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2010 The Sant Corporation
2011 Qvidian

Commonwealth Capital Ventures Kodiak Venture Partners North
Bridge Venture Partners

Kadiant had taken in approximately $30 million in venture funding prior to the merger, which
closed last week, according to James Driscoll, CFO of the merged company. Kadients backers
include Waltham-based venture capital firms Commonwealth Capital Ventures, Kodiak
Venture Partners and North Bridge Venture Partners.

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2010 Kadient The Sant Corporation
2011 QvidianThe Sant
Corporation Dr. Tom Sant
The Sant Corporation
Dr. Tom San The
Sant Corporation Kadient
Kadient Sales Playbooks SaaS

The Sant

Kadient and The Sant Corporation are now Qvidian
Kadient Inc. and The Sant Corporation are pleased to announce the new name for their
unified organizationQvidian. Since merging in June 2010, the two companies continued to
operate under their separate brand names until today's announcement.
Everything we do at Qvidian is focused on helping sales and proposal teams gain a
competitive edge and win more often, said Lewis Miller, president of Qvidian. Were excited
to reinforce this message through our new brand and position Qvidian as The Sales
Qvidian offers a complementary suite of cloud computing solutions that enable sales teams to
work smarter, faster, and with greater success. The Qvidian sales effectiveness platform is
comprised of three modules:
1. Sales Playbooks & Analytics Situational best practices, or plays, enabling sales
teams to engage prospects and win more often.
2. Proposal Automation Powerful and intuitive tools allowing sales teams and proposal
professionals to easily produce winning proposals, RFP responses, and presentations.
3. Content Library Fast access to content and expertise to move deals forward.
Our company name is new, but our commitment to provide outstanding products, services,
and support to our 1,200 customers worldwide remains the same, said Miller.

Over the last couple of years, Kadient once known as Pragmatech has been on a difficult
quest, one made harder by a uncooperative economy. Chief Executive Officer Brian Zanghi
(who will remain on the combined firms board of directors), repositioned Kadient from its
role as a business that was not unlike Sants (and, in fact, competed with it) to a new station
in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) world. Sant and Pragmatech each offered products that
automated, to the extent possible, the sales-proposal process and managed relevant
documents and components of documents.
Beginning a couple of years ago, Zanghi began taking Pragmatech on a journey that would
rebrand the company and change its focus from on-premises software to SaaS and from
proposals to dynamic interaction with sales teams through the use of playbooks.
Zanghis vision (which I have written about before) was essentially correct: Playbooks are an
invention that applies analytics to deal information captured throughout the normal course of
doing business. With analytics, managers and salespeople can discover which presentations,
proposals, or tactics work best in a variety of situations and use this knowledge for future
deals. The idea makes sense and you can see it replicated in and Oracle sales
automation tools.
Kadient had some tough sledding changing its model, facing the recession but the
company has been gaining traction in a market for sales enablement products that can be
notoriously difficult. Salespeople hate having their cheese moved as the long adoption curve
for sales force automation amply describes. Sales enablement is another sensible idea that
nevertheless has legions of doubters. I dont know if adoption was an issue for Kadient as
much as the tendency for salespeople to hunker down during recessions.
At any rate, Sant and Kadient are now together and I think one of the attractions of the
merger for Sant was how far Kadient has come a distance that Sant also had to travel prior
to the merger. Sant will now have to quickly figure out the SaaS model I look forward to
better understanding its strategy for the balance of its product set.
Finally, this merger highlights the reality that the market for initial public offerings remains
moribund and the path to a liquidity event these days does not go through Wall Street. In
some ways, that makes doing a deal easier but it also significantly reduces the value of a
Dr. Sants book attracted worldwide attention. It was just a matter of time before he hit on
the idea of automating proposals. Soon, automating proposalshad morphed into a new
business. Today, hundreds of customers and tens of thousands of salespeople save time
automating proposals and winning more deals. The Sant suite has become a best-selling
business application that integrates seamlessly with

In 2003, Dr. Sant retired (but retained a board seat) so that he could do what he loves most:
speaking, teaching, and innovating.

The Connection Point

As Sants offering began to expand from automating proposals to automating RFPs, Sants
customers began to ask, What else can you do to help our salespeople be more productive?
This question led to the development of the PresentationBuilder and the FastPath a
sales-content repository. Thats where the company moved into new territory: sales
enablement, a field that has been carefully cultivated by Kadient.

