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72April 2011

PO Box 2008, Hazeldene 3658

What can five dollars buy these days? If you were one of the 50 adults and kids who came the first monthly Community Dinner at the Rec Reserve, you might be able to guess the answer. Munching away on dips and bikkies followed by spaghetti bolognaise, tender roast beef and lamb, spuds, pumpkin and veges, most of us were fairly chuffed at getting a bargain for our money. When the passion fruit pav and home made apple crumble arrived there was, immediately, just a little room left in our bulging tummies for something sweet. As it turns out, the apple crumble was an afterthought, but after a quick trip down Spring Valley to pick roadside apples, it soon became a reality. Not a doubt in our collective minds that this was five dollars well spent.!!! Dress to impress was the theme and we saw some stunning outfits on our bar and kitchen staff and on many of the community members who came to join us. Barmaid, Anna, wore an exquisite formal gown with heels guaranteed to be thrown off before the evening was more than 30 minutes old. Anna was perfectly complimented by her husband, John, looking most debonair in his suit and thongs. Mick Dunn, for the second time in the past 12 months donned a suit, while Sharon, gorgeous in pink and Trev in his glad rags looked very up-market. Some of us chose to keep our fashion flair less obvious, with a variety of trackies and workmens gear, mingling with the suits and gowns. Kareoke by Paul Hendry kept Gerri and the kids close to the microphone all evening. Community Dinners happen on the first Friday evening of each month. They are a great way to catch up with people and have an affordable meal and a few drinks in a family friendly atmosphere. Adults and teens can eat for $5 per head, Primary kids for $3 per head and tots and kinder kids free. The bar serves drinks at very reasonable prices and is open from 6pm till about 9.30. While we cannot guarantee full roast dinners each month, you can look forward to being served lashings of great home made food, all cooked by us here in Flowerdale. We recommend that you arrive to eat before 7.30, as the food disappears rather quickly.
Inside this issue:

Flowerdale Primary Junior Youth Group Kinglake Scouts MSC Locatl Tradies Flowerdale Community House Contact Numbers

2 3 9 18 21 22


Distribution: 500 copies to Silver Creek Rd., Silver Parrot Rd., Creekside Drive., Riverside Cres., Service Road, Moore s Rd., Spring Valley Rd. Upper King Parrot Rd, and the Main Road as far as Minto Rd. Also the Hazeldene Store, Flowerdale Hotel, Strath Creek Store and Glenburn Roadhouse. Articles, advertisements, etc. can be left at the store, posted to PO Box 2008, Hazeldene, or emailed to the Community House at

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April 2011

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Junior Youth Group has had a very exciting month, with the completion of the cubby house and I must say its looking great, also our camp to Harriettville from the 18th-20th March. A big thankyou goes to Gary for lending a hand with building the cubby with the children without him wed be still putting it together.

