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Teaching Ideas

Literature Circles Make a Collage of what a character would have in her bedroom Make an art project that explores a theme in a book Explore nautical terms for The Wanderer For these and more ideas see ch.html teral.jsp? id=337_type=Contributor_typeId=1811

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Sharon Creech
By Kathleen Ortiz
Readers always gain more than mere entertainment with award-winning author, Sharon Creech. Sharon has a masterful way with the journey motif in her books. As readers become immersed in Sharons literary works, they live vicariously through characters journeys and, whether they realize it or not, they soak up lessons about life. Young readers (and even their parents) witness characters lessons about themselves, their families, and/or their immediate worlds. Sharons books might aim toward children through teens, but they influence readers of all ages. By Sue Donckels from WOW: Women on writing website

Example of Book Discussion but also Student Project v=D4ok0Xemr-4

About the Author

Born in South Euclid, Ohio July 29, 1945 BA from Hiram College, MA from George Mason University Moved to England 1979 Married Lyle Rigg Two Children: Robin & Karin Lives in Upstate NY

Heartbeat (2004) Replay (2004) Whos That Baby (2006) The Castle Corona illustrated by David Diaz (2007) Hate That Cat (2008) The Unfinished Angel (2009)

Major Awards___________ Newbery Medal 1995 for Walk Newbery Honor Book 2001 for Carnegie Medal 2002 for Ruby
Creech won the 1995 Newberry Medal for Walk Two Moons (HarperCollins), a story of thirteen year old Salamanca who sets out with her grandparents to search for her mother in Idaho. The book is packed with humor and affection and is an odyssey of unexpected twists and surprising conclusions, said Katherine R. Horning , chair of the Newberry Award Selection Committee. by Olson, Renee, and Randy Meyer. Newbery, Caldecott medals go to new creators." School Library Journal

Two Moons

have walked two moons in his moccasins. Tells the story of Salamanca as she travels with her grandparents to find her mother in Idaho. This journey is interwoven with the story of Phoebe and the lunatic as Sal relates on the car ride how Phoebe lost her mother and then found her again. We find out that Sals mother has died in a bus crash. Her Dads friend who Sal despises, Mrs. Cadaver, was the only survivor and was sitting next to Sals mother. The journey is one where secrets are uncovered and Sal faces the loss and grief of her mother. Like all of her stories, this book deals with family relationships, the power of storytelling and mature themes such as death and loss.

The Wanderer

The Wanderer

Her Books
Adult Books (Under the Name of Sharon Rigg) The Recital (1990) Nikel Malley (1991) Play The Center of the Universe, Waiting for the Girl (1992)

Absolutely Normal Chaos (1990) Walk Two Moons (1994) Pleasing the Ghost (1996) Chasing Redbird (1997) Bloomability (1999) The Wanderer (2000) Fishing in the Air (2000) Love That Dog (2001) A Fine, Fine School (2001)

Walk Two Moons

Ruby Holler (2002) Granny

Torelli Makes Soup (2002)

published in 1994 and received the 1995 Newberry. The title is based on a fortune cookie message: Dont judge a man till you

Come join 13 year old Sophie and her three uncles and two cousins, Brian and Cody, as they sail across the Atlantic on the ship, The Wanderer to visit their grandfather, Bompie, in England. Learn about sailing, juggling, and why Bompie always gets an apple pie as we hear what happens on that fateful voyage from both Cody and Sophie. Sophie, haunted by her the mystery of her past, is both drawn to and fearful of sea. Sophie can neither remember that she had biological parents or how they died. Cody begins to suspect as Sophies stories about both Bompie and the Kid are more than what they seem. Sophie does not always tell the truth. Halfway through their crossing, these travelers must fight for their lives when a huge storm hits the boat. For Sophie, her storm and her nightmares blend as a huge wave covers the boat and she discovers the terrible secret of her childhood. Find out how they survive both the storm and the truth.