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Janet Anne Hopkins Editor




Volume 3, Issue 3 July 2003

Cleveland hopkins obituary

by Lillian Hopkins, Janet Anne Hopkins, and John Char/es Hopkins

Inside this issue:

Cleveland hopkins obituary Christy peacock bio

Cleveland Hopkins 1910-2003

pleveland Hopkins was with his 'family when he went to be with the Lord at 5:50 pm, Wednesday, September 17,2003. Cleveland was born in Santa Rosa, California on September 8, 1910 to Charles Blodgett Hopkins and Lucia Cleveland Hopkins. He was married to Lillian Christine Hividas Mackenzie on August 11, 1945 at Park Street Church in Boston, Massachusetts. They enjoyed 58 years together. He was an active member and trustee at Park Street Church as well as at the Derwood Alliance Church, Derwood, Mary(Continued on page 6)

Robinson research in 2 New Zealand Birthdays & anniversaries Picture of the quarter 4

Christy peacock bio

by Christy Regele Peacock

Christy is a seventh great granddaughter of John and Elizabeth Randol Hopkins. She descends from Mercy Hopkins, daughter of George Hopkins/George Hopkins/Henry Hopkins/John Hopkins

half-brother, Jack REGELE, and a brother, Terry REGELE, who died just before my birth. We lived in Ely until I was five then moved to Sebastopol, California. We lived there for ten years before moving back to Nevada to a small farming community thirty miles from Ely, called Lund. Imagine my surprise when my school class size went from forty students
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Letter from the editor

Cocking traditions

y name is Christy REGEGELE PEACOCK. I was born to two wonderful parents, Charles Arthur REGELE and Beverly Jeanne COOPER REGELE on February 18, 1951 in Ely, Nevada, USA. I have two living siblings, my sister, Donna REGELE GUBLER and my

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Robinson research in new zealand

by Lyn Cottingham
Children of John and Elizabeth Randol Hopkins
John Elizabeth

Gifflt i` - ri




as Hopk . Stee HOPKINS


OBJIft sa , rah


LMa ry

{LSarah Ha nn ah

American Hopkins/Holt Lines


HOPKlINS riCharles Mary


LL Iatinah

(see Editor's letter)

English Holt/ Hopkins line

"When Frank was in his twenties he sailed out to Christchurch, New Zealand for a visit with the New Zealand branch of the family."



New Zealand Robinson Line

Lyn's Family Line
James` Ida ,LO,

Lyn Cottingham nee Robinson is a sixth great granddaughter of John and Elizabeth RANDOL HOPKINS. Lyn lives in Canberra, Australia with her family.

"I -

51 14 , \ EC)

y father, John Desmond ROBINSON, a descendant of George and Maria Robinson, had an older brother, Frank, born in Robinsons at 331 Tuam Street, Christchurch, New Zealand. Left to right, 1905. When Frank was in Aunt Ciss (Ethel), Mrs. Hewertson (neighbor), Aunt Nell (Eleanor), Ida Louie nee Voller (James Henry's wife), Spot, the cat, and Aunt Clark his twenties he sailed out to Christ(Clara). Taken by Frank Robinson in 1831. church, New Zealand for a visit with the New Zealand branch of the fam- dence to believe she was a nurse working in Rotorua, New Zealand. ily. None of the sisters married and We have letters about his trip that James and Ida had no children, so this contain mentions of his many branch of the ROBINSON family line Aunts! Amazingly, he took a photo in has ended. 1931, found in my father's old trunk in I discovered James ROBINSON the attic, with three of the Aunts, Ida (m. Elizabeth Stevens, 1873 in Islington, LOTTIE ROBINSON nee VOLLER London, England) in New Zealand when and a neighbor. Aunt Clara, to the far I read his brother John's will dated April right looks as though she would have made a big, strong nurse!! I have evi-

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Volume 3, Issue 3

Page 3

Christy peacock bio (cont'd)

(Continued from page I)

in California to 13 students in Lund! After high school and a year of college, I married my best friend Monty Duane PEACOCK on March

genealogy for years. I tried to find my dad's ancestors before he passed away but didn't have a lot of luck. One day my mom mentioned that her mom's side of genealogy was done thanks to her uncle, Chris JOCKUMSEN. Why didn't I try to find some information on my Grandpa's side as he never knew anything. I took the challenge! I started with my Grandpa, Eddie Buehl COOPER. I had his birth certificate, it had been a delayed birth certificate but it still had plenty of information. My mom didn't know a lot about his parents and siblings, other than his dad, Wiley Clinton COOPER, had died when Eddie was ten years old.

Christy and her best friend, husband Monty Duane Peacock

24, 1972. Duane and I have three children. Our first born, Kassandra Ann PEACOCK, age 30, lives in Salt Lake City, Utah and works for an insurance company. Our second child, Michael Duane PEACOCK, will be 26 on his great grandmother's birthday. He works for a tire company in Las Vegas, Nevada -- he has always been the accident prone one, but hopefully he's finally outgrown it. Our third child is Derek Charles PEACOCK, just turned 22, and currently in the US Army, stationed at Camp Humphreys, Korea. He has been there one year and we don't know when we will see him. Our house is pretty quiet with just the two of us and our two dachshunds! I've been actively involved with

Wiley had died in Kersey, Colorado. His wife, Laura GARNER COOPER, and their six children lived there for many years before moving to Idaho. It was there that son Eddie met and married Danish emigrant, Anna Marie JOCKUMSEN on September 28, 1928. Eddie Buehl COOPER and Anna Marie had five children. Laura GARNER and Wiley Clinton COOPER were both born and raised in Missouri. Wiley had a blacksmith shop in Maries Co, Missouri. Wiley's parents were George Burton COOPER and Nancy RICHAARDSON. George and Nancy were married March 8, 1874 in Jasper Co, Missouri. Nancy's brother was a judge and married them. George and Nancy had three children, all born in
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"I've been actively involved with genealogy, for years. I tried to find my dad's ancestors before he passed away but didn't have a lot of luck...

rage q


Birthdays & anniversaries

Jul 1 1834 Jul 1 1901 Jul 2 1866 Jul 2 1892 Jul 4 1862 Jul 5 1738 Jul 5 1863 Jul 6 1867 Jul 6 1940 Jul 7 1832 Ju19 1769 Ju19 1895 Jul 10 1865 Jul 11 1774 Jul 12 1856 Jul 12 1861 Jul 12 1901 Jul 13 1824 Jul 15 1869 Jul 16 1846 Jul 16 1846 Jul 16 1854 Jul 16 1945 Jul 17 1833 Jul 17 1946 Jul 20 1947 Jul 21 1901 Jul 24 1925 Jul 28 1782 Jul 29 1830 Jul 29 1910 Jul 30 1821 Jul 30 1900 Jul 31 1861 Mercy HOPKINS (169) Louis William D. HOPKINS (102) George ANDREWS/Mary DABBS (137) Henry HOPKINS/Eliza STEVENS (111) William Walter HOPKINS (141) John HARRINGTON/Mary HOPKINS (265) David Lyon HOPKINS (140) Alfred SAUNDERS/Amy BLUNDEN (136) Charles REGELE & Betty FULLAGER (63) David BONE (171) Henry MANSER (234) Laura D STUCKEY (108) Rosa Emma ROBINSON (138) Richard HOLT/Olive HOPKINS (229) Mercy Jane HOPKINS (147) James Thomas HOLT (142) Ola GANT (102) Hezekiah HAMMOND/Jane WALDEN (179) Florence Lane WITTEN (134) Charles ROBINSON/Eliza ROGERS (157) Charles ROBINSON/Ruth ALLBERRY (157) George HOPKINS/Eliza. DILLON (149) Jean Ann NESBITT' (58) Mary Jane MCQUEEN (170) Douglas Cleveland HOPKINS (57) Stewart TWITE (56) Norris L. HOPKINS (102) Keith Kerley FRANKENFIELD (78) James MANSER (221) Joseph BONE (173) Peter STERN (93) Charles ROBINSON Jr. (182) Durwood E. WHEELER (103) Walter HOAD/Sarah BOXALL (142)