Camp Well what an experience. Rules were as follows: we are all friends and under no circumstances were electronic devices allowed to come. The friends part was accepted easily but ho my what do you mean no dss, Ipods etc? as we set off at 2.30pm Friday afternoon with two buses and my van34 children and 6 carers. In Seymour only one child was locked in the public toilet but swift thinking and no panic got that child out safe and sound (phew). We arrived late to a spaghetti bolognaise dinner which was very much needed then bed. A good nights sleep was needed for the next days busy schedule. 34 children were divided into 3 groups: The Yakkadees (Yak & Mr D), Rodreekez (Rod & Kerry) and the Tnneries (Tanya & Henry). Each group alternated three activities in the morning these were kayaking, ropes and flying fox. After a sausage roll and salad lunch we alternated another three activities in the afternoon these wer tubing, town walk and fishing/gold panning. Then a roast beef dinner. Overall everyone had a blast. I fell in on the kyak which caused alot of laughs. The flying fox, ropes were a hit and the tubing was a scream, even though the weather was warm the crystal clear river was freezing. After dinner we had a bonfire with marsh mellows and then bed. At 6.30am Sunday morning Rod woke everyone up for an hour bush walk. All the children were starving so some children devoured three serves of bacon and eggs and three serves of cereal. No food was left uneaten that morning. After breakfast it was time to pack up and load the buses and car. We had a bit of a showcase of talents with singing, dancing and piano being represented in style. Free time was had before some extraordinary running races. There was hop skip & jump, relay, funny walk relay, walking relay. After lunch we all boarded the buses for home. After the events of the day we were sure they would sleep all the way home but we werent so lucky. Each child and leader had a ball.
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Now if your exhausted reading this imagine how exhausted we were but it was worth every minute of it. Special thanks go to our special leaders of camp, Henry Kielbaska, Ross Davis, Kerry & Yak Sullivan. Without them Rod and I wouldnt have been able to take as many children on camp. We are always seeking more leaders with working with children checks to assist us on excursions and camps. It is extremely rewarding to see the smiles on the all the childrens faces knowing we have touched their lives in a positive way. I have plenty of forms for Working with Children Checks so please see me if you require forms. Tanya Hallett Childrens Comments: I enjoyed camp. I liked the kayaking, ropes, tubing & the flying fox Jipsie 7yrs I liked the kayaking best because Tanya fell in Bonnie 9yrs We went to Hariettville, we had a bonfire with marshmellows Chyenne 10yrs On camp we had fun kayaking, tubing, ropes and flying fox. I liked the kayaking best Chloe 12yrs At camp I had fund with my friends. I liked the tubing the most and the flying fox Megan 6yrs I liked tubing with Kate Mitchell 3yrs I enjoyed camp because there were lots of fun activities, so I cant choose a favourite but I liked when the carers had to do a funny dance. I also liked the bush walk in the morning even though it was early, when we got back everyone ate lots of food and there was nothing left. Emilee 10yrs

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April 2011

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April 2011

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Flowerdale Youth Groups

Needs Volunteers with Working with Childrens Check

Have you got a spare few hours to come & help with Youth Groups. We need as many parents as possible to assist, the more we have means you wont have to attend every session. Contact Community House on 57802664

Come & Support Flowerdale Youth Group

We are holding monthly Sausage Sizzles at the Flowerdale Market once a month as a fundraiser to buy equipment, allow the youth to continue activities and go on excursions. All Welcome


FLOWERDALE SENIOR YOUTH GROUP NEEDS YOUR HELP The Senior Youth Group are doing a fundraiser for the group and asking for donations of items for a future raffle details will be announced in the near future. If you can help out with donations please leave at the Hazeldene Store.


If you can help once a month to distribute please contact 0418 589 072
Flowerdale Flyer April 2011

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Flowerdale Flyer

April 2011

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Come and Celebrate !


Easter Egg Hunt for he children

March 2011 (to 22nd March) Total for February 2011 Year to Date to 22nd March 2011 to 31st March 2010 Total 2010 Regards Virginia

44mm 132mm 338mm 242mm 1204mm

Easter Presentation for the adults

Green Valley Church April 24@10 am Flowerdale Hall

For information call Joanne 0434357730
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April 2011

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1st Kinglake Scout Group

Scout News Firstly I would like to welcome our newest Scouts Ben King and Noel Murray. Im sure youll have a great Scouting adventure with Kinglake. Our Scouts attended the recent Nillumbik District Raft Race. The Eagles Patrol did a great job and came in second overall out of the 16 rafts. Thank you to Finoula Murray for her help with transport. We also attended the first ever Plenty Valley Region Scout Camp on 12 th14th March at Mafeking Scout Camp. The Scouts all had a fun weekend on the flying fox and bungee slide as well as abseiling, canoeing and socialising with the hundreds of Scouts from throughout our region. The older Scouts even got to drive on the Mudbash track. Coming up the Scouts have the annual Survivor Scout Camp over the Easter holidays. Venturer News Over the long weekend the Venturers went hiking at the Cathedral Ranges. It was tough going along the Razorback Ridge but they were up to the challenge and finished the hike tired but happy. Group Committee Thank you to all the families that helped out at our Bunnings Sausage sizzle fundraiser. We made a record $1050.00 profit. Special thank you to committee member Mel Ennis for her wonderful effort organising the fundraiser. Also a big thank you to our Quartermaster Mat Virtue for his maintenance and repair of our Scout groups trailer. It really is important that the group has people like this behind the scenes helping our group run. Thinking of Joining? If you are interested in joining as a Cub, Scout or Venturer, or you are an adult looking for a rewarding outlet as a leader or an assistant please contact: Group Leader Ray Bartlam Phone: 5786 1529 or by e-mail If would like to find out more about Scouting visit

