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Nice use of course materials. You need to go to the Writing Center to correct your grammar.

Also, please carefully and specifically apply the course materials to the content of the episode. FYEC 185 Professor Hillmar and professor Gill October, 21st, 2008 Use proper format Slings and Arrows: Episode 3 : Madness in the Great OneSlings and arrows episode3: Madness in The Great One episode 2 ends with the scene that Jeffery Tennant goes to the theatre bar, episode 3 begins with the actors rumors of Jefferys mental illness. In this episode, Richard does not feel comfortable with Jeffery, and does not attend a meeting to introduce Jeffery as a new artistic director of The New Burbage Company. Richard decides to travel with Holly Day, the director of Lenstrex, to New York. A lot of people in The New Burbuge Company are annoyed with Jeffery because he acts so weirdly. Olivers spirit always comes to talk with him. Olivers spirit comes to talk to Jeffery during the interview, so Jeffery is annoyed and overreacts. Consequently, everyone in The New Burbuge Company thinks that he has mental problem. In this episode, Jefferys old rival, Darren Nichols, comes and directs Hamlet. Jeffery felt annoyed with Darren. He considers Darrens way of managing play is not true art. Finally, on the last scene, When Jeffery is drunk, he comes to Ellens party and tries to kill Darren. In this episode, I can realize both the dramatic aspect and the sociological aspect. This essay will analyze the sociological aspect by examining the bureaucratic impact of The New Burbuge Company and how the structure affects peoples relation and the drama aspect by Duy Nguyen

showing how people make play in a theatre and how Hamlet relates to Sling and Arrows. Your introductory paragraph should introduce the theatrical and sociological themes you will be examining in the paper. Do not spend too much time describing the episode. The bureaucracy is a system, not a particular person. The bureaucratic systemt of the for profit theatre, , The New Burbuge Company, expects each member to show themselves professionally. That bureaucrat influences the members of the company. Take for instance case of the meeting to introduce Jeffery as an artistic director of The New Burbuge Company. Although Richard Smith-Jones, the managing director, does not attend and only talk in the phone, Anna, a staff in The New Burbuge Company, still praises him by clapping in a reluctant way. A meeting to introduce Jeffery is an important meeting, but Richard misses it because he oversleeps. Normally, everyone must blame him for doing like that. However, the bureaucrat does not permit the people with lower position in the company to complain about their boss. Consequently, Anna must follow the bureaucrat of her company without questioning by praising Richard, although he does not deserves. Cite and describe what is happening in terms of structure. YOU ALSO NEED TO GO TO THE WRITING CENTER. I AM UNABLE TO CORRECT ALL THE GRAMATICAL ERRORS DUE TO TIME LIMITATIONS.

In this episode, I also see the effect of UNCLEAR, WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY SOCIAL INTERACTION social interaction on peoples relation. According to the sociologist David A. Karp, the social relation is the result of social interaction.No, I dont understand where you are going with this. When we are in a relationship with someone,

we will show our sympathy, support, or the like and what we count on her or him or similar thing ( David 2004: 226). However, there is still some obligation between our relationships. Especially for mentally ill people, the people who have relationship with mentally ill people also have some obligation in their relationship. Firstly, caregiver will try to believe that the people with mental illness are a normal people. The caregiver step by step draw[s] a line (David 2004: 226) between him and the people who have mentally illness. Lets take a concrete example in Slings and Arrows. Anna, a staff in The New Burbuge Company, has a good relation with Jeffery. She believes in Jefferys ability to work well in The New Burbuge Company. She does not want to think that Jeffery is mentally ill. However, Jefferys behaviors force she to draw a line between her and him. When the journalists interviews Jeffery about his career and his old rival Darren, Olivers spirit comes and talks with Jeffery. Olivers spirit makes Jeffery annoyed and answers the question of the journalists in a ridiculous way that destroys his image in the perception of other people in The New Burbuge Company. Although Anna always support Jeffery, she has to draw a line (David 2004: 2006) between her social relation with Jeffery. After his bad interview, Anna talks to Jeffery that Youd better go home and sleep. Very nice analysis good job. Correct the grammar though.

People also determine physical illness based on social relation unclear do you mean social negotiation?. The sociologist Arthur W.Frank suggested Probably no experience better illustrate this interaction between social relationships and personal experience than that of critical illness (Arthur 2004: 243). Consequently, people who have illness and express their illness well tend to live happier in their life. This kind of

people can live as themselves. They can express themselves as they are and do not need to pretend that they are normal people without illness. In this episode, Jeffery confirms that I am not mentally equipped. He accepts his mental illness and lives happily with it. Correspondingly, compared to Richard who is considered a model managing character but always has to obey Holly, the director of Lenstrex, Jeffery has more freedom. He can follow his goal to express the true art of theatre and does not need to pretend that he is normal.