Christy peacock bio (confd)

(Continued from page 3) t

Aug 1 1960 Brian Philip GENT (43) Aug 2 1918 Ruth E. GEER (85) Aug 3 1902 Bertha Evelyn OWEN (101) Aug 3 1904 Mildred GANT (99) Aug 3 1921 Floyd Milford HOLT & Bertha OWEN (82) Aug 4 1860 Comlete Eugenia HOPKINS (143) Aug 4 1896 Charley Frank WILLIAMS (107) Aug 4 1919 James M. SCANTLIN (84) Aug 7 1894 Charles HOPKINS & Lucia CLEVELAND (109) Aug 10 1860 Thomas LAMBERT/Mary ROBINSON (143) Aug 11 1945 Cleveland HOPKINS/Lillian MACKENZIE (58) Aug 12 1901 Harold Edward MOSS (102) Aug 12 1956 Stanley HOLT & Fredith Ann KRASSER (47) Aug 15 1851 Harman J. ADAMS & Eliza Ann HOLT (152) Aug 15 1948 Milford Owen HOLT & Jane FOSTER (55) Aug 16 1939 Sheelah STERN (64) Aug 17 1832 Elizabeth Francis DILLON (171) Aug 18 1811 Elizabeth WALDEN (192) Aug 18 1921 Glenys REES (82) Aug 18 1992 Loki Alexander HOPKINS (11) Aug 19 1869 Arthur HOAD & Ann SHEPPERD (134) Aug 26 1929 Donald Wallace COOPER (74) Aug 27 1846 Issac HOPKINS (157) Aug 27 1958 John Charles HOPKINS (45) Aug 28 1933 Jack COOPER (70) Aug 31 1881 George Franklin KERLEY (122) Aug 31 1947 Jon Paul KOLB (56) Aug 31 1952 Rondal DOWNING & Virginia Joan HOLT (51) >ep 1 1881 Silas Milton SCANTLIN (122) iv 1 1949 Wesley DAVIS & Wilma Jean HOI,T (54) Sep 1 1970 Orin Estel NESBITT & Edna DEMING (33)
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Jasper County, Missouri: Wiley Clinton COOPER, born May 18, 1874; Jesse David COOPER born January 23, 1881; and Lizzie May COOPER born December 20, 1883. Nancy died June 20, 1926, in Purcell, Missouri. After her death husband George Burton COOPER moved to Colorado where he lived with their son Jesse and operated a gas station. He died January 29, 1936, in Hudson, Colorado. His death certificate was pretty sad to read. His son Jesse didn't know anything about George's family and left many blanks. George Burton COOPER'S parents were Robert Wiley COOPER and Mercy HOPKINS. This where the HOPKINS family comes in. If I hadn't been lucky enough to find Janet I probably would still be looking for Mercy. Thank You, Janet! Robert Wiley COOPER was born in Bay, Missouri in 1834, to Burton COOPER and Mary Elvira BURGESS COOPER. Robert had 9 brothers and sisters. Mercy HOPKINS was born July 1, 1834, near Portsmouth, England, in the small town of Havant. Her parents were George HOPKINS and Jane KNILL. George Burton COOPER appears to be the only child of Robert Wiley and Mercy HOPKINS COOPER. I had been told there was another son but can't find any evidence to support this claim. I believe Robert Wiley COOPER died between 18741880. I cannot find proof, but am persistent and will find him eventually! Mercy died June 20, 1876, in Avilla, Missouri and is buried there. I'm currently researching Laura GARNER COOPER'S mother. She went by several different names and married twice after her divorce from Laura's father, Wiley Clinton COOPER. Needless to say it hasn't been very easy! k' I hope to pass my history and heritage to my kids and nieces and nephews. Perhaps one of them will have as much interest as I have for it! It is a wonderful hobby. Christy lives in Lund, Nevada, USA, and can be reached by email at: christy cands*
Does anyone have information or contact with Maurice Robinson? He is the great great great grandson of James Robinson, son of Nicholas Hopkins and Charlotte Robinson. Email contact has failed, mail has been returned. Please let me know if you can offer information on his welfare!

Volume 3, Issue 3

Letter from the editor

s many of you know, this has been a difficult summer for my family and A myself. From illness to injury to the death of my beloved father, Cleveland HOPKINS. Yet through it all, blessing have been found, new connections made and old friendships rekindled. pleted reviewing the parish records from Selham, Easebourne and Iping. Please let me know of individuals you may be looking for and the towns they may have inhabited. Of course I always look for the common names in our lines and will share the results with you if they seem pertinent.

We have a new family member joining the subscription list. Jan Dabson, As I research our family history, it is comforting to know that between the lines Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, conof the certificates, wills, census pages and tacted me with information concerning Richard HOLT and Olive HOPKINS. I other documents lie individuals whose am hoping she will help with both the lives encompassed the same joys and sorHOLT and HOPKINS lines. More to rows as our lives. Though they are dead, exploring their lives yields rich secrets and come in our next issue! rewards to those of us that enjoy the pasSpend as much time as possible with time of genealogy. Gone but not forgotyour loved ones and live each day to the ten! fullest! I am continuing my research of parish records for towns in the vicinity of Cocking and Midhurst. This month I have corn-


age 6

0 0)1C-))0''-C-:





0OCC Ox> m>.-6Q< Lq

6)1C-6" Lc :1

Cleveland hopkins obituary (continued)

(Continued from page 1)

irises World nurii broke, out, he was re.cruheu classified research at the Mu LIncoln Laboratory in Cambridge. Massachusetts. 'there he and several other scientists developed pulse radar guide landing aircraft. . . .

land. When retirement brought he and Lillian to Arizona, he became an elder at the First Baptist Church, Prescott, Arizona. He was a charter member of the Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church, Prescott. Cleve had many hobbies including his computer, photography, woodworking, ham radio, geology, camping, and hiking. Amateur astronomy was his favorite. During retirement, he constructed a 14-inch reflector telescope with its own observatory at his home in Prescott. He attended Redlands University in Redlands, California, and completed a BS in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University in Palo Alto in 1993. When World War II broke out, he was recruited for classified research at the MIT Lincoln Laboratory in Cambridge, Massachusetts. There he and several other scientists developed pulse radar technology which is still used to guide landing aircraft. In 1951 he took a position at the Pentagon in the Office for Operations Analysis with the Air Force. At that time, he developed plans for airborne early warning systems to protect the US from the threat of Soviet attack. With his knowledge of radar technology and operations analysis techniques, he was quickly promoted to the head of the Operations Analysis office of the Alaskan Air Command, in charge of strategic planning for the Distant Early:Warning (DEW) radar system that was the first line of US air oc-defense. Cleve continued his career in opOations research and analysis with a variety of government agencies includ?Mr*.

ing the National Bureau of Standards (NIST), Office of Technology Assessment, Office of Telecommunications Policy, the FAA, and the Naval Research Laboratory. In addition, he was a life-member of TIMS/ORSA, a Senior Member of the IEEE and the Society of Professional Engineers, a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, a registered Professional Engineer in the District of Columbia, and a member of the National Capitol Astronomers Association and the American Scientific Affiliation. He authored or coauthored 57 articles in professional journals. Cleveland is survived by his wife, Lillian, two daughters, Janet Anne Hopkins of Chino Valley and Nancy Johnson Haan of Livermore, California; and two sons, Douglas of New York City, New York, and John of Boulder, Colorado. He is also survived by 5 grandchildren, Lawren Richards of Vancouver, Canada; Jason Babcock of Phoenix, Arizona; Casey and Dana Johnson of Livermore, California; and Loki Hopkins of Reykjavik, Iceland. Called "Great Father" by his devoted great-grandchildren, he is survived by Alexandria, Trey and Annabelle Babcock. A memorial was held at the First Baptist Church, 148 South Marina Street, Prescott, on Monday, September 22nd, 2003 at 4 PM. with the Rev. Gary Carman officiating. Interment will be at a later date in the Cleveland family plot, Russian River cemetery, Ukiah, California, USA.

