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Nursing Jurisprudence Final Examination Name: ________________________________ 11.

An agreement between two or more persons to do or not to do a particular thing is known as: A. Consent c. Contract B. Purpose d. Subpoena 12. Joy applied for the nurses licensure exam. To qualify, she must posses the following: A. 21 years of age B. Filipino, BSN degree holder, in good health and of oral Character C. 21 years of age, Filipino, BSN graduate D. 21 years of age, BSN, in good health and of moral Character 13. The Philippine Nurses Association was founded in 1922 by: a. Anastasia Giron- Tupas C. Julita Sotejo b. Rosario Delgado d. Annie Sand 14. According to the Milk Code, which of the following would be improper for the nurse to do? a. Advocating breastfeeding of children up to two years b. Endorse or promote a brand of milk to a lactating mother c. Teaching the mother alternative ways of feeding if breast feeding is not possible d. None of the above 15. The Clients chart may also be evaluated in court when which of the following has been issued? a. Living will c. Warrant of arrest b. Subpoena duces tecum d. Subpoena adtestificandum 16. A profession is best defined as: a. Calling the requires advanced skill and preparation b. The work that suits an individual c. An activity one engages d. All of the above 17. The expansion of liability as when a head nurse is implicated in the mistake commited by her staff is based on which of the principle? a. Respondeat superior c. Malpractice b. Force majeur d. Res ipsa loquitor 18. Which is the role of the nurse in a domestic abuse situation. a. Provided counseling for the victim b. Provided counseling to the person commiting the abuse c. Protect the clients privacy by not documenting the abuse d. Document the situation and provide support for the victim 19. Entering the Clients room to get the neonate for an examination by the physician, the nurse on the maternity unit sees the client holding the crying neonate and slapping his face. Which action is most appropriate? a. Leave the room without the neonate and notify the nursing supervisor b. Take the neonate to the nursery, tell the physician so he can examine the neonate for injuries, and notify social services. c. Take the neonate to the nursery and tell coworkers to observe the client for further incidents d. Confront the client by asking her what shes doing and why 20. Every nurse must be a member of the national accredited professional organization which is the: a. International Council of Nurses b. Philippine Nurses Association c. Philippine Mental Health Association d. ANSAP 21. A certificate of registration may be revoked or suspended for a. Malpractice and incompetence b. Negligence c. Fraud, false statements in obtaining a license d. All of the above 22. Any person who kills his father is guilty of a. Infanticide c. Parricide b. Murder d. Abortion


Legally nursing care that is not documented: a. Is care provided even if it is not recorded b. May be recorded soon after she remember c. Is considered care that is not provided d. May be recorded during her next round of duty In the scope of nursing practice, professional services include all the following independent roles of the nurse except: a. Utilization of the nursing process b. Execution of doctors orders c. Accurate recording and reporting of nursing care d. Understanding responsible care and supervision of services The primary purpose of licensure requirement for nurses is: a. Limit practice b. Protect the public c. Define scope of practice d. Outline legislative action



Situation: Nurse Joyce did not actively practice her profession for 5 consecutive years. 4. Which of the following actions of the PRC/BON is the possible consequence? a. Suspension of the license b. Revocation of the license c. Her name be dropped from the rosters of Filipino nurses d. None of the above. Now she wants to be employed as a nurse. Under R.A. 9173 she will be required to undergo which of the following? a. 1 month didactic training and 6 months practicum b. 3 months didactic training and 6 months practicum c. 1 month didactic training and 3 months practicum d. 3 months didactic training and I month practicum The patient developed sepsis after an appendectomy. After investigation, it was found out that an operating sponge was left in the patients abdomen. Which of the following doctrines can be applied in this particular case? a. Epikia b. Respondeat superior c. Force majeure d. Res ipsa loquitor



7. All of the legal rules and principles including study, interpretation, and application in the regulation of the practice of nursing comprise which of the following? A. Nursing legislations B. Nursing regulations C. Nursing jurisprudence D. Nursing ethics 8. The membership of the Board of Nursing shall represent the following three fields of nursing practice, except: A. Community health nursing B. Occupational health nursing C. Institutional health nursing D. Nursing education 9. A crime committed with evident premeditation is said to be which of the following? A. Aggravating circumstance B. Exempting circumstance C. Mitigating circumstance D. Justifying circumstance 10. When two or more persons agree to commit a crime, they commit: a.. Proposal c. Suggestion b. Conspiracy d. Felony