Community celebrations for opening of new courts

FLOWERDALE Tennis Club is now planning a community event for early next month to celebrate the opening of its new courts at the Spring Valley Recreation Reserve. Flowerdale Tennis Club president Jeannette Kamar said work on the four new courts was expected to be complete late April, dependent on weather conditions. The $200,000-plus project includes four new synthetic grass courts with lighting, which will better provide for the clubs 70-plus members. It is hoped that the opening event on Saturday May 7 will include tennis activities, the Flowerdale Primary School choir, local musicians and a free community dinner with entertainment. Posters & flyers with more details will be distributed soon. For further information phone Jeannette on 5780 1520. Flowerdale Tennis Club president Jeannette Kamar (centre) with two of the clubs very talented young members, Jess and James Wendel in front of the new courts which are currently under construction .

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April 2011

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April 2011

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April 2011

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Temporary buildings and permits

We understand that some people may currently be living in temporary accommodation. There are three key dates you should be aware of with regard to the expiry of planning scheme exemptions:

Thursday, 31 March 2011 - Any temporary accommodation structure must be completed/built by this date. Please do not commence construction of any new temporary structure unless it can be completed by this date. Saturday, 31 March 2012 - Use of temporary structures for accommodation must cease by this date. You can apply for a planning permit for the ongoing use of your temporary structure as a dwelling beyond 31 March 2012. We recommend that you apply for this now as a planning permit can take many months to be resolved and there may be situations where a planning permit cannot be granted. Monday, 30 April 2012 - An application for a planning consent for a new dwelling to replace one destroyed by fire must be submitted to council by this date. If you do not submit your planning consent request by this date, you will be required to lodge a full planning permit application to construct a new dwelling, and will not be able to use the streamlined planning process.

If you have any enquiries regarding these deadlines or the planning approval process, please contact the Bushfire Response Planning Unit at the Department of Planning and Community Development on 9637 9553. With regard to existing structures without the correct building permits the rebuilding advisory service is aware of the issues you may be facing, and will work with you to help bring these structures into compliance with the relevant laws. Rebuilding Advisory Service Contact Numbers: Kinglake and surrounds Marysville and triangle Gippsland Flowerdale, Whittlesea and surrounds 0400 666 660 0428 021 897 0400 661 360 0458 505 183

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April 2011

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April 2011

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April 2011

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Flowerdale Flyer

April 2011

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Discount Nails/ Screws/Bolts

Location: Flowerdale 57 802 702 Closed Tuesdays for Deliveries All Fire Suburbs Welcome
Flowerdale Flyer April 2011

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April 2011

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Your Health and Wellbeing From Community Health

Fishing for Healthier Options In a country where the economy was once said to ride on the sheeps back our obsession with red meat means we may be missing out on some tasty (and healthy) fishy alternatives. Researchers worldwide have discovered that eating fish regularly one or two serves weekly may reduce the risk of diseases ranging from childhood asthma to prostate cancer. Fish is low in fat, high in protein and an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. Health benefits of eating fish Regular consumption of fish can reduce the risk of various diseases and disorders. Selected research findings include: Asthma children who eat fish may be less likely to develop asthma. Cardiovascular disease eating fish every week reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke by reducing blood clots and inflammation, improving blood vessel elasticity, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood fats and boosting good cholesterol. Dementia elderly people who eat fish or seafood at least once a week may have a lower risk of developing dementia, including Alzheimer's disease. Depression people who regularly eat fish have a lower incidence of depression (depression is linked to low levels of omega-3 fatty acids in the brain). Inflammatory conditions regular fish consumption may relieve the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis and autoimmune disease. Fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids are best The best source of omega-3 fatty acids is fish, rather than fish oil capsules. Oily fish are best for gaining the recommended daily amount of omega-3 fatty acids of 200600mg. Best examples of oily fish are fresh Atlantic salmon, smoked salmon, canned salmon, sardines and fresh rainbow trout. Foods enriched with omega-3 fatty acids such as margarine, eggs and bread do not offer anywhere near the same amount as oily fish does. Sustainable fish shopping All fishing has some impact, but some fish choices are far better than others. Some fish types may be overfished, associated with by-catch of birds or mammals (long lines used to catch swordfish also snare turtles, sharks, dolphins and seabirds), or may be killed in the process of commercial fishing for other species. The Australian Marine Conservation Society has a great guide to sustainable fish on their website - Source: Better Health Channel Yea Community Health - Yea & District Memorial Hospital phone 5736 0410 Alexandra Community Health - Alexandra District Hospital - 5772 0800

