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Dear Respondent,

I am Anju Rawat, a student of IMT Ghaziabad, and I am doing project on Recruitment and Selection Process in the field of Human Resource Department. I would be grateful if you could spare few minutes and answer the question below. The answer will be kept confidential and used for the academic purpose only.

Personal Profile
Name Age Sex Department Designation Educational Qualification Experience in this Company Name of the Nominee Nature of Service : : : : : : : : :


How did you come to know about job vacancy in this organization? a. News paper b. Internet c. Friends d. References How do you feel about recruitment policy of this organisation? a. Excellent b. Good c. Average d. Below average Have you attended any training programme to attend the interview? a. Yes b. No c. If yes what type . How much satisfied are you with recruitment policy? a. Totally b. Partially c. Not at all Do interview help in knowing the person better? a. Yes b. No c. Partially What was the process of selection? a. Written test + Group discussion + Personal interview + Technical interview ( ) b. Written test + Personal interview + Technical interview ( ) c. Personal interview + Technical interview ( ) d. Technical interview ( ) Do you think during selection process the organization will be successful in getting the right talented person for right job? a. Yes b. No








If you were an employer on what basis will you select?

a. Intelligence b. Experience c. Both (1 and 2) d. Training programme e. Job performance f. Any other .. 9. How did you feel the work environment in this organization? a. Very good b. Good c. Satisfactory d. Unsatisfactory Your relation with colleagues? a. Very good b. Good c. Satisfactory d. Not satisfactory Your relation with your superior? a. Very good b. Good c. Satisfactory d. Not satisfactory Do you feel training conducted by the organisation is helpful ? a. Useful b. Not useful c. Not attended d. Attended 13. If you are given a better employment opportunity outside this organization with better salary and incentives are you ready to quit the job? a. Yes b. No




What do you feel; you will get being an employee? a. Exposure b. Growth c. Competitiveness

15. Did you undergo any selection test for getting this job?

a. Yes b. No 16. Do you get the chance to do something that makes use of your abilities and skills? a. Frequently b. Occasionally c. Not at all 17. Are you happy with the Company Salary Structure? a. Yes b. No 18. The methodology which the organization uses to Recruitment/selection for finding right person to a right job is good? a. Yes b. No Do you have any suggestions/ improvement (Please specify)
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Thanking you, Anju Rawat.