23. When a patient enters the doctors clinic for consultation, this is an example of a. Formal contract c. Implied contract b. Expressed contract d. Void contract Situation: Karen is 2 months pregnant. Her parents are not aware of this. Karen informed her friend of the problem. Katty referred Karen to Kelly, an abortionist. Karen had an abortion. 24. Who is considered as the accomplice? a. Kelly c. Katty b. Karen d. None 25. If those involved will be charged, Kelly is considered the a. Accomplice c Principal b. Accessory d. None of these 26. If during the investigation, the pieces of evidence were not found because Kate, the maid of Kelly burned it. Kate is considered: a. Principal c. Accessory b. Accomplice d. None of these 27. The office term for members of BON under R.A 9173 is: a. 5 years c. 3 years b. 4 years d. 2 years 28. All of the following are causes of the revocation of license except: a. Proper practice c. Gross incompetence b. Unethical conduct d. Malpractice 29. Professional practice of nursing involves of all the following except a. Undertaking research b. Participation in teaching, guidance, and suppression of students c. Motivation of individuals, families, and communities d. Administration if IV medications after completion of training 30. Improper or unskill care of patient by a nurse and stepping beyond ones authority with serious consequences is termed as a. Liability c. Malpractice b. Negligence d. Tort 31. The hospital where you have been working is celebrating its Golden Jubilee Foundation. The overall chairman assigned three of the nurse supervisors to head different committees. The principle of management used here is a. Unity of command c. Command responsibility b. Delegation of responsibility d. Channel of communication 32. You understand that as a nurse, maintaining privacy and confidentially is an important aspect of which of the following? a. What all clients expect c. Hospital policy b. It is an accepted practice d. Nurses code of ethics 33. The nurse in the pediatric ward strikes a child I the arm in her attempts to keep the child quite. The nurse in this situation can be accused of a. Malpractice c. Negligence b. Battery d. Assault 34. A patient is having steam inhalation, after the nurse has given it for 30 minutes, the patients face was red all over and soon, blisters started to appear. The burns in this case illustrates the doctrine of a. Force majeure c. Res ipsa loquitor b. Respondent superior d. Commission of a negligent act 35. Current license is to be renewed every a. Three years c. Five years b. Two years d. Four years 36. The most common situation for which nurses are charged making with malpractice is: a. Loss of clients property b. Not following a physicians order c. Making a medication error d. Failure to obtain informed consent

37. A primary purpose of an incident report is to a. Identify ways to prevent future incidents b. Assure that the necessary follow up procedures were followed c. Provide evidence for a trial d. Identify the persons responsible from the incidents 38. Which of the following clients cannot give informed consent? a. A 50 year old woman who cannot stop crying during the explanation b. A 40 year old client who has been sedated c. A married d. A 70 year old woman who is alert and oriented, but unable to write her name 39. Informed consent is defined as: a. A form that contains a description of the procedure or treatment and risks that the nurse explains to the client b. A process whereby the client is given an option of several treatment modalities c. An agreement by the client to accept a course of or procedure after receiving complete information d. A Legal form that signed by the client that becomes a permanent part of the chart. 40. The BON schedule the oath taking ceremony foe the new nurses ______ days after the release of the exam results. a. 20 days b.15 days c.10 days d.5 days 41. Two students nurses are eating lunch in the cafeteria and one of them states that her client is a prostitute, which is why the patient contracted genital herpers. In fact, the client sister is eating lunch at the next table and overheads the conversations. a. Slander c. Assault b. Libel d. Battery 42. An attempt or threat to touch another person unjustifiably describes the intentional tort of a. False imprisonment c. Libel b. Assault d. Slander 43. Individuals have a right to withhold themselves and their lives from a public scrutiny. The intentional tort that results from not respecting these rights is a. Invasion of privacy c. Slander b. False imprisonment d. Battery 44. In order to prove that nursing malpractice has occurred, the plaintiff must prove that the nurse: a. Acted outside care standards b. Carries malpractice insurance c. Had performed that action safely previously d. Intended to harm the patient 45. Which of the following categories of law deals with libel and slander? a. Torts c. Contracts b. Statutory d. Criminal 46. When the mayor of a town or a city takes advantage of his power in the performance of unlawful actions, this action is considered as a. Mitigating circumstance c. Exempting circumstances b. Aggravating circumstance d. Justifying circumstances 47. Circumstance or actions which are said to be in accordance with the law are a. Aggravating c. Mitigating b. Exempting d. Justifying 48. If an examinee fails three times, he/she should a. Enroll for a refresher course b. Enroll and pass the regular 4th year subjects d. Take another college course c. Take the exam for the 4th time 49. The chairman and members of the board shall hold office for a. 5 years c. 2 years b. 3 years d. 6 years 50. The act providing for a more responsive nursing profession, repealing RA 7164 (The Philippine Nursing Act of 1991) is: a. RA 9731 c. RA 9317 b. RA 9713 d. RA 9173