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Sydney Whale Watching Saturday 28 May 2011 - Friday 30 September 2011 Experience the excitement of a whale watching aboard True Blue Cruises. We offer half day morning and afternoon trips combined with Sydneys famous attraction pass.

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An Artist in our Midst P.4 Carbon Tax P.6 Internet Security P.8 Cooking P.9 Crosswords P.10 Rubiks Cube P.12 Right at First Sight P.14 Team Profile P.16 Recruitment P.18

Outdoor Movie Screening: Scott of the Antarctic (1948) Wednesday 22 June 2011 - Wednesday 22 June 2011

on his trek across the Antarctic to be first to the South Pole.

Wednesday 04 May 2011 - Sunday 09 October 2011 2 hour Hands On Sail 101 Be welcomed at the SBS Base (Festival Pontoon at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour) by your experienced skipper who will show you onboard a luxury yacht and give you a full safety briefing before setting sail on the high seas of Sydney Harbour.

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This is your chance to join Robert Falcon Scotts ill-fated expedition first hand as you travel with him


ORS Burwood Life Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the maiden edition of the Coast Connect Community Newspaper. This newspaper allows job seekers to gain valuable on the job training in writing, researching, photographic journalism and graphic design. We endeavour to bring to our readers a well rounded Central Coast focused publication that encapsulates all facets of the community from current affairs and social issues to entertainment and local achievers, all the while promoting the skills of our hard working job seekers to launch them back into gainful employment. From time to time there will be profiles of our job seekers within our editions, and we would like to use this publication not only as an informative medium but to showcase the vast array of highly skilled job seekers on our team. We are extremely proud of the hard work and dedication of our team that has made this first edition possible. Happy reading!

Burwood Life Issue 01 July 2011


Suite 1, Level 4 Railway Parade Burwood NSW 2134 Telephone : (02) 9191 3744 Facsimile : (02) 9191 3750 Editor Editorial Assistant Contributing Writers Kim Hayes Chris Kolman Goran Tmusic Shahid Fawa Ramesh Padarisham Alexander Brand Michael Brett Joseph Perri Francis Kwun Murtaz Malak Victor Xu Saladino Lopes David Drake Joseph S Abdul Quetz Cordelia Kelis Lee Wang Roxanne Dawson Stephen Xen Mohan Atishwar

Design & Page Layout

An Artist in our Midst

Goran Tmusic
We didnt have to look far when we were deciding on a local artist to interview for this edition. When we approached Goran Tmusic, who happened to be working on the newspaper team at the time, he seemed very puzzled and questioned as to why we would like to write about him? Who wants to hear about me? he asked! Read on and youll find what we found so engaging! At the age of 24 and after completing a degree at the prestigious Academy of Art in Belgrade, Goran went on to Florence to complete a post graduate course. On coming to Australia in 1992, he was employed by the Serbian Orthodox Church in Alexandria for two years where he painted the entire interior of the church from the ceiling to the walls. A massive job that we found absolutely breathtaking when we visited to take photos. From 1999 to 2004 Goran worked on private residential buildings and various projects in Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong. T r a v e l l i n g b a c k a n d f o r t h f r o m S y d n e y. Gorans abilities are not limited to painting and drawing. He has utilized his abilities in commercial and commissioned projects such He is presently working on a series of paintings and plans to hold an exhibition in the near future. Goran would also like to pass on his skills to future generations in his specific areas of talents by starting his own school of arts and/or private mentoring. By Chris Coleman & Alexander Breitkreuz

as gilding, special niture restoration , listed buildings. He vision animation on known childrens TV Ta b a l u g a t o n a m e a

finishes, murals, furantiques and heritage has also worked in teleshows such as the well series Blinky Bill and f e w.

Born in Serbia, Goran discovered a passion for drawing & art at an early age. Goran describes it as an obsession and memories of his childhood are completely dominated by drawing, painting & creative expression.

