hall 3, Stand E29"
VISIONDATA business consult D-22335 Hamburg "Hall 4, Stand A26"
Visual Paradigm International HK-SAR Cheung Sha Wan "Hall 5, Stand A50"
VLEXconsulting D-95326 Kulmbach "Hall 5, Stand A16"
VMware Global D-85716 Unterschleißheim "Hall 2, Stand A10"
VOI D-53123 Bonn "Hall 3, Stand D33"
VRG HR D-26125 Oldenburg "Hall 6, Stand A35"
VSB Solutions D-96215 Lichtenfels "Hall 2, Stand F21"
WEBMAXX D-80809 München "Hall 4, Stand A26"
WEKO INFORMATIK D-37441 Bad Sachsa "Hall 5, Stand B16"
WEKO Informatik D-99734 Nordhausen "Hall 3, Stand G20"
We4IT D-28357 Bremen "Hall 6, Stand F22"
Wiberg Solutions D-85399 Hallbergmoos "Hall 5, Stand G18"
windream D-44799 Bochum "Hall 3, Stand J20"
Winshuttle "USA- Bothell, WA, WA 98012" "Hall 5, Stand A03"
WJ&P Systemhaus D-68219 Mannheim "Hall 3, Stand G20"
WMD Vertrieb D-22926 Ahrensburg "Hall 3, Stand H18"
woelke it-solution D-33100 Paderborn "Hall 3, Stand F30"
WOLF IT Consulting D-66892 Bruchmühlbach-Miesau "Hall 5, Stand C51"
Wortmann D-32609 Hüllhorst "Hall 4, Stand A26"
xax managing data & information D-28359 Bremen "Hall 6, Stand F22"
Xenos - an Acutate Company D-60329 Frankfurt "Hall 3, Stand D25"
xft D-69190 Walldorf "Hall 4, Stand D04"
xt:Commerce A-6020 Innsbruck "Hall 5, Stand D18"
YACHT TECCON Engineering D-28816 Stuhr "Hall 6, Stand D22"
YAVEON D-44227 Dortmund "Hall 4, Stand A26"
Yozosoft VRC-214135 Wuxi "Hall 5, Stand C03"
Zarafa Deutschland D-30159 Hannover "Hall 2, Stand D40"
Zeutschel D-72070 Tübingen "Hall 3, Stand H15"
Zissor N-1366 Lysaker "Hall 3, Stand K26"
1C Germany D-46049 Oberhausen "Hall 5, Stand B45"
3NET EDV Netzwerk D-20537 Hamburg "Hall 2, Stand A20"