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Revelation Updated Release 6.1.

1/14/2014 12:23 AM
Do not forget to check for the files of latest release (by the release version # and timestamping), as they are being updated continually and uploaded in IRENT translation of N.T. at as well as on Since this work is an online serial, a better and easier way is for you to be on the list to get notified automatically for any new update to your e-mail. Send your request to Your questions or suggestions are appreciated. Please be challenged and challenge, and let others know about something they surely will find valuable too. See Read_me_first for IRENT and Introductory Notes for IRENT now as attached files to this PDF file of the main text. List of Attached files
(1) Read me first for IRENT; (2) Introductory Notes to IRENT (3) How to Read Pages of IRENT (4) How not to read the Bible an imported article (5) Basic Words in the Scripture

List of current updated texts

This list is to serve an editorial record keeping, but the readers may find useful when comparing to the previous update. A list updated texts is in the appendix at the end.

1/14/2014 texts affected in this update: release 6.1.5

Hallelu Yah > Halleluyah (footnote edited)

Rev 1:10; 4:2 [caught up in the power of spirit > in the power of spirit] Rev 2:9; [people of the Tribe of Yudah > Judaic people; footnote added.] Rev 9:11 [Footnote edited on Apollyon] Rev 17:3; 21:10 [in the power of spirit > in spirit] Rev 20:10; [{both the Wild-beast and the False Prophet were already hurled in > the Wild-beast and the False Prophet alse were hurled in already; footnote added.

11/3/2013 texts affected in update: release 6.1.4

kohanim > priests Elohim > God (for the arthrous Gk. the God)
Rev 1:4 [ Grace to you all! <line break> And shalom! <line break> from the One] Rev 1:5b To this Yeshua the Messiah, the One > To Him Rev 1:8 [ An expansion is added at the end in reference to 1:1a]

Rev 3:8 [ with the Father of me on His throne > beside my Father on His throne] Rev 4:8 [ Footnote edited on YHWH El Shaddai] Rev 4:11 [YHWH our Elohim > O LORD; footnote added] Rev 4:11 [footnote for mss variant removed.]

9/4/2013 texts affected in update: release 6.1.3

wedding-feast > marriage-feast thousand year > thousand years Rev 1:7 [over what waits for them > over their own fate] Rev 7:15 [ spread His presence > dwell] Rev 12:9 [footnote adde on the whole world] Rev 13:13 [rephrased] Rev 16:16 [footnote added on Har Meggido] Rev 21:3 [tabernacle > dwelling] Rev 21:7 [footnote added on receive] Rev 21:7 [word order rearranged] Rev 22:16 [star at the dawn shining forth > Bright Morning Star; footnote edited.]

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Read I.R.E.N.T. Vol. IV. No. 1. Revelation Readers Edition


Read I.R.E.N.T.
Vol. IV An Invitation to Reading in English N.T.

No. 1

The Revelation of John

(Readers Edition)

Ahnrojah Books


Read I.R.E.N.T. 2008 ISSN 1943-0345 (Vol. IV, No. 2. I.R.E.N.T. Revelation, Readers Edition) 2/18/2011 Ahnrojah Books

The basic text of this I.R.E.N.T. is available free to all for their personal use. One may reproduce it in a print book form in any quantity as long as they are to be given freely. The text may be converted to other electronic format as long as it is to be free to the public.

A Publication Notice How to read the pages of I.R.E.N.T. Overview/Outline/Acrostic Bible Part I (Ch. 1 3) Part II (Ch. 4 16) Part III (Ch. 17 22)

Publication Notice
A new fresh rendition of the New Testament is to be published as an online serial under the title of Read I.R.E.N.T., as a work-in-progress, in Adobe PDF file format, accessible freely through the web. It strives for clarity in living everyday English, staying away from the style of the traditional Biblical English in use in most of conventional translations and in church talk. It is a common peoples English but no less dignified, with its content not adulterated with ones own personal opinion and message as seen in several popular modern publications, which have often gone beyond the limit of paraphrase and actually into a rewriting. The title I.R.E.N.T., chosen for the translation text work itself, is an acronym for Invitation to Reading in English New Testament. This issue No. 1 presents the basic Readers Edition. The issue No. 2 this volume,.the Study Ready Edition - Text for Revelation is to have a companion file for Appendix and Endnotes. Updating is reflected in the release number in the file name itself. Check always for the latest one. Check also for additional files, such as Introduction and Supplements of I.R.E.N.T..

How to read the pages of I.R.E.N.T.

The translated text to read is in a single column in the middle along with a small amount of the footnote. For the convenience for the eyes to easily spot them, the words of Christ/God are put in brick-red. The chapterverse numbers are segregated on the left margin.

Briefly, when you read through the text,

You should include those text material in italics (black, gray, green, or brick-red), but simply ignore all the superscripts and all the subheadings. Read also the text material within the various brackets such as (( )), { }.

You may skip, especially in reading aloud, all those texts in [+ text in gray italic font], or in [+ text in purple italic font] enclosed within square brackets. Subscript | is a marker where a short pause may be of help for oral reading. for vocatives.

About typography:
Phrase breaks: The readers modulate reading with help of devices for phrase breaks: various punctuation marks and other typographic devices serve as such an indicator may find useful for the lector as a clue for breath pause or speech modulation. E.g. (an EM dash), | (in subscript), or an ellipsis (). Text material in italics is NOT for emphasis but just to follow the old convention from the (pre-) KJV era. Here in I.R.E.N.T. it is put in smaller gray font [e.g. this is an actual example of it, in contrast to the rest the text] to aoid usual association with emphasis. It is used to indicate that the words do not have exact corresponding ones in the Greek text. Second person plural pronouns are indicated as yo, yor, yors, yore, (but not for yourselves) Underlined vowel letter indicates the syllable is accented (used for uncommon proper names when an accent comes on other than the first syllable). E.g. Capernaum. Colored-dotted underlined word indicates transliterated special words, e.g. Elohim, Logos, sopherim, shalom, etc. whenever it appears first time in a paragraph. Initial caps are used when the third person singular pronoun refers to God/Yeshua, (He, His, Him). It is only to help the readers as such. It has nothing to do with sense of divinity. Capitalized initial is also used for words of proper nouns and titles as well as the particularized words (e.g. City for Yerusalem, Temple for the Yerusalem Temple, etc.). Them+, their+, they+; ---- singular they for the 3rd person neutral singular pronouns when referring to such expression as everyone whoever. [e.g. Jn 6: 39, 40] Superscript numerals or alphabets in bold red or blue for the footnotes (a b c) with each page starting new numbering. Superscript h in italic means the word is a pronoun in the Greek. Superscript indicates the word is an entry in the glossary. Superscript + to a prepositional word and phrase = indicates a genitive case. E.g. Jn 5:29 resurrection to+ life > resurrection of life. Words shaded or words boxed are thematic words. [See the separate file uploaded, Introduction, for more on Typographic Devices and Notations in Footnotes.]

A short introduction The Book was written to provide an answer with hope and consolation to the audience in the first century being severely persecuted under the Roman Emperor not for our modren people living in the future thounsands year from thereon to satisfy the inquisitive mindset about the so-called End of the World, as shown in plethora of prophecy-mongers and prophecy-freaks in the history down to this day. The Messianic Community of Revelation is characterized as (1) the persecuted community; (2) the worshipping community prostrating before the throne (= Gods sovereingnity over the creation) the throne being focus of their living and their worshipping a) God is in control fe history of humanty (b) and worshipping from the faith that God is in control of our life and living.

About the date of its composition: From Kenneth Gentry (1989), Before Jerusalem Fell: (pp. 130-1) Book of Revelation, it would seem, served as Johns disposition of the Olivet Discourse which all the Gospels contain but for G-John; or, it may be seen as getting its framework from the apocalyptic sections of the Sypontic Gospels. [Revelation] bears the same relation to the last discourse in St. Matthew, which the Epistles bear to the last discourse in St. John. . . . (Bernard, Progress of Doctrine, p. 201)

Outline (1) Russell p. 877 Book of Revelation Prologue Vision of the Seven Churches Vision of the Seven Seals Vision of the Seven Shofars Vision of the Seven Mystic Figures@ Vision of the Seven Bowls Vision of the Great Harlot Vision of the Bride Epilogue


3 4 5 6 7

Ch 1:1-8 Ch. 1; 2; 3 Ch. 4; 5; 6; 7; Ch. 8; 9; 10; 11 Ch. 12; 13; 14 Ch. 15; 16 Ch. 17; 18; 19; 20 Ch. 21; 22:1-5 Ch. 22:8-21

@ Ch. 12, 13, 14: The vision of the seven mystic figures > Vision of Sun-clad Lady (after Russell p. 448) (1) The Lady clothed with the sun the persecuted apostolic church of Judea; (2) The great red dragon; (3) The male Child; (4) The wild-beast from the sea; (5) The wild-beast from the land; (6) The Lamb on the Mount Sion; (7) The Son-of-man on the cloud.

Outline (2) Adapted from (1) WJ Harrington, Revelation (Sacra Pagina vol. 16) (Liturgical Press 1993) pp.22-23; and from (2) JR Michaels, Revelation (IVP NT Commentary Series) (IVP 1997) pp.30-32;42-44, the latter esp. for the first column of the table. See Appendix in this file for a detailed version. 1:1-8
I. Yohan in spirt in the Lords Day (1:9 3:22) Prologue (4-8 Epistolatory Introduction) Yohans call; Vision of One Like a Son-of-man Prophetic Messages to the Seven Congregations The Scroll Vision The Seven Seals The Seven Shofars (= 7th seal 7 final plagues) Two Great Signs in Heaven: (signs 1 & 2) The Lady and the Dragon The Two Wild-Beasts (signs 3 & 4) Salvation and Jugdment (signs 5 & 6) Another Sign in Heaven: (sign 7) The Final Plagues on the Seven Bowls The Harlot and the Beast The End of Babylon The End of Evil The New Heaven and Earth The New Yerusalem

1:9-20 Chs. 2-3 Chs. 4-5

II. Yohan Caught up in spirit to Heaven (4:1 16:21)

6:1 8:5 8:6 11:19 @ Ch. 12 Ch. 13 Ch. 14 Chs. 15-16

III. Yohan Taken in spirit to the DesertWilderness

Ch. 17
18:1 19:10 19:11 20:15

(17:1- 21:8) IV. Yohan Taken in spirit to a Mountain (21:9 22:5)

21:1 8 21:9-22:5

Epilogue 22:6-20 Epistlatory closing 22:21 th 7 seal = seven shofars = seven final plagues in (seven) bowls (/x: final seven plagues); plague 5, 6, 7 = catastrophes (woes) 1, 2, 3 (11:20ff). 7 churches (= the Church in seven phases) @ Ch. 12, 13, 14: The vision of the seven mystic figures (after Russell p. 448)

Outline (3)
PART I: SEVEN MESSAGES OF THE APOCALYPSE Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Message to Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatria Chapter 3 Message to Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicea Further Analogy of the Seven Churches PART II: THE THRONE SCENE Chapter 4 Chapter 5 PART III: SEVEN SEALS AND SEVEN SHOFARS Chapter 6 Seals First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Seventh Seal Shofars First, Second, Third, Fourth Chapter 9 Shofars Fifth, Sixth Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Seventh Shofar (Chart: Prophetic Time Parallels) PART IV: DRAGON, BEAST, AND IMAGE OF BEAST Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 (Chart: Revelation Overview) PART V: SEVEN PLAGUES AND HOUR OF POWER Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Plagues First, Second, Third Plagues Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh Chapter 17 PART VI: ARMAGEDDON AND WEDDING OF LAMB Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 Binding of Satan Little Season PART VII: HOLY CITY Chapter 21 Chapter 22 Hymn: Song of Faith

Outline (4) modified from REC Prologue (Introuction the revelation of Christ and the testimony of Jesus) 1:1-8 I. The things which you have seen 1:9-20 II. The thing which are the seven local churches 2:1 3:22 III. The things which are about to take place 4:1 22:5 A. The firstsection, giving a general view of the things to come, from Christs ascension to eternity future 4:1 11:19 1.The scene around the htroune in the heavens only the Lion-Lamb (the victorious and redeeming Christ) being worthy to open the myster of Gods economy 4:1 5:14 2.The seven seals the mystery of Gods economy 6:1 -8:5 3.The seven shofars the execuction of Gods economy 8:6 11:19 B. The second section, giving details of the important things and the crucial matters covered in the first section 12:1 22:5 1. Lady who brings froth a man-child, and a great red dragon-Satan 12:1-18 2. Two beasts 13:1-18 3. Three harvestings 14:1-20 4. The outpouring of the seven bowls 15:1 -16:21 5. Babylon the Great and her destruction 17:1 19:4 6. The marrage of the Lamb 19:5-10 7. The war at Armageddon 19:11-21 8. The imprisonment of Satan 20:1-3 9. The millennial kingdom 20:4-6 10. The Last rebellion 20:7-10 11. The judgment of the great whice throne 20:11-15 12. The new heaven and the new earth 21:1-8 13. New Yerusalem 21:9-27 14. The river of water of life and the tree of life 22:1-2 15. The bellings of Gods redeemed in eternity 22:3-5 Epilogue (Conclusion the Lords last warning and the apostles last prayer) 22:6-21

Maps Map: Aegean Sea and Patmos Island

Map: The Seven Churches:

[Source: ESV study Bible] (Impovement needed to move the label for Thyatira to the right of its place marker.)

The seven city names in the text Ch. 2 & 3 (Ephesus; Smyrna; Pergamum; Thyatira; Sardis; Philadelphia; Laodicea) appear counterclockwise from Ephesus on the map. Island Patmos in Rev 1:9 (It belongs to the modern Greece); 35 miles from Asia Minor; 40 miles SWW of Ephesus.