The Reality of

Carbon Tax

ment. Australian economy has been supported by affordable power from profusion of coal and an absence of global agreement will remove this advantage. If businesses continue to emit carbon dioxide, they would be imposed with a carbon tax. However if they decide to adopt alternatives, they most likely will have to invest in new products, services and operations that are dependent on these alternatives. For some businesses it may be cheaper to pay high carbon tax than considering the alternative which is making huge capital investment and/or cutting jobs. Benefits of Carbon Tax It encourages businesses and consumers to develop more efficient and cleaner alternatives to carbon emissions. Impact on Household Costs Documents released by the Australian treasury reveled that under a $30 per ton carbon tax would cost an average Australian household $860 a year or $16 per week. The majority of increase would come through increased petrol prices ($ 187), gas ($ 114), electricity ($218) and food ($88). However, the families in the lowest income bracket would see a net decrease in average annual costs leading to a claim that it will revenue neutral. Impact on Companies Carbon Tax will have a major impact on the Australian exports considering the fact that they would have to compete with other global exporters with no carbon tax imposed upon them. This would impact the Australian job market. Hence, to reduce global emission in the most economical manner, one would need a global agreeEncourages more people to cycle or walk to work which would have health benefits such as lower risk of heart diseases. More possibilities to generate electricity from greener sources (Solar, Wind) and rely less on limited supplies of oil and coal whuch leads to a socially efficient outcome by making people pay the cost for the environment. Problems of Carbon Tax It is uncertain that carbon emissions will decline if the expenditure of goods and services that produce these emissions remain impassive to price increases. It is difficult to implement the exact level of tax and costs to produce the best outcome. Possibilities of tax evasion by firms emitting the carbon emissions and higher cost of administrating these taxes.

What is a Carbon Tax? Carbon tax is the tax imposed on the emissions of greenhouse gases that are contents of the fuel (Petroleum, Coal and Natural gas). Carbon atoms present in fossil fuels are released when they are burnt. Carbon tax is designed to limit these gases that cause global warming. Under the carbon tax scheme the companies would have to purchase every ton of pollution emitted into the atmosphere. Moreover if the companies do not use all their permits, they can sell them under cap and trade scheme for profits. Economic Impact of Carbon Tax Carbon pricing is a hotly debated issue and often considered as the main solution to prevent global warming. Economically pollution is considered as a negative externality a negative effect on the society resulting in a market failure. Some skeptics believe that putting a price on carbon emission will jeopardize the economy.

Consumers will dislike the new taxes and other indirect costs imposed upon them and often disagree with the Revenue Neutral theory. Companies/ Exporters may shift their production overseas where there is less or no carbon tax to compete with global market resulting in job loss.

Public support for various initiatives reveals a preference for policies that hide costs, such as tax breaks or emissions caps, over policies that have transparent costs like a Carbon Tax. In the end, policies with hidden costs are likely to cost the public more money through higher product prices, higher overall taxes, or decreases in other public services like education and health care. In order to truly evaluate public opinion on how to address the issue of global warming and carbon tax policies, the public needs to be better informed about the true costs of the options. By Ramesh P

