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Times/Review Newspapers Presents the


TO: 2011 Bob Wall Memorial Tennis Tournament Participants

FROM: Jim Christy, Tournament Director
RE: Tournament Information

The Bob Wall Summer Tennis Tournament, sponsored by Times/Review Newspapers of

Mattituck, will be held over a six-week period this summer from the last weekend in June
through the last weekend in July. A portion of the proceeds from this year’s tournament
will be directed to assist with the rehabilitation of Robert Wall, a former Riverhead High
School tennis player left paralyzed following a boating/diving accident. Robert is the son
of Bob Wall, the late founder of this tournament. Additional proceeds will support
college scholarships for North Fork area student-athletes.

1. The registration deadline is Saturday, June 18. The fee per player per event is $15.
Individual championships will be in the following divisions: open women’s singles, open
men’s singles, men’s 50 and older singles, women’s doubles, men’s doubles, men’s 50
and older doubles, and mixed doubles. There must be a minimum of eight participants in
each division. Applications are available at the Southold Recreation center and at
Times/Review Newspapers in Mattituck. The mail-in registration deadline is Friday,
June 17. Applications should be addressed to:

Bob Wall Tennis Tournament

c/o Jim Christy
PO Box 564
Mattituck NY 11952

2. Participation is open to players who are available to play matches throughout the six-
week period. No exceptions, please.

3. The draws and seedings will be made by the committee after registration closes. Calls
will be made to one player in each match. That player will be given an opponent’s name
and number and it is his or her responsibility to schedule the match immediately. Copies
of the draw sheet will be available upon request from the tournament director after
Wednesday, June 22.
4. All matches must be played within seven days of notification. Scheduling conflicts or
extensions should be discussed immediately with tournament director in order to avoid
inconveniencing opponents. Failure to play scheduled match will result in a forfeit. As
determined by the tournament director.

5. Play can begin as soon as opponents can agree on a time within the first week.

6. Matches must be played at a mutually agreed upon court. If contestants cannot agree
on a court and a time, the decision of the director will be final.

7. All matches are best two-of-three sets. (12-point tiebreaker at six-all).

8. All contestants should bring a new can of optic yellow Wilson or Penn (U.S.T.A.
approved) tennis balls to each match. Match winner keeps un-opened can.

9. Match winner(s) must report results to the tournament director on the day the match is
played. Call Jim Christy at 298-8085 with scores. Please leave a complete message on
telephone answering machine (winner’s name, loser’s name, set scores, tiebreaker
scores). Subsequent matches will be assigned as soon as next opponent is known.

10. All semi-final matches must be completed by Thursday, July 28.

11. Final matches will be played on Saturday, July 30, at Tasker Park on Peconic Lane
in Peconic.

12. Trophies will be awarded to the champion(s) in each division. Winners and runners-
up will receive merchandise prizes.

13. In the event of inclement weather, the championship finals will be played on Sunday,
July 31.

SAVE TIME: Register by mail by June 17.

Sponsors (Releases): Times/Review Newspapers Corp., Tournament Director Jim
Christy and members of the Tournament Organizing Committee, and the Town of
Recitals: Sponsors are sponsoring the Times/Review Newspapers Summer Tennis
Tournament. Participant desires to participate in the tournament and is willing to release
sponsors from all past, present, and future claims arising out of the tournament in order to
Release: Participant is voluntarily entering the Times/Review Newspapers Summer
Tennis Tournament and assumes all risks of competing. In consideration of being
permitted to compete, Participant releases Sponsors from all claims, damages and cause
of action which now exist or may arise as a result of participation in the tournament. This
release is binding on the participant, his or her spouse, heirs, legal representatives and
assigns. Participant is knowingly and voluntarily executing this release with the intention
of relieving the sponsors from any liability with respect to the tournament.

In witness whereof, the participant has signed his release this day of:
______________________ 2011


Parent or Guardian (if entrant under age 18)_________________________________

Participant (Releasor):

Name: _______________________________________Phone: ____________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________

Partner’s Name: ______________________________ Phone: ____________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________

 Men’s Singles  Men’s 50+ Singles

 Women’s Singles  Women’s Doubles
 Men’s Doubles  Mixed Doubles  Men’s 50+ Doubles
Entry Fee is $15 per player per event.
(Note: Draw sheets will be sent to all participants who submit a stamped, self-addressed
envelope with their entry.)

Applications should be addressed to:

Bob Wall Tennis Tournament
c/o Jim Christy
PO Box 564
Mattituck NY 11952
Mailed entries must be received by noon Friday, June 17, 2011.
For information, please call Jim Christy at 631-298-8085.

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