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PhD Engineering Science Frequently asked questions

What is the Engineering Science PhD? The PhD (Engineering Science) is a new structured training programme for science and engineering PhD candidates at University College Cork. What is a structured PhD programme? In addition to research leading to a thesis, a structured PhD provides technical and scientific training related to a candidates research topic but also aims to provide a richer background by also providing transferable (e.g. project management and commercialisation) and generic (e.g. presentation and technical writing) skills. What is meant by training? PhD candidates will earn credits toward their PhD (in the range of 40 to 60 ECTS credits depending on the stream chosen; see below). The weighting is such that the research accounts for approximately 85% of the total PhD duration, with the remaining 15% assigned to the structured component. The training will take the form of traditional classroom chalk and talk lectures held over an academic semester, intensive one week full time training workshops, and hands on training in for example the new Tyndall training fab. We are partnering with other Irish universities, so some modules will be delivered by internet or video conference. What are the benefits to the PhD candidates of enrolling onto the Engineering Science programme? A structured PhD programme provides students with the skills necessary to develop their careers within a broader context than a research only PhD. Students will have access to a range of modules in technical, business, transferable and generic skills. All students on this programme will be given training on innovation, commercialization and entrepreneurship (ICE). Students may choose to study for a postgraduate certificate in this area, in addition to their PhD, if they wish. The benefits of the structured training are that PhD candidates are provided the background to enable them to pursue their research topic more quickly and deeper than is often currently the case, they are provided training on the skills necessary to communicate their research work, they are provided a window on the commercial and business side of science and engineering research, and they are provided generic skills that will stand to them in their future careers within academia or industry.

In which UCC departments/schools will the students be registered? Students of the PhD Engineering Science programme will register with the College of Science, of Engineering and of Food Science; i.e. SEFS, UCC and assigned a department/school as appropriate. Can Tyndall hosted PhD candidates continue to register on the physics, chemistry, microelectronics and electrical engineering PhD programmes? Yes, PhD candidates at Tyndall can continue to register with the departments in which Tyndall students have traditionally registered. However, our aspiration is that all Tyndall students will be registered on a structured PhD programme after October, 2013. How much additional time does a structured PhD add to the PhD duration? All students registered on the Engineering Science PhD programme will follow one of 2 streams leading to the qualifications of; PhD PhD and a Postgraduate Entrepreneurship






The PhD (Engineering Science) is a full-time programme that runs for a minimum of 42 months from the date of initial registration. The PhD (Engineering Science) and Postgraduate Certificate in Innovation, Commercialisation and Entrepreneurship is a 48 month full time programme. Who funds the PhD (Engineering Science) candidates while they undertake the structured and research components of their programme? The current practice of funding graduate students through external research funding sources obtained by the Supervisor applies. What PhD degree will be conferred for candidates on the PhD (Engineering Science) programme? Students will at registration opt for a PhD in Engineering or a PhD in Science. Currently, all UCC PhD candidate registered with the School of Engineering, SEFS qualify with a PhD in Engineering. Similarly, all candidates in relevant science departments/schools within SEFS qualify with a PhD in Science. Hence the final PhD qualification upon graduation is unchanged. When does the PhD (Engineering Science) start? The programme starts October, 2011.