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Lets develop Our English to welcome International Based School.

Nowadays the role of English, no longer questioned, is very important. In this globalization era, like it or not, it becomes a particular need for people around the world to improve their English as a key to be part of international society. Perhaps a question arise Why English? Ladies and Gentlemen, to answer this question, lets take a look the facts about English language:

English is currently one of the most widely spoken and written languages worldwide, with some 380 million native speakers. Through the global influence of native English speakers in cinema, music, broadcasting, science, and the Internet in recent decades, English is now the most widely learned second language in the world. And there are some other facts about English you might be interested in knowing. In no particular order, here are three of the numbers about English: English is the most widespread language in the world and is more widely spoken and written than any other language. Over 400 million people use the English vocabulary as a mother tongue, only surpassed in numbers, but not in distribution by speakers of the many varieties of Chinese. Over 700 million people, speak English, as a foreign language.

People who count English as their mother tongue make up less than 10% of the world's population, but possess over 30% of the world's economic power. Therefore, in terms of the quantity of transmitted information, English is the leader by far. Indonesian society increasingly needs high quality education and in accordance with the challenges of globalization in relation to the strong role of education to economic growth through the provision of knowledgeable workforce, and technology to master language skills and adequate skills. Because a working knowledge of English is required in many fields and occupations, education ministries around the world mandate the teaching of English to at least a basic level. Our government has realized it. Through the Ministry of National Education, they have Government Regulation No. 19 of 2005 on National Education Standards in Article 61 Paragraph (1) states that: National Government and Local Government jointly organize at least one school in elementary education and at least one school in secondary education to be developed into International Standard Schools(SBI).

Ministry of National Education Strategic Plan Year 2005 - 2009 states that in order to improve the competitiveness of the nation, need to be developed at the International School District through a consistent cooperation between the government and the government district / city in question to develop the elementary, junior high, high school and vocational school that are International leveled up to 112 units throughout Indonesia. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, It is the time for all of us to develop our English. All elements of our society must wake up and give the best effort to improve skill in English. Especially for Students and Teachers, lets improve our English. Mastering English doesnt mean we will forget our own national identity. We still love our nation and we still speak Indonesian though. Through mastering English we can raise the dignity of our nation. It is because the more skills we have, the better we will survive. Not only that, by mastering English we can drive the world not only driven by the world. It is because we have the tool to understand what the world want, to say yes if the things they offer is good and to say no if the things they offer is bad, to offer the world what we think and believe is good and to contribute the thing we have to what the world might not have. All of those things would be considerably easier if we master English. It is not just a simple English, but the educated one. We can get the educated English from International based School. So lets develop our English to welcome International Based School. Composed by Muladi Endiarto, S.S.