Protect yourself

Internet Security
the users personal computer. Trojan A Trojan is a program that may appear to be legitimate, but in fact does something malicious. Trojans are often used to gain backdoor access, that is to say remote, surreptitious access to a users system. Trojans do not replicate as viruses do, nor make copies of themselves as worms do. These are sometimes referred to as a Remote Access Trojans or RATS. Anti-Malwares In order to fight against malwares, people develop another type of software that detects and removes malware. It is called ant-malware. There are many anti-malware products out there, some of them charges for subscription licence, but there are also free anti-malwares available for downloads. These anti-malwares employ various methods and techniques in virus and malware detection, which most can be classified in two categories: database matchup and behaviour recognition. Many of the anti-malwares uses both methods in conjunction to maximize the range of detecting viruses and malwares. Database Matching The database matchup method requires your computer to keep a list of digital fingerprints of the known malware on your local drive. Those digital fingerprints uniquely identifies different viruses and malwares. Those anti-malwares scam suspicious files and matches the traces against the list and will raise an alert upon detection. Since the detection relies on the database of virus fingerprints, it is essential to keep the database updated, because new viruses and malwares are being released every day. The most common way to update is connecting to the server of the ant-malware manufacturer and downloading their patches. The downside of this detection method is that the updates for new viruses always come out after a victim reports to the anti-malware manufacturer, during which time they are continuing to spread via the internet. Behaviour recognition The behaviour recognition method works differently. It monitors the critical areas of yourcomputer system and what each program is trying to access. It then analyses the patterns and distinguishes those programs that behaves differently to normal applications, such as modifying the registry or replicating password information. However while offering higher level of protection than database matching methods, there is a higher risk for behaviour recognition to raise a false alarm. It depends on the settings and user definitions on abnormal program activities to detect malwares, so it may sometimes be a hassle to set exceptions for all safe applications behaving suspiciously. Response to Detection Once an alert is raised, there aredifferent options for the user to choose how to respond to it. The most common response is quarantine or delete. Quarantine puts the file in a reserved space set by the anti-malware program and can be recovered later if you find that it is a alarm. By deleting the infected files, the virus or malware can be removed from your computer, but itll risk damaging the files which are needed for other programs to work or even the operating systems. Therefore considerations should be made before removing the detected viruses and malwares. Protect Yourself. Despite some viruses and malwares can be successfully removed after infection, most of them are very difficult to clean completely. The best protection for your computer system is always not to get infected . Here are some tips that will help you stay safe. Install and update ant-malware. Choose a security product according to your needs and keep it updated, but beware of some malwares in disguise and pretend to be antmalware Do not open files from unknown source Not only malwares can appear to be a normal file, they can sometimes attach themselves to other files to get executed Keep personal credentials safe The safest place to keep your passwords is in your head. Log in through official websites of the services you signed up for. General caution when using internet. This is basically it. We hope that everybody can have an enjoyable internet experience. By David D, Victor X & Lee W

The Internet has become an integral part of our everyday life. Despite its many of the internet users have only a slight idea about the threats associated with internet usage,and how they can protect themselves from those dangers. This article gives a brief introduction to the basic concepts of everyday internet security. Malwares Almost all of the hostile encounters of average internet users can be linked to malwares. Malware is short for malicious software, ie programs designed to harm your computer computer system or steal your information. There are a few types of commonly seen malwares. Virus Computer viruses are small software programs that are designed to spread from one computer to another and to interfere with computer operation. A virus might corrupt or delete data on your computer, use your e-mail program to spread itself to other computers, or even erase everything on your hard disk. Adware & Spyware Adware or advertising supported software, is any software package which automatically plays, displays or downloads advertisements to a computer. These advertisements can be in the form of a pop up. The object of the adware is to generate revenue for its author. Adware by itself is harmless: however some adware may come with integrated spyware such as key loggers and other privacy invasive software. Spyware is a type of malware that can be installed on computers and which collects small pieces of information about users without their knowledge. The presence of spyware is typically hidden from the user and can be difficult to detect. Typically spyware is secretly installed on

Cooking with

2 piece beef fillet steak (200g) 2 onions 3 shallots 4 cloves of garlic 1 cup of mixed vegetables

12 45

6 8 9

1 tsp sugar 1tsp brandy 1 cup of brown sauce black pepper to sauce





14 15 16 17 18 19

Trim and wipe steak Wrap up with towel and shape into 11/2 thick in round pieces Heat pan with 2tbsp oil. Shallow fry fillet steak over high till 40% cooked Mash shallot, garlic, onion to saute in heated pan. Sizzle in Brandy. Flame and return steak into pan to fry for 2 seconds. Remove onto hot iron platter. Arrange mixed vegetables on one side. Stir brown sauce into remaining liquor in pan. Simmer for a while then season to taste. Pour into gravy plate to serve.

Across 3. A large animal with a long neck, that lives in a desert and has one or two humps on its back. 4.A type of reptile which stopped existing about 65 millionyears ago. 6.A bird with a flat face, large eyes and strong curved claws which hunts small mammals at night. 8.A small creature similar to an insect with eight thin legs which catches other insects in a web. 9.A sea mammal that is large, smooth and gray with a long pointed mouth. 14.In ancient stories an imaginary bird which set fire to itself and was born again rising from the ashes. 16.Very large grey mammal which has a trunk which it can pick things up with. 18. A large strong bird with a curved beak.

