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Canned Jerk Chicken in Jerk


Executive Summary for Canned Jerk Chicken

After conducting a research in order to get a grasp on the environmental forces that will affect Island Grills entrance into the canned food category, a comprehensive marketing plan was written to provide detailed information on the ensuing process. A SWOT analysis provided a more specific understanding on the internal and external forces that will impact the products roll out. Generally, the SWOT

analysis revealed that although the canned food category in Jamaica is not competitive, we believe we have a product that will meet the demands of those consumers who travel to visit family members abroad and just want that sweet taste of Jamaica. We believe that our product will also be priced in a way that will reach the young adults who prefer to have their meals already prepared and have a tight budget and those who are just fast paced. Also, cannibalism of our current products is a concern; however, again, we believe that our product will hit the market in way that will protect the product because of the name we already have developed for ourselves. Our initial primary goals will drive sales of canned food in Jamaica by 21% and an increase in market share within the same category by 21% as well. A strong marketing mix will enable us to reach these goals. A strong brand name and price point are just a few points within the marketing mix that will drive growth. Our product will be rolled out, over time, in every Island Grill outlet across the country and will eventually be sold everywhere Jamaican products are sold internationally. We will therefore invest in canning machines for chicken to be canned by order and train staff members on the use of the machine at all Island Grill outlets. We will incur manufacturing costs, as well as other costs, in the roll out of our product, but we believe this to be a great investment and it will increase revenue significantly.

Description of Island Grill Canned Jerk Chicken Island Grills Canned Jerk Chicken is a can consisting of jerk chicken cut in small pieces to consumer preferences in jerk sauce. The chicken would taste the same as if one were in an outlet, ordered a meal and ate it immediately. The corners of the can is metallic as well as the bottom of the can, the top is also metallic but has a clip for ease of opening. The canned chicken is most convenient for travelling. The can comes in small, medium and large and serves up to eight persons (large can). The product can go hours without refrigeration due to the natural conservatives in the jerk sauce and as such consumers need not worry about any artificial preservatives. Family members and friends abroad are able to experience the Jamaican flavours without physically being in Jamaica and meal is already prepared and ready to eat. Unlike regular chicken purchased in styrofoam container, Island Grill Canned Jerk Chicken has a longer life span. For the consumers who are on the go, the canned chicken is a convenient and affordable way of preparing dinner or even lunch. They are not required to cook any part of the product and the only requirement, if necessary, is reheating. Health wise, Island Grill Canned Jerk Chicken is low in fat, the canned container holds fiber content; vitamins A, B and C holds well during the canning process; potassium, thiamin and carotenoids also hold up well and meats do not lose any nutrient value. The container does not stay on shelf awaiting purchase, it is prepared in the presence of the customer or at customers request and available for pick up immediately. Target market for Island Grill Canned Jerk Chicken Island Grill was initially developed for the average consumer whose desire was to afford an upscale lifestyle meal with a low income budget and those consumers who wanted home cooked meals outside of the home. Soon after, Island Grill realized that there was an increasing demand for their food in upscale communities and tourists who visited Jamaica. The main demand was the chicken, especially the Jerk Chicken. Island Grill observed that consumers would regularly purchase chicken mainly during work weeks and on Sundays. It was also confirmed that tourists and travelers also purchased chicken for travel, again, the jerk chicken. There were many complaints that there was no product in place for persons travelling on long flights overseas and also from Jamaican citizens living overseas who still wanted to experience Jamaican cuisine in the comfort of their home. The complaint was also received by young professionals. The canned food is therefore developed especially for Jamaicans who lived abroad and tourists who would love to take a piece of Jamaica with them back home. Island Grill Canned Jerk Chicken is also developed for those fast paced individuals who do not have the time to prepare a quality meal during their day to day activities. Our new canned product is flexible as it can range from a single serve to

family-size and would meet the needs of customers in search of a quick, great tasting, and inexpensive way to feed themselves or their family both local and overseas; tourists or locals. The canned product line would also appeal to customers who prefer a canned meat as opposed to frozen meat. Marketing will be aimed to focus on addressing males and females, more commonly, tourists, fast paced professionals and regular local travelers.