1. All seven of them are admonished to repent, hold steadfast, or remain faithful. 2. Only two of them, Smyrna and Philadelphia, receive strong commendations and no listing of their sins and other shortcomings. 3. Two of them, Pergamos and Thyatira, receive a lesser commendation and fairly strong rebukes for sexual immorality and allowing deceivers into the congregation. 4. Two of them, Sardis and Laodicea, receive strong rebukes and no commendations. 5. Ephesus receives a strong rebuke and a strong commendation.

Map: The seven hills (17:9) of Rome (Cf. Rev 17:3 wild-beasts with seven heads) (See 666 associated with Nero)

(Needs to put Vatican in parenthesis) (To get the history of the word Vatican)

Acrostic Bible*
01. Patmos vision of Yohan 02. Rebuke of four churches 03. Other three churches rebuked 04. Picture of God's throne 05. Holy Lamb is worshiped 06. Each seal is broken 07. Crowd coming from tribulation 08. Yoke of four shofars

09. Abyss releases more shofars 10. Book eaten by Yohan 11. Opposition to two witnesses 12. Unrelenting opposition of dragon 13. Tattoo of world ruler

14. Time ripe for harvest 15. Harps played for God 16. Emptying of the bowls

17. Future destruction of harlot 18. Utter desolation of Babylon 19. Triumphant feast of the Lamb 20. Ultimate resurrection and judgment 21. Revelation of New Yerusalem 22. Eternal city and words *Special thanks to Barry Huddleston, the author of The Acrostic Bible (1978).

[Page left intentionally blank]

Revelation Accordig to John


Book I (Rev 1)
PROLOGUE (1:1-8)

Introuction the revelation from and the testimony of Yeshua the Messiah


from Yeshua the Messiah,

which Elohim gave to Him, [for Yeshua] to show to His servants what things must speedily take place: Yes, Yeshua presented it in signs, having sent it through His messenger b, to His servant, Yohan c;

[This is what Yohan] testifies [Jn 21:24 etc.] to the word of Elohim yes, with the testimony on Yeshua the Messiah, [1:9; (6:9)] {indeed} [in telling] everything he saw:


Blessed are the one

who reads it out [aloud to the congregation] and those [in congregation] who, in hearing the words of this prophecy, attend to what is written in it [22:7] [cf. Jm 1:22] for, indeed, the due

time is near.[22:10]

a 1:1 Revelation [meaning unveiling, not revelations of prediction for future prophecy means speaking out what God wants to say; not about predictions.]; /a revelation; /x: the Revelation; b 1:1 messenger (also in 1:20; 2:1 3:14); /> angel c 1:1 Yohan [Note: he is unlikely to be the same person who is responsible for G-John and Johns three epistles he does not suggest or call himself to be apostle or elder (2Jn and 3Jn)]


Greetings to the Seven Churches Yohan sends this to the seven Apostolic Messianic Communities, which are in [the Province of] ASIA [in the Roman Empire]: Grace to yo all! And shalom! from the One who is [existing] { Exo 3:14 LXX} and who was, yes, the one coming [1:8; cf. 4:8] and from the Seven Spirits [4:5; 5:6; = seven stars 1:20] that are before His throne; [Cf. 3:21] and from Yeshua the Messiah, who is the Faithful Witness, the Firstborn of {/mss} a the dead ones and the Ruler over the kings of the earth. To this very Yeshua the Messiah, the One who is loving us and has freed{/mss} b us from our sins by his own blood; and made us a kingdom of kohanim{/mss}[5:10] to his Elohim and Father to him be the glory and the dominion forever and ever. Amen! c Listen, he-is-coming [22:7] with the storm-clouds [of His Glory]; d [Mt 24:30b]




and every eye will see him, even those who pierced him with a spear, and all the Tribes of the Land [of Israel] [7:4; Mt 24:30] will grieve [over what waits for them] in fear of him. [Zec 12:12] Yes! Amen!

I, I am the Alpha and the Omega! e {Beginning and End} thus says YHWH Elohim f, 1 the One who is, and the One who was, { Exo 3:14 LXX} yes, the One coming 2 [1:4; 4:8] the Almighty, g 3 [the One who gave the revelation to Yeshua].[1:1a]

1:6 of {/mss} {/from among; out of} 1:6 freed{/mss} {/washed} c 1:6, 7 Amen [So shall it be] d 1:7 He is coming [This serves as the principal theme of the whole book of Revelation, placed at the beginning here and at the closing (22:7, 12, 20).] e 1:8 Alpha Omega [ and first and last of Greek alphabets - the two in the middle of Gods name (Tetragrammaton) in Greek (YHWH see fn. below); whereas the two at first and last form , the abbreviation of the name Yeusha in Greek ] f 1:8 YHWH Elohim (Gk. kurios ho theos - also 18:8; 22:6); /the Lord God most; [YHWH may be pronounced as Yahweh See YHWH in BW]; /x: Jehovah God NWT; />>{/mss} the Lord KJV++; /[IRENT translates Gk the God as Elohim x 10 in Revelation]. g 1:8 the Almighty [See 11:17 YHWH El Shaddai LORD God the Almighty][Cf. Gk. despota - Gen 15:2 LXX.]
a b

Part I.

The things which you have seen 1:9-20

Vision of a Son of Man


I Yohan, yor brother and the one who shares with yo

in the tribulation and in the kingdom and in patient endurance that are of {/mss} Yeshua {the Messiah} found myself [in exile] in the island called PATMOS, because of [proclaiming] the word of Elohim and because of the testimony on Yeshua {the Messiah} [they had kept].[1:2; (6:9)] I found myself caught up in [the power of] spirit a on the Lord's day b and I heard [from] behind me a powerful voice, like that of a shofar blare, saying {I, I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last; and} what you are going to see, write it on a scroll and send it to the {seven} Apostolic Messianic Communities {in ASIA} c:
to Ephesus and to Smyrna and to Pergamum and to Thyatira and to Sardis and to Philadelphia and to Laodicea.





And I turned to see whose voice was speaking to me. And upon having turned I saw seven golden menorahs standing;[4:5] {Zec 4:2} and in the midst surrounded by these menorahs saw a figure resembling a son of hman d, [=14:14] {Dan 7:13; Ezk 1:26} clothed with long-robe reaching the foot and girded around the chest with a golden girdle

1:10 caught up in the power of spirit (also in 4:2; 17:3; 21:10) /x: in the Spirit; 1:10 the Lords day [not necessarily alluding to the first day of the lunar week (which does not have any correspondence to Sunday on our Gregorian calendar), or the (judgment) Day of the LORD.] c 1:10 Asia [Roman Province of Asia, in the western part of modern Turkey.] d 1:13 a figure resembling a son of man (= 14:14). [i.e. someone resembling a human being a Messianic figure in Dan 7:13. The phrase the son of the man (usually rendered as the Son of Man), as a self-designation by Yeshua in the Gospels and Acts, is usually taken to allude to this.] [See GG.]
a b




And His head and His hair were white like white wool, like snow, and His eyes were like a flame of fire; and His feet like burnished-bronze as had been fired in a furnace, and His sound of voice like the sound of many waters. And He had in His right hand seven stars and from His mouth a sharp two-edged sword coming out and His appearance was as the sun shining in its might And when I saw Him, I fell down at His feet as if I were dead. And He laid His right hand upon me, saying Do not be afraid; I, I am the First, and the Last, and the Living One yes, I became dead, but, look, Im now the living One into the ages of the ages and Im holding [in my hand] the keys to the Death and of the Hades.[Mt 16:18] So then, write down what you have seen the things which are now and those things which are about to take place afterwards. ((The hidden meaning a of the seven stars [cf. seven sprits 1:4; 4:5] which you saw upon my right hand and the seven golden menorahs is this: The seven stars stand for the messengers of the seven Apostolic Messianic Communities and the seven lamps [on the menorah] stand for these seven Apostolic Messianic Communities.))[1:4] Things which are: Prophetic Messages: (2:1 3:22)





Part II.

Letters to Seven Churches (Rev 2) TO: 1 EPHESUS 2:1 Write to the messenger of the Apostolic Messianic community in


These-things says the One who is holding the seven stars in His right hand and who is walking in the midst of the seven-branched golden menorah:

1:20 hidden meaning [MUSTERION - 10:7 hidden plan]; /> secret meaning; /xx: mystery; /x: secret;



<I know of your deeds the toil and your patient endurance, and how you cannot tolerate evil ones, and have tested those who claim to be apostles (but they are not) and you found them out to be deceivers; and you have patient endurance and did bear for my names sake and have not become-weary. Nevertheless, there is this I hold against yo: that you have let go the love which once you had alive at first. Remember, then, from where you have fallen and repent and live out what once you had been doing at first; or else Im coming to you {swiftly} and will move your lamp-stand out of its place, unless you repent a and turn from your sins But there is this to be said in your favor, that you hate the evil deeds of the Nicolaitans, the deeds I myself also hate.> Let the one who has an ear listen to what the Spirit says to the congregations: <To the one who comes off victorious I will grant to eat from the Tree of the Life [22:14, 19], which is in the middle of the Paradise of Elohim.> {Gen 2:9}





TO: 2 SMYRNA 2:8 And write to the messenger of the Apostolic Messianic community in Smyrna These things says the First and the Last who became dead and then lived again:


<I know of your {deeds and} affliction and poverty but in truth you are rich and also know of the slander heaped upon you by those who claim themselves to be people of the Tribe of Yudah, b while in fact they are not, but belong to a synagogue of the Satan. [3:9] Do not be afraid of the things which you are about to suffer:

2:5ff repent and turn from your sins [not remorse, regret, or repair.] 2:9 people of the Tribe of Yudah (~ of Yahudah) [Cf. Jn 4:22; cf. Judeans Jn 4:9] ; /Judaic people ARJ; /x: Jews most ( - anachronistic; anti-Semitic nuance);
a b

((Behold, the devil is about to have some of yo thrown into prison, there to be put to test and to endure tribulation for ten days.)){Dan 1:12, 14} Be you remaining faithful, even to the point of death and I shall bestow upon you the Laurel of Life.>

Let the one who has an ear listen to what the Spirit says to the congregations: <The one who comes off victorious will not be harmed by the Second Death[20:6, 14].>

TO: 3 PERGAMUS 2:12 And write to the messenger of the Apostolic Messianic community in Pergamum These things says the One who has the sharp double-edged long sword:

<I know {of yours deeds and} where you dwell; it is in the place where the Satan has his throne; a [cf. 12:9] but there you are holding fast to my name and have not denied your faith in me, even in the days of Antipas, my faithful witness, who was put to death right there beside yo in the city where the Satan dwells <But I have a few things against you, because you have some there who hold the teaching of Balaam [the prophet], who taught Balak b to put a stumbling block before the children of Israel, enticing them to eat food offered to idols and to commit fornication c. So you have also some who hold the teaching of the Nicolaitans likewise{/mss} d. { Therefore,} repent to turn from your sins; or else Ill come to you swiftly and with the long sword from my mouth Ill fight against those people.> Let the one who has an ear





a 2:13 the throne of the Satan (Cf. 13:2); [cf. (1) Temple of Zeus and (2) Temple for Caesar Augustus (AD 29); (3) Temple of Aesculapius (physician)] b 2:14 Balak [Baal-worshiping king of the Moabites] c 2:15ff fornication [Throughout the Book, this is figurative for idolatry] d 2:15 likewise{/mss} {/which I hate}

listen to what the Spirit says to the congregations: <To the one who comes off victorious Ill give to him the manna that has been kept safely hidden[Cf. Exo 16:32] and Ill give him a white pebble a and upon the pebble is a new name[3:12] written, which no one knows except the one who receives it.> TO: 4 THYATIRA 2:18 And write to the messenger of the Apostolic Messianic community in Thyatira These things says the Son of Elohim who has His eyes like a flame of fire and His feet are like polished bronze:

<I know of your deeds your love, faithfulness, and service and patient-endurance. In fact, what you are doing now is greater than what you did at first.
But I have {a few things} against you that you tolerate {/mss} the very woman {of yours}, Jezebel, {1Ki 16:31 ff}





who calls herself a prophetess to let her teach and deceive my servants to commit fornication and to eat food sacrificed to idols. And I gave her time that she should repent to turn from her fornication, but she did not change{/mss}. Behold, I will throw her onto a coffin and as for those who commit adultery with her I will throw them into great affliction, unless they repent from their {her} works, and I will strike her children down with deadly-plague. And thus all the Messianic Communities will know that I surely am the One who is searching the minds and hearts and Ill repay each one of yo according to what yo have done. But to the rest of yo in Thyatira, who do not hold this teaching, who have not come to know the so-called deep secrets of the Satan, to you, I say, Im not placing on yo any other burden


2:17 white pebble [to give a white pebble an idiom of giving ones approbation for virtue Gill/Barnes];

2:25 2:29

beyond that yo should hold fast what yo have until I come.> Let the one who has an ear listen to what the Spirit says to the congregations: <And the one who comes off victorious, and, that is, the one who keeps my works to the end: To him Ill give authority over the nations And he shall rule them with an iron rod,
like the earthen vessels are{/mss} broken in pieces



2:28 2:28 2:29

as I also have received the same authority from my Father: I will also give this person the morning star.>
[transposed after v. 25]

(Rev 3) TO: 5 SARDIS 3:1 And write to the messenger of the Apostolic Messianic community in Sardis These things says the One who has the {seven} spirits of Elohim and the seven stars: <I know of your deeds there, you are supposed to be alive but in reality you are dead! Become watchful and strengthen what remains, which are about to die: And indeed, what I have found is that, in the eyes of {my} Elohim, none of what you do have perfection. Call to mind, then, how the message came to you and you listen to obey it and repent to turn from your sins. {Thus,} unless you do not watch, Im going to come [abruptly] like a [roaring] bandit on attack[16:15] and you will never know what hour I will come upon yo. But you have a few names in Sardis who did not defile their garments and they will walk with me clothed in white; because they are worthy and deserving.> Let this one who has an ear listen to what the Spirit says to the congregations:






<The one who comes off victorious will thus clothe himself in white garments, and I will never blot his name from the scroll of the living ones and I will acknowledge a his name before my Father and before His angels.>

TO: 6 PHILADELPHIA 3:7 And write to the messenger of the Apostolic Messianic community in


These things says the One the holy One, the true One, the One having the key of David;
the One who opens [a gate][v.8] ((and no one will shut)) and the One who shuts ((and no one opens)) : {Isa 22:22}




<I know of your deeds Look I have given before you a door having been opened, which no one can shut that you have a little power and kept my word and did not deny my name. See how I deal with those belonging to the synagogue of the Satan![2:9] they claim they are Judaic people; no, they are not, but in fact they are lying Watch how Im going to make them to come and prostrate before your feet; and they will come to know that I surely have loved yo. Because you have kept my word [of admonition] to endure patiently, I also will keep you from the hour of trial in hardship, that hour which is about to come upon the whole world, to put them on test [of their faithfulness] those who dwell upon the land. {Listen,} Im coming swiftly! hold fast what you have so that no one takes your crown.> Let this one who has an ear listen to what the Spirit says to the congregations: <The one who comes off victorious! I will make him a pillar in the temple sanctuary of my Elohim and he shall never depart from there.



