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Internal Audit

During this 2 day course you will learn the common issues regarding your duties and responsibilities as an internal auditor. Topics included are: Duties and responsibilities of the internal auditor Working with external auditors Fraud Reporting Risk management IT-skills How to plan, conduct and evaluate an effective audit.

1.1.1 Prerequisites

Practical experience as an auditor is recommended. Knowledge of accounting and common business English is strongly advised.

1.1.2 Topics

This two-day course will include the following topics: The impact if Information Technology on the role and responsibilities of the internal auditor. Sampling. Audit Technology. General Software Useful for Auditors and Specialized Audit Software Applications. Electronic Questionnaires and Audit Programs. Electronic Working Papers. Project Management. Audit Early-Warning Systems. Continuous Auditing. Sarbanes-Oxley. Important SOX Sections. The Role and Responsibility of Internal Audit. Detecting Fraud. Determining the Exposure to Fraud. Assessment of IT Controls and Risks. GAIT Principles.

Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC). Assessment of Internal Control Processes. Value-for-Money Auditing. Inventory Management Practices and Approaches. Assessment of the Internal Controls. Communication of Results. Information Systems Support to Audit. Quality Assurance Reviews and Reports. Survival of Audit. Audit as a Learning Organization. Information Dissemination. Information Interpretation. Organizational Memory. New Paradigm for Audit. Auditor Empowerment. Skills Inventory. Corporate Governance Perspectives. Managing Risk. Internal Controls. The Internal Audit Role. Audit Professionalism. Internal Auditing Standards. Due Professional Care. The Audit Approach. The Systems Approach. Control Risk Self-Assessment (CRSA). Compliance. Setting an Audit Strategy. Risk-Based Strategic Planning. The Audit Planning Process. Audit Field Work. The New Dimensions of Internal Auditing. Popular Misconceptions. Impacting Corporate Governance. Supporting the Board and the Audit Committee. Providing Assurances on Controls. Making Risk Management Work. Partnerships with Management. Future Directions and Challenges.

1.1.3 Course Benefits

Understand the essentials of an internal audit, using modern techniques. Obtain skills how to plan audit testing and prepare working papers. Understand how to identify audit risks and how to mitigate them. Obtain skills to empower auditors and support management in planning and performing audits. Understand teamwork and testing of controls. Professional staff working at an internal audit department.

1.1.4 Who should attend?

1.1.5 Number of days and CPE Credits

This two days course is

eligible for 16 CPE Credits.

Course Internal Audit Internal Audit Internal Audit Internal Audit

Days 2 2 2 2

City Accra Islamabad Athens Kuala Lumpur

Country Ghana Pakistan Greece Malaysia

Start 23-6-2011 6-10-2011 7-11-2011 10-11-2011

Finish 24-6-2011 7-10-2011 8-11-2011 11-11-2011

Fee $ $ $ $ 800 800 800 800