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Designer drinks

French Kiss

A delightful kiss of Pinnacle Vodka, Chambord and lemon Juice. With this kind of flavor, youll want to kiss all night!

Organic Cosmo

A mix of Rain Organics Vodka with Triple Sec chilled and shaken and a splash of cranberry and lime juices topped with a lemon twist. Instant Diva just add Cosmo

Chocolate Covered Banana

Pinnacle Chocolate and Vanilla Vodkas, 99 Bananas, Crme de White Cocoa drizzled with chocolate syrup. Youll go bananas for this drink!


A delicious blend of Pinnacle Chocolate and Whipped Cream Vodkas, and Adult Chocolate Milk Liquor. Sure to satisfy your chocolate craving!

Sakitini 007

Saki served with a splash of 99 Bananas Schnapps, Raspberry Liquor and sweet and sour. Saki to me! Brokers Gin chilled or stirred and served straight up with a dash of Vermouth and olives. Its our own version of style and class.

Grape Groove

Pinnacle Grape Vodka, Blue Curacao, sweet and sour, Sprite and Raspberry Liquor. Its time to feel groovy!

Vitamin C

A sweet mix of Pinnacle Citrus and Orange Vodkas, splashed with orange and fresh lemon juices. Doctors orders- better get your Vitamin C!

Orange Mango Tango Key Lime

A swirl of Pinnacle Mango, Cointreau, orange juice and a drop of Grenadine. Its time to Tango! A scrumptious fusion of Ke-Ke-Key Lime Liquor, Malibu Rum, and a dash of pineapple juice topped with a graham cracker rim. No baking needed!


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Designer drinks

Cadillac Margarita

Cruz 100% Blue Agave Tequila, sweet & sour and lime juice shaken into a chilled salt-rimmed glass topped with a Gran Gala Orange Liqueur float. Youll want to cruise in this delicious Cadi!

Old Fashion

Four Roses Bourbon served over muddled cherry, orange slice and sugar with a dash of bitters and topped with soda. Its old fashioned, not outdated!

Collins-Tom, John, or Vodka

Try this classic 1 of 3 ways. John Collins made with Four Roses Bourbon, Tom Collins made with Brokers Gin, or the Vodka Collins made with Rain Organics Vodka. Its Collins your name!


This invigorating drink is made for hot summer days! Fresh mint leaves, lime wedges and sugar muddled together, topped with Calico Jack Rum or Rain Organics Vodka and soda water. Gimme some mo, Mojito that is!


A classy drink served straight up or on the rocks with Four Roses Bourbon a dash of bitters and sweet vermouth, garnished with a Maraschino cherry. Everything you love about the city - elegance and style, in a drink.

Island Hurricane

This exotic drink is mixed with Calico Jack Rum, Amaretto, Pinnacle Pomegranate Vodka, pineapple juice, orange juice and a splash of Grenadine. A tropical twister in a glass!


An enchanting combination of Red Wine, fruit juices and Brandy mixed to perfection. Watch out for this Spanish fly!

Sweet Tea or Arnold Palmer

This invigorating drink is made with Sweet Carolina Sweet Tea Vodka and soda water. Make it an Arnold Palmer by adding some lemonade! Its sweetsational!


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Designer drinks

The Rat Pack Long Island

A tasty blend of Patron, Captain Morgan, Cointreau, Brokers Gin, Hanger One Lime Vodka. Youre sure to be singing about this NY drink!

Murphys Law

How can it go wrong when it tastes so right? This is just the right combination of Southern Comfort, Watermelon Pucker, Red Stag, Blue Curacao, sweet and sour and cranberry juice!

Risky Business

Just the shameless pursuit of immediate gratification. What a Capitalist. Get your immediate gratification with Scotch, Kahlua, and Baileys Cream.

Rattler Venom

This drink has bite! Jose Cuervo Tequila, Sprite and Limoncello-its sweet poison!

Desert Sunset

A mouthwatering mix of Sauza Tequila, orange juice, and Raspberry Liquor. When the sun goes down well be drinking! Everything is hotter when the sun goes down!

Gin and Sin

A sinful blend of Gin, Peach Schnapps, Raspberry Liquor and cranberry juice. Sometimes is good to sin

Organic Cucumber Basil Breeze

Rain Cucumber-Lime Organics Vodka, lime juice, cranberry juice, fresh basil leaves and a slice of cucumber creates a very cool breeze. Who needs the beach when youve got the breeze?

Skinny Rita Only 130 calories!

Love margaritas but not the calories? Now you can have both with this refreshing combination of Tres Agaves 100% Agave Tequila, Agave Nectar and fresh- squeezed lime juice.

Pometini Only 110 calories!

A tangy twist of fun with Pomegranate and Cherry Vodkas, soda water, a splash of lemonade and cranberry juice. Have your cake and eat it too with taste and a tiny waist!

Somewhere In Time only 99 Calories!

Reminisce about the good times with a great mix of Champagne and Chateau Monet. The taste is timeless!

Bellini only 99 Calories!

An Italian tradition of Champagne and Peach Liquor. Its Bellissimo!

New Age, White Blend Bex, Riesling Batasiolo, Moscato Sandlemans, Founders Reserve Port Optima 10, Port Stella Rosa, Red

7 7 9 12

23 25 36



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Designer drinks

Bivio, Chianti Italy Tiziano, Chianti Italy Antinori, Santa Christina, Sangiovese - Italy Hey Mambo, Red California Montepellier, Pinot Noir California Lucky Star, Pinot Noir California Leese Fitch, Pinot Noir Sonoma Moo Buzz, Pinot Noir California Round Hill, Merlot (Organic) California Leese Fitch, Merlot Sonoma

7 8 7 8 6 7 8

25 29 25 29 22 25 29 36

6 8

20 29


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Designer drinks

Round Hill, (Organic) Cabernet Sauvignon California Lander Jenkins, Cabernet Sauvignon California Silver Palm, Cabernet Sauvignon California Stump Jump, Grenache, Shiraz - Australia The Crusher, Petit Sirah California Astica, Malbec Argentina Vinocopia, Malbec Chile Pascual Toso, Malbec Argentina Zen of Zin, Zinfandel California Plungerhead, Zinfandel California Brazin, Zinfandel Lodi Stella Rosa, Red Italy (Dessert Wine)

6 8 9 7 9 7 9 9 8 9 11

20 29 32 25 32 25

32 29 32 38 29


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Designer drinks

Maddalena, White Zinfandel - 6 California Batasiolo, Moscato-(Dessert Wine) Italy Bex, Riesling 7 Germany New Age, White Blend 7 Argentina Maculan, Pino & Toi 08 Blend - Italy Torres Esmeralda, White 08 Spain Lagaria, Pinot Grigio 7 Italy Guenoc, Pinot Grigio 8 California Frenzy, Sauvignon Blanc 7 New Zealand Infamous Goose, 8 Sauvignon Blanc New Zealand Batasiolo, Gavi Italy Round Hill, Chardonnay 6 (Organic) - California Round Hill (Un-Oaked) 6 Chardonnay - California Napa Creek, Chardonnay 7 California Vinocopia, Chardonnay 9 Chile Matchbook, Chardonnay California

20 36 25 23 29 29 25 29 25 29 34 20 20 25



Lo u nge
Designer drinks

Bud Light $3 Blue Moon $4.50 Peroni $5

Bud $3 Bud Light $3 Miller Light $3 Michelob Ultra $3 Miller Genuine Draft $3 Coors Light $3 Corona $4 Stella Artois $4 Amstel Light $4 Heineken $4 Moretti $4 St. Paulis Girl N.A. $4