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First A. Author1, Second B. Author1, and Third C. Author2 University of Information Technology 34 Truong Dinh Street, 1st District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Email: ..

University of .,

ABSTRACT This document provides information and instructions for preparing a paper to be included in the Proceedings of The Fifth International Conference on Information Technology in Education and Training (IT@EDU2008). The paper file format must be in either MS Word (.doc) or PDF file format (.pdf). Keywords: Information Technology, Education, Telecommunications, Proceedings. 1. INTRODUCTION All material on each page should fit within a rectangle of 18 x 23.5 cm (7" x 9.25"), centered on the page, beginning 2.54 cm (1") from the top of the page and ending with 2.54 cm (1") from the bottom. The right and left margins should be 1.9 cm (.75). The text should be in two 8.45 cm (3.33") columns with a .83 cm (.33") gutter. 2. TYPESET TEXT 2.1 Normal or Body Text The paper must be written in English, A4 paper, single-spaced, justified, with a font size of 11pt, in Times New Roman or other Roman font with serifs, as close as possible in appearance to Times Roman in which these guidelines have been set. 2.2 Title and Authors When typing your paper, please follow the order: Title, Author(s), Affiliation(s), Key words, Abstract, full text. The title should be written centered, in 12pt, boldface Times New Roman, all capital letters. It should be single spaced if the title is more than one line. The authors name should include first name, middle initial and surname. It should be written centered, in

11pt Times New Roman, below the title. If there are many authors, you may have to improvise.1 3. HEADINGS 3.1 Main headings The main headings should be written left aligned, in 11pt, boldface and all capital Times New Roman letters. 3.2 Secondary headings Secondary headings should be written left aligned, 11 pt, boldface Times New Roman, with an initial capital for first word only. 4. PAGE NUMBERS Please do not number the pages of the paper. 5. FIGURES/CAPTIONS Place Tables/Figures/Images in text as close to the reference as possible. Captions should be Times New Roman 11-point bold. They should be numbered (e.g., Table 1 or Figure 2). Figures captions should be centered beneath the image or picture, and Table captions should be centered above the table body. 6. REFERENCES
For books: surname, title, publisher, place of publication, data of publication. [1] M. Brandstein and D.Ward, Eds., Microphone Arrays: Techniques and Applications, Springer Verlag, 2001.

If necessary, you may place some address information in a named section at the end of your paper.

For journals: surname, title, journal, volume, number, pages, data of publication. [2] S. Nordebo, I. Claesson, and S. Nordholm, Adaptive beamforming: Spatial filter designed blocking matrix, IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering, vol. 19, pp. 583-590, Oct. 1994.

For Proceedings: surname, title, Title of the conference, Volume of the Proceedings, Pages, date of the Conference. [3] N. Grbic and S. Nordholm, Soft constrained subband beamforming for handsfree speech enhancement, IEEE Int. Conf. Acoust. Speech Signal Process., vol. 1, pp. 885-888, Jun. 2002.