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What is the history of shoes?

It is not known when people first began to wear shoes. According to the World Book 2001, the first foot coverings worn in cold regions were probably made of animal fur. The first known footwear used in warm surroundings consisted of sandals made of plant fibers or leather. The ancient Egyptians wore such sandals as early as 3700 B.C and the ancient Greeks and Romans also wore sandals. In China, people wore wooden-soled shoes and cloth shoes. Throughout history, people have worn shoes not only for protection but also for decoration and to indicate social status. Source: (2001).The World Book Encyclopedia. Chicago: World Book, Inc.

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For library materials, a corresponding Call Number is given for every search term. These Call Numbers are assigned based on the Dewey Decimal Classification System, which the library uses to categorise its books, and to place the books on the appropriate shelves. Below is a list of subject headings that can be found in our online catalogue. These subject headings may help you locate materials on the above topic. Subject headings are words or phrases that are used to give precise description of the content of books, websites etc. Search Terms Shoes Boots Footwear Call Numbers 391 391 391.4

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You can use the search terms listed above to search for library materials at our online catalogue, which is accessible at Please contact the library before your visit to ensure that the title you want is on the shelf. Contact details of our libraries are available at our website at Title: Author: Publisher: Call number: Title: Publisher: Call number: Shoes : their history in words and pictures Charlotte and David Yue Boston : Houghton Mifflin, 1997. J English 391 YUE Shoes & boots Tunbridge Wells : Ticktock, 2006. J English 391.4 SHO

Childrens Services Do You Know?

Title: Author: Publisher: Call number: Title: Author: Publisher: Call number: Title: Whose shoes are these? : a look at workers' footwear--slippers, sneakers, and boots Laura Purdie Salas Minneapolis, Minn. : Picture Window Books, c2006. JP English 391.4 SAL Shoes and slippers Anna-Marie D'Cruz London : Wayland, c2007. J English 685 DCR Shoes and slippers

Prepared by: Nelly Fredolin, Librarian, Childrens Services

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