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Titania Veda
Journalist & Media Consultant
New York, NY United States My Company: My Website: My Blog:

Journalist and media consultant with international experience across a range of art, media, nonprofit sectors, seeking a communications role with a leading impact organization.

Work History
New York, NY, United States 2011 - Present

communications consultant
Spearheaded media campaigns to increase brand recognition of Mapendo, worked with researchers from Fletcher School at Tufts University on rebranding efforts, redesigned web layout of webpages, creating online and offline content for media campaigns, liaised with CEO and head of development, point-of-contact for outside media companies collaborated with Mapendo and for resettled refugees, interviewed and documented stories of refugees assisted by Mapendo's efforts.

YCAB International
New York, NY, United States 2010 - 2010

Director of International Development & Communications

Worked with CEO and Program Development Director on identifying regional countries to test and transplant the YCAB model, assisted with the social media and communications aspect of YCAB International, sourced strategic partners, trained local staff to maintain online media- prepare a YCAB documentary, set up office in NYC, drafted proposals for sponsors and funders, including nominations for various social entrepreneurship awards, pitched to sponsors and funders, sourced and identify local non profits and funders, traveled the region to draft country assessment report, successfully pitched and obtained affiliate rights with America's largest youth volunteer organization,, worked on fundraising event proposals with multinational corporations, created the concept, content, and supervised creation of website.

Jakarta Globe newspaper

Jakarta, Other, Indonesia 2008 - 2010

Associate Editor & Journalist

Assisted desk editors in managing reporters; wrote articles for national news, business, sports, and features sections; trained new reporters and interns; coordinated and supervised 4-pages out of the 12-page Life & Times section, liaised closely with editors and designers for the daily news layout; wrote a travel and social awareness column.

UNESCO Burundi

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Bujumbura, Burundi 2007 - 2007

Media Facilitator
Worked closely with UNESCO's consultant for communications & information division, trained and coordinated local staff and students in camera work and editing, supervised editing process and assisted with content and logistics for UNESCO-commissioned documentaries.

Mac literate
(Advanced) 10+ Years Experience, (Currently in use)



10+ Years Experience, (Currently in use)

Reporting Research Interviewing Sub-editing Proofreading

As a journalist for a national newspaper and a documentary filmmaker, I am self-starter who is adept at working both independently and as a team, as well as meeting deadlines in high-pressure situations. In my line of work, I frequently deal with people from all walks of life, from ambassadors to politicians to businessmen and the rubbish picker. A lot of my nonprofit work deals with at-risk youths and vulnerable women, children, and refugees. Working with them honed my ability to understand complex relationships and political dynamics, while still providing them with a platform to voice their opinions and stories. At the national newspaper, I covered in-depth national news stories, business, sports, and features. I also wrote a travel column as well as a column on social causes. With nonprofits and art organizations, I provide web content and content and layout for media campaigns.

People Management
(Intermediate) 7-9 Years Experience, (Currently in use)

During my time as an associate editor at the newspaper, I was in charge of training new reporters and interns. I taught them the systems used by the daily paper and consulted with them about the articles they needed to write for each week. As a media facilitator for various media organizations, I worked with both youths and junior staff members teaching them the different aspects of the film medium from pre-production to the editing process.

Project/Event Management
(Advanced) 7-9 Years Experience, (Currently in use)

My time working with art galleries in Mayfair, Sotheby's and the Serpentine Gallery also provided me with ample experience in developing and coordinating events. I worked closely with the galleries and artists, as well as art fair managers to put on the events. For the Mayfair galleries, we would have a monthly art preview and an annual arts fair. I am also the Education Chair of a regional youth organization in Asia, which consists of youths from seven countries (Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia). On the regional board, I am actively managing and supervising annual conferences across the Asian region. This includes two regional conferences per year in various host nations.

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10+ Years Experience, (Currently in use)

Multicultural communicator
(Advanced) 10+ Years Experience, (Currently in use)

My professional experience is varied. I have worked in numerous areas within the arts and media industry, ranging from creating factual programming and documentaries for media companies and nonprofits in Australia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Africa and the US to working in art galleries in Monaco and London. This exposure has honed my networking skills and my ability to adapt and understand different personalities, cultures and nations.



3-4 Years Experience, (Currently in use)

My networks within the social entrepreneurship and nonprofit sectors have grown through extensive networking over the last decade. Events and conferences that I organize only aided in building these relationships from Asia to Africa, the US to Europe. And I have strong ties with the social entrepreneurship sector worldwide due to my participation at the INSEAD social entrepreneurship program and the Social Enterprise Network (SEN).



10+ Years Experience, (Currently in use)

MS Word MS Excel MS Powerpoint Illustrator Filemaker Pro Quark Xpress Adobe Photoshop



5-6 Years Experience, (Currently in use)

SLR Photography (digital and film) Videography



10+ Years Experience, (Currently in use)

French (spoken and written) Indonesian (spoken and written)

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Committees & Panels

2010 - present Education chair, President Youth Organization, Asia region 2008 Public Relations Co-Chair, Indonesian Heritage Society

Bond University
Robina, Gold Coast, Other, Australia 1998 - 2000

BA Communcations, Journalism and Film & TV

Bond University
Robina, Gold Coast, Other, Australia 2002 - 2003

MA , TESOL & Linguistics

Singapore, Other, Singapore

Programme, Social Entrepreneurship

education, women's issues, green issues, environment, nonprofits, literacy, immigrants, refugees

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