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Areas of Research

IN KP ASTROLOGY -Rajendra Nimje

President KPAF, India

Why Research in KP
Recent theories like 4 step, cuspal interlinks, TSP, MST
Theories are not validated by extensive research to prove the veracity We are not sure if we can use these theories

Some of the finer points in KP itself are debated but the findings are not supported by research like
Role of Retro planets Role of Sub Lord as significators Timing of the event Linkages of cusps

Testing new theories

Four steps, cuspal interlinks, TSP, Watch predictive techniques etc.

Can be tested on horary charts , take those where the prediction is correct including the timing through KP and apply Four step on these Either Four step will give same result or differ in the event of happening or not happening and then on the timing. Document those where it has agreed with KP and see if CSL sublords star is same as sub? Separate those cases. Take where subs star is different. If the Four-step disagree with the results then find out why it is so. Same with Cuspal interlinks. Take at least 25 cases for each theory.

Role of Nodes in KP
Does the Node give effect of conjoin first then aspecting planets then starlord and finally sign lord or Do they give effect of any one of them Do they have changed order like aspecting first, sign lord next, conjoin and starlord last We need 5 forum members for this and the methodology is similar to above

Sub the decisive factor in KP

Planet as source , starlord as effect and sub lord as decision maker is the KP theory
It is seen that we take planet and starlord both as the effect and not source. The sublord is taken many a times as significator and not as the decision maker. Sometimes sub is taken not as just positive or negative to the houses indicated by starlord but it blends the results of starlord and planet as a source. Role of sub if it is connecting to non-connected to the group of houses under consideration.

Eighth house effect to the main house under consideration

12th house from house under consideration indicates negation except few like 11th. However, KP states 68-12 are bad from the main house and 8th and 12th lord aspect, conjunction or other signification and effect on the main and allied houses under consideration is given prime importance by KSK ji. We do consider 12th house but mostly not the 8th house.

Does 8th house lord or 8th house play an important role comparative study to 12th house effects is required

Cuspal simple links

CSL of house under consideration is also CSL of some other houses. Sometimes it is starlord of some other houses. Some astrologers immediately take that CSL of cusp is signifying that cusp. Though KP does not advocate that. It is to be tested by taking a pool of charts, natal and horary and time charts that the assumption of these astrologers are true or not

Role of the Retrograde planets

Starlord being retro denies in Horary is the KP principle Are there any incidences in horary charts when the starlord being retro has promised to anyone? Collect such charts. Some astrologers take the planet being retro as negation of the event. Some take the original rule of KP that it will not negate but will not give now. It give after the planet become direct and when it come at the same degree in direct motion. These need to be validated as some astrologer do not give any importance to retro planets, some do not give importance to retro source but do give importance to retro starlord. Some extend the logic and take into consider the retro sublord

Promotion of sublord as starlord and sub-sub as sub lord

When the star and sub is same of a planet, some astrologer replaces the sub in star place and bring sub sub in subs place. How far this is correct?

Instant Prediction Rules(Yes/No)

Gulbarga theory Connection of ascendant sub with moon Connection of ascendant sub or sub sub with the main house under consideration. Validation of other such theories based on KP only

Second Marriage Rules Validation

7th CSL or 2nd CSL gives second marriage? What are the sure shot rules by which second marriage can be predicted?

Badhaka-Is Ever Evil?

As per KP Badhaka or Maraka are considered for Longevity purpose only. Few astrologers are taking badhaka lord as ever evil for other matters as well in the natal and horary charts We need to validate this theory. Is the Badhaka or significator of badhaka house are ever evil to matters other than longevity.

Formation of the research group of 5 members each. Selection of the group leader. Three members must be Hyderabad based for physical meeting and coordinating the efforts. Two members can be from Yahoo groups list or Summit delegates or from Panel astrologers.

Detailed steps on how the group would like to proceed should be submitted to forum by 21st August. Roles of individual members also should be clearly spelt out by the group, the methodology to collect charts etc. KPAF will provide the office function support, publication and linkages to astrologer groups. Further, books, readers , old issues of Astrology & Athrishtra will be available for reference to these groups.

Research period 15th August to 31st October. Initial Submission to forum by November 10th. Research Will be published in Journal for Jan 2009 and paper presentation allowed in Summit Dec 2008. Options by forum members to take up research for various subjects to be given to secretary, KPAF by 15th August, 2008