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Wedding Planner

A Special Supplement to
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2009 NEWS Wedding Planner

This Wedding Planner was Created For YOU!

They offer what you need to plan and put on a Wedding Day to Remember, including choosing the right jewelry, mailing the announcements and invitations, party planning, catering, picking out your owers, shower & wedding gifts, designing the look of your wedding, nancial planning, even choosing your rst home together. They have the professional skills to make your day a Happy and Memorable one. Stop by and visit them soon. And come by our ofce for your Wedding Packet which includes a Free Gift from Us.

The News (Kenly News, Pine Level News, The Selma News, Wilsons Mills News) publishes this special Wedding Planner and Keepsake once a year. It is available in our Wedding Packet for engaged couples to pick up and use year round, no matter what month and day you choose for your special event. Our Wedding Packet includes this guide, an engagement announcement form and your wedding announcement form that we use to publish your announcement in our newspapers. This Wedding Planner and Keepsake would not be possible without the advertisers you see on each page.

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Announcements............................................2 Apparel.........................................................5 Caterer ..........................................................6 Designer Specialty Items .................5, 6, 7, 8 Disc Jockey ..................................................4 Florist ...........................................................7 Hair Salon ....................................................5 Home Furnishing/Decor...........................6, 7 Housing ....................................................4, 6 Insurance ......................................................6 Invitations/Stationery ...............................6, 8 Jeweler .....................................................4, 5 Medical ........................................................3 Party Consultant/Wedding Planner ..............5 Photographer ............................................4, 5 Reception Facilities..............................2, 5, 7 Rentals......................................................7, 8 Wines ...........................................................2


Celebrate the most important day of your life in

We would like to congratulate you on your upcoming union!


the most exquisit, romantic, unique atmosphere...

Every little girls dream is to be married in a fairytale land, and here at Hinnant Family Vineyards we want to make your dreams come true! Overlooking the vineyard, our banquet hall is delightfully eccentric with touches of charm at every glance. Our manicured vineyards and greenscapes are perfect for cerermonies and receptions. At sunset the vineyard is transformed into your kingdom with hues of gold, bronze and crimson dancing off the vines, bringing your fairytale to life!

Our Accommodations

With the use of our beautiful outdoor property and indoor Barrel Gallery, your wedding will have all the mystery and whimsy of North Carolinas largest muscadine vineyard, with secret retreats and hideaways where guests can sit, relax, and bask in the glow of your special day!

Celebrate with us!

Erin Acree (919) 965-3350 Wesley Dill (919) 738-6556 826 Pine Level-Micro Road, Pine Level, NC

2009 NEWS Wedding Planner

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Wedding Planner Checklist

6 - 12 months before the big day. Decide on a date. ___ Make appt. with Clergyman /Officiant. ___ Determine a budget. ___ Compose a guest list. ___ Set time, location of Ceremony, Rehearsal & Reception ___ Choose Professional Photographer ___ Shop for wedding gown/fittings ___ Obtain Floral & Music estimates; ___ Register with gift registry. ___ Select brides maids. ___ Pick a honeymoon destination: (renew passports & inoculations.) ___ Begin selection of a Caterer. ___ Set a date to order dresses for bridesmaids. 5 months before the big day. ___ Finalize guest lists. ___ Order invitations & announcements. ___ Order personal stationary & thank yous ___ Plan reception. ___ Choose florist. ___ Men choose attire. ___ Make honeymoon reservations. ___ Choose caterer. ___ Confirm delivery of bridal gown. ___ Make appointment for bridal portrait. ___ Order wedding cake. ___ Arrange transportation for the bridal party to & from ceremony/reception. ___ Go over details of reception with caterer / hotel manager. ___ Reserve rental equipment 2 months before the big day. ___ Inform clergyman of ceremony details. ___ Keep a gift diary - send thank yous ___ Fine tune guest list. ___ Plan rehearsal dinner. ___ Select attendants gifts, grooms gift. ___ Check all services. ___ Make moving arrangements. ___ Final gown fitting. ___ Bridal portrait setting. 1 month before the big day. ___ Choose wedding bands. ___ Mail invitations. ___ Make room reservations for out of town guests. ___ Check wedding party apparel. ___ Confirm music arrangements & check selections. ___ Make reservations for bridesmaids luncheon. ___ Discuss rehearsal dinner with hosts. ___ Attend showers. ___ Apply for marriage license. 2 weeks before the big day. ___ Plan your wedding day hairstyle. ___ Schedule hair appointment for day of