3:5 acknowledge /declare; /confess; /

and I will inscribe upon him the name of my Elohim and the name of the City of my Elohim that of the New Yerusalem a which comes down out of the heaven from my Elohim and Ill inscribe upon him {my} own new name as well.

TO: 7 LAODICEA 3:14 And write to the messenger of the Apostolic Messianic community in Laodicea These things says the Amen, the Faithful and True Witness, {Ps 89:37} the Head over the Creation work of Elohim: {cf. Pr 8:22}


<I know of your deeds: how you are neither cold nor hot: I wish-that you were either cold or hot. So, because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold Im about to spew you out of my mouth. Because you say <How rich Im! I have become wealthy, {Hos 12:9} and dont need nothing>, [Lk 18:9-14; Prov 18:11] but you, with your own eyes, cannot see how wretched and pitiful you are poor, blind, and naked, here is my advice to you: you are to buy from me gold refined by fire, so that you may become genuinely rich, that you are to buy white garments so that you may clothe yourself to hide your disgraceful nakedness, and {that you are to buy} ointment to appry on your eyes so that you may become able to see properly. As for myself, I do reprove and discipline{Pr 3:12} all those I keep in my affection; So get committed; yes, come to change your thinking to turn! Here, I have come standing at the door waiting, . . . [cf. Jam 5:9] and now [gently] keep knocking on! If anyone listens to my voice and opens the door to me [cf. Lk 12:36] Ill come in to be with them+.[cf. Lk 19:9] Yes, Ill have a meal [to enjoy] with them+





3:13ff Yerusalem /Jerusalem; /Heb. Yerushalayim

and shall they+ with me.> [cf. Jn14:23]


Let this one who has an ear listen to what the Spirit says to congregations: <The one who comes off victorious I shall grant it to you to take your place beside me on my throne, just as I too have come off victorious and have taken my place with the Father of me on His throne.>[cf. 1:4-5]



Part III.

The Things Which Are About To Take Place (4:1 22:5)

Section A.
(Rev 4)

After these things I saw

and, behold, a door standing-open in the heaven! And the first voice which I heard was like that of a shofar blowing speaking to me, saying Come up here! And I will show you the things which must happen after these things.



At once I came to be caught up in [the power of] spirit [1:10] [to see a vision] and behold! a throne was in place in the heaven and on that throne someone has seated on it; this throne{/mss} {was} like in appearance to a stone jasper and carnelian; And there was a rainbow encircling the main throne, like an emerald in appearance. And encircling the main throne {were twenty four thrones} and seated on their thrones I saw twenty four elders, [11:16; cf. 20:4]




dressed in white garments, and {they had} on their heads golden victors wreath. And flashes of lightning and rumblings and peals of thunders came out from the main throne. And there were seven lighted lamps ablaze in front of the main throne, which are the seven spirits [1:4; 5:6; Cf. seven stars 1:20] of Elohim; and before the main throne, there was as it were a sea of glass like a crystal. And in the center of the throne area and encircling the main throne were four living-creatures full of eyes, in front and back: And the first living creature was [having a face] like a lion and the second living creature [having a face] like an ox and the third living creature having a face of human and the fourth living creature [having a face] like a flying eagle. And these four living creatures, each one having six wings, are full of eyes around and under, {Is 6:2 - seraphim; Ezk 1:18} and, day and night, they do not cease, saying Holy, holy, holy is YHWH El Shaddai a,{Is 6:3; Amo 3:13. 4:13} the One who was and who is [existing], yes, the One coming.[cf. 1:4, 8] {Ex 3:14} And when the living-creatures will give glory and honor and thanks to the One seated on the throne; He is the One living forever and ever, the twenty four elders will fall prostrate before and {will} worship the One seated on the throne, and {will} lay down their wreath of victory before His throne, saying Worthy are you, YHWH our Elohim,{/mss} b to have ascribed to you all the glory and the honor and the power because you yourself created all things and on account of your will they came to be existing yes, they were thus created.[5: 9-10]








(Rev 5)

And I saw in the right hand of the One seated on the throne

4:8 YHWH El Shaddai (Heb.) /the Lord God Almighty most; [YHWH may be pronounced as Yahweh. See YHWH in BW and EE] b 4:11 YHWH our Elohim {/mss} /our Lord and God; {/O Lord} KJV; [See EE}



a scroll-book written inside and on the reserve side, having been sealed up with seven seals. And I saw a mighty angel announcing with a loud voice, Who is worthy to open the scroll and to break its seals? And no one in the heaven or on the earth or under the earth, was able to open the scroll or to look at it. ((And I myself was weeping a lot, because no one was found worthy to open and to read-aloud the scroll or to look at it. And one from the elders says to me, Do not weep; behold, the LION that is from the tribe of Yudah, the ROOT of DAVID c[22:16; Mt 1:1, 23; Rm 1:3] has come off victorious to open the scroll and its seven seals.)) And I saw in the center of the throne area [7:17] encircled by the four living creatures [4:6] and the elders, a LAMB standing, [Jn 1:29, 36] as one having [just] been slaughtered, having seven horns and seven eyes the eyes are the {seven} Spirits of Elohim [4:5; 1:4] sent out to the whole earth. And He came and He takes {the scroll} out of the right hand of the One seated on the throne. And when He had taken the scroll, the four living creatures and the twenty four elders fell down before the Lamb, each one having a harp and golden bowls full of incense, which are [full of] the prayers of those consecrated to God. And they sing a new song, saying, Worthy are you to take the scroll and to open its seals: because you were slaughtered and you bought {us} for Elohim with your blood persons from out of every tribe and language and people and nation, and made them{/mss} to be to our Elohim a kingdom{/mss} and kohanim,[1:6] and they{/mss} shall reign upon the land/earth.








5:5 Root of David (RhIZA); [= 22:16] [Root David is from + Root from David][Cf. Isa 11:1, 10 Root of Jesse]



And I saw and I heard a voice of many angels around the Throne and around the living-creatures and the elders; Myriads upon myriads, thousands of thousands { they were in number}, saying with a mighty voice, Worthy is the Lamb who has been slaughtered to have ascribed the power and wealth and wisdom and might and honor and glory and praise. And every creature which is in the heaven and on the earth and under the earth and on the sea yes, those from everwhere I heard, all these together saying To the One seated on the throne, and to the Lamb, Be the blessing and the honor and the glory and the sovereign power, forever and ever. And the four living creatures said, Amen. And the elders fell down and worshiped {the One living into the ages of the ages}.



(Rev 6)


Four Horsemen (Zc 6:1-5; 1:8)[// Mt 24:3-8]

And I saw that{/mss} the Lamb broke open first of the seven seals
and I heard one of the four living creatures saying with a voice like a sound of thunder, Go!{/mss}


And I saw and, look, a white horse! a {Zc 6:3} And the one seated upon it had a bow, and a victors wreath was given to him and he was riding out, conquering, yes, to conquer out.


And when he broke open the second seal,

I heard the second living creature, saying Go!


And another horse came forth, a fiery-red horse! And to the one who sat on it was granted permission to take peace away from the land, people turning to slay one another; yes, there was given to him a large sword [for slaughter].


And when he broke open the third seal,

heard the third living creature, saying Go! And I saw, look, a black horse! And the one who sat on it had a pair of scales in his hand.


And I heard what sounded like a voice there in the midst of where the four living creatures encircled,[4:6] saying Two pounds of wheat for a denarius [a days wage]! and six pounds of barley for a denarius! As for the olive tree and the vine, youre to keep them spared [from destruction].

6:2 white horse [Here the rider is an anti-Messiah, in contrast to the one in 19:11 where the rider is the Messiah.]


And when he broke open the fourth seal,

I heard the voice of the fourth living creature, saying Go.


And I saw and, look, a pale livid green horse! And as to the one who sat on it, his name was Death with Hades following behind.


And there was given to them authority over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with deadly-plague and by the wild-beasts [11:7; 13:1ff] of the earth.


And when he broke open the fifth seal, this is what I saw:
[+ On earth down hear] beneath the altar [of scacrifice]


there were the very people b[20:4] who had been slain because of the word of Elohim and for their bearing the testimony {on the Lamb}: and they shouted with a great voice, saying[cf. Lk 18:7-8; 2Th 1:6-10] How long, O Sovereign Master, {Zec 1:12; Ps 79:5} the Holy and True One, is it to be before you bring judgment and grant justice for our blood against those who dwell on the earth c? And a white robe was given to them and they were told that they should be patient a little while longer [cf 10:6] [to see their vindication][20:4-6], until the full number should be filled [7:9, 13-14, 15] of both their fellow servants and their brothers those who were going to be killed as they themselves had been killed [for the testimony of Yeshua][1:9].



And I saw when he opened the sixth seal

and a great earthquake occurred, and the sun turned black d like black sackcloth made of goat hair and the {full} moon turned red as blood; e

6:9 the very people [All renders as the souls of, which would suggest dismembered spirits. See EE.] c 6:10 on the earth /?: upon the land; [cf. Mt 23:35] d 6:12 sun ~ black Gk. MELAS; [Cf. LXX 2:31 Joel LXX SKOTOS dark Act 2:20] [i.e. solar eclipse.] e 6:12 moon ~ like blood [blood moon, i.e. lunar eclipse.]





and the stars of the heaven fell to the earth like a fig tree sheds its unripe figs when shaken by a high wind. And the sky receded like a scroll that is being rolled up, and every mountain and every island were moved out of their places. [cf. 16:20] And the rulers of the land and the great men and the chief-captains and the rich and the strong and every servant and {every} free man, hid themselves in the caves and in the rocks of the mountains; and they are saying to the mountains and to the rocks, Fall on over us and hide us from the face of the One seated on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb because the great day of the wrath on them {/mss} has come, and who is able to stand?


(Rev 7)
Winds held until Gods servants sealed:

After this I saw four angels standing

at the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, so that no wind should blow on the land or on the sea or upon any tree. And I saw another angel ascend from the east, carrying a living Gods seal. And he shouted with a great voice to the four angels to whom [power] was given to harm the land and the sea, saying Do not harm the land, nor the sea, nor the trees, until we will have marked with seal [against the fury to come] the servants of our God on their foreheads.
Yohan heard 144,000 Gods servants were marked: And I heard the number of those servants having been marked with seal [as] 144 {/mss} a thousand,[14:1,3] marked with seal from out of each tribe of the sons of Israel:






Out of the tribe of Yudah out of the tribe of Reuben out of the tribe of Gad out of the tribe of Asher out of the tribe of Naphtali out of the tribe of Manasseh

twelve thousand marked with seal; twelve thousand {+mss} b; twelve thousand {+mss}; twelve thousand {+mss}; twelve thousand {+mss}; twelve thousand {+mss};

a b

7:4 144 {/hundred and forty four}; > {/140}; [Note: 144,000 = 12 x 12 x 1000] 7:5-8 {+mss} {marked with seal KJV+}



out of the tribe of Simeon twelve thousand {+mss}; out of the tribe of Levi twelve thousand {+mss}; out of the tribe of Issachar twelve thousand {+mss}; out of the tribe of Zebulun twelve thousand {+mss}; out of the tribe of Yosef twelve thousand {+mss}; out of the tribe of Benjamin twelve thousand were marked with seal [against the fury to come].
Vision of Myriads Redeemed & Vindicated (v 14)


After these things I saw and, look!

a great crowd6:9], which no one was able to number, from out of every nation and tribes and peoples and languages, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, having clothed in white robes [6:11] and with palm fronds c in their hands. {Lev 23:40}[cf. Jn 12:13]


And they were shouting with a great voice, saying Salvation to our Elohim, the One seated on the throne, yes, to the Lamb. And all the angels were standing around the throne and around the elders and the four living-creatures, [5:11-14] and they fell before the throne on their faces and worshiped Elohim, saying Amen: Blessing and glory and wisdom and thanksgiving and honor and power and strength be to our Elohim forever and ever. Amen. ((And one of the elders addressed me, saying These clothed in white robes do you know who they are and from where they have come? And I said to him, Sir! You, you know [the answer]. [Ez 37:3] Then he said to me, These are those who come out of the great tribulation{.Rev 14:15, 1213} and they washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.