Volume 3, Issue 3

Page 7

Robinson research in new zealand (continued)

(Continued from page 2)

2, 1895. Brother John ROBINSON, a

general practitioner medical doctor,

was raised by his Aunt and Uncle, Mary HOPKINS HICKS and Joseph HICKS, also a doctor. To quote, "... And to pay the remaining one third part or share to my brother James Robinson of number 16 Tuam Street, Christchurch, N.Z." Brothers Charles and James had money left to them as well, showing that they were likely still alive in 1895. The will also indicates that money was left to ". . . the children of my late brother George and late brother William and late sister Charlotte." No mention of sister Hannah, from which one might conclude that she is no longer living. EDITORS NOTE: Lyn's sister, Carol TWITE has brother George's will which begins thusly, "This is the last Will and Testament of me George ROBINSON of Heyshott in the County of Sussex, Grocer and Dealer in Underwood." He had property freehold which is auctioned in parcels. Carol believes when he died he owned one of the 'new houses, attractive old cottages beyond Field cottage on Peace Road. He called his house, 'Hope Cottage', as found in the 1891 census. This house is in the middle of the row

of new houses. The first house was occupied by the ATTFIELDS, George's daughter, Emily, married to Tom ATTFIELD; and ending up with the MILES family in the last house. George himself a widower in1891, is described as age 80 years, working as a hired horse carrier. Living with him is his young grandson, Charles ATTFIELD age 13 years. The oldest living brother, William ROBINSON, and his wife, Elizabeth ??, are found in the 1851 census, but not in the 1881 census. Could it be that this brother also emigrated? Or were he and Elizabeth both deceased. More research is needed to track down William, Elizabeth and their children. I have done some poking around and suspect that the couple had at least three children, William (b. 1842 in Willsden), Elizabeth (I). 1847 in Brighton) and John James (b. 1848 in Brighton). Son John James apparently stayeetn4 44yland, marrying Ellen GOSDEN, daughterm&Lohn and Philadelphia BLUNDELL GOS,-.1fw.; DEN, at St. Peter's Church in Brighton. 'w They had at least three children in Brighton, John (b. 1875), Clara L. (b. 1877) and Albert G. (b. 1879). This family is found in both the 1881 and 1901 Censes. Let's keep exploring!!



"The 'oldest living brat William :ROBINSON, and his wife, Elizabeth ??, has been found in the 1851 census, but the not in the 1881 census. Could it be that this brother also emigrated?"

Birthdays & anniversaries (continued)

(Continued from page 4)

Sep 2 1832 Sep 3 1832 Sep 3 1869 Sep 3 1877 Sep 4 1777 Sep 4 1853 Sep 4 1879 Sep 4 1917
Sep 4 1946

Sep 4 Sep 6 Sep 6 Sep 7 Sep 7 Sep 8 Sep 9

1976 1856 1906 1858 1962 1910 1894

Sep 9 1988 Sep 10 1884 Sep 10 1901 Sep 12 1967 Sep 13 1853 Sep 15 1897 Sep 16 1863 Sep 16 1868 Sep 17 1793 Norman FRANKENFIELD/Ellen KERLEY (SO Daniel WARD/Encie Alice FRANKENFIELD (57) Sep 19 1880 Billy John BRIDGES/Kathryn WARD (27) Sep 20 1958 Sep 23 1865 Emma Jane WILLIAMS (147) Guy Overton GANT (97) Sep 24 1771 Laura Marietta HOPKINS (145) Sep 25 1870 Sep 30 1770 Karen C. FREEMAN (41) Cleveland HOPKINS (93) Sep 30 1799 William GANT & Mary WILLIAMS (109) Edmond YEATES & Jane WALDEN (171) George ROBINSON/Maria BROADBRIDGE (171) John ANDREWS & Sarah Ann JUPP (134) Luella May HOWARD (126) Francis MASON & Hanah HOPKINS (226) Charles HOPKINS (150) Henry KERLEY & Eliza WILLIAMS (124)

Thomas HUPPERT & Lesley GENT (15) James HOLT & Josephine GRIMES (119) Roy A. GNADT (102) Lawren Anne RICHARDS (36) Edward HOPKINS/Emma BLUNDEN (150) William Harold GANT (106) Annie Caroline "Amelia" POPE (140) Albert Henry POPE (135) Thomas WALDEN & Mary MANSER (210) Unknown SANDS (123) Susan Frances GENT (45) Charles Edmond "Charley" HOLT (138) Francis BUDDALL & Mary HOPKINS (232) Marten Albert "Ben" ADAMS (133) John MANSER (233) Henry NOTINGAM & Elizabeth HOPKINS (204)

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The Hopkins Family Research is a genealogical newsletter for the descendants of John and Elizabeth Randol Hopkins, of Cocking, W. Sussex, England. This newsletter is published four times a year: January, April, July, and October. A subscription entitles the subscriber to the quarterly newsletters, free queries in the newsletter, and regular opportunities to publish family related articles. Appropriate submissions include articles, biographies, pedigree charts, family group sheets, or any other genealogical material. Those submitting material will be given by-lines or credit lines. Submissions and queries designated for a specific issue must be received prior to the first of the month preceding the date of the newsletter. Submissions and queries received after this deadline will be save for a later newsletter. Membership fees are $10.00 per year in the United States and $15.00 elsewhere. If possible, foreign fees should be paid by an international money order. Please send ONLY a check or money order as payment. NO CASH! Send subscription requests, suggestions, newsletter submissions, queries and other correspondence to the Editor, Janet Anne Hopkins .

HOPKINS shaking the family tree together!!

Cocking traditions
This article can be found at http:// freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.cotru%7Evillages/ sussex/cockinq.htm. Sussex villages and churches are the subject of wonderfully informative articles.

ocking, or as the locals were heard to pronounce it "Kokkun", is situated in a gap in the Downs on the Midhurst to Chichester road. Some of the buildings are owned by the Cowdray Estate, so the Woodwork is painted a cheerful yellow, a color much used by the Estate painters. The countryside about the village is wooded, and the pond has the odd name of Bumblekite. A natural phenomenon seen in the area was known as 'Foxes-Brewings'. This was mist in the trees which was supposed to forecast rain if it was seen to drift westwards towards Cocking. Cocking had its own mumming or tipteers play, in which Father Christmas plays a slightly more prominent part than in many of the plays. It opens with the usual entrance speech from Father Christmas, and then the oddly named Mince Pie has a fight with St. George. The former is killed, and Father Christmas calls for a doctor who then

4 c

appears on the scene. Father Christmas bargains with him, and eventually the doctor gives in to the extent of reducing his fee by one farthing. The doctor then exclaims:
'I have a little bottle by my side, The fame of which spreadeth far and wide, The stuff therein is called Hallecumb pain. It will rise the dead to life againIt will cure the Hipsey Pipsey Paulsey and the gout, Pains inside and pains out. Drop a drop on the poor man's nose. Arise, young man, and show the gentle folks around, What a noble doctor there is to be found.'

The very abbreviated play ended with a further character, Little Saucy Jack, makes this closing speech:
'Incomes I little Jack, With all my family at my back, Christmas comes but once a year, And when it comes it brings good cheer: Roast beef, plum pudding and mince pies, Who takes all these things better than I? Christmas fairs makes us dance and sing, And money' purse is a capital thing.'