wedding. ___ Final check on bridal party clothing. ___ Notify newspapers. ___ Arrange for name & address change. ___ Check with caterer/reception venue 1 week before the big day. ___ Remind rehearsal dinner guests of time/location. ___ Start honeymoon packing. ___ Wrap grooms & attendants gifts ___ Check wedding announcements, ready to mail day after wedding. ___ Schedule rehearsal for 1-2 days prior to wedding ___ Remind wedding party of exact time and place. ___ Go over final details of ceremony and reception. 1 day before the big day. ___ RELAX! ___ Have manicure & pedicure done. ___ Attend wedding rehearsal & dinner. ___ Give ushers guest list. Wedding Day ___ Eat! ___ Hair & make-up. ___ Check wedding dress ___ Have family member check ceremony/ reception for left behind items. ___ Change of clothes for Honeymoon ___ Breathe! Enjoy your day!

Dr. Felipe Arce, Pediatrics

Dr. Greg Napier, Family Medicine

Dr. Mauverine Hall, Family Medicine

Dr. Sanjay Tomar, Dermatology

Dr. Rashmi Tomar, Endocrinology

Dr. Richard Fasanello, Internal Medicine

To make an appointment, call 919-938-7600

a d i v i s i o n o f j o h n s t o n h e a lt h


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2009 NEWS Wedding Planner

How to Create a Customized Wedding

(MS) More so than ever before, soon-to-be-wed couples are establishing their own traditions by looking for ways to impart a custom feel to their weddings without breaking the bank. Weddings have a tendency to be contagious, and chances are youve already been invited to a number of them this year. Did you know that according to the latest findings, 2.4 million weddings occur annually? Thats a lot of bouquet tossing and wedding band renditions of The Wind Beneath my Wings to sit through. Its no wonder most brides want their ceremony and reception to be different. So apart from choosing personal wedding songs and outlandish bridesmaids gowns, what can you do to be unique? Plenty. With a creative imagination and some internet resources, you can host a custom wedding, says Ava Jordon, an Illinois wedding planner. From personalized stationery to memorable keepsakes, there are a number of ways to put your special touch on the affair. 1. On Location: Change the setting of the wedding. Think beyond the local reception hall. Investigate a park, theater, museum or even a building rooftop. You may be able to get these venues for a steal. Also, destination weddings are growing in popularity. 2. Break the rules: Okay, so there really arent hard-set rules in weddings, except for those that your house of worship may require. Still, people become accustomed to certain traditions. Go against the norm. If the groom wants a female best man thats his prerogative. If the bride wants to ditch the white gown and wear a drop-dead-gorgeous red dress, she certainly has the right. The first dance at the reception doesnt have to be a sappy love song. Choose an up-tempo number or your favorite rock hit. Its a celebration after all. 3. Personalize stationery: Couples can show their personalities through the stationery they choose from quirky save-the-date fridge magnets to thank you notes that all form a cohesive theme. A well-designed invitation set not only establishes the mood of the event, it also informs guests of what to do and when. Most invitations can be customized. 4. Take the cake: Instead of a tiered wedding cake go for a custom creation. If youve ever tuned into the Food Network you know

that cakes can be designed in all shapes and sizes. Or maybe you prefer something even more unique? Whether a series of individual cupcakes, gourmet brownies or your favorite pie, allow your preferences to set the scene instead of feeling the need to conform. Think unique and whimsical for your wedding and definitely stand out from the crowd. Its your special day so make the most of it and enjoy and remember the day forever.

The only COMPANY that has SOLD Johnston County 50 YEARS!

Please feel free to call with any real estate needs. I look forward to serving you!

Janet Kleinert, REALTOR Broker Associate 919-235-8841 CENTURY 21 Suburban Real Estate, Inc.

