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Rain was pouring that day. The bird s chirping was nearly unheard.

And the sun did n seem want to show up. Either day, that day was the first day of working for student who just graduated from nuising academy. Senior Student 1 Student 2 Senior Student 1 : : : : : so, both of you have decided to take wound caring as your priority yes miss T both of us feel that wound caring is important for these patient i think so miss their wound need to be taken careextremely carefully And why do you think so? If we dont pay special attention, bacterias and viruses will most likely easily get past their immune system their condition will be worsen very good responses, kids. Your concern attitude towards patients really is good

Student 2 Senior

: :

Student 1 & studend 2 : Thank you miss Senior : now, lets go to greet the patients

Both of the new nurses nodded. The three of them walk slowly in the corridor as they greet a few patients and their family in the hallway Senior Patient 1 Senior Patient 1 FP1 Seior : : : : : : Good morning morning how are you today? i am feeling better. Thanks to you He was sleeping peacefully yesterday i see that s very good mr By the way, they are new nurses who start working here today Patient 1 FP1 Student 1 Student 2 Senior Patient 1 Senior : : : : : : : Really? It will be fun to have more peoples around i was longing for peoples to talk to Good day it is pleasure to meet everyone here Do you mind if they observe you for a while, mr... Not at all Thank you. Can you both determine what kind of wound does he suffer?

Student 1

umm...! lets see Its an opened wound

Student 2 Senior Student1 Student 2 Student 1 Senior Student 2

: : : : : : :

we can see right through the skin so what is your conclusion it is definetely a moist wound it is a type of wound which is easier to get infected right on the spot, kids! this type of wound need to be cleaned with NaCl before we take further action, right? yes kid they are pretty good for newbies of course they are i am looking forward to be taken care by this new nurses! dont start flirting now. Let s go see you around mr,,, see you bye bye

Senior FP1 Senior Patient 1 FP1 Student 1 Student 2 Patient 1

: : : : : : : :

The wheelchair of the first patient began to roll. their chuckles roam in the hallway as they made their way to the park. Student 1 Student 2 Senior : : : they are nice how long they have been here about a few days almost a week Well kids lets now proceed They made their way to the clinic s emergency room Senior Student 1 : : i hope both of you do well in look out for this room leave it to us

Student 1 Student 2

: :

what should we do? There are no people coming after the one from this morning just calm down, there will be others in any minutes

Just after they said that, a middel aged man is being carried by a young woman, the young woman said rashly Young woman : Student 1 : please help my husband!!2X yes mam, but please calm down. Now lets lead your husband to the bed

The woman then takes her husband to the bed Student 2 Student 1 : : i will prepare the diagnostics set first yes please

Meanwhile nurse 1 is doing a simple check up to the middel aged man while doing an anamnase Student 1 : how did your feet turn out this way sir? i was going to the field and punk kid was nearly hitting me it was hit and run! oww,,, please be patient sir

Middel aged : Young woman: Student 1 :

The middle agged man nodded. After that nurse 2 come while bringing a wound care set and a bandage Student 2 Student 1 P2 : : : we already took care of your wound sir thats right sir if you feel better you may go home now how about d cost nurse?

S2 : we ll tell your family to take care of the cost in the administration room and also to get your medicines. P2 S1 : : I see. Now please take your time

Meanwhile the young woman goes to apotecary to get the medicines. FP2 Apoteker FP2 Apoteker FP2 : : : : : Excuse me, miss. I want to get my father s medicines Yes, ma am. Can I see the prescription? Yes, here it is. Please wait a moment. Ok, miss.

After that, the apotecary finally showed while holding medicines which is exactly as the prescription said. Apoteker FP2 Apoteker FP2 Apoteker Meanwhile... FP3 Se FP3 : : : Excuse me, I need your help! Yes, whats wrong miss? My fiance fell from coconut tree when he gonna pick some of coconuts for me. : : : : : Here s the medicines. How much this medicines cost? Rp. 65.000,- ma am. Okay, please wait for a second. Here is the money. Thank you very much You re welcome

P3 : Yes maam. Help me! Its really hurt! I think I broke my leg. Oh! Look its bleeding! No... Please help me! Se S1 S2 exhale it. P3 S1 : : : Ok. Please calm down sir. S1 please take the wheelchair for this patient! Yes maam! Sir, to reduce the pain, you can take a deep breath, hold it for a few seconds then

: :

(doing what the S2 said) Yes, but I still feel pain! here s the wheelchair!

The nurses then take the patient to the nursing room. Se : Let me see the wounds. Oh! Its opened wound! Both of you, please help me to do wound caring for this wound. FP3 Se S2 : : : Please do your best care for him, miss. (start crying) Don t worry miss. It won t be a big deal once we get to it! I ll prepare the wound care set!

Then the nurses do opened wound care for the patients. S1 FP3 S1 : : : Misss, your fiance must stay here. He need intensive care for his wound. For how long? I dont know exactly but of course until the wound heal.


OK. No problem.

The nurses then take the new patient to his room. S2 FP1 S2 P1 P3 Se S1 S2 P1 & P3 Nurses : : : : : : : : : : Excuse me, we bring new patient. Oh yup. Whats wrong with him? He got opened wound on his leg oh... Hi, whassup, bro! I m Riyan. We re roommates from now on. Oh. Hi. I m Nanang. Nice to meet you. Please get along. If you need anything just call us. Press the bell and we ll dash for you. Ok. Miss. Well, excuse us for now.

And thus is the end of the new nurses s first working day. They meet a lot of peoples and different kind of wounds. Hopefully, they ll do well in their work and make their way to become dedicated wound caring nurses.

Senior a.k.a Se

Student 1 a.k.a S1 : Student 2 a.k.a S2 : Patient 1 a.k.a P1 : Family Patient 1 :

Patient 2 a.k.a P2 : Family Patient 2 :

Patient 3 a.k.a P3 : Family Patient 3 Apotecary : :