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English Conversation s Homework

By: Theresia Avriliani and Yessi Nadia Giatma, X.5

Yessi : Hi, Ter ! Tere : Hi, Yes ! What s up? Yessi : Look at this article Tere ! They said that nearly all of couples in the USA were married by accident. Can you believe this ? How about in Indonesia, Tere? Tere : Yeah, In Indonesia some people think that married by accident is disgrace. But, most of young people think that making love is a modern thing to do. This is usually done by childrenyou know-broken home, and too liberated parents, or lack of affection. Yessi : Anyway, you look fit tere. What do you do every day? Tere : Well, I always get up early in the morning. Yessi : You re kidding! Tere : No, and then I always do some exercise, What about you ? Yessi : oh, I seldom go out exercise. Tere : You must practice for health. Anyway, did you have a nice weekend, Yessi? Yessi : Yes, I did. It wasn t to bad. What about you, ter ? Tere : Nothing. It was a bored weekend. Did you do anything special? Yessi : Yes, I did. I wen t to fira s home last weekend. Tere : That sound nice! What didi you do there? Yessi : We went to department store and bought some clothes. Tere : Oh yeah, By the way, Is there agood restaurant near her home? Yessi : Yes, there is. There is one in front of the department store. Tere : And how many restaurant are there ? Yessi :There are a few. Tere: Well, thanks for your information Yessi : Your welcome. Sorry, but imust go now. See you tere!!!! Tere : See you !!!