Advertisement/Public Notice/Media Releases

Draft Economic Development Strategy on public exhibition

Strengthening existing business, attracting new investment, creating employment and training opportunities, particularly for young people are among key components of the Murrindindi Shire Councils Draft Economic Development Strategy. The Murrindindi community is encouraged to make comment on the draft strategy document which is available for viewing at all Council offices and online at Written submissions are to be received by close of business on 9 May 2011at PO Box 138, Alexandra 3714. The strategy will become a foundation document for the Council Plan and provide focus and direction from now until 2016.

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April 2011

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Advertisement/Public Notice/Media Releases

Mayors Chair
I have recently attended the Rural Summit of Mayors, councillors and CEOs. Various officers representing rural councils in Victoria covered topics ranging from Creating Global Enterprises in Rural towns to online marketing initiatives. The speakers all presented challenges they have encountered in the rural environment and the ways in which they turned these challenges into positives. One of the key topics covered was how to keep customers informed on the goings on within your individual businesses. As I listened to speaker after speaker talk about the importance of communication I thought about the current discussions taking place in the Kinglake Ranges Community about the Kinglake Flowerdale and Toolangi Draft Plan and Design Framework. Some individuals have made complaints that they were not aware of what the project was about or were not informed of the projects progress. The extensive consultation program was agreed to by the respective Community Recovery Committees and the Victorian Bushfire Reconstruction and Recovery Authority. This process commenced in May 2010 with forums held in Flowerdale, Kinglake and Toolangi and a general visioning day in Kinglake. Workshops were held and issue papers released widely for community comment. In October 2010 six more community discussions were held and the consultants attended in Kinglake over four weeks for people to meet with them. The consultants then met with local residents by appointment. The draft was then released for public comment and every person who had contacted the consultants was sent a letter and brochure informing them that the draft report was available for comment for eight weeks. The public comment deadline has been extended to allow those who felt the time period to be insufficient an extra two weeks to have their say. This project has been promoted through community email groups, council publications, councillor comments and community discussion since May 2010. If there is feeling that a stage of community engagement/communication may have been missed by the consultants I would be happy to receive any feedback to prevent it happening again. I believe we have put a program in place that has allowed the community many times to contribute and make comment. I look forward to seeing the final report and the community interaction in terms of developing that final report. I would encourage you to get your submissions in.

Councillor Comment Cr Bob Flowers, Redgate Ward

Murrindindi Shire Heritage Study The study includes the thematic environmental history of our shire, which was published in 2006. The history is not intended to be a complete social or political history of the municipality, but rather a summary of human use and impact upon the landscape in the years since the period of first contact between indigenous people and non-indigenous explorers and settlers during the middle of the 19th century. It is organised according to themes so as to provide a context to assist with the identification of heritage places in the shire. Further historical research, field visits and documentation of the heritage values of places of potential heritage significance have been carried out. The places have been classified into high, medium and low priority places for preservation. A citation has been written for each of the high priority places and a copy given to the owners. Murrindindi Shire Council has received a $30,000 grant from Heritage Victoria to complete the study. This work will include: mapping of all high priority places for the Heritage overlay a review of the Thematic Environmental History to include a section on the 2009 bushfires an archeological assessment of the railway reserves which will be used to provide recommendations for signage along the rail trail now being constructed recommendations for the protection of each property the removal of properties from the list that were destroyed in the fires assessment of three places the Glenburn Schoolhouse, St Lukes Church Yea and the Alexandra Racecourse and Recreation Reserve Our goal is to have the study to the point at which a planning scheme amendment can be commenced. The amendment is required to implement the recommendations of the study. It is anticipated that the work will be completed by September 2011. If you have not read the work done to date on this important study, why not borrow a copy from one of our local libraries?
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Advertisement/Public Notice/Media Releases