Need a DJ for the Big Day?

We will make your

Special Day
an event you will never forget!

Creechs DJ
We Are Now Offering A Photography Division For Your Special Events!

We Accept Mastercard, Visa & Discover For Weddings, Receptions or Parties Give Us A Call!!!

Graduate Gemologist On Staff

(252) 205-7683 Vaughans Jewelers


Centura Village 243-5707

2009 NEWS Wedding Planner

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Wedding Day Photo Checklist

Be sure to capture a picture with all the people close to you and of all the important events of the day by using this checklist. Before the Ceremony Check Check ___ Bride Dressing ___ Groom Dressing ___ Bride Fully Dressed and Outtted ___ Groom Fully Dressed and Outtted ___ Bride with Mom ___ Groom with Mom ___ Bride with Dad ___ Groom with Dad ___ Bride with Parents ___ Groom with Parents ___ Bride with Parents and each set of Grandparents ___ Groom with Parents and each set of Grandparents ___ Bride with Immediate Family (Parents and Siblings) and Grandparents ___ Groom with Immediate Family (Parents and Siblings) and Grandparents ___ Bride with Immediate Family (Parents and Siblings) no Grandparents ___ Groom with Immediate Family (Parents and Siblings) no Grandparents ___ Bride with each Sibling ___ Groom with each Sibling ___ Bride with Maid/Matron of Honor ___ Groom with Best Man ___ Bride with each Bridesmaids ___ Groom with each Groomsmen/Ushers ___ Bride with Maid/Matron of Honor, Bridesmaids ___ Groom with Best Man and Groomsmen/Ushers ___ Bride with Maid/Matron of Honor, Bridesmaids, Junior Bridesmaids, Flower Girls ___ Groom with Best Man, Groomsmen/Ushers, Junior Groomsmen, and Ring Bearers ___ Bride with Junior Bridesmaids and Flower Girls ___ Groom with Junior Groomsmen and Ring Bearers During the Ceremony ___ Seating of Special Guests (Grandparents, Grooms Parents, etc.) ___ Bride and Groom and the Altar ___ Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Walking Down the Aisle ___ Bride and Groom Lighting Unity Candle ___ Junior Bridesmaids and Junior Groomsmen Walking Down the Aisle ___ Bride and Groom Exchanging Vows ___ Flowergirls and Ring Bearer Walking Down the Aisle ___ Bride and Groom Exchanging Rings ___ Bride and Brides Father (and Brides Mother) Walking Down the Aisle ___ Bride and Grooms First Kiss ___ Brides Father (and Brides Mother) giving Brides Hand to the the Groom ___ Bride and Groom Walking Down the Aisle Check with your photographer for a list of photos to take after the ceremony and during the reception. Above all enjoy these special moments, and Smile!

The French Bustle Bridal Shoppe

mithfield Junior Womans Club

405 N. Second St. Smitheld 919-614-1374


We offer designer wedding, prom, mother of the bride, and flower girl gowns. We also carry the perfect accessories, like tiaras, necklaces, earrings, and veils.

On site: Hair Salon & Photography

La Bouffant: A full service hair & bridal salon 919-320-6532 It Speaks To Me Fine Art Photography: Custom Photography for engagements, bridal & wedding by Michelle Strickland 919-333-4067

101 S. RAIFORD ST. SELMA, NC 27576

Rehearsal Host Your Dinners Wedding by Beautiful Weddings in a the Fireplace or distinctive location. outside by the Lake. Receptions and Private Parties Smitheld Junior Womans Clubhouse Rentals oer:
three gathering rooms, two restrooms, tables, chairs to seat up to 90, podium and fully equipped kitchen.

Bridal Showers


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2009 NEWS Wedding Planner

Choosing a Caterer
Choosing the right caterer is one decision couples must not take lightly, as everyone in attendance will be affected by who you choose to cater your special day. Perhaps the main thing a couple must consider when choosing a caterer is their budget. Regardless of the style of your reception, cost will likely be dictated by the type of food you choose to serve your guests. Whether you choose a sit-down dinner or buffet style, the type of food and the number of guests dictate the price. If youre unsure of what to offer your guests, ask a caterer to offer some suggestions and see if its possible to sample a few dishes from the kitchen. Many caterers are glad to do this, and it will give you a better idea of how youll be spending your money. Before choosing a caterer, it is also a good idea to reach an agreement on all fees, any extra charges or insurance and what the payment schedule will be like. Ask what the fee will be if you need to add more guests after reaching your agreement. When seeking out a caterer, you also want to see what types of decorations the caterer offers, if any. Table settings, oral arrangements for each table, and color schemes should all be discussed.