Hopkins Family Research

September 2004

I. Volume 4, Issue 3

Hopkins Family Research

Inside this issue:

My Summer Vacation 2 continues Ames Award continues 2

My Summer Vacation byJanetili Hopkins

As some of you know, my mother, Lillian HOPKINS, and I took a whirlwind genealogy trip to Missouri in August. Next time I will know better.. . The trip will need to be at least three weeks long!! Our first stop was Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri, home to many George HOPKINS and Henry/Jane HOPKINS HOLT descendants. I suspect there may be hundreds of descendants living in the area. My search began in Carl Junction, a small town on the northwestern side of Joplin. We visited with some helpful and friendly women at the present United Methodist Church on the southeast side of town. The church was rebuilding after a tornado this year destroyed their sanctuary. David HOPKINS was the minister of the Carl Junction Methodist Episcopal Church, now called the United Methodist Church. Ramona DONNELL, volunteer church secretary, and a visiting parishioner, Barbara LUNDIEN RUSSELL dropped what they were doing and not only talked genealogy with us, but also took us on a

Subscriber Enjoys Visitors

Gary Anson McCona- 6 ghy Bio Birthdays and Anniver- 8 caries Robinson Census Sheets Editor's Note 8

be former Methodist Episcopal Church, Carl Junction, Missouri

Holt Discovery

tour of the town, pointing out various sites of interest Barbara's ancestors were friends of my family members, all attending the same church. With their help we found the Twin Groves Cemetery, which
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Close Call


Special points of interest:

This newsletter is dedicated to research on the paternal and maternal descendants of John and Elizabeth Randol HOPKINS and any auxiliary

NASA Ames Award

Nancy Johnson is a fifth great granddaughter of John and Elizabeth Randol Hopkins.

lines. This HOPKINS line originated in the small English town of Cocking W. Sussex, England in the late 1600's. While some descendants remained in England, others

Nancy HOPKINS JOHNSOSON (pictured at right) and her daughter, Dana Christine JOHNSON, were awarded the NASA Ames Honor Award for their

participation in a large simulation project at the NASA research facility in Northern California. The project was designed to test a new traffic display for use in commercial aircraft. The display will provide information to the

pilot about other air traffic

in the area, potential con(Continued on page

emigrated to the United States, Australia, Africa, Canada and New Zealand


Page 2

Hopkins Family Research

My Summer Vacation (cont'd)

(Continued from page 1)

several of our readers have also visited. I took the prerequisite picture behind the David Larr headstone. You might remember that other subscribers have submitted similar photos! We were all disturbed at the disrepair of the cemetery. The recent tornado had wreaked havoc in the resting place of our forefathers. Grass had not been cut and the large HOLT monument was broken off and laying on its side along with other damaged memorials. The cemetery is final rest to related lines of HOLT, LARR, STUCKEY, POAGE, OLIVER, CLARK, HARTMAN, DILL and HOPKINS burials.
: . ' ' 71" ad., I
80 v

The next day, to my delight, I tracked down the 1876 location of the Holt and Hopkins homes in Carl Junction. At least one of which is still occupied. The others were back too far off the road to see. A stranger stopped and helped me find them. He had lived there all his life and knew immediately where to take us! To get to this area, take Fir Road off Rt 171. The blocks just before and just past Black Cat Road, on the left, comprise Sections 19 and 20, TWP 44N, Range 7W. Across the street from the Sherwood Cemetery (on the right), is a home I believe might have been David HOPKINS' home, pictured below. Perhaps the Milford HOLTS can validate my assumptions?

David Lair headstone, Twin Groves Cemetery, Missend


I ,,,

n, .



t _Eh, ni et n--,,,, I .fez.z... ;,,,

.. v,. ,
4. I;

f.,1 1..



You might note that the 1876 plat map indicates the HOLTS, HOPI KINS, GRIMES, 1YARYANS and WITTENS, WHEELERS and other related lines lived quite close to each other. The WITTEN family cemetery (which I was unable to visit) is a short distance southwest of this section, I believe on Dogwood Lane. Next time I visit the area, 1 plan to verify these locations more thoroughly. Oswego, Labette County, Kansas A few trips to the Joplin Genealogical Society at the Joplin Library rounded out my whiz bang search in Jasper County. I was on to my focus of the trip, the MCDANIELS in Owego, Kansas. This small town is about 45 miles east of Joplin, so we didn't have to change motels. That was a relief!
(Continued on page 4)


p .6115'

.. 1 11'7: s. t,; i i -_, ::.

A /.11


l' a

.1. ,, ,, ..i,

I r it

II. -. t 5 \


. :..
fl ee.
IC .1- 1 g"..

A. S..,,.,:. )

$. N.',, ,,,,


a .'

f Az.rIeLi fa.


. LL. --g 3 Ji 1 ; a PA ;.....; . s , ' i . C ::. .4 . ; I ;.;


I. r p )5 0 rd.U ....


V. 'A 4


4 .!


2 r 1 X i 4 160 4

1 ir,:t


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M .........._: . ZJI
7,p. ne, t I, 110 s


it wa 4a



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t.'s ' ' 7 ' . : '. A'' . 44 otl1! eo

diw-' ,a -,

Co ble 44 V.

a - 't ,..

: 11 ';'' c;Z
1 ,. . t

',. \
i.. Z. ,

:.! Z's.,.
\\.. Ne

... t,
... : ,
... E. ..
.: 1"- t . P.1 '."

E '

II e


:,-; r% ,e.,e 47; .. .4" '

ItLe* .,

1 ...' ' . . :::

1 ''

e s

, ,
t c,

... !,

sc t, ,.
-.-; 1



t ,:i

z- .40 41

71. o .r, . i

p:.7: Co


4 ...4

1 .3 ,

Ir. S na 6

NASA Ames Award (cont'd)

(Continued from page 1)

flicts with that aircraft and ways to resolve the conflicts should the need arise. Twelve professional pilots were recruited to test the display on individual PC stations located at NASA. Currently, the UPS fleet of 767's uses a modified version of the display in their line operations. Dana (pictured at right) participated

as a pilot, flying numerous aircraft to simulate current levels of background air traffic. Nancy was responsible for the design of the experiment, observing the pilots as the interacted with the display and the analysis of the data. Nancy and Dana are grateful for this opportunity and wish that Cleveland HOPKINS, father and grandfather to the pair, had been alive to see them win this prestigious award. He
would have been delinhteril

Volume 4, Issue 3

Page 3

Henry and Jane Ann Hopkins Holt

Emigrated to US in 1835 aboard the British Barque "Union"

Thomas B. m. Jane Ford Larr

Carolina S.

Grant Cry, Ill

George Y.

John -


m. 4 Malona Amy Jemima Ford Robinson



Eliza Jane


m. sou, i
marsnais Marsha ll y, Illinois

(deaf/dumb) carman J. Adams


Jasper Cty, Missouri

Cty, iv, Ly,

Sarah L
ames Thomas ** m. osephine Grimes
Redondo Beach, Ca


Eliza F


James T.B. Yaryan

Callie L. Louie J.


J per Cty, Missouri

sper Cty, Missouri

Jasper Cty, Missouri

I Lucy _Jane m. Alexander

Vena Reams
m. Alex Richards

David l Lola Lee Charles m. M. Baker

Anson James m. Flora M.
George F. Ira Scott Jesse


tv19129111 e 1
Mo ornery Cry, Kansas

Esther Amy
m. Albert E. Scott

Anna E.


John Thomas m. Viva B. Smith

Oswego, Kan


1 aara*- r6ella V.
Springfield, Missouri



Marion Frances Gump


Jasper Cty, Missouri 0,

1_ Burcha n
m. Minnie McNett

o rg e Hopkins (brother to Jane Ann)

Emigrated to US in 1835 aboard the British Barque "Union"
Mary d. 1802

George m. Ada Keller

Ray L. m. Fay Franks

Ross O. m. Dessa ??

[David *

Grandparents of subscriber Gary Anson McConaghy

Marriage #1
George W. m. Elizabeth Dillon David m. Mary J. McQueen

George m. #1 Jane Knill #2 Mary Taft #3 Mary Scott McQueen Anne m. Silas

Daniel Amos * m. John Anne m. Hedger ) Sarah Fay (Indiana (England)

Eliza m. William Andrew(s) (England)

Amos * Thomas*


Editor's Great Grandparents, Hopkins, Sterni Lines

Osage Cty, Missouri

Mercy m. Robt Wiley Comer

Williams, Kerley, rankenfield. Scantlin, Gant Lines

Ebenezer m. Wealthy Warren

Mary Jane m. August Gnadt

to N. California

* Early death ** No known children

Hopkins, Johnson, Geer, Ritter. Cooley. Costley, Stuckey, Oliver Lines

Cooper, Satterfield, Regeie Lines

Hopkins, Savage Lines

Gnadt. Tomasen Lines

Olympia, Washington Jasper Cty, Missouri

Jasper Cty, Missouri

Jasper Cty, Missouri

Jasper Cty, Missouri

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Hopkins Family Research

My Summer Vacation (cont'd)

(Continued from page 2J

stant resident of this community. A more simple minded, meek and humble follower

newspaper in the early 1900's. It was a serendipitous moment for us!

