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Corporate HQ in San Jose, CA, USA Operations across north America, Europe and APAC regions A strong track record of delivering excellence over a decade 100 % referenceable customers 250+ engagements across the globe 80+ long-term client partnerships 12 Global delivery centers Backed by leading financial institutions like Goldman Sachs and Sierra Ventures ISO27001 certified for security management

A PIONEER IN CLOUD COMPUTING CSS Corp, a pioneer in cloud technologies and services, oers cloud enablement services that help organizations utilize the cloud infrastructure eectively and eciently. CSS Corp oers solutions and services for Enterprises, Service Providers and Software Vendors. If you are an enterprise, CSS Corp can help your organization leverage public and private clouds. If you are a service provider, CSS Corp can help you build turn-key cloud oerings that you can take to market and expand your portfolio. If you are a software vendor, CSS Corp can help you deliver your product as a SaaS oering leveraging the cloud infrastructure. CSS Corp has built a strong portfolio of tools and platforms that are used to develop and deliver unique solutions for our customers. CSS Corp has a dedicated team of engineers, located around the world that delivers cloud enablement services to our clients. As a long standing Amazon Web Service Solution Provider, CSS Corp helps our clients design, build, test, operate, manage and support cloud based solutions utilizing Amazon Web Services. CSS CORP CLOUD SERVICES CSS Corp Cloud Services portfolio includes Cloud Design Services, Cloud Management Services and Cloud Infrastructure and Application Support Services. CSS Corp Cloud Services are backed by a robust ready-made portfolio of tools and platforms.
Cloud Design,Orchestration, Automation & Testing Services
AMI/ App Development Provisioning Deployment Automations Backup / Restore Automation Application Optimization Application & Infrastructure Testing Peak Load Management Portal Development


Full life cycle of cloud services including design, build, operate and support Robust, ready-made building blocks for cloud enablement Global cloud expertise, talented engineers and referenceable customers Technology agnostic solutions with value based pricing models

Cloud Monitoring & Management Services

Instance management Application specic monitoring and Management Auto-scaling Auto deployment of agents Application specic agent conguration Agent-less monitoring 24 x 7 NOC and Tier 1, 2, 3 delivered from US & India SLA Management

Cloud Support Services

24 x 7 Customer Support services 24 x 7 Technical Assistance services Multi-lingual delivered from US, Poland, Philippines and India Multi-channel including voice, web, chat and email support Knowledge Engineering SLA Management

Dynamic Scalability Agility High Availability Redundancy Reduced Operational Costs


CSS CORP CLOUD TOOLS AND PLATFORMS CSS Corp has developed innovative, web-based tools to seamlessly leverage Amazon Web Services. These tools and platforms include the following:


Lifecycle Support Services Portfolio
Design , Operate Build and Support

Technical Depth and Expertise

Robust building blocks and Enablement Toolset

Business Alignment

Technology Agnostic Value Based Pricing




CSS CORP CLOUD TOOLS CloudBuddy Enterprise: A tool for Amazon-S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service) users to readily store and manage data on the cloud through an easy-to-use virtual desktop. CloudBuddy Analytics: An open source web-based tool with an intuitive interface that quickly generates exhaustive, accurate statistical reports for clients. Cloud Smart: An ANT-based automated deployment tool specically designed and developed for managing a client's cloud infrastructure. CSS CORP CLOUD PLATFORMS CloudTestGo: An on-demand, pay-as-you-go, performance testing solution that enables clients to load test all their products, including web and non-web applications and services, in the cloud, on a per need basis. CloudTestGo allows clients to swiftly and cost-eectively create a real world load-testing environment, without having to invest in complex infrastructures, new hardware or expensive software licensing. Cloud Vault: A platform that ensures the smooth transition of clients' email archives into a cloud environment while alleviating the challenges of the technology involved. Cloud Wizard: A cloud-based Lotus Notes Codes Generation platform that helps reduce the time taken by clients to develop Lotus Notes applications. CSS CORP ADVANTAGE Rich experience in enterprise-class solution development on the cloud backbone Automation capabilities and expertise in enterprise solution provisioning Rich consulting experience with global companies

EXPANDING THE FRONTIERS OF IT EFFICIENCY CSS Corp, is a premier global provider of IT operations services including application support, performance engineering, QA/testing, and sales & customer support. With over 4000 employees spread over eleven global service delivery centersand 80+ referenceable customers, CSS Corp consistently provides the highest level of IT operations service quality. CSS Corp Infrastructure Management division provides outsourced technology operations management on behalf of Global 2000 enterprises and leading service providers. Using a combination of sophisticated management systems, process expertise, and skilled technical sta, we help our clients improve IT service quality, maintain regulatory compliance, reduce operational expenses, increase revenue and realize competitive advantage INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT OFFERINGS Our Infrastructure Management services include: Infrastructure Management Desktop Management Services IT Helpdesk and Service Desk Messaging Services Business Analytics/BI Performance Testing & Virtualization CONTACT US To learn more or discuss how we can help you, contact or visit

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