Down 1.A large animal with four legs which people ride on or use for carrying or pulling vehicles. 2.A large wild animal of the cat family with yellowish orange fur with black stripes. 3.A large reptile with a hard skin that lives in and near rivers and lakes in humid parts of the world. 5.A large fish that has sharp teeth and a triangular fin on its back which can sometimes be seen above water. 7.A black and white sea bird which cannot fly, but uses its small wings to swim underwater. 10.A very large sea mammal that breathes air through a hole at the top of its head. 11.An animal that lives in hot countries, that has a long tail and climbs trees. 12. A large black and white mammal similar to a bear that lives in a forest in China.



There are different types of Rubiks Cubes with up to seven layers: Pocket/ Mini Cube 2x2x2 Standard Cube 3x3x3 Master Cube - 4x4x4

Professors Cube 5x5x5

V-Cube 6 6x6x6

V-Cube 7 7x7x7

Erno Rubik was born in Budapest, Hungary in 13 July 1944. Erno Rubik was an Interior Designer and an Architect in Budapest and in 1974 he became the creator of the Rubiks Cube, which is a three dimensional puzzle that became a Worldwide sensation in the early 1980s.

Tetrahedron (Pyraminx)

These Twisty Puzzles come in different shapes Octahedron Dodecahedron (Skewb Diamond) (Megaminx)

Icosahedrons (Dogic)

Rubiks Cube Facts With over 350 million Rubiks Cubes sold worldwide, if all the Cubes were placed on top of each other they would reach the top of Mount Everest a staggering 1,937 times! There are also official records for solving the Cube one-handed (currently held by Swedens Gunnar Krig in 13:80 seconds), blindfolded (Haiyan Zhuang of China in 35:96 seconds) and with the feet (Anssi Vanhala of Finland in 36.72 seconds). The current World Rubiks Speedcubing Champion is teenager Breandan Vallance from Scotland with an average solving time of 10.74 seconds. Erno Rubiks Quotes For me, it was never about speed, it was about looking at a problem and finding the solution. So I can solve it, but not very fast. The Cube is part of me because I designed it, I created it. Its my child, if you like. But its not a newborn. When you have children you spend a lot of time with them when theyre young, nurturing them. But when they grow up they develop a life of their own and you dont need to be with them all the time anymore. The Cube is like that. The benefits from playing Rubiks cube are: Improves hand, brain and Eye coordination Twisting the layers and the columns and combining each of the six faces to connect the six set of colours in their respective place. Keeps the mind sharp in old age - Thinking games such as puzzles are games that are more likely to prevent dementia. Increases concentration When the brain is stimulated through playing the Rubiks Cube we exercise our thinking and analytical skills which keeps the mind in focus. The Challenge When the Rubiks Cube challenge is conquered the person feels a sense of accomplishment and self worth. By Alex D

Right at First Sight

Making a first impression
Why first impressions count? Keeping eye contact with a person is crucial and shows that you are focused and it shows you are giving the person the attention that they expect from you. This not only elevates a persons respect for you but also makes them feel that you are listening to them. A first impression can be beneficial in certain situations; most common examples used on the subject are job interv i e w s . Yo u c a n h a v e a d e g r e e i n r o c k e t science, or an honours in physics but if you walk into a job interview wearing a singlet and thongs you wont go very far can almost guarantee that! Personal hygiene cannot be over Lets say youre shopping at a chocolooked. If you have forgotten to take late store for the first time and you a shower in the morning and have a create a great first impression, and you c a s e o f n a s t y b o d y o d o u r, n o m a t t e r v i s i t t h a t s h o p a g a i n t h e n e x t w e e k t o how positive you come across or how buy chocolate and youre served by the good you look, smells have a way of same shop assistant and she says that stimulating emotions in other people she will give you a discount because and if its not a particularly nice smell youre a great person, all because you i t c r e a t e s a v e r y b a d i m p r e s s i o n , b u t c r e a t e d a s o l i d f i r s t i m p r e s s i o n . Ve r y its pretty much common sense to make simple but very effective and can make sure your personal hygiene is up to life that little bit easier for yourself. scratch. Listening is also a crucial skill to creating a great first impression. Paraphrasing and repeating what the person is saying back to them is a great way to start if you feel your listening skills are not up to scratch, this is important as well as it will help you understand and communicate with other people on a different level. By Alex Breitkreuz & Francis Kwun