Brief Overview of the Marketing Mix for Island Grill Canned Jerk Chicken The Island Grill Canned Jerk Chicken is a great product. This product embodies the same slogan as Island Grill, Likkle Price, Food Nice!. This canned product can be small enough for a young professional after a hard day at work and large enough for a family of eight to taste and enjoy the goodness of good Jamaican food. Its convenient packaging takes away the fear of having to worry about food being spoiled because of long flights or the length of time to eat the chicken. We do anticipate that due to our packaging and its benefits that there will be a high percentage of new and return customers. Pricing is a very important component to our marketing mix. Our pricing objective is to both maximize profit margin and maximize quantity (market share). To meet these objectives, skim pricing and penetration pricing strategies. Because we have had a high demand in Island Grill chicken packaged to customers convenience, quick meals and prevention of spoilage, we already have our customers waiting for the product to become available. The pricing strategy will therefore be at a high because most of our customers are in the tourist area and also in upper class communities. There our pricing method would be value based pricing. The pricing will be an additional 35% on to the value of the chicken before package. Though the focus will be less in the lower class communities, the product will also be available at a price of 20% added on to the value of the chicken before packaging to accommodate the travelers and possibly increase market share. During the launch of this product, we will be mainly using price discounts and most specific promotional discounts. In the long term, our goal will be to extend our market share international and as such in the beginning we will using penetration pricing strategy to gain market share. It is very easy to promote a product that comes from the renowned Island Grill Company. We plan to incorporate personal selling, sales promotion and advertising in our promotion mix. We believe if the majority of our target audience will buy in to our products, other consumers will also want to purchase same for themselves and families. By having select sales representatives in all Island Grill outlets introducing customers to this innovative product, we have therefore provided our existing customers with benefits of the product and given them a one on one personal selling. Through the television and radio, we will have trivia questions for customers to call in to radio stations to answer questions related to Island Grill for their chance to win free Canned Jerk Chicken; we will also advertise through the newspapers publications advising consumers of the benefits of the canned jerk chicken with the big statement We Listen On the Jamaican carrier, Air Jamaica, we will also have advertisements on Island Stylie Program

offered for passengers viewing to and from Jamaica. Within the outlets, we will also have select meal deals that come with a small Canned Jerk Chicken that will allow customers to purchase their favorite meal while at the same time receiving a small Canned Jerk Chicken free of cost for their tasting. Also, for a period of two weeks, all Canned Chickens will be sold individually for two thirds of the official price. By participating in varied functions during Christmas, Carnival Season, Summer parties and more, we will also have taste, love, receive promotions where customers will be able to see the many ways, Island Grill Canned Jerk Chicken can be use and having the products on site for sales at 10% discounts. Also, advertisements will be done via twitter and facebook where individuals will have the chance to post how they feel about this new product. These promotions will be ongoing through the introduction of the product to the people of Jamaica and visitors for a period of one month, not all promotions will take place at the same time. Because our canning will be done per order by the customer we would not require major distributions in the near future. We will however, arrange a contractual arrangement with the manufacturer of the containers or cans to distribute to the outlets on a needs basis. The contract will also state that the manufacturer will be required to keep a log or inventory of the products being sold so that they would be able to determine when the outlets are in need of containers. The manufacturers will be advised that once the stock for any outlet has reached a total of 50, another order of 200 is required. This will prevent any loss of income due to the outlet being out of stock. Also, an ongoing assessment will be made for the first quarter on all outlets that will determine which outlets have a higher sales volume and the contract will be modified based on activities of such outlets. The product will only be exclusive to Island Grill outlets in the near future and if successful will go international. At that time, the contractual arrangements will be modified to accommodate international distribution. If in the event we have promotions outside of the outlet our current Island Grill trucks would be able to transport the necessary products to the respective places. The Canned Island Grill Jerk Chicken is a one of a kind product that has never been opened to the Jamaican market. The closest competitor to the product is the Reggae Jammin Rotisserie Jerk Chicken, which is only offered in a tray package and as such cannot be used for travel. This product cannot be purchased for use at later date without refrigeration and for long periods. Our product provides an ease of mind, especially for travelers and also fast paced individuals who for example may just be in close proximity to an island Grill outlet and decides to purchase a can of jerk Chicken but may not use same until a later date. The competitors product would not be able to do same. Not only can be product be able to last for longer periods but is convenient. For example, we offer small to large sized cans and a consumer can purchase the small can on his or her way to work for lunch with rice,

bread or whatever preference. The superb product will definitely be successful because there is no other product on the market like this and its a cry that was heard by the Island Grill Family and the consumers are definitely in need of a product such as this. They do not have the time to purchase a rotisserie chicken and having to cut it in pieces for serving. The Island Grill Canned Chicken is personalized by each customer and as such would not need any other preparation. With the convenience of the product being in every outlet or the most popular outlets, coupled with the price of the product, there is no doubt this product will be a success.

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