In The New Burbuge Company, there is lots of behavior that could be defined as deviant deviance (Sandstrom 2006: 152). According to Sociologists, the term of deviance is to describe acts or attributes that depart in an undesirable way from a groups norms and evoke negative reactions (Sandstrom 2006:152). Absolutists consider deviance will leads to social control efforts Sandstrom 2006:152). They believe that a social structure needs to maintain the rule of a system. In the well to do theatre, The New Burbuge Company, The social structure expects each member to work hard and show professional skill. Like Richard, he always wears suit and talks like a professional business man; however, Jeffery is a deviant of this system. His behaviors are against the norm of this system. In the rehearsal, when some actors read something from Hamlet book. Jeffery says Shut up. His behaviors break the systems rule and make people annoyed.

Last but not least, I also see Goffmans theory in this episode. According to Goffman, People should show their emotion in a way that their partners expect them to

be. Consequently, their partners will treat them as that type of person. In this episode, we can see that theory applied clearly in Richard Smith-Jones. When Richard comes to Toronto with Holly, Holly tries to take Richard to see the show. Richard is so bored because he is tired of seeing shows. His face makes the audience think that He does not want to do it. However, after talking with Holly, Richard changes his mind and expresses a very satisfied face after seeing the shows. This connection to Goffman is unclear use the text to support Goffmans theory. Do not impose the theory on the happenings in the episode.

In the dramatic aspect, this episode demonstrates the process of making a show very clearly. Making a show in a theatre is a complex process that demands a lot of concentration. To design Hamlet, The New Burbuge theatre needs to point out a director to direct. The company decides to elect Jefferys old rival Darren to direct Hamlet and Jeffery is asked to help Darren. In the rehearsal, Darren and all the actors try to practice Hamlet. Moreover, Darren is also responsible to design the stage for Hamlet. He has to think about how to prepare for each single scene in the play. In Hamlet, Darren wants to have flame in the stage and makes Hamlet like a film. However, Jeffery wants to direct theatre in a old way. He wants each actor to express his concentration on each play. For example, When Jeffery teaches actors in The New Burbuge Company how to act, He uses Hamlet as a teaching material and requires Terry who tries to act as Hamlet to read Hamlet as if He is Hamlet.

In this episode, the audience also knows the true definition of theatre and how theatre is deferent from movie. Kate, a young actor in the New Burbuge, and Jack Crew, an insecure American film star who is hired to act as Hamlet, give different ideas about theatre and movie. According to Kate, theatre is better than movie because people have more involvement when they go to a theatre. They can see the actors acting directly when they are in a theatre but they can not do that when they are in a movie. According to Jack Crew, Movie is better than theatre, because he declares that film is exactly the same place. Jeffery also includes more information about the true art of theatre. He considers the former play which is designed for commercialized purpose is not a true theatre. Theatre is for art purpose. He says that Darren is an idiot, because the show that Darren directed is only for benefit not for giving people a true art.

I find a lot of similarities between Slings and Arrows with Hamlet. The first actor who acts Hamlet is Richard Burbage and the name of the well to do is The New Burbuge Company. Perhaps, they want to name the theatre like that because they want the theatre to do a good job in showing people a true art of drama. Also, number three is also important in Hamlet. In Slings and Arrows, I also see three main characters: Ellen, Jeffery, and Oliver. Especially, in this episode, there is a lot of connection between Hamlet and Jeffery. When Jeffery comes to the stage of The New Burbuge Company, he sees the scene that three people see the ghost of the king Hamlet. Then Olivers spirit comes out and tells Jeffery to revenge for him. I feels like Jeffery is Hamlet and Oliver is the dead king. Jeffery comes back to The New Burbuge to revenge for Oliver. However, Jeffery does not revenge by killing people. He will revenge by making the

commercialized theatre which makes Oliver die into a true theatre which serves to enhance the true art.

This episode is a wonderful episode which shows the audience both the true art of theatre and a lot of sociological interaction in a theatre. There are still many aspects that can be analyzed in this essay. For example, in the sociological aspect, the process of taking role of other between the people in the New Burbage can still be studied. In the theatre aspect, the last scene when Jeffery tries to kill Darren is also a hot topic which can be discussed.

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