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New CBD/NCA Staff Helen Wyman (District Introduced MERRITT/UPTOWN DISTRICTSteve Manger) and ASSOCIATION OF OAKLAND LAKE Snider

(Assistant INTERIM BOARD OFDistrict DIRECTORS Manager). Marco Li TH, 2009,Staff is A.M. Mandri states that 8:30 FEBRUARY 17 supposed to be ND in the KAISER CENTER, 300 LAKESIDEand on,the street FLOOR CONFERENCE ROOM office DRIVE 2 in the district observing and documenting Present: Deborah Boyer/Swig, Scott Stafford/CIM, Tanicia Jackson/Kaiser district problems and Center, Michelle Lane/Cathedral, Robert Wilkins/YMCA, Laurie networking with property Cooperman Rosen/Metropolitan Estates, Andrea Kirkpatrick/Kaiser owners, stakeholders Center, Lorie Alemania/Portfolio Property, Matt Harrison/Kaiser Permanente, Mike Brown/Cathedral, Chris Curtis/Metrovation, Mike Ghielmetti Excused Absence: Guests: Aliza Gallo/City of Oakland, Doug Park/Signature

Martin Ward/Old Oakland (DOA), Stewart Dalie (Census Bureau), Joe Fisher (Ozumos), Drew Lisac/BofA(DOA), Sedrick Tydus Cofounder and C.O.O. of Alta Alliance Community Marco Li Mandri, New City America, Helen Wyman,

Int. Staff:

DISCUSSIONS HELD AND DECISIONS MADE BY THE INTERIM BOARD OF DIRECTORS SUBJECT Introductions DISCUSSION Deborah Boyer, the Interim President, called everyone together at 8:40 a.m. Introductions were made Chris moved and Deborah seconded that the meeting minutes of th the January 20 Board meeting be approved ACTION?

Minutes of January 20 2009 Interim Board meeting


The motion to approve the minutes was approved unanimously.

Public announcements New CBD/NCA Staff Introduced

Outline of District Office

Lorie Alemania said that Helen Wyman (District Patrick and Company Manger) and Steve Snider (Assistant District th on 19 and Franklin was Manager). Marco Li broken into and robbed Mandri states that Staff is on Sunday Night which supposed to be in the th was the 5 time street office and on thein 6 months. in the district observing Chrisdocumenting the and Curtis said that Prom Dress non-profit district problems and moved into his building. networking with property Great PR opportunity owners, stakeholders for the CBD. Helen to work and business owners. with Maria new CBD Update on on bring the story to the public. office located at 388 Scott Stafford mentioned 19ty Street between the work and Webster of Alphonso Marco states that the CBD office should be fully up and running this week. At the January meeting, the board authorized the organization committee to lease an office space located at 388 19th Street between Webster and Franklin. Marco reported that the CBD office should be fully up and running by the end of the week.

Lori moved and Chris seconded to approve new office lease at 388 th 19 Street for one year term at $1100/month and the motion passed unanimously.

Public announcements

Lorie Alemania said that Patrick and Company th on 19 and Franklin was broken into and robbed on Sunday Night which th was the 5 time in 6 months. Chris Curtis said that the Prom Dress non-profit moved into his building. Great PR opportunity for the CBD. Helen to work with Maria on bring the story to the public. Scott Stafford mentioned the work of Alphonso at FiveTen Studios. Also owns Tamarindo and the jean store in Old Oakland. Great Incubator businesses please spread the word. Matt Harrison mentioned Pican Restaurant located next to Ozumos will be opening in a few months. Ozumos will be opening for lunch next week. Community Workshop Citywide Zoning Update. New head of CEDA is Walter Cohen is receiving very positive response from the City and is a friend and ally. Stewart Daly from the Census Bureau attended the meeting to request ambassador presence to escort employees from the Census Bureau between 8:15-8:30. The office is located in the Lemington Building on Franklin

Staff will check the status of Bakesale Bettys, a restaurant from Temescal that is supposed to open a new location at Broadway & West Grand

Security Request

The request was granted. Block by Block will be directed to have ambassadors stay until 8:30 in Lake Merritt district

Update on Demonstrations and Media coverage

Marco reported that Aliza had difficulty connecting with BART police to get information. Marco also stated that there is an obvious and problematic lack of communication between OPD, State Police, BART Police etc. Marco stated that one of the tasks of Ted Tarver, operations manager of the Security Ambassador Program (Block By Block) will be to streamline communication with and between the local agencies and security firms working in the districts. The CBD interim presidents invited representatives from the PR firms from the major property owners in the districts to the first meeting of the PR Task Force (a sub-committee of District Identity and Streetscape Improvements). The goal of the PR Task Force is to coordinate the messaging by creating a positive PR campaign to repair the image of Oakland. Minutes of the first meeting were included in the Board Packet. Assignment to come up with new tag line for each district announcing how the District will be improved. Deborah Boyer requests we come up with mini

Organization Committee report Status of payment from City to the LMUDA

Advance of $ 40,000

Marco will acquire a report from County outlining who has and has not paid assessment taxes for the CBDs. City of Oakland is waiting to get information from the County of Alameda. Mike moved and Michelle seconded to approve the proposed financial report. The motion passed unanimously. ____Moved and mike seconded to authorize checks of $2,000 or less to be signed by only one authorized signer. The motion passed unanimously.