Tornado damage from a July storm was quite severe and folks were still cleaning up the mess. The Oswego Historical Museum had lost its roof and sustained serious water damage to its huge collection of artifacts. This didn't detain local genealogists, who were hard at work handling research for numerous queries and a massive amount of cleanup! I could have stayed there several days, but only had two afternoons. Fortunately the film reader was still working (though they had lost one of the computers) and I was able to review local col-

of the principles Lord Jesus Christ it falls to E. Hopkins was, of course, Ebenezer HOPthe lot of few people to know (Neodesha KINS, youngest son of George and Jane Register, 22 March, 1895)." In the year KNILL HOPKINS and my great-great uncle. following his wife's death (9 March 1894) His letters back to his hometown are pricehe had little interest in life. When she deless remembrances of small town living parted for glory he felt that there was nothduring the Civil War and earlier. I was able ing more here for him to live for and to fill Betty in on my family history and though accepting the decree of Providence more about the man who's letters she had with humble submission he yet longed for compiled. the summons." My Mom and I met Roberta SCHWINKE at Linn, Osage County, Missouri the old church on Rt. 244 and "J". From On Wednesday, Mom there we traveled together to meet with and I headed for Linn, Osage County, Missouri where my Grandfather, Charles Blodgett HOPKINS, was born and Andrew WOLF, whom she was interviewing for a book on the history of the local Methodist Church. It was to be a magical afternoon! Andrew and his wife welcomed us into their home at Morrison Station. We sat around their kitchen table for a couple of hours listening to the stories this amazing 86 year old man told of people who had lived in the area over the past 100+ years. Tales of his youth and memories of various other families, customs and events. Thank goodness Roberta had her tape re-

raised to the age of 12. umns in the town His grandfather, newspaper. George Hopkins, setWhile I didn't find Birth home of Charles B. Hopkins Linn, Missouri tled outside of Linn anything earth near a crossroads town called Fredericksshattering, I was able to confirm my specuburg. I hoped to find the burial site for lations about the Jesse and Amelia HOLT George Sr. and his wife, Jane Knill. MCDANIEL family. I was also able to idenI was to start historical delving at the Zetify a few more surnames attached to this family. I am still not anywhere near pinpointing present day descendants, but I am closer! I have discovered that one of Jesse MCDANIEL's parents was a Quaker. His father, Elias MCDANIEL married Phebe BOSWELL in a civil service resulting in Phebe being removed from the Chesterfield Quaker Meeting, Athens County, Ohio. Elias is reputed to have died in the Civil War. He appears to have served with his son, Jesse, in the 33rd Regular Illinois Infantry Volunteers. I have found no trace of Elias or Phebe after 1850. Amelia HOLT MCDANIEL's parents, John and Malona ROBINSON HOLT lived in Neodesha, Wilson County, Kansas. Both of them were faithful workers in the Methodist Episcopal Church and are buried there in the churchyard. John's obituary notes, 7t is not necessary to make any eulogies regarding this devout and faithful servant of God, who since 1871 has been a conwicki House, home of the Osage County Historical Society. Mary Lou SCHULTE had put me in touch with Roberta SCHWINKE, a

corder going! We could have recorded him for days, but we wanted to go out to the former HOPKINS farm, once owned by fellow historian living in Section 1, TownMr. Wolfs father. Olan STEMME now owns ship 44N, Range 7W, where I suspected the the farm. He doesn't live there, but grows cemetery was losoy and runs cattle cated. I had an on the land. appointment later Andrew accompain the afternoon nied us to the with Roberta. cemetery I susI decided to review pected might be some newspaper the HOPKINS famarticles, but was ily plot. Headhaving trouble stones were no getting the malonger visible in chine working. the tangled underAnother woman growth. Mr. Wolf arrived to do reAndrew Wolf, in the lead. The cemetery site is directly behind explained that search and hapMom and Roberta Schwenke. were of a soft napened to hear that I was looking for HOPtive sandstone. There were no remaining KINS information. It just so happened that she, Betty Chillington, had been putting (Continued on page 5J together the letters about the town of Linn that an E. HOPKINS had sent to the Linn

Volume 4, Issue 3

Page 5

Subscriber Enjoys Visitors

Pam Hadley, our adopted cousin in Heyshott, England, sent a note and picture of a recent visit from our B/unden cousins. Have just spent a lovely couple of hours with June and Donald BLUNDEN. We discovered that Mike & I know several of the BLUNDENS and LAMBERTS that they have met over the years. In fact I have taught some of them and one of the BLUNDENS is my window cleaner so although I have no HOPKINS connections I somehow feel connectedititit We went to Heyshott Church to find the HOPKINS grave that I sent details of to a list of the grave inscriptions are in the church so Donald has been able to go back to Whittlesey with the information. It was also wonderful because went to school with people from Whittlesey where June and Donald live and I caught up with some news. I have just retired from teaching after being at the same school for 30 years and am hoping to sort out my family trees during the winter months. I'm taking advantage of a late summer (after a terrible August) to catch up with gardening. Pam Hadley, Donald and June Blunden visiting In Pam's Heyshott garden

did a lot for the Heyshott book - Douglas Clayton. The village Old Timers are fast disappearing with lots of newcomers now in the village.

you. Since I last looked, the inscription has Have just attended the funeral of anbecome more difficult to read. Fortunately other of the village stalwarts who

My Summer Vacation (cont'd)

/Continued from page 4J

inscriptions when he was a boy. The burial site is named the "Miller Cemetery" in the County cemetery book. It lies just past the original hand bricked spring, between two small streams. Cedar trees once surrounded the small glade. Most have been cut down. Thickets of poison ivy and overgrown bushes blocked exploration, but still visible were the remains of an 80 foot hand hewn barn built by the Hopkins family. The weathered, rough-hewn beams are enormous. Mr. Wolf said it was once a magnificent structure. He marveled at the persistence of the oldest three Hopkins boys and their father clearing 75 acres of heavily timbered land, as well as building a barn and house in three years time. The next day I scoured the library and ex-

changed information with Betty Chillington. So much to see and so little time! Friday morning we left Linn and headed for Joplin, where I spent the afternoon in the library copying newspaper articles related Holt and Hopkins family descendants. At six o'clock, my research time ended. My genealogical glass carriage turned back into a pumpkin and I was again a middleaged woman on a trip in the Midwest with my mom.

on the two day trip home. She is my Fireskye's Cu Grianach's (Sunny Dog's) intended bride in a couple of years. This pictore shows my little cutie winning Best of Show Puppy at an Australian Shepherd dog show held in Prescott, Arizona. Note the proud owner!