7:9 palm fronds /> palm branches; [it was a motive in the Festival of Sukkoth (such as in Jn 7:2) ]




That is why they are before the throne of Elohim, and they are serving Him day and night in His temple sanctuary; And the One seated on the Throne will spread His presence d over them. They will hunger no more, neither thirst anymore; the sun will not beat down on them, nor will any burning heat: {Isa 49:10} because the Lamb who is in the center of the throne[5:6]

will shepherd them and will guide them to the fountains of living waters {/mss}{Isa 49:9-10} and Elohim e will wipe away every tear from their eyes.))

(Rev 8)

And when the Lamb broke open the seventh seal,

there was a silence in the heaven about half an hour.



Then I saw the seven angels, who stand in sight of Elohim,

and seven shofars were given to them.



((And another angel [of high priestly one] came and, having with him a golden censer, took his stand at the Altar. And a large amount of incense was given to him to add to the prayers of all those consecrated to God, to be laid upon the golden Altar which was before the Throne. There, the smoke of the incense was wafting up along with the prayers of the saints from the hand of the angel standing in sight of Elohim Then the angel took the censer to fill it with some of the fire taken from the altar and hurled it down to the earth There came peals of thunders and rumbling and flashes of lightning and an earthquake.))

seven shofars First 4 shofars


And the seven angels who had the seven made themselves ready to blow them.


d 7:9 spread His presence [i.e. His shekhinah] [same verb 12:12; 13:6; 21:3; also in Jn 1:14 put his place/presence] e 7:17 Elohim (Heb.) /God most; [I.R.E.N.T. renders as Elohim instead of God in O.T. quotation or in O.T. setting].


And the first angel blew his shofar

and there became hail and fire, mingled with blood and they were thrown upon the land {and the third of the land was burnt up} and the third of the trees was burnt up and all the green grass was burnt up.


And the second angel blew his shofar

and as it was a great mountain burning with fire was thrown into the sea and the third of the sea became blood; and the third of the created things died which were in the sea yes, those living things [died]. and the third of the ships was destroyed.



And the third angel blew his shofar

and a great star fell out of the heaven, burning like a torch and it fell upon the third of the rivers and upon the springs of the waters; and the name of the star is called Wormwood and the third of the waters became wormwood, and many men died from the waters, because they were made bitter.



And the fourth angel blew his shofar

and the third of the sun and the third of the moon and the third part of the stars was struck; in order that the third of them should be darkened and the day should not shine for the third of it and the night likewise.


And I saw and I heard one eagle {/angel}, flying in mid-heaven directly overhead, saying with a great voice, How terrible, how terrible, how terrible! for those who dwell on the earth, because of the remaining shofar blare from the three angels [ 5th, 6th, and 7th ] who are about to blow their shofars!

(Rev 9)

1st Catastrophe = 5th Shofar 9:1 And the fifth angel blew his shofar
and I saw a star [cf. angel 20:1] out of the heaven that had fallen to the earth and the key to the pit of the abyss was given to him - the star.




And he opened the pit of the abyss, and smoke went up out of the pit, like the smoke of a great furnace, and the sun and the air were darkened from the smoke of the pit. And locusts came forth, out of the smoke upon the earth, and power was given to them, like the scorpions of the earth have. And they were told that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree, but only those who do not have the seal of Elohim on their foreheads. And it was given to them that they should not kill them, but that they should be tormented five months and their torment was like the torment of a scorpion, when it stings a man. And in those days men will seek death and will never find it, and they will desire to die and death will flee from them. And in appearance, the locusts were like horses prepared for battle, and upon their heads as it was golden wreath and their faces were like human faces. And they had hair like the hair of women and their teeth were like teeth of lions. And they had breastplates, like iron breastplates, and the sound of their wings was like the sound of chariots, of many horses rushing to war. And they have tails like scorpions, also stings, and they have power to injure hmen with their tails for five months. They have the agent from the abyss as king over them; his name in Hebrew is Abaddon a and in Greek he has the name Apollyon b









The first catastrophe has past. Behold! still coming are two more catastrophes 2nd (=sixth shofar) and 3rd (=seventh shofar) after these things.

2nd Catastrophe = 6th Shofar


And the sixth angel blew his shofar

and I heard a voice one from the {four} horns of the golden altar the one in sight of Elohim, one saying to the sixth angel the one having the shofar,


a b

9:11 Abaddon [Heb. destruction] 9:11 Apollyon [Gk. destruction; not destroyer GNB, JUB, Bishops]

Release the four messengers who are bound at the great river Euphrates.

And the four messengers were loosed, that had been prepared for this very hour, yes, {for } [the period of] day and month and year, to destroy the third of mankind. ((And the soldiers on horseback[Ezk 38:4] numbered {two} myriads of myriads! as I heard their number.)) And thus came into my vision were the horses and those who sat on them, having breastplates of fiery red and of hyacinth blue and of sulfur yellow; The horses had their heads like those of lions, and fire and smoke and sulfur came out from their mouths. The third part of men was killed off by these three plagues that is to say, the fire and the smoke and the brimstone, which came out from their mouths. for | the power of the horses resides in their mouth and even in their tails: in fact, their tails resemble serpents with heads, yes, with these, they inflict injuries. And the rest of hmen, who were not killed by these plagues, even then did not repent of the things which they have made with their own hands, so as to turn away from worshiping demonic spirits and worshiping the idols made of gold and silver and bronze
and stone and wood, which can neither see, nor hear, nor walk: moreover, they did not repent of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their stealing.







Narrative Interlude 10:1-11: 12

Narrative Interlude 10:1 11:12

(Rev 10)
The Little-Scroll

And I saw
another mighty heavenly messenger coming down out of the heaven, wrapped with a cloud, and the rainbow was upon his head and his face was like the sun and down to his feet like pillars of fire; and having in his hand a little-scroll opened-up and he placed his right foot upon the sea and his left upon the land; and he cried with a great voice, like a lion that roars and when he cried, the seven thunders uttered their voices. And when the seven thunders uttered their voices, I was about to write them down but [just then] I heard a voice out of the heaven, saying Hold! seal up what the seven thunders uttered; yes, do not write them down. And this angel whom I saw there standing with his feet both on the sea and on the land [v.1] lifted up his right hand toward the heaven, {Detu 32:40; Dan 12:7} and swore by the One who lives forever and ever,
who created the heaven and all the things in them and the earth and all the things in it and the sea and all the things in it: {Neh 9:6; als Exo 20:11; Ps 146:6} this is what he thundered down: [Soon] there shall be not much time left any more
[to the final judgment].[cf 6:11]







No, when the time comes for the voice of the seventh angel to be heard when he shall be blowing his shofar, [11:15] then shall the hidden plan a of Elohim have been accomplished, which He announced in good news to His servants, {yes,} the prophets.

Eating The Little-Scroll (Commissioning God message to proclaim Ezk 2 & 3)


And the voice which I heard out of the heaven, I heard it again speaking with me and saying

10:7 hidden plan /x: hidded purpose; /xx: mystery; /x: secret;

Go! Take the scroll which is open in the hand of the angel who is standing upon the sea and upon the land.

And I went to the angel, saying to him to give me the little-scroll. And he says to me, Take it and eat it up, and it will make your belly bitter, but in your mouth it will be sweet like honey.
And I took the little-scroll out of the angel's hand and ate it up, and it was in my mouth sweet like honey and when I had eaten it, my belly was made bitter.[Ezk 2:8; 3:1-3]



And they speak to me, You must to utter prophecy again over many peoples and nations and languages and kings. [Jer 1:10; 25:30; Dn 3:4; 7:14]

(Rev 11)

Measuring The Temple



Thus, there was given to me a measuring rod like a staff, and {an angel stood}, saying Rise and measure off the temple sanctuary of Elohim and the altar and those who worship in it. And as to the courtyard, which is outside the temple sanctuary, leave it outside and do not measure it; because it has been given to the nations and they will trample a on the Holy City b [//Lk 21:24] forty two months. And I shall assign a task to my two witnesses c, and theyll prophecy one thousand two hundred and sixty days, clothed in sackcloth. [cf. Act 1:8] ((These are [symobized by] the two olive-trees
and also by the two menorahs, standing in the presence of the Lord of the earth. [Zec 4:11,14]

Two Witnesses




Indeed if anyone wishes to hurt them, fire proceeds out of their mouth and devours their enemies, and if anyone wishes to hurt them, he must be killed in this manner.

11:2 will trample the Holy City [points to coming Fall of Yerusalem to shortly occur in A.D. 70.] 11:2 Holy City [= Great City v. 8 = points to Yerusalem] c 11:3 two witnesses (cf. 11:10 two prophets) [cf. Deu 19:15. Cf. Moshe and Eliyahu Mt 17:3. Cf. Two anointed witnesses Zec 4:14 (Zerubbabel and Yoshua)]
a b


These have the power to shut the gates of the heaven, that rain ceasing to fall[1Kg 17:1] during the days they are prophesying and they have power to turn waters[Exo 7:17,19f] into blood as well as to strike the earth with every kind of plague, whenever they want.)) Hower, when the time comes for these two to have completed their witnessing, the wild-beast[6:8; 13:1ff] that comes up out of the abyss will attack them to defeat and put them to death. And their dead bodies shall lie alongside the Broadway of the Great City a, [17:18] the very place where also their Lord was crucified. ((It is in a spiritual sense called Sodom, even [Pharaohs] Egypt b)) And those from among the peoples and tribes and languages and nations {will} look at their dead bodies three and a half years as they {will} not allow their dead bodies to be put in a tomb. And those dwelling on the land will gloat over them, call for celebration and congratulate one another with gifts; because these two Prophets [when alive] had tormented those who dwell on the land/earth. But after the three and a half years a life-giving spirit from Elohim entered into them and they roseto their feet; and great fear fell upon those who saw them. Then a great voice out of the heaven came down to them{/mss} c saying <Come up here!>. And they went up into heaven in a cloud[10:1] as their enemies looking on.



c b






And in that hour there became a great earthquake, the tenth part of the City falling to the ground, and there were killed in the earthquake seven thousand persons and the rest became terrified and gave due honor to the Elohim of the heaven. The second catastrophe is past: look, the third catastrophe is coming quickly: [11:15; 15:1ff]]


a b c

11:8 Great City [= Holy City 11:2 = points to Yerusalem] [ 17:18] 11:8 [Pharaohs] Egypt [Heb. Mitsrayim] 11:12 them{/mss} {they-heard} vs. {/I-heard}

3rd Catastrophe = 7th Shofar


And then the seventh angel blew his shofar,[10:7] and there became great voices in the heaven and they said, The kingdom{/mss} of the world now has become overtaken by our LORD and of His Messiah. and Hegx will reign into the ages of the ages [on this earth]. And the twenty four elders, who sit in sight of Elohim on their thrones, [4:4; cf. 20:4] fell upon their faces and worshiped Elohim, saying We give you thanks, O YHWH El Shaddai a. the One who is and the One who was {and the One who is coming}, because you have taken your great power and reigned. And the nations were angered,[ Ps 2:1] yes, now has Your wrath come! and the time has come for the dead to be judged and the time to give their reward to your servants the prophets, indeed, to all the consecrated to you, and to those who fear your name, from both low and high alike It is also the time to destroy those b who are destroying the land! And the temple sanctuary of Elohim, which is in the heaven, was opened, [Eph 3:12] and the ark of His covenant was seen in His temple sanctuary, and there became lightning and rumbling and thunders[ Ex 9:16] and an earthquake and a heavy hailstorm. [ Ex 9:24]





(Main theme continues to Ch. 15:1ff)

11:17 O YHWH El Shaddai [as vocative of Heb ,YHWH God Almighty also in 15:3; 16:7); [See EE for details] b 11:18 those ~ destroying [=the dragon and the beasts]

Book II (Rev 12)

THE LADY AND THE DRAGON (Signs #1 & #2) 12:1-12:18


And a spectacular sign appeared in the heaven:

There a LADY a clothed with the sun! The moon was under her feet and upon her head a wreath made up of twelve stars;{Gen 37:9-10} and she was pregnant and was crying out, being in labor and in torment to give birth. And another sign was seen in the heaven: And look, a great fiery-red DRAGON , [= Satan v.9] having seven heads and ten horns and upon each head was a diadem-crown. And with his tail the dragon swept away the third part of the stars of the heaven, dragging them down to the earth. [Dan 8:10] And the Dragon took up his stand before that Lady who was about to give birth, so that, as soon as she would be giving birth to her child, he may devour it. And she gave birth to a son, a male child [Isa 66:7,8] who is about to rule all the nations with an iron rod{Ps 2:9} and her child was caught up to Elohim and to His throne. And the Lady fled into the desert-wilderness [of the Gentiles - Perea], where she has a place prepared by Elohim, that there they may is cared for safely a thousand two hundred and sixty days. [v. 6 v. 14]






12:1ff Lady [Lady (appearing in Ch. 12) stands in contrast to Woman (appearing in Ch. 17). Same Greek word GUNH is rendered differently to reflect who they are in the text.]



((And there broke out a battle in the heaven, Michael [an archangel] a and the angels with him battling against the Dragon. The Dragon and its agents, for their part, fought back. But they did not prevail; there was no longer a place found for them any more in the heaven. And the great Dragon was thrown down the Ancient Serpent, who is called the Devil [slanderer], also the Satan [adversary], the deceiver of the whole world b he was thrown down to the earth [Lk 10:18; Jn 12:31; 1Jn 3:8][cf.Jn 16:11] and his agents/angels were thrown down with him.)) [20:2-3] And I heard a great voice in the heaven, saying Now [at last] have come the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our Elohim and the authority of His Messiah, because the accuser [=Satan] of our fellow brethren has been thrown down, who accuses them in sight of Elohim day and night. And they conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their soul clinging to life, not even to death. Rejoice, then, O the heavens, and all yo who dwell in them. But how terrible to {the ones inhabiting} the land and to the sea: because the devil has come down to yo in fierce anger, knowing well that he has but a short time remaining. And when the Dragon saw that he was thrown down to the earth, he began to persecute the Lady who had given birth to the male child: [:2] ((Indeed, [as if] the two wings of the great eagle had-been given to the Lady, to fly out [to flee] into the desert-wilderness to her place, where she is cared for safely






ON EARTH: DRAGON, LADY AND HER CHILD (Dragon Persecuting the Lady)


12:7 Michael [an archangel] [Michael - In N.T. only here and Jude] [the archangel Michael Jud 9; Cf. a chief prince in Dan 10:13] [Cf. Gabriel Lk 1:19, 26 as well as Dan 8:16; 9:21] [See GG archangels] b 12:9 the whole world [including us and religions of Judaism and Christian religions]

for a time and times and half a time

[=3 years]

away from the face of the serpent.))