Bushfire committee meets for last time
A significant chapter in the rebuilding and recovery process following the February 2009 bushfires was completed on Thursday (17 March) with the final meeting of the Murrindindi Bushfire Reconstruction and Recovery Committee (MBRRC) The Section 86 Committee was established on 22 April 2009 and has been a driving force in the rebuilding process and keeping communities informed through the support of Community Recovery Committees (CRCs). Committee Chairperson and Victorian Bushfire and Reconstruction and Recovery Authority representative Genevieve Overell said the committee should be proud of its achievements. The CRCs of Marysville and Triangle, Kinglake Ranges, Flowerdale, Toolangi and Castella, Melba and Strath Creek have worked extremely hard and under challenging conditions to provide the framework to guide the future success of their regions through their community recovery plans, Ms Overell said. We are at the stage where we can confidently say that the relationships developed between the CRCs, Murrindindi Shire Council and key government agencies will support the on-going rebuilding process. It has been a challenging and rewarding experience. Ms Overell thanked her committee representatives Councillors Sally Abbott Smith, Kevin Bellingham and John Walsh, Department of Human Services Pam Williams and Department of Planning and Community Development Arden Joseph. It has been a strong partnership that has assisted the CRCs in working to rebuild their respective communities, Ms Overell said. Murrindindi Shire Council Deputy Mayor John Walsh said the MBRRC was pivotal to the successes achieved through the collaborative approach between communities, elected representatives and key government departments. Council appreciates the strong relationships and clear lines of communication that were established through the Section 86 Committee, Cr Walsh said. I would like to thank our CRC members who have been outstanding in their dedication in what has been a most challenging time. The committee has also been supported by a very good chairperson and on behalf of Council I would like to thank Genevieve Overell for her guidance, support and friendship during the last two years.

Council supports new medical rooms for Kinglake

Murrindindi Shire Council will project manage the construction of new medical consulting rooms in Kinglake. Mayor Peter Beales said the rooms would be located on land immediately south of Councils Kinglake Office. We are working with the Department of Health in relation to this project and there is much work to be done before works commence. Our role will be managing the scoping, design and construction of the rooms and lease arrangements, Cr Beales said. Once complete, the building will become a Council asset, but more importantly a key asset for the Kinglake community. Cr Beales said the Department of Health was currently working with Rural Workforce Agency Victoria (RWAV), to finalise an agreement with a private medical practice to deliver GP medical services in Kinglake. We are confident that the negotiations will be successful and we can see a smooth transition as the current temporary medical practice in Kinglake is due to cease operations later this year, Cr Beales said.

Under the arrangements the department will meet the full cost of construction.
Flowerdale Flyer April 2011

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We Want You

Only $5 a month Name Expertise Phone number Is all that is needed

Must be prepaid (leave at the Store) Marked with Payment: Flowerdale Flyer Tradies List & Contact Address

And Watch the jobs flow in

New Contact: 0418589072 or email for further information


All non-ferrous metals *We pay up to $100 a car* more for trucks *(conditions apply)* Melb Metro daily (MSIC) Wharf acc. 24 hours service, 7 days Trade Towing Metro/Country, Twin Car, Car Capacity Caravan Relocation, Tractor, Bobcats Equipment (up to 5 tons)

Cabinet Maker Renzo UkosichNew kitchens & renovations 5780 2278 Gardening Josh Sommersall round gardener 0438 306 616 Landscaping Alex Jones-PavescapePaving, Concreting, Bobcat Hire, Excavator, Post Holes 0409 338 130 Maintenance Handyman Wayne MoermanCommercial & Residential 0431 180 168 or 0415 187 979 Painting & Decorating Adam ThomasPainter/Decorator, Roof Painting & Pressure Cleaning 0420 991 834 John KymePainter & Decorator 0418 564 851 Home: 5780 2569 Plasterer Peter KissNew Buildings, Renovations, Repairs No Job Too Big or Too Small 0413 741 396 Plumber Tom SimpsonTLS PlumbingSeptics, Water Tanks etc 0433 309 559


Phone Eddy 0407849252 or 0357978220 3877 Melba Hwy, Glenburn, 3717 Fax 57978520

Wood Splitter available Full Time in Flowerdale

As part of the Tool Library in Flowerdale we now have a permanent Wood Splitter available. To book you need to contact Henry 0427 808 435

Flowerdale Flyer

April 2011

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Flowerdale Flyer

April 2011

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Flowerdale Flyer

April 2011

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Open Open Tuesday & Wednesday 10am3pm Tuesday & Wednesday 10am3pm Phone: 5780 2664 2664 Phone: 5780 (For all bookings and enquires please phone the Flowerdale Community House)

Flowerdale Community House INC INC Flowerdale Community House

Whats on at your Community House?