We took off in the morning for Mesquite, Texas, about a day's drive. We visited with Mom's friends and found a We had a warm time of fun and fellowship together. We met some wonderful folks hotel for the night. Next morning we met with Bonnie and were reminded that our country is Thomas of Bon Chance Australian Shepfilled with good people that don't often herd kennel, Premont, Texas, to pick up the make the morning news! other reason for the trip ... I plan another trip next year ... And hope A PUPPY! BonChance Bella Mia at Fireskye, to have time to visit with some newsletter or "Bella" for short. Miss Bella was just over subscribers. Perhaps take a side trip together to some dusty old reading room! 2 months old and as cute as could be. She provided entertainment and a bit of work

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Hopkins Family Research

Gary Anson McConaghy

by Naomi McConaghy

Gary is a sixth great grandson of Jo/7n and Elizabeth RANDOL HOPKINS (Gary, Anson MCCONAGHY, Lucy ST/ERS, Harriett HOL T, Thomas HOL T, Jane HOPK/NS, George HOPK/NS, Henry HOPKINS, John and Elizabeth RANDOL HopKii7s1 GARY ANSON MCCONAGHY was born 25 Dec 1940, in Winslow, Navajo County, Arizona. He was aised primarily in California, mostly in and around the Modesto area. He graduated from Modesto High School in 1959, and soon after joined the US Navy in July, 1959. He served until 1978, when he retired as a Senior Chief Hull Technician. He specialized in welding. After retiring, he worked for Gallo Winery for almost 18 years then retired from there. He enjoyed teaching advanced welding at Modesto Junior College. He holds a lifetime California Teaching Credential. He enjoys people, hunting, fishing, horseback riding and being outdoors.
Gary and Naomi JAM/SON McCONAGHY


Mrs. Hattie E. ST/ERS, aged 6.2 years, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Lucy MCCONAGHY, of Joplin, Wednesday /770n7/17g January 27th, 19/ 5 Her death? was due to a complication of diseases, super induced by asthma of long duration. At the time of the demise of her husband Scott ST1E/?S, in October, she was too to attend the funeral. Since then her condition gradually grew worse and for sometime her demise was hourly expected Mrs. ST/ERS is survived by four daughters and three sons - all grown. Also, three brothers and two sisters. She has resided in this community since her early childhood Funeral services were held in the Methodist Church of this city this afternoon, conducted by the pastor, Rev. J.W. MOORE. /ntem7ent in the city cemetery SCOTT STIERS was born October 16, 1836, in Guernsey County, Ohio and died October 17, 1914, in Nevada, Vernon County, Missouri, USA. He was the son of John STIERS, Jr. and Rachel KLINE. Grandson of John STIERS, Sr. of Bedford County, Pennsylvania and Mary

He married Naomi P. JAMISON on September 26, 1959 in Reno, Washoe County , Nevada. They are the parents of 6 children: Evelyn Marie, b. 1960; Pamela Alene, b. 1963; Roberta Anne, b 1964, d. 1990; Gary Anson Jr., b. 1967; Sharon Leah, b. 1968; and Rebecca Jane, b. 1973. Gary and his family have lived all over the United States, including: Texas; Virginia; Maine; Florida; San Diego, California; Washington State; and back to Modesto, California, after retiring from the US Navy. When he retired from Gallo they moved to 10 acres in the country in Utah where he has his horses and weld shop. Working when he chooses and traveling when his wife can talk him into it. He prefers to tinker in his shop, work in his garden and ride his horse. He and his wife, Naomi have 17 grandchildren.

Scott and Harriett HOLT S77ERS

(Catherine?) KNIGHT SHROUD of New Jersey. SCOTT AND HATTIE STIERS were the parents of 9 children: Lucy Jane - born 28 Jan. 1872, Lehi (Smithfield)*, Jasper County, Missouri. Married 30 Aug 1901, to Alexander MCCONAGHY - Morelton, Conway County, Arkansas. Died 3 Mar 1955, in Williams, Coconino County, Arizona and was buried 6 Mar 1955, in Winslow, Navajo County, Arizona. She died from food poisoning on a train trip from California to her home in Arizona. They were the parents of 5 children: James Scott, Hattie Jane, Lucy Esther, Matilda Irene and Anson Alexander. Vinnie (Vena) Reams - born 30 Jan 1874, Lehi, Jasper County, Missouri. She married Alexander Stephens RICHARDS 1, 25 Apr 1900. She died 29 Nov 1945. They were the parents of 4 children: Lola, Charles Frederick, Rosina and
* Lehi /Smithfield) is a part of Car/ Junction. At the time the Stiers and Holts lived there it was the name of their closets post office.
/Continued on page 7)


HARRIET ELIZABETH HOLT (Hattie) was born 5 April 1852 in Dresden, Muskingum County, Ohio. She was raised in Iowa and Illinois and married Scott STIERS (STIERS), December 23, 1870, in Carl Junction, Jasper County, Missouri. She died Jan. 27, 1915, in Joplin, Missouri and is buried next to her husband in the Joplin Cemetery.

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Hopkins Family Research

Gary Anson McConaghy (cont'd)

(Continued from page 6)

Alexander Stephens II. David Charles - born 14 Apr 1876, Lehi, Missouri and died 11 Nov 1876. Esther Amy - born 12 Apr 1878, Lehi, Missouri. Esther married Albert Edward ALLEN, August 28 1899, Smithfield, Jasper County, Missouri. She died Oct 5, 1923. They had two children: Walter Scott Allbert Ellijah. Lola Lee - born 9 Dec 1880, in Lehi, Missouri. She married Milton MILLER. George Frederic - born 9 Dec 1882, Lehi, Missouri. He married Lenora KOONS. They had one son - Harold. Then he married Anna Emily WHEELER and they had 11(8 who lived to adulthood) children: Karl Orrel, Rebecca, Estella, Kenneth Wheeler, Aurl V., Evan, Erstel V., James Richard, Gerald ine (Genie), Helen and Donald Roger. George died Nov. 8, 1948, in Los Angeles County, California. John Thomas - born 29 Aug 1885, Lehi, Missouri. He married Viva SMITH and he died 16 Jul 1955. They had two sons: Ray Thomas and William Westley. Anson James - born 20 Oct. 1888, Lehi, Missouri. He married Myrtle Flora HOWARD and died 30 June 1958. They had 3 daughters: Cleta Mae, Vera L. and Margaret A. Ezra Scott - born 29 Feb 1891 or 92, Lehi, Missouri and died 15 May 1892.

1904, Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri and died of old age on 30 Jan 2004, in Gig Harbor, Pierce County, Washington. She was just over 100 years old. She is buried in Gig Harbor. She married Thomas Conley WOOD, 6 Dec 1935, in Gallup, McKinley County, New Mexico. They had one daughter, Esther Jane,

County, Utah at the home of his son, Gary. He is buried in the Venice, Utah Cemetery. He was baptized in the Methodist Church as an infant and was raised in the Joplin, Missouri area until they moved to Arizona. He would tell of helping his father run a service station several miles out from Leupp, AZ. He worked for the railroad as a conductor, but primarily he was a truck driver and mechanic for Ryder Trucks. He married Delta Alene JONES, 7 Nov 1939, Holbrook, Navajo County, Arizona. They divorce in 1959, and he remarried five more times, each time those marriages ending in his wife's death due to varied causes, mostly heart and cancer problems.

ANSON ALEXANDER MCCONAGHY AND DELTA ALENE JONES had the folwho still lives in Gig Harbor, Washington. lowing children: Lucy Esther McConaghy - born 16 Apr Gary Anson McConaghy - born 25 Dec 1907, in Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri 1940, in Winslow, Navajo County, Ariand died 20 Jun 1993, in Avondale, zona. (Our subscriber and contributor to Phoenix, Arizona of Alzheimers. She is HOL T research buried in Winslow, Arizona. She married Christeene Jane McConaghy - born 15 Fredrick Corthel MOREY, 11 Jun 1930, in Aug 1942, in Oakland, Alameda County, Flagstaff, Coconino County, Arizona and California. She died 5 Dec 1971, of comthey are the parents of 4 children: Marplications following surgery in Page, Cogaret Lucy, Georgia Irene, Fredrick Alexconino County, Arizona. She married ander and Lloyd James Morey. They Garrett Eugene COLLINS, 7 Mar 1961, divorced and she married Robert W. Reno, Washoe County, Nevada and they HARTMAN, were the parents of four children.
Lucy Jane Stiers and Alex McConaghy