In life inevitably we will meet different kinds of people whether they turn out to be friends, acquaintances or lovers, how they interact with us and by the way they look and behave for the first time is what forms an impression in our minds of that particular person as many of us know too well. Ever notice catching a good impression of someone you meet new and you think this person seems like a friendly and polite person thats because they have certain skills and they know exactly what to do to make a first impression. Creating a lasting first impression Of all things before you even think of trying to make an impression is to make sure you have the right attitude, as we all know an attitude is how we view a particular event, task, person etc. Cultivating a strong positive attitude as a foundation for making a first impression will see to it that you get it right.

Wear appropriate clothing for the right occasion. For example you wouldnt wear white to a funeral, or you wouldnt dress in your underwear to go shopping. If you are dressed right for the occasion not only will it elevate your confidence, but will proje c t t h a t c o n f i d e n c e o n t o o t h e r s . Yo u dont have to spend lots of money to look good, even just a trip to Lowes can get you an outfit for under $80 and still look like youve spent $400 on your clothes. Body Posture is also an important f a c t o r, i f y o u a r e w a l k i n g a r o u n d w i t h you back straight and upright, this gives an impression for someone that has a sense of inner confidence, who is of importance and value and can be considered an asset, all without even opening their mouth. Shaking Hands is often overlooked by most people but can generate a good sense of friendliness and professionalism to a person if done at the right time, also shows that you are engaged and are willing to interact with the person you are dealing with.

For more information please contact or visit your nearest ORS branch

in a environment in which I can creatively apply

Alexander B I have an optimistic character with a great sense of humour complimented with a cando, anything is possible philosophy outlook towards life. Have a strong background in customer service working in retail in the food and electronic sector. During the course of my career I have developed extensive computer skills, including skills with Microsoft power point, Word, Excel, have experience in building desktop computers from scratch. I am currently aiming for career to work in an office and am very passionate and confident in my skills to perform well in that environment. Have had a little office experience, able to work in a fast paced environment, handle stress and meet deadlines. Have strong communication skills, am articulate and have the ability to problem solve with excellent time-management skills, I have been hired for companies such as Mcdonalds, Bing lee, Krispy Kreme, The Good Guys and Amaysim. Over the course of my 8 years I have seen what it takes to deliver premium customer service and get a deep sense of satisfaction from helping people and enjoy seeing customers call back and compliment how great their experience from my service was. Joseph P Joseph is looking for work as a Clerical Assistant or Activity Aid. He has good communication skills and an excellent phone manner. He is proficient in Microsoft word and Powerpoint. Joseph has experience in organising activities.

Meet the Team

Chris K Chris is looking for work in retail, sales, customer service, massage/counselling or construction work. He is passionate, articulate, well prepared and always pays close attention to detail. His personal strengths are that he is organized, motivated, punctual and dedicated. He has previous experience in massage/ counselling, sales, retail, corporate security, charity, case management, delivery driving and construction and also able to provide a high level of customer service Chris is also reliable, articulate, well presented, hard working and posseses a natural abilty to engage and motivate others. Shahid Q My academic qualification is Masters in Business Administration (MBA) with specialization in Management Information Systems (MIS). Overall I have more than 20 years working experience in IT and served the companies in Service, Financial and Manufacturing sector. During these years I have gained a vast experience vendor management, development & monitoring of training schedules, negotiation and management of SLAs, management and coordination of I.T Projects, ERPs implementations, Software Applications development. Have served in managerial positions and have communication skills of dealing with all management levels. Dino T I am looking for a job within the media, entertainment and arts sector. A chance to work Cordelia Cordeilia would like to obtain a customer service oriented position for an opportunity to gain more experience and knowledge in a progressive industry. I am sure that applying myself to this role I will be a valuable asset for any employer. I have excellent work ethnics and customer service skills and experience in all aspects of retail. I am honest, reliable and diligent and have the ability to work independently or as a part of a team. In my past employment I have demonstrated the ability to work in a busy environment requiring time management and organisation skills. I also have excellent communications skills and the ability to speak English, Chinese & Vietnamese fluently. Joseph S A post-graduate engineering student keen to gain an entry level position in a project management related role. He has extensive experience in customer relations and excellent knowledge of Microsoft products along with his prior work in drafting and design. He is resourceful, hard-working and honest; able to work unsupervised or as part of a team; a keen eye for detail and a good work ethic with an out-going personality.