[v. 14v. 6]




And look the Serpent spewed water out of his mouth, like a river, after the Lady in attempt to make her swept-away-by-a-river. And-but the earth [came to] help the Lady, opened its mouth to swallow up the river which the Dragon spewed out of his mouth. And the Dragon flew into rage with the Lady and went off to wage war against the rest of her seed, those keeping the commandments of Elohim and holding to the testimony about Yeshua, And he-stood{/mss} on the sand of the seashore.

(Rev 13)
13:1-18 Two Beasts

THE 1st WILD-BEAST: (Sign #3) 13:1-13:10

The ten-horned 1st Wild-Beast out of the Sea (looked like Leopard-Bear-Lion)

The next thing

I saw was this:


a wild-beast [6:8; 11:7; 13:2ff] a coming-up out of the sea b, having ten horns and seven heads: and on the horns ten diadem-crowns and upon each head a blasphemous title{/mss} [13:7; 17:3]. And this 1st wild-beast that I saw was like a leopard, And its feet like those of a bear, and its mouth like the mouth of a lion. ((And to it the Dragon gave his power and his throne, and conferred great authority.)) And I saw one of its heads as though it had received deadly blow, but its fatal wound was healed; and the whole earth followed after this wild-beast with admiration; and they worshiped the Dragon who gave his authority to this wild-beast, and they also worshiped the wild-beast, exclaiming Who is equal to the wild-beast and has power to wage war against it? And the wild-beast was given a mouth uttering pompous-things and blasphemous words; and was allowed to exercise ruling authority this way forty two months. [42 mo]




12:7 [an archangel] [Michael in N.T. only here and Jud] [Jud 9; Cf. a chief prince in Dan 10:13] [Michael only [See GG archangels] b 13:1 sea [metaphoric. i.e. sea of humanity]



13:8 a
b d c

And it opened its mouth for blasphemies against Elohim to blaspheme His name {and His tabernacle}, even{/mss} {those who dwell in the heaven. { And it was allowed to make war on those consecrated to God {and to conquer them}}.{Dan 7:21} And authority was given to it over every tribe {and people} and language and nation. And all who dwell1 on the earth will worship it; None of them have their names stand written since the worlds founding [17:8] in the scroll of the living ones belonging to the Lamb[cf. Jn 1:29] who had been slaughtered. ((If anyone has an ear, let him listen: If anyone leads people into captivity{/mss}, [wait!] into captivity he is to go: If anyone kills{/mss} people with the sword, [wait!] with the sword he must be killed. [cf. Mt 26:52] {? Jr 15:2} Here comes the patient-endurance and the faith-fullness of those consecrated to God.))


THE 2nd WILD-BEAST: (Sign #4) 13:11-13:18

Two-Horned 2nd Wild-Beast out of the Land (like a lamb) [19:20; 20:10]

And I saw another wild-beast (2



) coming up out of the land, and it had a pair of horns like a lamb and it spoke like a dragon. And this two-horned 2nd wild-beast exercised all the ruling authority of the first wild-beast before its very eyes. And it made the earth and those who dwell on it to worship the first wild-beast the one whose fatal wound had now healed. And it performs great signs, even making fire come down out of the heaven upon the earth in the sight of everyone.



And this 2nd wild-beast deceived those who dwell on the land by these signs he was permitted to perform before the very eyes of the 1st wild-beast, telling those who dwell on the earth, to make an statue of/to the 1st wild-beast who had been [fatally] wounded by the sword but still lived. And it was granted to breathe life into the 1st wild-beast{/mss} enabling it to speak and make anyone who refuse to worship it be put to death.


And this 2nd wild-beast forced everyone both small and great, both rich and poor, both free men and slaves to get branded a mark [cf. Gods mark Ezk 9:4-6] [14:9; cf. 14:1]

on their right hand or their forehead;[vv. 14-16 20:4c] {Deu 16:8}


so that no one can buy or sell, except those bearing this mark, which is the [blasphemous] title a belonging to the 1st wild-beast[13:1] or the number standing for its title. ((Here comes the wisdom b[17:9] [one needs]: As for the one who has insight, let him figure out [the meaning of] that number standing for the 1st wild-beast;
one should know it is [actually] a number belonging to [something of] human


{yea,} this is what its number is: 666 c)).[15:2]

(Rev 14)
INTERLUDE: The Lamb and the 144,000 (14:1-5) (cf. 7:4)

And I saw, look

{the} Lamb standing on the Mount Zion[7:4] and with Him {a number,} a hundred and forty four thousand, (144,000=12x12x1000) having {the Lambs name and} the name of His Father written on their foreheads.[cf. 14:9] And I heard a sound [coming down] out of the heaven, like the sound of many waters and like the sound of a loud thunder. And the sound that I heard was like that by harpists playing on their harps: and they sing {as it were} a new song before the Throne and before the four living-creatures and the elders and no one could learn the song, except the hundred and forty four {/141} thousand, who had been bought out of the earth. {These are those who were not defiled with women; indeed, they are pure and chaste as virgins.} These are those who follow the Lamb




13:17 title /name [i.e. one of the titles on the seven heads of the First Wild-beast 13:1] 13:18 wisdom [of Hebrew gematria in the alphanumeric system.] c 13:18 666 {/ 616} [Hebrew gematria (the sum of the numeric value of the letters) alludes this to Nero Caesar ( ): (with his Hebrew name is transliterated from Greek) = 666; (with his Hebrew name when transliterated from Latin) = 616)]
a b



wherever He goes [as martyrs and soldiers]. These were bought {by Yeshua} from among people, as a first-fruits{/mss} to Elohim and to the Lamb. And no lie{/mss} was found in their mouth {for} | they are unblemished {before the throne of Elohim}.

The Messages of the Three Angels: (Signs 5) (14:6-13)


I saw an{/mss} angel flying in mid-heaven,


having a message of good news eternal in scope to announce to those who dwell on the land and to every nation and tribe and language and people, saying [it] with a great voice: Fear the LORD{/mss} and give Him glory; because the hour of His judgment has come. And worship Him who made the heaven and the earth, and sea and springs of waters.
And another angel, who followed him, saying


Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the great, who has made all the nations to drink from the wine of Gods fury on her fornication .

And a third angel, followed them, saying with a great voice,


If anyone is worshiping the 1st (?) wild-beast and his/its stature and receiving to carry a mark on ones forehead[cf. 14:1] or upon ones hand, then they+ shall indeed drink of the wine of the fury of Elohim.
[from Gods pure justice manifesting]

which is poured, now unmixed,

into the cup of Gods wrath[Is 51:17; Ps 75:8; Jr 25:15]

to be tormented with fire and sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb.

And the smoke of the fire that tormented them is going up forever and ever; and day and night [Is 34:10] they have no rest [+till their destruction] for those who worship the wild beast and his image and whoever receives and carries the mark of his name. ((Here comes in the patient endurance on the part of those consecrated to God, those who keep the commandments of Elohim and hold to their faith in Yeshua)). And I heard the voice out of the heaven, saying Write this: <Blessed be the dead ones



those who die in the Lord> From now on, {yes indeed }, says the Spirit, let them rest from their labors, for what they have done will follow them. THE LAST HARVEST OF THE EARTH: (Signs 6) (14:14-20)

And I saw
and look there was a white cloud! and seated on the cloud was
a figure resembling a son of hman a
[=1:13] {Dn 7:13;10:16}

having on His head a golden wreath of victory and in His hand a sharp sickle.

And another angel came out from the temple sanctuary,

shouting with a great voice to the one who sat on the cloud, Thrust in your sickle and gather up: as the time to gather up has come; ,[Jl 3:13] now that the crop on the earth is ripe!

And the one who sat on the cloud swung his sickle over the earth, and the earth was harvested.
Another angel came out from the temple sanctuary


which is in the heaven, and he also had a sharp sickle.


And another angel came out from the Altar,

one having authority over the fire, and called with a great outcry to the one who had the sharp sickle, saying Thrust in your sharp sickle out [Jl 3:13] nd gather in the clusters of grapes {from the vineyard} of the earth; because its grapes are now ripe.


And the other angel then thrust his sickle over the earth and gathered up from the vineyard of the earth and tossed it into the wine-press the great winepress, of the anger of Elohim. And the winepress was stomped on outside the City[Jl 3:13; Is 63:3] and there came out blood from the winepress, as deep as reaching the horses bridles for a distance of almost two hundred miles.

14:14 a figure resembling a son of man [i.e. someone resembling a human being a Messianic figure in Daniel 7:13. See fn in 1:13 or GG]


(conituous from 11:19)

(Rev 15)

THE SEVEN PLAGUES: (Sign 7) (15:1-16:21)


And I saw another sign in the heaven,

great and astounding: seven angels having in their charge seven plagues[Lv 26:21] these [soon to be poured out] are the final ones ((they are final because it is with them that [the expression of] the wrath of Elohim is going to be completed up)).



And I saw something like a glassy sea mingled with fire, and there those who had come off victorious over the 1st wild-beast yes, over its statue, over the one who has the number representing its title.[13:18] they were standing by this glassy sea, holding in their hands harps received from Elohim. And they are singing the song of Moshe, the servant of Elohim, [Ex 15:1; Jos 14:7] and the song of the Lamb, saying Great and marvelous are things You have done, O YHWH El Shaddai a Righteous and true are Your ways, O the King of the ages {/mss}!
Who shall not stand in awe of You, O LORD{Jer 10:7a} and glorify Your name? { Ps 86:9b} For You alone are loyal {/mss}! And indeed, all the nations will come and worship before You; { Ps 86:9a}


seeing that Your righteousness has been revealed.




And after these things I looked, and the temple sanctuary, ((this is, the tabernacle of the testimony)) was opened up in the heaven: and there came out from the temple sanctuary the seven angels who had the seven plagues, clothed with pure {and} bright linen{/mss} and girded around their chests with golden belts. And one of the four living-creatures gave to the seven angels

15:3 O YHWH El Shaddai [as vocative of Heb. YHWH God Almighty] [= 11:17]


seven golden bowls full of the anger of Elohim, who lives forever and ever. And the temple sanctuary filled with smoke from the glory of Elohim and from His power thus no one could enter the temple sanctuary, until the seven plagues from the seven angels were completed.

(Rev 16)

Seven Bowls of Gods wrath poured down 16:1 And I heard a great voice out of the temple sanctuary, { Is 66:6}
saying to the seven angels, Yo go and pour out onto the land the seven bowls of the anger of


Ps 69:24; Jn 10:15; Zp 3:8}

And the first angel went and poured out his bowl down to the land: And there became a terrible and virulent sore { Deu 28:35; Ex 9:10ff} upon those men who bore the mark of the first wild-beast and were worshippers of its image. And the second {angel} poured out his bowl down to the sea, And it turned into blood like that from a dead body, every living creature a in the sea being killed. And the third {angel} poured out his bowl down to the rivers and the springs of the waters, And they turned into blood. 16:5 And I heard the angel having power over the waters, saying Righteous, {O LORD!} are You! the One who is and who was, {and} the Holy One{/mss}, because You have passed this judgment: 16:6 Because they the people have shed the blood of those consecrated to you and of the prophets and You have given them blood to drink up [just as] they deserve!



And I heard a voice {of another angel} from the altar, saying Yes, O YHWH El Shaddai! b True and righteous are Your judgments.


And the fourth angel poured out his bowl upon the sun, and it was given to it to scorch men with fire:

16:3 living creature /> living soul KJV; />> living thing - NIV; /x: life HCSB; /xxx: everything MSG; b 16:7 O YHWH El Shaddai [as vocative of Heb. YHWH God Almighty] [= 11:17]


And men were scorched with great heat and the men blasphemed the name of Elohim who has the authority over these plagues, and they did not repent turning from their sins to give Him glory. And the fifth angel poured out his bowl upon the throne of the wild-beast: And his kingdom became darkened, and they gnawed their tongues out of pain, and they blasphemed the Elohim of the heaven from out of their pains and out of their sores, and they did not repent of their works. [cf. Gen 6:5] And the sixth angel poured out his bowl upon the great river Euphrates: And its water was dried up, so that the way might be made free for the coming of kings from the suns rising. And what I saw in my vision was this: there came forth out of the mouth of the Dragon [=12:9 Satan; 20:10 into Lake of Fire] and out of the mouth of the Wild-Beast [13:1ff] and out of the mouth of the False Prophet, [19:20 into Lake of Fire] three unclean spirits [that looked] like frogs. Indeed, they are spirits of demon-gods performing signs, sent forth to the rulers {of the land and} of the whole world, to gather them up for the battle of that{/mss} Great Day of Elohim, the Almighty. ((This is how it will be: I shall be coming [suddenly] as a bandit attacking. [3:3] Blessed is the one who stays awake and keeps his outer garments, so that he wont be walking around naked to be publicly put to shame.)) And now they these demonic spirits gathered the kings up in the place which is called Har Megiddo a in Hebrew. [20:8]









And finally the seventh angel poured out his bowl down upon the air. And there came a great voice out of the temple sanctuary{/mss}, coming from the throne, exclaiming, It is done! And there became lightning and roaring and thunderclaps,


16:16 Har Meggido [in Hebrew (meaning Mount of Meggido), man-made, about 70 feet high.] [Gk. hARMAGED(D)WN (Armageddon/Armagedon in English)] [See Appendix 16:16 Armageddon]

and there became a great earthquake, such as has not occurred since humans have been upon the land, so mighty an earthquake so great!