Matilda Irene McConaghy - born 17 Feb 1910, Sapulpa, Creek, Oklahoma and died of Alzheimers 30 Mar 1998, in LUCY JANE STIERS AND ALEXANDER Portland, Oregon. She married William MCCONAGHY had the following children: Warren WAY,13 Nov 1935, Winslow, Arizona. He died in 1976. She married James Scott McConaghy - born 28 Oct Bruce R. BATES, 12 Dec 1987, in Scap1902, Morelton, Conway, Arkansas and poose, Columbia County, Oregon. died 12 April 1963, Kansas City, Kansas. He married Eunice Alfreda BURMAN Aug There were no children. 1927, and they had 4 children: James Anson Alexander McConaghy - born 11 Alexander, John Alfred, Martha Joanne Jun 1915, Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri and Marie Joyce. and he died of colon cancer on 26 Aug 2001, in Venice, Sevier Hattie Jane McConaghy - born 22 Jan

Thomas Frank McConaghy - born 5 May 1944, in Needles, San Bernardino County, California. Gary and Naomi can be reached by email:


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Hopkins Family Research

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Jul 1 1834 Jul 1 1901 Jul 2 1866 Jul 2 1892 Jul 4 1855 Jul 4 1862 Jul 5 1738 Jul 5 1863 Jul 6 1867 Julio 1940 Jul 7 1832 Jul 7 1855 Jul 9 1769 Jul 9 1895 Jul 10 1865 Jul 11 1774 Jul 12 1856 Jul 12 1861 Jul 12 1901 Jul 13 1824 Jul 15 1869 Jul 16 1846 Jul 16 1846 Jul 16 1854 Jul 16 1945 Jul 17 1833 Jul 17 1946 Jul 20 1947 Jul 211901 Jul 21 1952 Jul 24 1901 Jul 24 1925 Jul 27 1862 Jul 28 1782 Jul 29 1830 Jul 29 1910 Jul 30 1821 Jul 30 1900 Jul 31 1861 Aug 1 1709 Aug 1 1960 Aug 2 1918 Aug 3 1902 Aug 3 1904 Aug 3 1921 Aug 4 1860 Aug 4 1896 Aug 4 1919 Mercy HOPKINS (170) Louis William D. HOPKINS (103) George ANDREWS/Mary DABBS (138) Henry HOPKINS/Eliza STEVENS (112) William ROWE/Lydia DIDYMUS (149) William Walter HOPKINS (142)

David Lyon HOPKINS (141)

Alfred SAUNDERS /Amy BLUNDEN (1371 Charles REG ELE /Betty FULLAGER (64)

David BONE (172) James DIDYMUS /Jane ROE (149) Henry MANSER (235) Laura D STUCKEY (109) Rosa Emma ROBINSON (139) Richard HOLT/Olive HOPKINS (230) Mercy Jane HOPKINS (148) James Thomas HOLT (143) Ola GANT (103)
Hezekiah HAMMOND/Jane WALDEN (180)

Florence Lane WITTEN (135)

Charles ROBINSON /Eliza ROGERS (158) Charles ROBINSON /Ruth ALLBERRY (158) George HOPKINS/Elizabeth DILLON ( I 50)

Jean Ann NESBITT (59) Mary Jane MCQUEEN (171) Douglas Cleveland HOPKINS (58) Stewart TWITE (57) Norris L. HOPKINS (103) Monty Duane PEACOCK (52) Marion Ressa NEEF (103) Keith Kerley FRANKENFIELD (79)
John HEDGES/Catherine ROE (142)

James MANSER (222) Joseph BONE (174) Peter STERN (94) Charles ROBINSON (183) Durwood E. WHEELER (104)
Walter HOAD /Sarah BOXALL (143)
John HOPKINS/Elizabeth RANDOL (295)

Brian Philip GENT (44) Ruth E. GEER (86) Bertha Evelyn OWEN (102) Mildred GANT (100) Floyd HOLT & Bertha OWEN (83) Com/ete Eugenia HOPKINS (144) Charley Frank WILLIAMS (108) James M. SCANTLIN (85)

Aug 7 1894 Charles HOPKINS /Lucia CLEVELAND (110) Aug 7 1898 Ada M.UNDERWOOD (106) Aug 7 1900 Sidney B. LONG (104) Aug 8 1877 Harriett ROWE (127) Aug 10 1833 William ROWE/Harriet KNIGHT (171) Aug 10 1860 Thomas LAMBERT/Mary ROBINSON (144) Aug 10 1870 Anne ROWE (134) Aug 11 1945 Cleveland HOPKINS/Lillian MACKENZIE (59) Aug 12 1901 Harold Edward MOSS (103) Aug 12 1923 James Richard STIERS (81) Aug 12 1956 Stanley HOLT/Fredith KRASSER (48) Aug 14 1873 Charly J. YARYAN (131) Aug 15 1851 H. J. ADAMS/Eliza HOLT (153) Aug 15 1948 Milford HOLT/Jane FOSTER (56) Aug 16 1939 Sheelah STERN (65) Aug 17 1832 Elizabeth Francis DILLON (172) Aug 17 1953 Patricia Ann LETTS (51) Aug 18 1811 Elizabeth WALDEN (193) Aug 18 1921 Glenys REES (83) Aug 18 1992 Loki Alexander HOPKINS (12) Aug 19 1869 Arthur HOAD/Ann SHEPPERD (135) Aug 20 1856 William ROWE (148) Aug 22 1852 Ellen GOSDEN (152) Aug 24 1907 Charles Frederick RICHARDS (97) Aug 26 1929 Donald Wallace COOPER (75) Aug 27 1846 Issac HOPKINS (158) Aug 27 1958 John Charles HOPKINS (46) Aug 28 1933 Jack COOPER (71) Aug 29 1885 John Thomas STIERS (119) Aug 31 1881 George Franklin KERLEY (123) Aug 31 1912 Kenneth Wheeler STIERS (92) Aug 31 1947 Jon Paul KOLB (57) Aug 31 1952 Ronda! DOWNING/Virginia HOLT (52) Sep 1 1881 Silas Milton SCANTLIN (123) Sep 1 1949 Wesley DAVIS/Wilma HOLT (55) Sep 1 1970 Orin NESBITT/Edna DEMING (34) Sep 2 1832 Edmond YEATES/Jane WALDEN ( 1 72) Sep 2 1918 Herbert LETTS/Ada UNDERWOOD (86) Sep 3 1832 George ROBINSON/Maria BROADBR1DGE 1 t 721 Sep 3 1869 John ANDREWS/Sarah Ann JUPP ( 135) Sep 3 1877 Luella May HOWARD (127) Sep 4 1777 Francis MASON/Hanah HOPKINS (227) Sep 4 1853 Charles HOPKINS (151) Sep 4 1870 Henry George KNIGHT (134) Sep 4 1879 Henry KERLEY/Eliza WILLIAMS ( 1 25) Sep 4 1917 Norman FRANKENFIELD/Ellen KERLEY (87) Sep 4 1946 Daniel WARD/Encic FRANKENFIELD (58) Sep 4 1976 Billy BRIDGES/Kathryn WARD (28)

Sep 5 1921 William Westley STIERS (83) Sep 6 1856 Emma Jane WILLIAMS (148) Sep 6 1906 Guy Overton GANT (98) Sep 7 1858 Laura Marietta HOPKINS (146)

Sep 7 1962 Karen C. FREEMAN (42) Sep 8 1817 John HOPKINS (187) Sep 8 1910 Cleveland HOPKINS (94) Sep 9 1894 William GANT/Mary WILLIAMS (1 10) Sep 9 1988 Thomas HUPPERT/Lesley GENT ( 1 6) Sep 10 1884 James HOLT/Josie GRIMES (120) Sep 10 1901 Roy A. GNADT (103) Sep 11 1814 Sarah WHEELER (190) Sep 12 1967 Lawren Anne RICHARDS (37) Sep 13 1853 Edward HOPKINS/Emma BLUNDEN (151) Sep 13 1868 Alfred William KNIGHT (136) Sep 13 1956 Richard John LETTS (48) Sep 15 1897 William Harold GANT (107) Sep 16 1863 Annie Caroline POPE (141) Sep 16 1868 Albert Henry POPE (136) Sep 17 1793 Thomas WALDEN /Mary MANSER (211) Sep 19 1880 John A. SANDS (124) Sep 20 1958 Susan Frances GENT (46) Sep 23 1864 Fanny ROWE (140) Sep 23 1865 Charles MOLT (139) Sep 23 1878 George T. YARYAN (126) Sep 24 1771 Francis BUDDALLiMary HOPKINS (233) Sep 25 1847 Sarah L. HOLT (157) Sep 25 1870 Marten ADAMS (134) Sep 30 1770 John MANSER (234) Sep 30 1799 Henry NOTINGAM/Elizabeth HOPKINS (205)

