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Unit 3: Document 1 Lectura de Manuales Tcnicos

Comparative adjectives
We use adjectives to describe things and people: A computer is a modern technological tool. We also use adjectives to compare things that are different or similar. A notebook is more modern than a desktop computer. There are two common ways for creating these comparatives: 1. The positive adjective + the suffix er 2. The modifier more (or less) before the adjective. Short adjectives Rule (one syllable) cheap Add er to the fast end of the adjective. Long adjectives (two or more syllables) Add more before the Expensive adjective. intelligent Irregular adjectives good bad little far Comparative cheaper (than...) Example Your computer is cheaper than my laptop. The new printer is more expensive than the old one.

more expensive (than...)

These adjectives are irregular.

better (than...) worse (than...) less(than... ) farther/further(tha n...)

My cell phone is better than yours.

Other Spelling Rules: a) hot hotter (tan...): Adjs. que acaban en Consonante Vocal Consonante) b) easy easier (than): Adjs. que acaban en y, cambian a i latina ms er.

Exercise I: use the rules above to make comparisons Adjective bad beautiful big difficult efficient expensive fast interesting large old powerful quick small wide Comparison

Exercise II: fill in the blanks with the correct form of the adjectives 1) A desktop computer is __________ than a laptop. (heavy) 2) A keyboard is _____________ than a mouse. (big) 3) A scanner is _______________________ than a webcam. (expensive) 4) The Doshina is _________________ than the Vintel. (fast) 5) A cell phone is_________________ than a radio. (light) 6) DVDs are __________________ than VHSs (modern) 7) Excel is ______________________ than Word. (difficult) 8) A_________________ method is to load the data on one computer and provide the other computers access to the data. (efficient) 9) One of the benefits of networking is sharing data in a _________________way. (inexpensive) 10) Before networking arrival, users needed different peripherals to connect with_______________organizations. (large)

Exercise III: choose the correct completion.

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1) Kathys printer is ____ than Sarahs printer. (large) a) large b) more larger c) larger d) more large

2) Cristian is ____ in programming than his brother. (good) a) better b) more good c) more better d) good

3) A Systems Analyst is _______ than a Database Administrator. (busy) a) busy b) busier c) more busy d) more busier

4) Windows 7 is ____ than Windows 95. (fast) a) more faster b) more fast c) fast d) faster

5) My computer is ____ than yours. (old) a) more older b) more old c) old d) older

6) My sister Elaine is ____ than my brother Fred. (young) a) more younger b) more young c) younger d) young

7) Jack is much _____ than his sister, Jennifer. (tall) a) tall b) taller c) more tall d) more taller

8) Sony Vaio is _____ than an mp3. (expensive) a) expensiver b) more expensive c) more expensiver d) expensive

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HOMEWORK: Complete the following table with the missing form.

ADJECTIVE Large Shorter Round Dry Chubbier Late Cooler Noisy Worse Fresh Repulsive Friendlier Busy Comfortable Soft More dangerous Long Fragile Quiet Lighter Damaged Low Darker Brief Old-fashioned More awful Hard More difficult COMPARATIVE