And the great city became split into three parts and the cities of the nations fell; yes, the great Babylon was remembered in the sight of Elohim, and He gave her the cup of the wine of His fierce wrath. And every island fled away and no mountains were to be found. [cf. 6:14; Zec 14:4,9] And great hail, each weighing as much as a hundred pounds, comes down upon men from the sky and men blasphemed Elohim due to the plague of the hail, so terrible a plague it was.

(Rev 17) (=Parenthetical explanatory material)

The Great Idolatress the Harlot and the Wild-Beast:

Judgment on Babylon I


((And one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls [16:1] came and spoke to me, saying Come up here, I will show you the judgment of the Harlot[Hos 5:3; 9:1; Ezk 16] a, the idolatress par excellence who has her place near many waters; [Jer 51:13] by whom the rulers of the land committed fornication[Isa 23:17] and those who dwell in the land were made drunk with the wine of her fornication.[Jer 51:7] So he carried me away in [the power of] spirit [21:10] into a desert-wilderness and this is what I saw there: an idolatrous Woman mounted on a wild-beast, which was scarlet color. The beast was coverd all over with blasphemous titles[13:1], having seven heads and ten horns. And the Woman was dressed in purple and scarlet and arrayed with gold and precious stone and pearls, having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and the unclean things of her fornication of the land, and upon her forehead was written a title with a cryptic meaning: <BABYLON THE GREAT,




17:1, 5 harlot (s) [alludes to the harlot in Hosea, apostate Israel. Also the allegory of two sisters - Ezk 23:4-10 (Oholah) & 11-35 (Oholibah); Gods unfaithful bride Ezk 16] />> whore; />> prostitute;

The Mother of the Harlots, the Idolatresses, and of the Abominations of the Land>:

And I saw that the Woman was drunk drunk from the blood of those consecrated to God, yes, from the blood of the martyrs for Yeshua. And when I saw her, I was astonished with great astonishment. And the angel said to me, Why are you astonished? Im going to tell you and explain [the meaning of] this mystery that is, the Woman and the wild-beast that carries her the one as you saw with the seven heads and the ten horns. The wild-beast which you saw on which she was riding was [once alive], but is no longer [alive], and is about to come up out of the abyss and to head for destruction. Those who dwell on the land whose names have not been written
in the scroll of the living ones since the worlds founding [13:8] [Eph 1:4; Mt 25:34; cf. 1Pe 1:20]
they will be astonished when they see how this wild-beast was [once alive],



but is no longer, and yet is to be present again{/mss}.


((Here the mind that has wisdom[13:18] comes in. Grasp this:)) The seven heads stand for seven hills a, on which the Woman is sitting: also they stand for seven kings; the five have fallen, the one [=the sixth] is [currently ruling], the other [=the seventh] has not yet come but when this one comes, only for a brief time he must remain. And as for the wild-beast that was [once alive] but is no longer, it is also itself an eighth king[dom] yet it springs from out of the seven, and it heads for destruction. And the ten horns that you saw stand for ten kings,




17:10 seven hills /seven mountains most; [See Overview: Maps for Seven hills of Rome]

who have not yet received royal power; but they are to receive authority to rule, for one [brief] hour, sharing that authority with the wild-beast.


These have one single thought[cf. v. 17] and what power and authority they have, they confer{/mss} to the wild-beast. These shall make war against the Lamb and the Lamb will defeat them, because he is Lord of lords and King of kings, and [to share in victory] along with him [and on his side] are those who are called and chosen and faithful. And he says to me, The waters which you saw where the harlot has taken up her residence represent peoples and populations, and nations and languages. And the ten horns which you saw yes, the wild-beast, will come to hate the harlot. They will make her desolate and strip her naked [Ezk 16:37, 39 etc] and will devour up her flesh and will burn her up with fire. In fact, what has happened is that Elohim has put it into the hearts of the ten horns so that they should carry out the plan of His own, that is, they themselves should have but one purpose and bestow their royal power upon the wild-beast,[cf. v. 13] until the words of Elohim should have found fulfilled. And the Woman whom you saw stands for that Great City a [11:8], which has sovereignty over the kings of the earth.))





(Rev 18)
Babylon judged - II

After these things I saw another angel

coming down out of the heaven, having great authority, and the earth was illuminated from his glory. And he cried with a great voice, saying Fallen! Babylon the Great [City] has fallen! And she has become a dwelling for demon-gods and a guarded place for every spirit unclean and a guarded place for every bird unclean {and a guarded place for every beast unclean} and detested.


17:18 Great City [11:8 = Holy City 11:2 = points to Yerusalem]


Because out of the wine of the wrath of her fornication all the nations have fallen, and the rulers of the land committed fornication with her and the merchants of the land have become rich from the power of wealth in her luxury. And I heard another voice out of the heaven, saying Come out of her, my people, [Jer 51:6,45] so that yo will have no part in her sins and come out of her plagues so that yo do not share{/mss}: because her sins have reached even to the heaven and Elohim has remembered her wrong-doing. Treat her as she has treated {yo} and pay her back double for what she has done. Mix her a double portion from her own cup. Give her as much torture and misery as she exalted herself and lived sensual luxury, because she says to herself, <I sit enthroned as a queen and am not a widow; and will never suffer grief.> That is why in one single day her plagues will come along with deadly disease and miserly and famine. And she will be utterly burned down with fire; because mighty is YHWH Elohim a who judges her. And the rulers of the land, who committed fornication and lived-wantonly with her, will weep and grieve over her [fate], [Ezk 26:16, 17] when they look upon the smoke as she burns. They will stand afar off in fear of her torment, and will say, <How terrible! How terrible it is for you, O the Great City, Babylon, the mighty City! Because in a single hour the judgment on you has come.> And the merchants of the land weep and mourn over her, because no one is buying their cargo any more cargo of gold, silver, precious stone, pearls, fine linen, purple cloth, silk, scarlet cloth;










18:8 YHWH Elohim [Heb. = LORD God] (also 1:8; 22:6);


and all kinds of aromatic-wood; and all kinds of articles of ivory; and all kinds of articles [made] of costly wood and of brass and iron and marble; and cinnamon and spice and incense and perfume and frankincense; and wine and oil and fine flour and wheat; and cattle and sheep; and cargo of horses and of carriages and cargo of slave bodies yes, human lives a.


And the fruit of pleasure which your soul has lusted after are gone from you! and all your luxuries and splendor are lost from you, never to be found again! The merchants of these things, who were enriched by her, will stand afar off because of the fear of her torment, weeping and mourning. They are saying <How terrible, how terrible it is for the Great City, she who was dressed in fine-linen, and purple and scarlet and arrayed with gold, precious stone and pearls! Because in a single hour so great wealth is made desolate.> And every ship-master and everyone who sails any place and mariners and as many as gain work by the sea, stood afar off, and cried out as they looked upon the smoke of her burning, saying <What city is like the Great City?> And they threw dust on their heads and cried, weeping and mourning, saying <How terrible! How terrible it is for the Great City where all who had their ships in the sea became rich from her wealth because in a single hour she is laid waste in ruin!> [Ezk 27:30-34] ((Rejoice over her fate, [Jer 51:48; Ezk 27:30-34] O heaven, and also all yo the consecrated{/mss} apostles and the prophets; for | Elohim has pronounced judgment on her for yor sakes.)) And one mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone









18:13 human lives /x: souls of men KJV;



and threw it into the sea, saying In this way, with a swift violent stroke Babylon the Great City will be thrown down and will never be found again. [Jer 51:63,64] And the sound of harpists, singers, flutists and shofar-blowers will be heard no more at all in you, and no craftsman of any craft, will be found any more in you again, and the noise of a mill will be heard no more in you again; and the light of a lamp will shine no more in you again, and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride will be heard no more in you again. For | your merchants were the magnates of the land; For | all the nations were deceived by your practice of spiritism. And indeed, it is in her that there was to be found the blood of prophets and of those consecrated to God and, in fact, the blood of all those who have been slain on the land. {Jr 51:49}


(Rev 19)
Rejoice over Babylons fall

Heaven rejoices over Babylons fall


After these things,

I heard what sounded like a mighty roar of a vast throng in the heaven, Saying Hallelu Yah a! Salvation and glory and power belongs to {the Lord} our Elohim: because true and just are His judgments; [Ps 104:35] because He has judged the great harlot, who corrupted the land with her fornication and He has taken vengeance on her for the blood of His servants shed at her hand. [Deut. 32:43] And a second time they said, Hallelu Yah! And the smoke from her burning ruins billows up forever and ever.



19:1, 3, 4, 6 Hallelu Yah [= Praise Yah (Yah a short form of YHWH)] /Hallelujah - most; /> Alleluia KJV, etc.; / [Only here in N.T.]


And the twenty four elders and the four living-creatures fell down and worshiped Elohim the One seated on the throne, saying, Amen! Hallelu Yah! Then, a voice came forth from the throne area, saying Give praise to our Elohim, all of yo [who are] His servants, small and great, all yo who have reverence for Him,
Wedding feast of the Lamb


Wedding feast of the Lamb


And I heard as it was the voice of a great crowd and like the voice of many waters and like the voice of mighty thunders, saying Hallelu Yah!
because YHWH El Shaddai a reigns. Let us rejoice and be glad



and let us give Him the glory: [Ps 104:35. etc.] for | the wedding-feast of the Lamb has come and His bride has made herself ready. [21:2] And it was given to her that she might dress herself in fine-linen, bright and pure. ((What is siginified here by the fine-linen is the righteous deeds of those who consecrated to God.))


And the angle says to me, Write this down: Blessed are those who are invited to the supper at wedding-feast of the Lamb! And he says to me, These are true words of Elohim. And I fell down at his feet [to prostrate about] in homage before him. And he says to me, Look be careful! you must not do this! Only a fellow-servant Im with you and your fellow brethren all those holding to the testimony about Yeshua b: It is only Elohim whom you should render worship!


19:6 YHWH El Shaddai {/mss} /LORD God Almighty; \ (= 21:22 with the articular QURIOS); /the Lord God Almighty most;.{/mss

our God ~} b 19:11 the testimony about Yeshua [Or, what Yeshua testifies]

((Indeed, as to this testimony about Yeshua, it is the very spirit which underlies all prophesying.))

Second Coming of Christ

(Second) Coming of the Messiah


And I saw the heaven opened,

and look! A white horse a and the One who seated on it; He is called Faithful and True, For | He is righteous in His judgment and in war. And His eyes are a flame of fire and upon His head are many diadem-crowns, ((He has a name written [v. 16] [on His head] the name no one except He Himself knows.)) And He is dressed in a garment dipped with blood and His name is called the Word of Elohim. And the armies that are in the heaven followed Him upon white horses they were clothed in fine-linen, white and pure. And out of His mouth proceeds a sharp sword, so that He may strike the nations with it and He will shepherd them with an iron rod and He tramples on the winepress of the furious wrath of Elohim the Almighty. And He has a title put embroidered on the robe,[1:13] down over His thigh which reads, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.







And I saw one angel standing in the sun light,

and he cried with a great voice, saying to all the birds that fly in mid-heaven,


Come and be gathered together to the great supper of Elohim; that yo may eat the flesh of rulers and the flesh of chief captains and the flesh of mighty men and the flesh of horses and of those who sit upon them and the flesh of all of both freemen and slaves and of both small and great. And I saw the wild-beast and the rulers of the land and their armies, gathered together to wage the war with the One who seated on the horse and with His army. And the Wild-Beast[13:1 vs. 13:11] was captured and so was the False Prophet. [16:13] ((The false prophet performed the signs in the presence of the wild-beast



19:11 white horse [not same as the one in 6:2 where the rider is an anti-Messiah]


thus leading astray those who had received the mark of the wild-beast and who were worshippers of its image.)) While still alive, the two were thrown into the Lake of the Fire, [cf. Mt 25:41] which is burning with sulfur. [20:10] And the rest kings and armies were killed by the sword of the One seated on the horse, the sword which came forth out of His mouth and all the birds gorged themselves the flesh of those killed.

(Rev 20) Thousand Year Reign

The Thousand Year Reign; Satan in Chain
The Thousand-year Reign; Satan in chain

And I saw an angel[cf. star 9:1] coming down from the heaven,
having the key to the abyss and a huge chain in the hand. And this angle seized the Dragon the Old Serpent, who is the Devil and also the Satan, [12:9] {the one deceiving the whole inhabited earth} to bound him a thousand year; and threw him into the abyss and shut it and put a seal on him, so that he could not deceive the nations any more, until that thousand year should come to end.[20:4c] ((After these things he shall be let loose for a little time. [v. 7ff]))
First group of resurrection



First group of resurrection & A thousand-year reign

Coming into my vision,

thrones were the next thing appeared to me [The scene is closing on up:] there taking seats on them were those to whom [function to give out] unveiling of judgment had been granted:

yes, I saw these [martyred] persons a, those who had been beheaded6:9-11] for their bearing the testimony on Yeshua and for their proclaiming the word of Elohim indeed, whosover had not worshiped the wild-beast nor its image and had refused to let the mark of seal put
on their forehead or on their hand{Ezk 9:4} [13:14-16]

Indeed, it was they who had come to Life b, and [now on thrones]

20:4 persons [Here and also in 6:9, it is important to avoid rendering it as souls as in KJV, which gives a wrong connotation of immortal soul or dismembered spirit.] [See EE, GG] b 20:4 Life [i.e. resurrection life with immortality (not immortal soul)]


reigned with the very Messiah for a thousand years a [cf. 20:2, 3], { while, the rest of the dead did not come to Life{/mss} b until the thousand years should be ended.}[ 20:12ff] This is what represents the first [group of] resurrection: Blessed and consecrated to God is the one who takes part in such first [group of] resurrection! Over these [blessed people] the Second Death has no power; no, they will be kohanim[cf. 1:6; 5:10] of Elohim and of the very Messiah and they are going to reign with the Messiah [v.11] for {that} thousand years.