Never heard of Kadient? Heres a one-minute elevator pitch by Amy Black, Kadients
marketing communications manager.

Kadient Sales Playbooks provide sales teams with the coaching strategies, sales
presentations, marketing documents, and other persuasion tools they need to engage with
buyers. The phrase sales enablement might not roll off the tongue, but without sales
enablement, youre likely to end up with salespeople who will be tongue-tied when it comes
to persuading prospects.

Lowell sales software company Kadient Inc. has merged with Cincinnati firm The Sant Corp.,
which also makes sales content management and proposal automation software in a deal
worth approximately $28 million.
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Lewis Miller
Lewis Miller The Sant CEOQvidian CEO
Synergistics CEO 1996 2001
Synergistics 1000%
Tom Sant
Tom Sant The Sant Persuasive Business
The Sant

Brian ?anghi
Brian ?angh Kadient CEO
Kadient CEO Kadient
The Sant SaaS (
Sales Playbooks)Qvidian

(Lewie) is a 30-year veteran of the software industry. As President of Qvidian, he is
responsible for the combined company's overall development and growth. Prior to Qvidian,
Lewie was Chief Executive Officer of Synergistics, Inc. from 1996 to 2001 where revenues
grew from $800,000 to $8 million. During that time, he developed segment-leading CRM and
Knowledge Management software products. Prior to Synergistics, Lewie held the
President/CEO position at The Future Now, Inc. where he grew revenues from $3 million to
$800 million and actively participated in the company's IPO. He has also held sales and sales
management positions with IBM. Lewie's educational background includes an M.B.A. in
International Economics and a B.S. in Finance, both received from Bowling Green State

Dr. Tom Sant has been a featured speaker at hundreds of conferences, meetings, and events.
He has been called "Americas foremost practitioner of proposal writing" by the American
Management Association, and was named one of the first ever Fellows of the Association of
Proposal Management Professionals in recognition of his lifetime of contributions in the field
of proposal writing.

Hes the author of critically-acclaimed Persuasive Business Proposals, which is required
reading for top sales forces around the world. Featured by eight book clubs, Persuasive
Business Proposals has sold more than 100,000 copies.

The companys founder, Dr. Tom Sant, revolutionized the art and science of writing
persuasive proposals. His book Persuasive Business Proposals established him as an
authority on the subject.

I once interviewed Dr. Tom Sant, and he taught me three things about proposal writing:
1. The purpose of a proposal is to make a persuasive case that leads to a sale.
2. The executive summary does not summarize the proposal; it summarizes why the
customer should buy from you. Write it first so it sets the tone and the direction of the
3. The proposal is a sales tool to help prospects find reasons to buy. Salespeople who
pack too much information into their proposals will promote indecision; salespeople
who dont offer enough information will promote no decision. Persuasive proposals
will dramatically improve a decision in your favor.
Dr. Sants book attracted worldwide attention. It was just a matter of time before he hit on
the idea of automating proposals. Soon, automating proposals had morphed into a new
business. Today, hundreds of customers and tens of thousands of salespeople save time
automating proposals and winning more deals. The Sant suite has become a best-selling
business application that integrates seamlessly with

Brian Zanghi is President and CEO of Kadient. Brian brings more than 20 years of sales and
executive leadership in the high technology industry to Kadient. Since joining the company in
2004, he has led the transformation of Kadient from an RFP automation software company to
the leading provider of on-demand sales knowledge applications.
Brian is a frequent speaker and writer on the topics of sales and marketing effectiveness and
the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model. He is author of The Role of Venture
Capital in Transforming Your Business, published by Aspatore in the book Inside the Minds:
Software Venture Capital Best Practices. His article Ten Lessons from a SaaS Transformation
was featured on He has spoken at the MIT Sloan Sales Conference, the MIT
Venture Capital Conference, Software 2008, the IDC Sales & Marketing Effectiveness Summit,
and Softletters Marketing & Selling SaaS Seminar.
Prior to joining Kadient, he was the Chief Operating Officer of SPSS, Inc., a $200 million
publicly traded software business well known in the predictive analytics and statistical
analysis market. He was formerly Executive Vice President of Worldwide Operations at
eRoom Technology (acquired by Documentum), which was an early leader in web-based
collaboration and hosted document management software. He was also President of PC Docs,
where he was instrumental in that companys high-growth phase from $8 million to $80
million and beyond. Earlier in his career, Brian was with Interleaf, a provider of integrated
hardware and document creation technology that was, at the time, the leading provider of
advanced document generation systems.