Youve planned well for your wedding day. What about the day after?
Now that youre getting married, I can help you combine your Auto, Homeowners or Renters policies and talk with you about Life insurance options. Call me today.

Jana Lake, Agent

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Jana Lake, Agent
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Wilson, NC 27896


Parkers Barbecue
Drive to Wilson to Eat Famous Parkers Barbecue

We Cater Parties & Pig Pickings

Just minutes from Kenly on Hwy. 301



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Rose Creek Designs

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Even though we were just starting out, the Woods suited our living needs and t into our budget as well. Its great having the pool and tennis courts for recreation and the patio and tness center...all in one complex. Also, we were able to choose from a variety of apartment sizes and layouts. Combined with the convenient location - we love the WOODS. 1706-B Vineyard Dr. Wilson, NC 27893

Couples Love the WOODS


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2009 NEWS Wedding Planner

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Select the Perfect Wedding Gown

Finding a wedding gown that makes you feel like a princess does not have to be stressful. In fact, it can be a whole lot of fun Even better, your dream wedding gown does not even have to cost a fortune. Really! Finding the right dress is a lot like nding Mr. Right. Many of the same rules apply: 1. Its all about the right t. Try on various styles to see what looks best and use those images you pulled as a guide. You may want to bring a pair of shoes that are about the same height as the ones youd like to wear on your wedding day but keep in mind that alterations are done after you pick a gown. Ask the person assisting you at the salon to select two or three gowns that she or he thinks would look good on you even if they arent what you had in mind. The staff members work with brides and gowns every day and have an excellent eye for what atters. 2. The gown you select should also reect the formality of your reception. If you are having an evening reception with more than 200 guests, then you can opt for a oor-length dress with a long cathedral train, according to the magazine Contemporary Bride. But daytime or semiformal brides should choose simpler dresses with chapel- orsweep-length trains that are shorter. 3. It should make you feel like a million bucks. Most people cannot afford a custom-made Christian Dior Haute Couture dress but that does not mean you have to forego designer gowns altogether. 4. Never settle for less than the best. No matter what your budget, you should always pay attention to the quality of the gown. You have to walk down an aisle, dance, and spend an entire day one of the most important days of your life in this dress. It should

be durable and t you well. Test the t as close to your wedding date as possible. Plus, this way the shop or tailor will hold your dress until almost the last minute and you dont have to worry about getting anything on it or having your husband-to-be see it before the big day!

Warmth, cordiality and intimacy are not a business theyre a way of life.

You are Invited toVisit

Gurley House and Titias Garden
207 West Third Street Princeton, N.C. 27569

Brides, come to see the possibilites.

Wedding Receptions Luncheons Phone: 919-936-4141 Rehearsal Dinners Cell: 919-222-4560 Showers Website: Parties e-mail:

Country Gardens Florist

106 E. Second St. Kenly

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Vicky Barnes Owner Kneeling Bench

Serving: Smithfield, Selma, Micro, Kenly, Wilson, Lucama, Fremont, Pikeville & Goldsboro

Brass Easel for Portraits

Unity Candles
Brass Wedding Ring/Heart

Spiral Candelabras
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Brass Fern Stands


Wicker Hour Glass Baskets

Hwy. 301 Between Wilson & Rocky Mount at Sharpsburg 977-2325 291-3105 Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri. 8:30 a.m. til 7:00 p.m. Wed. & Sat. 8:30 a.m. til 5:00 p.m. Closed Sunday

Ask about our low rental rates Let us take care of all your wedding day arrangements. From stunning bridal bouquets to tasteful boutonnieres, our handcrafted oral creations are designed to complement the unique style of your special day.
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