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Slide 1 Shashi: Good morning! Good afternoon!

I am Kanamangala Shashi Kumar, Global Data Cabling Specialist, based in Bangalore in India. I have over 19 years of experience in the cabling industry. And I am here in IBM since last five months now. Slide 2 I am part of Global Facilities Cabling team and Center of Competency. Our support will be across IBM business groups. Slide 3 I have three topics to discuss in todays presentation. The first will be data cabling support services from FCS and CoC, our first success story, and current projects which we are supporting. Slide 4 Data Cabling Support Lets briefly discuss our data cabling support services. Specialist onsite if you are required to do site survey in any region to understand the site conditions based on customers requirements, we can interface manufacturers or distributers like Anexter in that particular region with our opportunity owners. Designing a cabling plant for any size data center with at least two bill of materials to negotiate for the best of the prices from our vendors. To help our customers to make informed decisions, we support with technical comparisons documents, like UTP versus STP and pre termination versus field termination and etcetera. Most importantly, we help our sales community and our customers to migrate the legacy ESCON architecture to the FICON architecture with optica boxes which will protect the investments already made on ESCON. We support our regional procurement team, with the commercial evaluation, advice on right solutions, and manufacturers for that particular project. Well, what cabling solutions we can provide to our customers? Primarily, we provide IBM FTS for System z opportunities and FTS X-Line fiber solutions for generic server platforms and the low density to high density copper solutions from the same manufacturer as FTS. So that we will be offering solutions from one manufacturer for both copper and fiber. We can also provide generic OEM solutions based on the requirement. Slide 5 As part of our cabling support services, we can also offer the following additional support in terms of design and bill of materials. Containment or cable raceways designed with proper fill ratio as per the standards, ground even bonding as per TIA 607 A, fire

stopping, and passive thermal management solutions like cold log or cool boot for the cable entries into the racks. With the above additional solutions, we can offer complete end to end solutions to our customers and also increase our revenue. More than the solution design, it is important how we can present our solution. As part of our design, we will be offering the documents like, comprehensive design document, design schematics, rack elevations, and bill of materials. Like I said earlier, there will be a minimum of two bills of material to select from, which will help us negotiate for the better prices from cabling manufacturers. And of course, the bill of material will be region specific. Separate bills of materials for US, EMEA, and Asia as different regions will call for different cabling jackets, like PLENUM, Low Smog zero halogen, and PBC. Slide 6 Success Story Just to update you all, we started our support services from CoC last September. And today, I am excited to share our first success story. Airtel Zain is an SOD - in total 3000 square meters in size a pretty big data center. Airtel is a leading ISP in India. As part of their expansion into the African countries, they acquired Zain Africa, which were present in most of the African countries. Airtel got designed a cabling solution from a third party for their project in Nigeria. As we are the strategic partner of Airtel, they came back to our team in South Africa to validate the design to make sure that the design is as per their requirements, as per the industry standards, and there are no surprises at the time of implementation. Slide 7 When this was referred to us by our South Africa team, the challenge for us was to review this design for such a big data center in two days time as the customer was looking for a quick preview on this design. We reviewed the documents sent to us like logical connectivity schematics, DC layouts, and server port counts for LAN and SAN requirements. We submitted detailed review documents with remedial actions and recommendations. Just to share a few points, the cable trays were running in cold aisle, and as per standards and best practices, cable trays should run in hot aisle. The fiber cabling connectivity was not considered for LAN cabling. We recommended to have a fiber cabling for LAN also so that we could scale up to the new technologies like Perl Optics in the future. The important thing is that we supported our team in two days time as per our commitment. Slide 8 As shown in this slide, we have received very good appreciation for the support we extended from our team in South Africa. Slide 9 I would like to run through the projects, which are currently supporting on.

ZIM integrated shipping, expansion project we have provided complete design on both copper and fiber. MOFA SMDC we have supported on DC layout with respect to the cabling infrastructure for consultancy opportunity to start with. Victrack Access complete cabling design with copper and fiber. Great West Life supported with technical content, like UTP versus STP to help our customer to make informed decisions. Credit Suisse We are supporting on cabling management software and evaluating solutions from multiple vendors. We have these four projects in pipeline, and we will be working on these in the next couple of weeks time. From the support services offered for the above projects you can analyze the diverse support services we can offer from FCS and CoC. Slide 10 I thank you all for your time and attention. Please contact me through my email for cabling support services. Let us grow the cabling business together.