myself and collaborate with like minded individuals. With a background in Graphic Design and having recently graduated from Diploma in Screen and Media, I not only have a comprehensive understanding of many industry standard graphic programs, but experience in various media ranging from print, web, digital media, film and television. My key strengths lie in my ability to adapt to most situations. I communicate well with colleagues and superiors, work independently or with team members, under pressure and within given deadlines. Ramesh P I have recently graduated with a Masters in Applied Finance from Macquarie University, Australia. I bring along a strong grasp of fundamentals in Finance and Engineering, an insiders experience of an emerging financial market, a penchant for teamwork and leadership and a zest for challenges. I would like to take with me in addition to the knowledge of the latest theory and practices in the field of Finance and Engineering, a network of strong and lasting relationships with my employer and colleagues, on which to further grew. I possess both written and verbal communication skills, advanced understanding of Microsoft Office programs including programming in Excel using VBA.Prior to joining the Macquarie University, I was working as a Research Analyst covering various sectors with ASE Capital Markets. In this role I honed my analytical, modeling and client handling skills through managing a portfolio of clients to whom I pitched investment/ research ideas. This experience has developed my research and communications skills and I am able to liaison with clients, management and financial institutions in an effective manner.

Employment Solutions
connecting organisations to jobseekers

Free Recruitment Service We offer free recruitment service. Simply call us or complete this vacancy fax form and send it back to the number below.

Recruitment Agency
Our main aim is to Market ORS Services to Job Seeking Clientele to fill in positions available within the Industry of their interest, where their passion is. One of the methods that can be used to find and attain work can be done through local newspapers and the computers available in ORS Burwood Office. Other factors that can affect a Job Seeker in finding work are assessed by an Employment Consultant so both can work on the barriers that all Job Seekers face, for example: Lack of experience, Lack of Qualifications, poor communications skills, mental issues or any type of disability. Burwood Main Industries are: Retail, Food, Entertainment and Information Technology. Our aim is to promote a community newsletter where we intend to inform the community about incoming events. Chris K & Alex D Burwood is also a vibrant and active suburb with a great atmosphere for socialising, shopping and entertainment, for example: meeting up with friends at a Cafeteria for a coffee and a chat, the RSL Club that attracts over 30000 people that provides a fine dining experience and entertainment. Burwood has a well expanded growth in Retail providing a variety of food and entertainment to consumers.

Company: The ORS Group (Burwood - NSW) Phone: (02) 9191 3744 Fax: (02) 9191 3750 Name Employer Details If you do not have any current vacancies, however you are interested in hosting someone for an unpaid work experience - tick this box Company name Contact name Address Suburb Email Job Description Job Requirements (specific skills, experience, qualifications) Phone Fax Mobile Postcode


Drivers License Licence Type Own transport Job Type Hours of Work

Yes No Car Truck Other (Specify)


Yes No Full Time Part Time Days Mon-Fri

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Temp Type

Hourly Rate of Pay Award Proposed Start Date

Workplace Agreement

Method of Referral Send Referral Applicant to Ring Consultant to Ring Other

Employment Solutions

Suite 1, Level 4 Railway Parade Burwood NSW 2134 Telephone (02) 9191 3744 Facsimile (02) 9191 3750