MONDAY Yoga Every Monday, Tutor: Libby Mitchell $10 (discounts apply, please ask at time of enrolment) 9.30-11.00am. Are you interested in evening Yoga registered your interest by phoning

Community House.
Lighten UpWeight Loss Group designed with you in mind all welcome. Incentives, menu ideas, weigh in from 6pm. Classes will recommence shortly. Please register your interest by

phoning Community House.

Kims Fitness and FunStay on for Fitness and Fun with Tutor: Kim from 7pm $5. TUESDAY All Day Morning TeaEvery Tuesday from 10-2.30pm. Come and connect with your community enjoy a cuppa, cake and a chat, casual and relaxed atmosphere and everybody is welcome. Chi BallTutor: Gemma Wakefiled, $10 (discounts apply, please ask at time of enrolment) 1011.30am. Classes will recommence shortly. Please register your interest by phoning

Community House.
Massage/Chiropractic/Osteopathy/AcupuntureEach Tuesday, 1-4pm. Thanks to Hands on Health Australia professionals, RMIT students and clinician Helen. Acupuncture on first Tuesday of the month with Marta. Bookings must be made through Community House. Quilting & CraftFirst Saturday of each month from 9.30am-3.30pm Cost $5. WEDNESDAY PlaygroupWednesdays from 10-12.30, $2 per family. From newborn to preschool. Please bring a piece of fruit to share. Art GroupA self led group from 1-3pm, Cost $5 bring your supplies and project to this social group. THURSDAY Belly DancingEach fortnight, Tutor: Kristen, Cost $10. Come and have a good laugh with us and NO you dont need to show your belly! Classes will recommence shortly. Please register

your interest by phoning Community House.

Clinical Hypnotherapy/Counselling/NaturopathyAlan, Senior Practitioner provides a truly holistic and caring approach to personal issues and health. Appointments can be made through Community House.

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April 2011

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Open Tuesday & Wednesday 10am3pm Phone: 5780 2664 (For all bookings and enquires please phone the Flowerdale Community House)

Flowerdale Community House INC

Whats on at your Community House?

FRIDAY cont....
Kids Music GroupWill be advised when recommencing. Community DinnersAdults $5, Children $3 and under 5 are free. Club bar opens at 6pm. Meals are from 6-8pm. We meet at the Recreation Reserve to enjoy a meal together, all welcome. . Please

Note: Community Dinners will be once a month, first Friday of the Month. For Month of May there will be no community dinner
SATURDAY Japanese CookeryWill resume again when Hiroko is feeling better, we wish all the best with her recovery. SUNDAY ChurchChurch has changed, now Green Valley Church, 10am Flowerdale Hall every Sunday except when Flowerdale Market is on.


Community BusTo hire the community bus contact 0429801312 for prices & details. Op ShopCall in and have a browse you may pick up a bargain. Volunteers are always needed so if you have a spare few hours please call the Community House. Flowerdale Food ShareThanks to the ongoing partnership with Berry Street and the Victorian Food Bank. Phone or come and speak with Odette. FirewoodIf you are in desperate need of firewood, please call the Community House. Annie on UGFMEach Saturday Morning at 9.30am on 88.9/98.9UGFM. Annie gives the Flowerdale Report, Good Morning Murrindindi and has a wide listening audience.