20:4, 5, 6, 7 thousand years (of Messiahs reign; cf. 20:2, 3 Satans imprisonment) [ ][Its from Latin mille anni comes English word millennium] [See GG] b 20:5a came to life {/mss} /lived; {/lived again KJV};

After the Thousand Year Reign; Released Satan hurled into the Fierly Lake; The Second Death
After the thousand year reign
[v. 3]


And whenever these thousand years are ended, the Satan shall be let loose from out of his imprisonment, and shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four corners of the land [the enterprise of] Gog [the prince] and {his} Magog and gather them up for a battle{/mss}; [16:16 Har Maggido] their numbers countless as the grains of sand at the seashore. And they advanced up over the broad-plain of the land laying siege to the place where those who consecrated to God have their encamptment#1, yes, the City of His love. However, fire came down {from Elohim} out of the heaven and consumed them up utterly! And the Devil deceiving them was hurled into the Lake of the Fire of burning sulfur [// Mt 25:41 eternal fire] where {both} a the Wild-beast and the False Prophet were b
already hurled in [19:20] and they {+ the Evil trio} will be tormented there



day and night forever and ever.

Scroll of the Living & the Second Death


Scroll of the Living and the Second Death And I saw a great white throne[v. 6] and the One seated on it; from whose face [all the powers of] the earth and the heaven had fled away,[12:1] [2Pe 3:10-12] and not a place was found any longer for them [to stand]. And I saw [the rest of] the dead ones, [those who were not part of the first group of resurrection] [20:5][cf. Jn 5:29], the great and the small ones, standing there before the throne{/mss}. And there,
scrolls were opened.[Cf. Dan 7:10] Also opened [alongside] was another scroll,


which is the scroll of the living ones.[20:15]


And these dead ones [v.15] given judgment sentence

a b

20:10 both - NWT, Darby; /x: also - /~~ too NET; /{/mss} omit ASV, KJV, ESV; 20:10 were already /are ASV; /are KJV; /

following what was recorded in these opened scrolls [of the Scripture], in accordance with what theyve done in their life.[//v. 13b]

Yes, [it is that] the sea[21:1] gave out the dead ones who were in it, and the Death, yes, its Hades, gave out the dead who were in their keeping. And these dead ones were given judgment sentence, [Mt 25:31; 2Co 5:10] each one in accordance with what theyve done in their life.[//v.12c] And, as for the Death, yes, its Hades [1Co 15:26, 54] they were hurled into the Lake of the Fire. This is the Second Death.[cf. Isa 25:7-8; 1Co 15:26] [21:8] Then, if anyone has not found[20:12b] [among those] as having
they were hurled into the Lake of the Fire[cf. Jn 5:29; Mal 4:1-3; cf. Mt 25:41] their names written in the scroll of the living ones[3:5][cf. Dan 12:1]



HOLY CITY (Rev 21) New Heaven and New Earth


And I saw renewed heaven and newed earth.{//Isa 65:17; 66:22} [2Pe 3:5-7, 10]
Indeed, the former heaven and the former earth were gone,[20:11] [cf. Lk 16:17; Mt 5:18] and the sea[20:13] is no longer there. And I saw the Holy City New Yerusalem [//Isa 52:1] coming down out of the heaven from Elohim, made ready as a bride adorned for her husband. [19:7] And I heard a great voice from out of the throne [area] {/mss} a saying Look The tabernacle of Elohim is among mankind



[cf. 5:6]

And He will dwell with them And they will be His own peoples And the very Elohim Himself, He will be right with them [Ezk 37:27, etc.] { yes, God of them}!

And He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, And death will be no more; [21:4a///Isa 25:7-8] Neither will there mourning nor cries [of distress] nor pain be any more;

21:3 the throne [area]{/mss} {/heaven}

{because} the former things [of the old order] are past and gone. [v.4 //Isa 65:19; 35:10]



And the One seated on the throne said, Look, Im making all things new. And He says, Write it down because these words are trustworthy and true. And He said to me, These are done!{/mss} I, I {am} the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. [/the first and the last] To the one who is thirsty, I myself will give water as free from the fountain of the Living Water. The one who has comes off victorious shall receive a these things {/mss} as promised, And Ill be to them+ as Elohim b and they+ surely shall be to me as sons+.[2Sm 7:14 he = David] ((But as for the cowards and unbelieving {and sinners} and abominable and murderers and those sexually immoral and those engaged in spiritism and idolaters and all the deceivers, [cf. 21:27; 22:15] the portion allotted to them shall be in the Lake that is aflame with fire and sulfur that is the Second Death[20:14].))
New Yerusalem and Her Destiny


New Jersalem and her destiny


And there came one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls full of the last seven plagues and spoke with me, saying Come here, I will show you the bride, the wife of the Lamb. And he carried me away [the power of] in spirit [17:3] to a mountain, great and high,[Ezk 40:2]


and showed me the Holy City, Yerusalem, [Is 52:1] [the New One],

coming down out of the heaven from Elohim, having the glory of Elohim: the brilliance of light of the City was like a stone most precious,

a b

21:7 receive ~ as promised /x: inherit; / 21:7 be to them+ as Elohim (Heb); /> be his God;


as a jasper stone shining crystal clear: having a great and high wall with twelve gates,[Ezk 48:31ff etc.] and there was twelve angels at the gates which had names inscribed upon them, the names of the twelve tribes of the sons of Israel.
There were three gates on the east and three gates on the north, and three gates on the south, and three gates on the west.



And the wall of the City had twelve foundations and inscribed on them were {twelve} the names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb. And this angel who spoke with me had a golden measuring rod like a stick, to measure off the City and its gates and its wall: And the City is laid out as a square and the length is same as the width; and he measured the City with the reed it came to twelve thousand {and twelve} stadia, a the length and the width and its height being equal.




And he measured [the thickness of] its wall itself it was a hundred and forty four cubits thick, [144=12x12] according to the measure of a man, that is, also, of an angel.


And the structure of its wall was jasper and the City was of pure gold, bright as crystal-clear glass. The foundation-stones of the wall of the City were adorned with every sort of precious stones: The foundation-stone was the first one, jasper; the second, sapphire; the third, chalcedony; the fourth, emerald; the fifth, sardonyx; the sixth, carnelian; the seventh, chrysolite; the eighth, beryl; the ninth, topaz; the tenth, chrysoprase; the eleventh, hyacinth; the twelfth, amethyst. And the twelve gates were twelve pearls; each one of the gates was made of one pearl.




21:16 ~ stadia [here, prob. in circumference] [stadion (furlong - KJV) 800 ft (185 m)]

And the street of the City was of pure gold like transparent glass.



And I saw no temple sanctuary in the City: indeed, the very YHWH El Shaddai a is the temple sanctuary; and the Lamb also. And the City has no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine upon it: indeed, the glory of Elohim illuminated it and its lamp is the Lamb. [v. 23 //Isa 60:19] And the nations {of the ones being saved}
will walk by its light




and the rulers of the land bring their glory {and honor {of the nations}} into it. [v. 24 //Isa 60:3] And its gates will never be shut all day; ((indeed, there will be no night there)): and they will bring the glory and the honor of the nations into it: [v. 25-26 //Isa 60:11] And no, nothing profane shall have entered into it: and no one who is doing things abominable or deceitful ways shall enter. [cf. 21:8; 22:15] No one shall be there except those who have been inscribed in the Lamb's scroll of the living ones. shall have entered into it: only those shall enter who have been written in the Lamb's Scroll of the Living.

(Rev 22)

And this angel showed me

a river of the Water of Life, clear like crystal,
flowing out {Zc 14:8} from the throne of Elohim and of the Lamb, {Jr 3:17} down in the middle of its broad-way.

22:2a 22:2b

And on this side of the river and on that side {Ezk 47:1-12} there stand living trees,{Pro 3:18} [cf. 22:14, 19] producing twelve different fruits, bearing its fruit every month and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. And nothing accursed will be any more. {Zc 14:11} And the [one] throne of Elohim and of the Lamb will be in the City. And Hisx=g servants will be serving Himx=g; and they shall see Hisx=g face, and Hisx=g name will be on their foreheads.



21:22 YHWH El Shaddai /LORD God Almighty; [=19:6 with KURIOS articular); /the ~ most;


And there will be no more night, [v. 5///Isa 60:20-21a] and they need no light of a lamp, no light of the sun; {Is 60:19; Ps 139:12} because YHWH Elohim will shine upon them. And they will reign as kings forever and ever. {Dn 7:18, 27}

PART V. EPILOGUE (22:6-20)

The Lords last warning and the apostles last prayer Imminent Expectation: Prophetic exhortation & interpretation 22:6 And he said to me,

These words are trustworthy and true and YHWH Elohim a of the prophets spirits has sent His angel to show to His servants the things which must happen shortly.

And Yes Im




[3:11; 22: 12, 20]

((Blessed is the one who gives heed to the words of the prophecy of this scroll.))


And I, Yohan, am the one who heard and saw these things. And when I heard and saw, I fell down at his feet [to prostrate about] in homage before him who was showing me these things. And he says to me, Careful! No, you must not do this! Im just a fellow-servant with you and with your brothers who are the prophets and with those who give heed to the words of this scroll. Only to Elohim you give your worship! Then, he says to me, Do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this scroll; for | the due time is near. [1:3] ((The one who is doing unrighteousness, let him still do unrighteousness. And the one who is {making} filthy, let him still be {making} filthy. And the one who is righteous, let him still do righteousness. And the one who is sanctified, let him still be sanctified.))



22:6 YHWH Elohim (Heb.) = LORD God / (also 1:8; 18:8)


Yes, Im coming speedily, [3:11; 22:7, 20] and bringing my reward with me, to repay each one for what he has done. I, I the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last One, the Beginning and the End.



Blessed are the ones living out His commandments{/mss} a

that their privilege will be over the Tree of the Life[2:7; 22:19; cf. 22:2; Gen 2:9]
to come-to and eat


and they may enter into the City by the gates. ((But shut out [of the City] are the dogs and the sorcerers and the fornicators and the murderers and the idolaters yes, everyone who has fondness of falsehood to live out decection. [+ those whose fate was of their own choice, yeah, the second death].)) [21:8]
Prophetic authentication



to testify to yo all about these things for the [seven] Messianic Communities. I, I am the Root of David b [5:5] and the Seed of David[Rm 1:3; cf. Mt 1:1; 22:42] the star of the dawn shining forth. c

Yeshua, have sent my messenger

And the Spirit and the bride say, Come, Lord And everyone hearing this should also say, <Come> And come, whoever is thirsty, take water of Life free, whoever wants it.


do bear witness to{/mss} d everyone who hears with understanding the message of the prophecy in this scroll [as it is read aloud]: <If anyone bringing in any addition to them Elohim will bring upon them+ the plagues the plagues which are written in this scroll And if anyone takes away any of the messages found in the scroll, the message of this prophecy Elohim will take away from them+ all the share


22:14 living out His commandments{/mss} (POIEW) {/washing their robes clean} 22:16 Root of David (RhIZA); [= 5:5] [Root, David is from + Root from David][Cf. Isa 11:1, 10 Root of Jesse] c 22:16 the star of the dawn shining forth /the bright morning star most (some capitalize); [cf. Num 24:17 a star shall come out of Yaakob Cf. star Mt 2:2, 9] d 22:18 I do bear witness to{/mss} {/I do bear-witness-together with}
a b

in the Tree of the Life a [2:7; 22:14; Gen 2:9] and out of the Holy City the share which are written about in this scroll.> [Isa 8:20]


[Yeshua,] the One who testifies to these things, says,

Yes! Amen! Come, Lord Yeshua!

Im coming speedily.