Robinson Census Sheets

RUTH ROBINSON (Daughter of George Robinson and Maria Broadbridgej
BORN: 22nd Feb 1845 in Heyshott /Found entry in Family Bible) MARRIED : April-June 1870 to Richard Walter Riches in Marylebone Kith Grove Stables, Hammersmith - 1871 Census LIVED : Heyshott with parents - 1851 Census 2 Euston Villa Stables, Uxbridge Rd, Hammersmith - 1881 Keith Grove, Ackerhouse Stables, Hammersmith - 1891 Kidman, Hampstead Road, Watford - 1901 Census All children born in Hammersmith Richard Walter Riches born Jan-Mar 1871 CHILDREN : George Henry Riches born 1873 Alfred Riches born 1878 Charles Frederick Riches born Apr-June 1874 INFORMATION: Ruth's brother Charles Robinson and his daughter Pollie Robinson visited Watford and sent postcards home . Son Richard W Riches born 1871 in Hammersmith was found in the 1901 census married with a family living at Stables at 32 Sutton Rd, Chiswick, occupation, Coachman. Wife was Nellie aged 32 with son Richard 5, and daughters Winifred 4 and Ruth 1.
/Continued on page 9)

Volume 4, Issue 3

Page 9

Editor's Note
In between taking some trips, being sick and having a great summer, I have managed to build a new website nspercl.tlet/liteskye. at: ihttp://users.c I would be happy to host links and or pages for any of you who would like some of your research online. I hope you all will take a visit and see what I have done so far. I decided not to post all my research as so much seems to get "lifted" and used in moneymaking schemes. I would rather share it with those who are related and leave it at that. I sure would like some submissions from those of you that have not yet contributed an autobiography or research. I always feel guilty when I fill the issue with mostly what I am working on! Though I hope you enjoy it anyway. Please consider sending something along for the next issue. This issue will be going out to quite a few new people. I gathered addresses everywhere I went and hope to track down a couple of Holt and Hopkins descendants in Missouri. BTW, did I mention in the last newsletter that Jan DABSON has almost pinned down our Henry HOLT as the child of Richard and Olive HOPKINS HOLT? (See article below). We do need a bit more documentation, but all is pointing in that direction. Which makes a double connection between the lines ... All for now.

I wish I had done it years ago! I thought it would be a huge and mindboggling task. It actually turned "firm out to be quite easy. P. 444414 4 I And fun. will probably be revising it for the rest of my life. I hope one day to have the newsletter accessible via the website. It would save time and money.



Robinson Census. Sheets

(Continued from page 8J

submitted by Carol Twite

Holt Discovery

New information is surfacing regarding the English roots of the HOLT Family line. Jan DABSON went to the CHILDREN OF CHARLES ROBINSON, JR. Hampshire Record Office in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England. While there she 1851 Census Address: School House, Heyshott looked at Richard HOLT's will, husband Farm Labourer Head 29 yrs Heyshott Charles Robinson of Olive HOPKINS HOLT. 27 yrs Cocking Ruth Robinson Wife She unfortunately didn't manage 3 yrs Heyshott William Robinson Son to get all of it, but what she did find is 1861 Census Address: Polecats, Heyshott, Sussex that he was a Blacksmith and he left Labourer Head 39 yrs Heyshott Woods Charles Robinson the bulk of his estate to his son HENRY, School Mistress 37 yrs Graffham Wife Ruth Robinson also a Blacksmith. The will notes RichScholar 13 yrs Heyshott William Robinson Son ard was of Shidfield, Droxford Parish Scholar 9 yrs Heyshott Thomas Robinson Son and mentions some of his daughters. 5 yrs Heyshott Scholar Ann Robinson Dau The editor's reading of the Drox1871 Census Address: Heyshott, Sussex ford Manor records notes an entry on Ag Lab 49 yrs Heyshott Head Charles Robinson 6/8/1861 to John HOPKINS with the Wife 47 yrs Graffham Ruth Robinson following note, "Indenture dated 15 Groom 19 yrs Heyshott Thomas Robinson Son April 1861 made between Thomas Scholar 9 yrs Heyshott John Robinson Son HOLT, Mary HOL T, George HOL T, John 1881 Census Address: 2 Befladrum, Kiltarlity, Inverness, Scotland Holt, and Harriett HOLT of the one part Thomas Robinson Sery Unm 29 yrs Hayshotts, Sussex Coachman IWe know that Thomas married El/en and they are they were buried together in Heyshott in 1907. and Harman ADAMS and Eliza Ann They lived in Warbleton, Sussex.) ADAMS his wife (formerly Eliza Ann HOLT Spn) of the other part is involved, 1871 Census Address: Graffham, Sussex 0.2.6 (tax amount?), I 15 July 1825, Un 43 yrs Graffham School Mistress Maria Betsey Harman Adams & us, M 1871." I don't Ann Robinson Sery 15 yrs Heyshott General Servant know what it all means, but indicates a 1881 Census Address: 5 Elm Park, Lambeth, Surrey connection with the Richard HOLT land, Letter Carrier (C S Mess) Henry R Martin Head 23 yrs Borough which earlier passed to Olive HOLT. Annie Robinson Martin Wife 25 yrs Heyshott No christening records have been Alice Ruth Martin Day 1 yrs Lambeth located for Henry, who gave his age as 1891 Census Address: 96, Hazelbridge Rd, Clapham, London 50 in the 1850 Ohio Federal Census. Henry Richard Martin Head 32 yrs Borough Head Postman This conflicts with the supposition that Annie Robinson Martin Wife 35 yrs Heyshott, Sussex Olive had him around 1790. By 1800, (Continued on page 10 she would have been 53 years old.

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Robinson Census Sheets (cont'd)

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Close Call
Young Emily, granddaughter of Donald Blunden was knocked down by a car on Friday night, 8 October, at 6.55 pm. She and mom, Angie, were rushed to Addenbrooks Hospital. Emily had many morphine injections and 3 times into surgery, they were so concerned about infection. Emily had the front half of her foot amputated. You can guess how devastated the whole family is and the "rallying of the troops" is just as a perfect family should be. Poor Angie cracked up at the hospital and just broke her heart The three children are her and husband's life, their WORLD. Sadly you can cushion them as much as you like but it's that one moment" and your world is torn apart. Emily had just won her gold for dancing. From all reports, this little one will be back to dancing in no time.

Alice Ruth Martin Dau 1 1 yrs Brixton, London Nellie Agnes Martin Dau 4 yrs Briston, London 1901 Census Address: Clapham, London Henry A Martin Head 43 yrs Borough, London Annie Robinson Martin Wife 45 yrs Heyshott Alice R Martin Dau 21 yrs Brixton Walter Martin Son 8 yrs Clapham George Martin Son 6 yrs Clapham

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1881 Census Address: Heyshott Green, Sussex Charles Robinson inr Head 59 yrs Heyshott Ruth Robinson Wife 57 yrs Graffham John Robinson Son 19 yrs Heyshott 1901 Census Address: 2, Helvetia Street Lewisham, Kent John Robinson Head 38 yrs Heyshott Alice Robinson Wife 34 yrs Westminster, London George Robinson Son 9 yrs Lewisham, Kent William Robinson Son 8 yrs Catford, Kent Ruth Robinson 6 yrs Catford, Kent Dau Frederick Robinson Son 5 yrs Carford, Kent Ellen Robinson 4 yrs Catford, Kent Dau Amy Robinson Dau 2 yrs Catford Kent Albert Robinson Son 2 mths Catford, Kent (Now that is one busy mother/I Seven children, nine and under/0

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