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Writing up proposals is often dreaded by salespeople and their organizations alike.
Apart from taking a toll on time, energy and effort, the productivity of an individual and
a firm can be greatly affected when a lot of staff is committed to write up sales proposal.
However, these days, sales people and organizations should consider themselves lucky
with the existence of proposal automation software. Using such proposal automation
software, sales people nowadays can create deal winning proposals that are clear and
consistent in a matter of minutes. However, there are a few strategies that you should
follow in order to choose a proposal automation software so that you obtain the best
result possible.
Sales Proposal Automation
Sales proposal automation software is like a complex assembly tool that pulls together bits
and pieces of text and paragraphs into a coordinated and coherent document.
Sales proposal automation is one kind of sales force automation that has been overlooked in
the shadow of CRM.
When salespeople write sales proposals, they tend to spend hours or even days in front of
their PCs. Its bad enough when one salesperson spends an afternoon hunting and pecking
across the keyboard, but across an entire organization, the impact to productivity can be
Just as bad as the time it takes to produce these proposals is the quality of the proposals that
are produced. Salespeople may be professional communicators, but most struggle to be as
articulate in writing as they are in person. As a result, the quality of the proposals they
produce is inconsistent across the organization.
Sales proposal automation software solves all of these problems by automating the proposal
production process. Sales proposal automation software is like a complex assembly tool. It
takes various sections and paragraphs, customizes them for a particular client, then
assembles them into a structured proposal.
Because proposal automation eliminates the need for writing skills, salespeople can typically
generate a sales proposal in minutes rather than hours. And because the text is created by
a professional writer and entered into the system ahead of time, proposals are always
well-writtenwithout the mistakes, errors, or omissions that can otherwise be so common.
Its important to realize, though, that proposal assembly software doesnt just produce the
same old proposals faster, it typically produces better proposals. For example,
ProposalMaster from The Sant Corporation is built on a persuasive methodology created by
Dr. Tom Sant, founder of the company. So unlike most sales proposals that are typically
very focused on the seller, the sellers company, the sellers products, etc, proposals that are
produced by ProposalMaster are structured to be persuasive. A persuasively structured
proposal increases your chances of winning the sale.
RFP Response Automation
RFP automation software manages the RFP response process. Every RFP question that you
answer is recorded and stored in an RFP database, then recycled to answer new questions.
RFP stands for request for proposal, but as most salespeople will tell you, most RFPs arent
really a request for a proposal. Rather, most RFPs are a structured request for information
and pricing about your products or services. They are a series of questions that you have to
answer, and they are typically used at the beginning of a project when a buyer is trying to
determine which products will address their needs.
From a sales organizations perspective, responding to RFPs is a tedious and time consuming
process. In fact, responding to RFPs takes so much time that many organizations routinely
choose not to respond to many of the RFPs they receive.
Theres another problem. Salespeople who respond to RFPs will typically save time by
copying sections of RFP responses theyve previously written. This is a reasonable thing to
do, of course; after all, why write something from scratch when its already been written
somewhere else? The problem is that when you copy text from one proposal for use in
another, the likelihood increases that you will accidentally include a reference to another
company in the text that you borrow. Its like writing a love letter to Suzy by borrowing text
from a love letter you previously wrote to Darlene, then accidentally leaving Darlenes name
in the letter. Oops!
RFP automation tools put structure and organization to what is otherwise an unwieldy process.
With RFP automation, responding to RFPs is still time consuming, but not nearly as time
consuming as responding manually. Because it is automated, though, RFP tools eliminate the
occasional accidental reference to other companies.
The idea behind RFP automation is that once you answer a question one time, you should
never have to answer that same question again. By storing the answer in a database, and by
having systems in place that allow you to retrieve that answer in response to a specific
question, the process of responding to RFPs becomes both faster and more efficient.
Though more complex than sales proposal automation tools, RFP automation tools still offer
many advantages without all the challenges and tribulations associated with a full-blown CRM
Sophisticated RFP automation systems give you the ability to read electronic RFPs into the
system, use keywords to match RFP questions with previously answered questions, and track
your progress as you answer each RFP question. RFP automation systems also provide a
way to assign technical questions to specific people in the organization. All questions related
to contracts, for example, would be approved by your corporate attorney.

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