Life DrawingIf you would be interested in joining this class, please call the Community House to register your interest. Classes will be at 7pm in the evening (our tutor Lou will advise of date shortly). Cost $10. Flowerdale Seniors GroupCome in and help develop the exciting Calendar of events for the year of activities (anyone over 55 welcome to join). Come in on Tuesday mornings to help with planning with Trish, Max, Judy and Jan. Physical range of including training, involved, charge. Activity GroupFor over 55s an exciting classes are planned with Rickie Nuske Thi Chi, Yoga, Pilates, walking strength aerobics etc... Please come and get begins shortly and all sessions free of

Ladies Chainsaw ClassesDue to popular demand another series of workshops will commence next year. Enormous thanks to Peter Auty. Please call Community to register your interest. Mens Cooking ClassesAll Ages. Please call Community House to register your interest. Hip Hop DancingTutor Chevy. Please call Community House to register your interest.

Flowerdale Flyer

April 2011

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Ambulance 000 Bee Swarm Removal 0400 337 556 Berry Street 5772 3383 Beyond Blue 1300 224 636 Bushfire Building Advice Line 1300 360 320 Bushfire Case Management Service 1800 050 400 CFA Emergency 000 Consumer Affairs Victoira 1300 558 181 DHS Child Protection 1800 650 227 (After Hours) 13 12 78 DHS Hub (Leanne Pleash) 5780 2704 Dial Before you Dig 1100 DoctorYea 5736 0444 Direct LineDrug & Alcohol Counselling 1800 888 236 Flowerdale Community Hall 5780 2027 Flowerdale Community House (Hall) 5780 2664 Flowerdale Hotel 5780 1230 Flowerdale Kindergarten 5780 2020 Flowerdale Primary School 5780 1264 Hazeldene Store 5780 1202 Green Valley ChurchFlowerdale 0434 357 730 Griefline (12noon-Midnight) 9596 7799 Help for Wildlife 0417 380 687 HospitalYea 5736 0400 Housing for people with drug/alcohol issues 5784 5555 Insurance Ombudsman 1300 728 228 Kids Help Line 1800 551 800 Kinglake Ranges Neighbourhood House 5786 1301 Lands Titles 8636 2026 Lifeline 13 11 14 JP (Lyn Gunter) 5780 2382 (G Atkins) 5786 2038 (K Stewart) 5786 1557 Maternal & Child Health Emergency (AH) 1800 134 883 Mensline 1300 789 978 Mental Health Advice Line 1300 280 737 Mitchell Community Health Services 1300 773 352 Murrindindi Shire Council Alexandra 5772 0333 Yea 5797 2209 Kinglake 5786 1522 Home Based Child Care 5772 0362 Aged Care Services 5772 0360 Local Law Emergencies * 0419 572 425 Engineering Emergencies * 0407 509 413 Local Law Enforcement 5772 0333 *These numbers must only be used in the case of an emergency. If matter is not urgent please contact MSC during office hours. Nurse-On-Call 1300 606 024 Office of Housing (Seymour DHS) 1800 680 694 Open Family Youth Outreach Worker 0417 160 598 PoliceKinglake 5786 1333 Yea 5797 2630 Emergency 000 Poisons Information 13 11 26 Red Cross REDiPlan 8327 7700 Regional Information & Advocacy Council 1800 221 944 Relationships Australia 1300 364 277 Rural Financial Counselling Service 5735 4342 Rural Housing Network 5735 2000 SES 13 25 00 TRU Energy Power Failure 13 17 99 VetYea 5797 2333 Whittlesea 9716 2495 Victorian Aids & Equipment Program 5832 2200 Vision Australia 5831 3555 Yea Community House 5797 3070 Wildlife Victoria 1300 094 535


Captain: Glenn Woods Station: 5780 2179 Meets: 7.30pm 1st Tuesday of Month Emergency: Training: 000

2nd & 4th Sunday of the month at 9am

1/16 Page 1/8 Page 1/4 Page 1/2 Page Full Page Classified Ads Personals $10.00 $20.00 $30.00 $45.00 $90.00 $1 per line Free

Email the Flowerdale Community House at or post to: PO Box 2008, Hazeldene 3658

Mobile Library Visits: Hazeldene Bus Stop1.30 to 4.30pm 1st & 3rd Thursday of month. If you have internet access at home you can reserve books at the Yarra Plenty Regional Library website ( and collect them from the Mobile Library.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO HIRE THE FLOWERDALE COMMUNITY BUS?????? For details & costs phone Annie Roberston

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April 2011