Status of Insurance Financial Report

The first installment of CBD funds was transferred from the City th on Feb 6 . The total amount transferred, $447,059.21 which represents the first 50% disbursement and is in addition to the $40,000 advance. On or around April 15 the next 40% will be dispersed. Board will receive and updated Profit and Loss/ Budget statement each month at Board meetings. An example of the Financial Reporting Format report was included in the Board Packet Marco had attached a cash flow report. Determination of cash flow needs may delay repayment of some of the funders of the CBD until May; Indrijit, the Treasurer of LMUDA has requested authorization for Treasurer to sign checks under $2,000, above will require second signature

Upcoming Meetings & Brown Act Compliance Conferences

Marco reported that he The CBDs are required willcomply with the to meet on a regular basis with the CBD Brown Act and the Interim Presidents, JC Sunshine Act. Agendas and Deborah 72 hours must be posted in advance, minutes Urban land Institute be and agendas must Conference public at available to in Oakland November 1st 2009. Idea is to provide a Bus tour for press covering both districts. Tour to include four prettiest buildings. Laurie can arrange tour of the Fox Theater. Oakland Partnership Conference by Chamber of Commerce. Deborah states the CBD should have some presence. CBD should partner with the City but be clear to disassociate with City failures. Chamber would like CBD to help sponsor but Board agrees that the CBD cannot at this point due to budget constraints. CBD would be willing to set up table and/or present. Mayors Economic summit is scheduled for Feb. 27, 2009. No date set yet for BID/ CBD Meeting in Oakland.

No action taken

Recommendation for Brown Act Compliance selection of Maintenance contractor by SOBO Committee

SOBO Committee (Sidewalk Operations, Beatification and Order) Report Security Ambassador Program Update

Maintenance required The CBDs are Contract Process and Proposals to comply with the Reviewed and Brown Act and the Discussed. Out of eight Sunshine Act. Agendas potential bidders that must be posted 72 hours responded to original in advance, minutes and agendas must be th RFP on January 13 , available to public at 2009 only five submitted. request The five were: Block by Block, BSM, First Building

Helen will be responsible for compliance with Brown and Sunshine Acts

Ted Tarver, Operations Manager of Block By Block, presents program update and statistical reports. Two strong armed robberies reported in the meeting: One in Lake Merritt/ Uptown suspect was identified by Block by Block and apprehended by police. The second happened to an Ozumos employee but robbery happened out of the district and after our CBD service hours around mid-night. Ted is working on a tracking system to monitor all activity, particularly the fringe areas EXECUTIVE SESSION TO BE ATTENDED BY BOARD MEMBERS ONLY

Recommendation for selection of Maintenance contractor by SOBO Committee

REOPENING OF MEETING, Maintenance Contract CLOSING OF EXECUTIVE Process and Proposals SESSION, PUBLIC Reviewed and Discussed. Out of eight potential bidders that responded to original th RFP on January 13 , 2009 only five submitted. The five were: Block by Block, BSM, First Building Maintenance, Peralta Services Corporation and Township. All five attended a Mandatory meeting on January th 15 . The CBD committees selected two finalists; They were Block By Block and Peralta. Marco referred Board to Agenda packet page 13 to letter from First Building maintenance asking why they were not selected. They received the response that First building did not respond adequately to the RFP. Martin Ward presented a comparative report outlining the proposals of Peralta and Block by Block which lead to discussion. Committee Recommended Peralta for the maintenance contract if they could match the FTEs provided by Block By Block. Mike Ghilmetti took on the responsibility of negotiating with Peralta.

Motion: to empower the Interim SOBO Committee to negotiate one more FTE and contract with Peralta Services.

Master calendar

Master Calendar to be REOPENING OF MEETING, created by NCA staff CLOSING OF EXECUTIVE SESSION, PUBLIC WELCOME BACK INTO MEETING Marco is working with City Attorney and CEDA work on public rights of way. Marco says City Attorney, John Russo, wants a plan after we have gone to the planning department and the planning commission to address newspaper rack, parking, bike racks etc. Signage/banners. Currently require permits from city, must pay City. Marco wants to expedite the process, change rules that empower the CBDs and do not require City permits, approval or compensation for any CBD identity projects. There will be monthly SOBO Committee Meetings to review progress of the maintenance and security contracts Andrea Kirkpatrick has volunteered to chair this committee. First meeting will be held in February/March Web site, once completed, will post Meeting Minutes in prep from Press conference/ PR campaign. Marco will draft a plan to present Russo based on this research.

Public Rights of Way

SOBO Committee Meetings

DISI Committee (District Identity and Streetscape Improvement) Report District Website

Master calendar

Master Calendar to be created by NCA staff Steve Snider and Helen Wyman. The next meeting of the interim Board will take place on Tuesday, th March 17 at 8:30 a.m. at the Kaiser Center, Room 300. By that time, the funds will have been transferred by the City and the meetings shall be subject to the provisions of the Brown Act open meeting regulations The next meeting date, time and location were approved by consensus

Next Board meeting

Minutes taken by Helen Wyman, District Manager Lake Merritt/Uptown District Association of Oakland


388 19th Street Oakland, California 94612 Phone 510.452.4530 Fax 510.452.4529

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