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to know everything about France Telecom Orange in 2010

We create and develop services accessible to everyone. We guide our customers in the digital world, whether theyre beginners or experts. We build bre-optic networks that accelerate communications. We contribute to the performance of businesses both large and small. We lay submarine cables to link continents. We support the development of emerging countries.

We do all of this. We are a telecommunications operator. We believe in responsible business practices, making services available to everyone and respecting people and our planet. France Telecom Orange is 169,000 people who innovate around the world to make life simpler, better connected and more fullling, each and every day. Today changes with Orange.

conquest 2015
Co-developed with the people of the company, Conquests 2015 is much more than a business plan. It denes the vision that guides our future initiatives and an ambitious roadmap that balances nancial performance and social progress.


a fast-changing telecommunications ecosystem a demanding competitive and regulatory environment an unprecedented employee relations crisis in France

our people: our rst priority networks: a driver of growth

customers: we aim for excellence

international development: grow differently

the assets that underpin our success:

a solid international footprint exceptional market positions dynamic research & development healthy nancial foundations

services and uses

protection of children geolocalisation portals


Internet 3G/4G

quadruple play

Internet Everywhere Livebox contactless payment solar mobile stations Business Everywhere Machine-toMachine cloud computing

fibre tablets real time IP

access work



Connected Hospital

health solutions


money transfer
autonomy solutions Orange care blogs forums


friends chat Community phone Orange TV

link community
music store

social networks

cinema photos catch-up TV video on demand HD sound Orange App Store
24/24 actu interactivity

games television radio

global presence

business activities
220 countries and territories

consumer/business activities

Armenia Austria Bahrain Belgium Botswana Cameroon C Equatorial Guinea France Guinea Guinea-Bissau Jordan K Mauritius Moldova Morocco Niger Poland Portugal Repu Switzerland Tunisia Uganda United Kingdom Vanuatu

Central African Republic Dominican Republic Egypt Kenya Liechtenstein Luxembourg Madagascar Mali ublic of Cte dIvoire Romania Senegal Slovakia Spain


+6% in one year

million mobile customers

million customers worldwide


million xed + internet customers


139.7 million customers

13.7 million customers

Orange brand (+5.5%)

broadband internet (+3.4%)

work ge e e net Franc G+ mobil % covera 3 95 p) No. 1 nce with (Arce in Frae country of th
Egyp t 30.2 +19%million cu in on stome e yea rs, r

Spain n mobile 12 millio rs, 60% with custome (+7.2%) contract

with ova ator tomer Mold oper s adingwth in cu Le ro 9% g base

presence in 35 countries 27 million customers in France 59 million customers in Africa & the Middle East (+23%)

internet and xed
9.2 million Liveboxes 8.3 million VoIP customers 4.1 million IPTV customers

business services
presence in 220 countries and territories 3,750 multinational business customers 28 business customer service centres

networks and R&D
150,000 km of submarine cables laid 3G networks deployed in 23 countries portfolio of 7,800 patents

key nancial gures

45.5 billion euros

in revenues(1)

8.6% 48.7%


17.3% 14.8%

rest of the world

enterprises international carrier and shared services


revenue breakdown by geography

15.6 4.9 5.5 8.1

billion euros in EBITDA(1) billion euros in net income attributable to shareholders billion euros in capital expenditure billion euros in organic cash ow


euros per share dividend(2)

(1) excluding exceptional items. (2) subject to approval by the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on 7 June 2011.


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today changes with

France Telecom French limited company with share capital of 10,595,434,424 euros RCS Paris 380 129 866 Design and production: Photo credits: Orange Document printed on PEFC-certied paper.