[3:11; 22:7, 12]

Epistolatory Closure 22:21 The grace of {our} Lord Yeshua {the Messiah} be with all {yo}{/mss} b. {Amen!} c The End of Revelation

a b c

22:19 Tree (of Life) [mss variant: incorrect reading Book (of Life) is in KJV, etc. See EE] 22:18 {yo} {/mss} {/the saints} 22:21 Amen [Heb. = so shall it be]

Appendix I: Supplemental material

Prophecies and their subjects

PROPHECY A. Ch 2-3 B. Ch 6 C. Ch 7:4-8 C. Ch 7:9-14 B. Ch 8-9 A. Ch 11:1-14 The Seven Churches The Seven Seals The 144,000 The Great Multitude The Seven Trumpets The Two Witnesses

SUBJECT The Church World Judged Old Testament Saints New Testament Saints World Judged The Church

Ref: Paul Spilsbury (2002), The Throne, the Lamb & the Dragon: A Reader's Guide to the Book of Revelation

A. B.

ch.12 ch.13

Woman with 12 Stars Leopard-Lion-Bear Beast

Israel Satanic Kingdom

ch.14 C. C. B. ch.15 ch.16 ch.17 ch.18 ch.19 A. ch.20

144,000 & The Gospel Song of Moses and Lamb Bowls of Wrath Seven-Headed Beast Babylon King of Kings The Thousand Years

The Saved Within It Victory for Redeemed Wrath for the Wicked Satanic Kingdoms Satanic System Destruction of Wicked The Church

Numerals in Revelation and Apoclyptic writings:

Numerals in Revelation and Apoclyptic writings:

7 + 62 + 1 week period - Dan 9:24-27 (the time prophecy for the Messiah) (70 x 7 = 490 days=years) [the last week (7 years) in the middle of that week He shall make a firm covenant (Mt 26:27 AD 30) at the end of the last week Stephens martyrdom and Sauls conversion AD 34] /x: confirm the covenant KJV+; /confirm a convenant NKJV; /x: keep [the] covenant in force NWT; /make a strong covenant JNT; /; sacrifices to be ceased] (/x: period of farfuture tribulation of 7 years plucked from Dan 9:27 by his specious interpretation of Dan 9:27 the Anti-Christ makes a peace treaty the rebuilt Temple, etc. in Hal Linddseys book Late Great Planet Earth p. 45 - ) (Henry and others Covenant of Grace of Christs blood) The number 1260 days: Rv 11:3; 12:6; = The number time, times, and half a time (3/12 years): Rv 12:14 Daniel 7:25; 12:7 = 42 moths (=3 years): Rv 11:2; 13:5 (time of anti-christ?) Cf. a (prophetic) day = a year: Ezekiel 4:6; Num 14:34. From the decree of ~ to the coming of the Messiah 483 days. (cf. Mk 1:15 after Yeshuas baptism time is fulfilled of Coming of the Messiah in Dan 9: Act 8:10 anointed with the spirit 666: Rv 13:8 Seven Churches 1:4; Seven golden lampstands 1:12; Seven stars 1:16; Seven spritis 4:5; Seven seals 5:1ff; Seven horns and Seven eyes 5:6; Seven angels 8:2ff; Seven shofars 8:2ff; Seven thunders 10:3ff; Seven thousands people 11:13; Seven heads 12:3; 13:1; 17:3, 7 (on a great red dragon / beast); seven diadems; ten horns; seven heads are seven hills 17:9; seven kings 17:10; Eighth 17:11 which belongs to the seven Seven angels and seven plagues 15:1, 6, 8; seven golden bowls 15:7; 16:1 Seven angels and seven bowls 16:1, 17:1 Seven angels, seven bowls, seven plagues 21:9 Four living creatures 4:6, 8; 5:6, 8; 6:1, 6; 7:11; 14:3; 15:7, 14 Twenty four thrones 4:4; 24 elders 4:4, 10; 5:8; 11:16; 19:4; ; Four angels, four cornel of the earth; four winds of the earth 7:1; four corners of the earch 20:8 Four angels- 7:2; 9:14; 9:15 Four horns of the golden altar 9:13 Third of mankind 9:15 1442000 12,000 x 12 = Rev 7:4ff; 14:1, 3 A talent weight (translated as one hundred pounds (hailstone weighs) 16:21 1600 stadia 14:20.

1200 stadia 21:16 144 cubits 21:17 Twelve tribes 21:12 Twelve stars 12:1 Twelve gates 21:12 Twelve angels 21:12 12 foundations; twelve names of the 12 apostles 21:14 12 gates, 12 pearls 21:21 12 kinds of fruit 22:2 Three angels 8:13; 14:6-13 Two witnesses (11:3); two prophets (11:10)

Durations Durations 42 months 11:2; 13:5 1280 days (/360 = 3 years) 11:3; 12:6 3 days [=years] 11:9, 11 3 times 12:14 Seals on the scroll vs. Wrath of God on the scroll Wrath of God on the scroll Shofars Bowls 1 1/3 land Mark of beast sore 2 1/3 sea - blood Sea blood 3 1/3 waters wormwood Rivers water blood 4 1/3 sun/moon/stars Scorching sun 5 Abaddon from pit Seat of the beast 1st Catastrophe 6 Euphrates Angels Kings of East & gathering to 2nd Catastrophe Armageddon 7 Silence hour kingdoms are Lords It is done 3rd Catastrophe Seals on the scroll Seals White Horse Red Horse Black Horse Pale green horse The martyrs under alter Sun/moon/star event

Examples of symbolism The Great City: for Yerushalayim (Yerusalem) (11:8; 16:19; 17:18), in contrast to Holy City [New] Yerusalem (3:12; 21:10) cf. Gal 4:24-26 Yerusalem here and J. above. Heavenly Yerusalem (Heb 12:18)

Rev_11:8; Rev_14:8; Rev_16:19; Rev_17:18; Rev_18:10; Rev_18:16; Rev_18:18; Rev_18:19; Rev_18:21; Rev_21:10;

Two Cities = Two women [- rendered in RENT differently Lady (Ch. 12) and Woman (Ch. 17)]; Yerusalem = Sodom, Egypt (11:8) = Babylon (14:8; 16:19; 17:5; 18:2, 10, 22) Forehead seat for mind (to control) where the mark of beast (13:16-18; 14:9) or the name of Lamb and Father (14:1) is to be corresponding to the place one should keep the Scripture [Deu 6:6-8] Earthquakes: Earthquakes With voices - 8:5; 11:19; 16:18; Without 6:12; 11:13

tribulation tribulation Rev 1:9; 2:9, 10, 22; 7:14; There is no phrase 7 year tribulation in the Bible, pertaining pre-tib, mid-tib, post-tib return of Christ. Roman Caesars
1. Julius Caesar (49-44 B. C.) 2. Augustus (31 B. C.-A.D. 14) 3. Tiberius (A.D. 14-37) 4. Gaius, also known as Caligula (A.D. 37-41) 5. Claudius (A.D. 41-54) 6. Nero (A.D. 54-68) 7. Galba (A.D. 68-69) 8. Otho (A.D. 69) 9. Vitellius (A.D. 69) 10. Vespasian (A.D. 69-79)

Dramatis Personae (Ch. 4-22)

Other than God and Yeshua: Yohan seeing the visions; eating the little scroll (10:10-11) Lamb; - takes the scroll to open (5:1ff); Wedding Fesast (19:5-10) 4 Horsemen (6:1ff) Rider on the White Horse (19:11) Angels Lady 12:1- 17 (Michael 12:7) 144, 000 14:1, 3 Elders, 24 Living creatures, four, The Great Harlot (17:1ff) The Evil trio (16:13; 20:10) Dragon, Wild-Beast, False Prophet (/x: evil trinity) Dragon 12:3-9 (against the Lady); 20:2; 20:10 (into the Lake of Fire) Wild-Beast [the first one 13:1 like Leopard {Dan 7:3} Bear {Dan 7:5} Lion {Dan 7:6}, three beasts of Daniel 13 (three empires)]; the second one 13:11); 19:20 (into the Lake of Fire); beast representing power/kingdom empire/government False Prophet 16:13; 19:20 (into the Lake of Fire); 20:10 (the evil trio in the Lake of Fire) [QQ relation/interaction btw the False Prophet and the Wild-Beast.][Relation btw the Dragon and the Wild-Beast - 13:4] Parallel in Revelation and Ezekiel (The Apocalypse Code p. 122) Parallel in Rev and Ezk Ezk 1 // Rev 4 Ezk 9 // Rev 7 Ezk 3 // Rev 10 Ezk 38 // Rev 20 Ezk 47 // Rev 22 Ezk 16 // Rev 17 the four living creatures the mark on the forheads of the saints eating of the scroll God and Mogog the River of the water of life the harlot (the apostate Israel)

Action & Events proceed from the Heavenly court.

Action & Events proceed from the Heavenly court. Visions of the heavenly Court:
1:9-20 4:1-11 8:2-5 12:1-6 14:1-15:4 19:1-10 21:1-8 The vision that begins here precipitates The sending of the seven letters. The vision that begins here precipitates The opening of the seven seals. The vision that begins here precipitates The blowing of the seven trumpets. The vision that begins here precipitates The battle between the devil and the woman. The vision that begins here precipitates The pouring out of the seven bowls. In this vision The Word goes forth to fight the final battles. In this vision The final victory of good over evil is revealed.

Conclusion: God has not lost control of events. Good will conquer evil. Ref: Margaret Nutting Ralph: Biblical Literary Forms [Paulist Press 2005 revised Ed.] p. 299

Appendix II
Appendix: because of the testimony on Yeshua the Messiah + of the Word of God Rev 1:9; 20:4 for their bearing the testimony on ~ for their proclaiming the Word Rev 1:2 testify to the word of God; testimony on Yeshua Rev 6:9 for their proclaiming the word of God and for their bearing the testimony {on the Lamb}
[genitive; /x: to (dative); cf. by/from cf. about]

testimony of Yeshua (12:17; 19:10;) word of God most; /x: message of God TCNT, GSNT, PNT; /x: message from God GNB, ERV; /x: Gods message CEV; /God's Word--the witness of Jesus Christ! MSG; testimony on Yeshua 1 /> testimony of Jesus Christ most; /Jesus Christs testimony Mft; /Jesus Christs testimony [of it] AUV; /~ about Jesus Christ NET, HCSB, ISV, GW; /> (who testified to the Message of God and) to the testimony to Jesus Christ, TCNT (-confusing delivered to); /testimony given by Jesus Wuest; 2 /x: what Jesus said NIrV; /x: (It is) the truth that Jesus Christ told him; (it is the message from God). ERV; /the truth told us by Jesus Christ WNT; / 3 /witness of Jesus BBE, Rotherham; /xx: witness Jesus gave NWT; /he has offered testimony to the Word of God, and whatever he saw is the testimony of Jesus Christ. CPDV; Appendix: Translation of Gk. psuchas, plural of psuch (soul), equivalent to Hebrew nephesh (e.g. Gen 2:7) and Latin anima. Rev_6:9; Rev_8:9; Rev_12:11; Rev_16:3; Rev_18:13; Rev_18:14; Rev_20:4; Whether a person is alive (12:11; 18:14) or dead (6:9; 20:4), soul refers to ones being person. The gloss for plural is people. In the Scripture, it does not have a sense of soul which is disembodied spirit after death or immortal soul. Esp. 6:9 and 20:4, it is important to avoid rendering it as souls as in KJV. 8:9 KTISMATWN ~ TA ECONAT FUCS most take it as (sea) creatures which had life KJV, creatures ~ livingliving creatures ; 16:3 FUCH ZWSA as (sea) creatures which

have souls NWT; living creature. 18:13; SWMATWN KAI FUCAS ANQRWPWN human bodies and souls - HCSB, metonym for slaves; rather than slaves and human lives NET or slaves and human souls NWT slaves, and souls of men KJV bodies and souls of men NKJV. 18:14 Some omits it in taking your soul as metonym of you. 6:9; persons; 20:4 people [they are those have come to life. = 20:4 those people gone through beheading. Cf. 7:9 the great crowd]; \YUCE (- soul means the very person taking appositive of TWN ESFAGMENWN; here as well as 20:4, rendering it as soul would give a wrong picture of souls = disembodied spirits) [See Appendix: Translating FUCH]; /x: souls almost all; /beings ISV; /xx: the
spirits of those NAB; /? () KKJV; / - KRV; / JSS; /;

Appendix: List of previous updated texts

This list is to serve the purpose of an editorial record keeping, but the readers may find useful when comparing the previous updates.

6/1/2013 texts affected in update: release 6.1.2

Rev 3:18 [apply on > put on in]

5/7/2013 Some of texts affected in update: release 6.1.1 Map of the seven cities replaced

Rev 1:4 [cross reference edited.]

Rev 6:12 [sun turned dark > sun became black; moon turned > moon became; footnote added on each.]

Rev 16:16 [Har Meggido > Har-Magedon footnote added.] Rev 22:16 [footnote added on Morning Star.]

12/31/2012 Some of texts affected in update: release 6.1.0 repent to turn from ones sin > change ones thinking come off victious > overcome Yerushalayim > Yerusalem Yudah > Judah; Yosef > Yoseph

12/12/2012 Some of texts affected in update: release 6.0.9 Yerusalem > Jerusalem Rev 6:9 [those persons > the very people. A footnote added.] Rev 12:7 [Michael [an archangel] > Michael; footnote added.] Rev 12:14 [fly out > fly] Rev 16:3 [footnote on living creature] Rev 18:13 [footnote added on human lives] Rev 20:4b [footnote on persons edited]


1:8 <verse> [The speaker is YHWH Elohim; cf. 22:13, similar utterance by the glorified Messiah. Cf. God and Christ - a unitarian paper]; \TO ALFA {/A} KAI TO W, {ARCH KAI TELOS}; [the Last = the goal = the eschaton]; /the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the ending

KJV; /the Aleph and the Taw, Beginning and End, - ISR; /the Alpha and the Omega most; /

1:8 (yes) the one coming \ ,(part. present. mid.> ERCOMAI) [Should this be understood in trinitrian sense? Cf. 3:10; 22:7, 12, 20 Im coming speedily with the speaker to be understood as the glorified Messiah -] [See Appendix Rev 1:8b]; /who is to come most, Webster, Whiston, MRC, Murdock, Noyes, NKJV, ASV; /which

is to come KJV, Geneva, Bishops; /x: who cometh Wesley, Etheridge; /x: who is yet to come Cass; /who is still to come NET, NLT; /who is coming ARJ, HCSB, NWT, JNT, CLV, GW, CEV, ERV, ISV, Mft, GSNT, PNT, Rhm, Wuest; /the One [who is] coming ALT, EBTV; /who is coming LITV; /who is to come MKJV; /the one coming Diagl; /x: who will come NIrV; /x: who will come [in the future] AUV; /x: who shall be TCNT; /x: THE GOD ABOUT TO ARRIVE MSG (-baloney); /He who is to come EMTV; /

1:8 the Almighty [QQ Should this be understood in trinitrian sense? Cf. 3:10; 22:7, 12, 20 Im coming speedily with the speaker to be understood as the glorified Messiah -] (cf. God the Almighty El Shaddai in Heb.); /> the

All-Powerful NET; /the almighty Diagl; /Im the Sovereign-Strong MSG (- baloney); /x: the Ruler of all WNT; /Ominipotens Vulgate; /the (Lorde) almyghtie, (which is ~) - Bishops; /