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Connecting People with Communities in Need

Humanitarian Affairs
The Humanitarian Affairs United Kingdom is based in London and has an Asia Office in Thailand. Humanitarian Affairs is a member of the World Association of Non-Governmental Organization and the World Alliance for Citizens Participation. It has a harmonious working relationship with the United Nations Development Programme, and others United Nations Development Agencies.

Ut eu libero

Humanitarian Affairs aims to provide youths the opportunity to engage in humanitarian service, strengthen their awareness of diverse cultures, and develop a lifelong commitment to helping others by participating in relief efforts to benefit impoverished communities in poverty-stricken countries. Encountering different cultures and providing aid to those suffering abroad facilitates both intellectual and emotional development. Most importantly, this process helps to bring education, relief and warmth to the lives of those suffering throughout the world.

We Seek a World where Every Young Person Has
a sense of compassion for the less fortunate a sense of social responsibility opportunity to serve others opportunity to initiate sustainable development programmes

To nurture youths into responsible, competent and compassionate global citizens by equipping them with knowledge, skills and exposure.

To promote knowledge and support efforts that improves effectiveness, scale, and sustainability. To nurture youths through internship placement and mentorship programme.

Goal Humanitarian Affairs program are not meant s

designed to be a lesson in teamwork and personal development; each experience

to evoke momentary feelings of sympathy and compassion. Rather each activity is

serves as a mirror for self-reflection, about life's purposes and responsibilities.



Empathising with the plight of the needy and underprivileged to the point of wanting to make a difference in their lives. Determination Having the resolution to stay focused in spite of the obstacles and challenges that come with achieving a goal. Integrity Being courageous enough to stand up for and to do the right thing even when it hurts.

Respect Recognising and acknowledging the inherent worth and rights of every person, ethnic group and nationality whether you agree with them or not. Thoughtfulness Always looking out for the interest of others before self. Kindness Offering an encouraging word or gesture to others not only in good moments, but also when the going gets tough. Responsibility Accepting what is required, honouring the role which one has been entrusted with, and performing conscientiously right to the end.

If you believe in our cause then get involved ! You Hope to do things that truly make a Difference, The Only difference is we have moved on From hoping to Doing. How about YOU ?